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    TitsRP | High FPS | 90+ Jobs | Daily Updates

    There are currently 22/128 players online

    Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2
    Discord Info: https://discord.gg/ceN6ytn

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    • Uhhhh. Checkpoints can be raided. From a general understanding of the rules. Any building or structure that has fading doors is raidable. If I wanted to raid PD and I have a massive PD checkpoint right in front of the police station I’m going to blow through it then advert PD Raid to raid the PD. 
    • From what I see it's AMRDM, MNLR (returning to the base 3 times after death to continue 'testing' your weapon) and minging. The ban is valid to me. When/If you return to the server make sure you read over the rules and don't repeat this type of behaviour.   Denied. 
    • hecko nick, There was a report on you. DBFord did a report on you for shooting Explosives in his base randomly. When I had to ask you 3 times why you shot your explosive in a base you responded with "iwas testing them".  I checked logs seen you damaged 3 players "BDFord", "Scruffy Dudley", and "izheT" then "BDFord" killed you. You came back and shot your explosive again and damaged "BDFord" and "Scruffy Dudley". after that "izheT" killed you. For this third time. I spectated you and seen you shot batman (Corpulent Figure) once ontop of the tunnel top then walk to BDFord's little public base and shot a explosive in there. Which "izheT" and "Scruffy Dedley" were in there.  Damage log:    Your side of chat log:   My side of chat log:   I will let a Admin+ handle the rest here.
    • Your Steam Name: Nick0128  Your in-game name: Nick0128  Your SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:48991475) Why were you warned/banned?: BANNED FOR FALSE MASS RDM Who warned/banned you and for how long?: nanights McStubbins (STEAM_0:0:42935214)  / 7 days   Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?:   Hi everyone so the reason i should be unbaneed its because: Mass RDM its consider when you kill multiple people on a server (and i didnt do that) , i only killed one person , and was on self defense , he killed me and many other people on the server multiple times, the think here is that i didnt report him , but by the time i get teleported to the admins , he was there and the admins just give him a warning and nothing else for mass rdm , and i only killed him 1 time and i get ban for mass rdm , i dont think thats fair ; also keep in mind that by  the time i killed him, he shoot and point me with a wep , i didnt report him because for me it doesnt matter its just a game  so for me this ban its just because i feel the admin wasnt comfortable talking to me , he told me i was lying to him just because i said to him mass rdm means MASSIVE RANDOM DEATH MATCH and i didnt killed multiple people , the only bad thing i did was shooting to the guy and his friend base 3 times with explosives pretty far away because they keep shooting at me everytime i get out from the spawn and i was testing the bombs to see if i could break the base or no, also i knew they can not die by the explosive because it only do 30/40 of damage when youre behing a wall    so in a few words this ban its falsecall and unfair ill put the link to download the screenshoots so you can check the logs  Evidence: https://mega.nz/folder/mmwXGSzb#5UqgAnVPj45WhIhLHdAhnQ   POSTDATA: i didnt even get warned once
    • DENIED next time put more effort in your appeal.
  • Tits RP

    DarkRP Server

TitsRP is a DarkRP server where small children are welcome. We feast on their screaming obscenities, high pitched voices and enthusiatic energy when they get RDMed. Each day, we use this energy from the great feast to slowly bring back our Lord of Fire. They call him the father of lies, the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience, our firey brethren, Satan.
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