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  1. I guess after this i should apply for staff eh?
  2. You were arrested for Jaywalking while there was a jaywalking law A counter report to what? There was no report made about you Keep crying bozo
  3. Dude literally is trying to tell me to upload clips. First of all I don't have any (also didn't tell any admins I had clips. The time I thought I did the clip I sent to tyz unfortunately did not have any relating footage) Secondly you should be the one uploading clips. Again I have hard evidence that you were sending many hateful messages in chat while you ain't got nothing. Just letting ya know logs also won't show anything out of the ordinary buddy.
  4. Dude is saying I was abusing him on mic with no evidence while I've got evidence of him abusing me on chat
  5. Addendum: He began to use my real name (Which is available on my steam profile) for added effect I'm assuming? not too sure. Although I am scared by the idea of him doxxing me, luckily that hasn't happened.
  6. Alright everyone, Imma just screenshot dump all the text messages I have from this Racist dude. Most of these were made after we were told multiple times to stay away from eachother, which, as Tyz said, I was sitting there listening to music. Also, I have no idea why he's saying I was molested? I've never been molested that is very confusing. FInally, this guy is, as far as I can tell, very new to the server, and y'all have interacted with Terrry & I for a long time. As far as I could tell from yesterday's interactions he's just either really salty or attempting to troll. Heres the imgur album link of chat screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/DWKbGLt
  7. Seems like a common theme of him spamming OOC dogging / hating on people
  8. Oh yes it was bubblez who called the voteban & KK who advised him not too.
  9. Just popping in here hello everyone! I did arrest him while he was a cop, didn't notice that he was still a CP after being fired. That is totally on me & I apologized to racist. I would like to say that after this altercation he constantly talked in chat essentially just shit talking both Terry & I. I have screenshots of most, not all, of the messages Racist put in chat, which I am happy to send when I'm home from work today. For the voteban, I was listening to music from a boombox while I ate some food. Everyone was pretty sick of Racist's constant messages about how horrible Terry & I are, and as such the person with the boombox (forget their name at the moment sorry!) said something like "Heo isn't taking my sits I'm gonna voteban" and KK said that's probably not a good idea as there was a staff on, but the voteban did pass.
  10. Warlach is an extremely toxic bully. Watch out for him, you've been warned.

  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2621612497
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