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    • Category: Exploit Priority: Medium Description: I found this twice today. The basics are that when I have done some coin flips for any amount, when I join back to the server I am greeted with a coinflip win.. I made sure before I got off for the second time that I had no active coinflips and I came back multiple hours later to 4 million won from a coinflip. How to reproduce: 1. Make coinflips 2. Win/lose coinflips 3. Leave server for an extended amount of time 4. Come back to magical money? Here is a clip of coming back to a 4m coinflip win that I did not bet. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/2dz4MdkgS5FudP/d1337qmAForl?invite=cr-MSxSbE8sMjI2OTEzNDQ0LA
    • You are correct you can’t pick who you’re firing. 
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the hacker demote is random. If the player was making votes on your demotion over and over, that would be player targeting. 
    • im fairly certain that there are rules to protect against player targetting with the right interpretation. u cant place hits on the same player over and over again, so it should cover this behavior
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