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      This is where we announce important stuff like changelogs & server rules.

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      General discussion about the server.

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      Report all bugs and exploits here. We most likely don't know about them or they would be fixed already.

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      Get help from other players and staff fast.

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      General discussion about Rust or the Tits.gg server. For suggestions, appeals, or to report a cheater, scroll up!

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    2. Maps   (137 visits to this link)

      TITS.GG players can vote on which map to use for the next wipe. 

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    • Listen silver we go way back bro. I genuinely Care for you as a friend bro. I would hate to see you permanently removed from the server, you been here for a minute bro and made lots of memory and met a lot of good people. I've seen you be a good player and a great staff member. Other might say that's false but I stand by that and always will. You genuinely do care for the community and maybe if you start showing that silver again others will see what I seen. You are one of the few actual friends I made on this server. So when I tell you this bro I'm just being real with you.      That doesn't mean I will let you act out or cause issues with the community. If you continue to go in this direction you will just get banned and soon removed. You have been here for a min bro you know the game. When you get unbanned come back with a fresh start and just chill out.    Denied     
    • I have added a new suggestion under the Gang Talent section.
    • Gru scoped outside their base of operations in fear that the cops are already there for him.
    • bug w/ drug prices that it shows what the next reset's drug price is going to be (if its nearly reset time or the server was reset recently). its been around for a while if i remember correctly but yeah there's no real way to check unless u sell 1 processed first to see the exact price. so while on ur screen it was 9.4k the actual price was $6,357 per processed drug. im sure @Rubikor @Sugar Titswill give u the correct amount, maybe. or just fix the bug. feelsbadman
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