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      General discussion about Rust or the Tits.gg server. For suggestions, appeals, or to report a cheater, scroll up!

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      TITS.GG players can vote on which map to use for the next wipe. 

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    • In-Game Name MaximumSalt Your Steam ID 76561199065983641 Why were you banned or warned? I was banned for rdming somebody then when they came back they pulled out a gun so I thought they were trying to get revenge so I killed him then I was banned Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? I did rdm the person (I forgot the guy's username) but the second time was for a justified reason I think I should be unbanned because this is my first time playing in a while and I want to learn to play again because I have kind of a lot of money in this server. If I could at least get a shorter ban I would appreciate that Thank you. Who warned/banned you? ironfish1 How long were you warned or banned for? 1 week
    • Thanks for your report Gutz.   Because of there being no chat logs of any sort, I'm not able to tell if the raid was adverted or not.  From what I can tell though, Ironfish is right.  The player broke NLR many times and should not have come back after the initial death.  Sorry you had to deal with this, I know it can be frustrating.     Report ACCEPTED player will receive a 1w ban for MNLR
    • Your ticket made about this instance was claimed by staff member on the server a sit was had and the player was banned for 2 weeks....    I'm not really sure what you're expecting to have done here, you've essentially just reported yourself for RDM since you did outright kill him in your second clip, which was a bit after the initial RDM.  You also had a fail base as alien race (who are not allowed to base unless there are 3 or more of the same faction for a mega base)  that was only able to be accessed through fading doors controlled by switches on the inside, and with that made it not public.  You can always look in the Rules if you are not sure of something regarding a specific class/job or basing.  You can also just reach out and ask.  Hopefully this can help to clarify the situation a bit.        With that I'm going to deny this report as its already been dealt with on the server and we do not double punish.      DENIED    
    • Hello Gutz! I would like to start off by apologizing that you had to go through this. After reviewing the evidence it's obvious that Chuillio broke NLR at least 7 times just from when you killed him, not including when it appeared that George killed him in the lobby/stairs. I am a massive +1 for this report
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