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    • I am going to say -1 for now. I would personally have given a verbal as you have no previous warns in the last 2 years for RDM. It is RDM though and the warn is proper as one of the punishments. That is why I am giving a -1 for the appeal.
    • press control F and type "target" you will see 4 results, every one of them is from you. you was constantly sitting watching my base and mine alone, thats why ur fences only extended at most over the crosswalk ONLY at my base. and thats why you said "Ill get rid of some of the fences if the kidnapping slows down". you knew what you were doing. im really trying to be mature and civil here but unfortunately you think attacking the only person saying you should get your warn removed is a good idea so i fear your beyond peace and decency. your ego is so hurt youve totally forgotten this is for rdm, and gone off a tangent that has nearly derailed the entire thread  https://imgur.com/tzX8tPl  no matter witch way you put it, obviously you have no interest in dissolving this, and to be honest, i dont really care what happens to you, you should be grateful im even replying now to be honest, after the way you are treating this. this is all i have to say about it. Have a good night.  
    • I agree with TYZ here. I'd like to see a bit more of the evidence. If possible, link the prior two minutes before the RRDM happened. I'd like to see the alleged attempted kidnap and the hit being placed. I'm not gonna give a judgement until we're sure we have the full story.
    • I am neutral on this as there is only one issue I have with the evidence. I cant see what happened a bit before. I am not doubting any player here but i need a full list of the evidence or at least a video that shows what happened before and what the player did wrong once the original event transpired. Due to this I am neutral for now.
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