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    • alright the only thing im going to say about this right now is that I seriously had no idea Hex is Transgender. I was making no attempt to target you for that reason.
    • Your In-Game Name: Sierra Willis Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:102111976 Who are you reporting?: Hyder Why are you reporting this player?: Hyder has a reputation for actively trolling and harassing users of the server. He sits on the line between "allowed" and "not allowed" when it comes to rules on the server. In this specific case, Hyder targeted Hex for being transgender, and made comments about their hormone levels, and their diet. Later, Hyder, as a Custom Class PD job, made a ramp up "base" right outside of spawn, with minimal props leading to a roof. they had three conflicting signs, at the minimum size allowed, along the ramp. One said "Building", another said "FREE MONEY", and the final one was a "loitering kos 5 seconds" sign. After creating this base, Hyder proceeded to sit on the roof, not doing anything productive or constructive, or even really doing his roleplay job. Instead, every time a person walked up the ramp, (or in my case, master sworded onto the roof from another location), he would shoot them until they were dead. As can be seen by the evidence attached, he killed many, many players who were confused about the nature of this "base". It was clear bait meant to troll and minge. In my specific case, I couldn't even see the signs, since I used a master sword to land on the roof, from a higher location. So, I was killed without ever knowing he was "building". I think because of Hyder's long term experience on the server, his obvious knowledge of the rules and what limits he's "allowed" to push, his constant harassment of server members, and insanely continuous rule breaking, he should be given an extended vacation from the server. A very large number of players are tired of his behavior, and I'm surprised it has taken until now to create a report that details his big picture behavior; but here it is. Do you have evidence related to this incident?: Yes Relevant Info: https://youtu.be/duitZybKM4g - Can barely see the sign as I launch onto the base. (Can be ruled as "not paying attention", but I think there's reasonable expectation to be able to go on roofs which arent "clearly" marked. There were no indicators such as a large number of props, lights, etc. to indicate anything. This base wasn't a checkpoint or anything of note.) https://imgur.com/a/v2b6KnJ - Active harassment against Hex by Hyder in chat, talking about their hormones. https://imgur.com/a/AGJZeug - Page 1 of Hyder's killfeed, all of the ones in the short timespan are from him camping on the roof. https://imgur.com/a/OzS8rGu - Page 2 of Hyder's killfeed. https://imgur.com/a/kQa5o3f - Hyder's building sign, and part of his "base". https://imgur.com/a/kufOFF5 - Hyder's additional loitering and "FREE MONEY" signs, proving this is a bait "base". https://imgur.com/a/8mQBAN2 - literally the entirety of what's present on the roof. Nothing of importance, nothing related to his roleplay job, just bait.   Rules broken: DO be respectful to everyone - not being respectful, intentionally trying to get a rise out of others. DO report bugs/exploits! Using them to your own advantage and not reporting them will have you banned - Uses the way the rules are written to avoid punishment, and baiting/trolling players as much as possible. DO NOT Minge - Hyder is the definition of minging. He trolls actively as can be seen by the screenshots. DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game - He acts like a dick quite often, enough that he has an immense reputation for being "the minge". DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules. Just because something isn’t written down, doesn’t make it okay. The staff has the final say in sits, if you disagree then you should appeal the decision on the forums, not in-game. - specifically circumnavigates the rules to their exact borders in order to cause the most damage to others, while minimizing damage to themselves. (signs were JUST small enough to be allowed, but obscured from view by anybody masterswording onto the roof.) DO NOT use racial/homophobic/generally offensive slurs or be overly offensive to other players/staff. - While direct slurs were not used, Hyder did target Hex for being transgender (mentioned things that affect hormones, including hormones themselves. words like "testosterone" and "soylent" were used to incite a confrontation with Hex, or at least belittle them/troll them/harass them at the very least.  In order to defend a base, you must be on the front doors of the base or inside of the base before raid starts - There are no doors to the base. It's outside. Cannot use loiter signs at bases that are next to fountain spawn exit. - literally next to fountain spawn exit.   Some of these rules may not be directly accurate, these are just the ones in question that i think may be related to this case/report.
    • Accepted Hyder will Receive a Verbal Warning for FailRP.
    • It was me that you killed in the middle of the street, and when i jail tpd you, you looked at me and then left and didnt come back... would of 100% been fine to warn you but you left and didnt return you didnt crash   also looking back at logs you and one other player were killing each other   i will change this to a warning and unban you here shortly                                                                                                                                                               ACCEPTED
    • In-Game Name Hepass Your Steam ID 76561199187054034 Why were you banned or warned? Mass RDM | LTAP Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? It’s true I likely had quite a few kills what weren’t adverted but they were my friends and we were just having fun killing each other, I think I only actually rdmed one guy and I regret it. Also I didn’t LTAP my game crashed when I was tped. For the most part this was a misunderstanding and I would gladly take a warning for the guy who I actually did rdm. Who warned/banned you? Enowapi (STEAM_0 :0: 13951731) How long were you warned or banned for? 6 days, 16 hours, 47 minutes
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