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  4. The entire prop menu needs to be gone through and redone. There are so many unnecessarily blocked props it’s kinda wild
  5. the image.... meh? not consistent but we can tox warn for the slur in the video. +1
  6. For you to be within their "limits" you have to be inside of props leading to the door it's common knowledge where it starts sure but if there's no props...then you're not within their base/area. Also without a sign or doing the warn adverts there's still the E Menu which I assume wasn't used. Pretty easy to say that this was indeed RDM. So yeah Shit Ass was definitely wrong here. +1 from me.
  7. I was RDM'd by player "Big Braphog". Upon calling a sit on Big Braphog it became clear the mod Shit Ass and Big Braphog were in communication during the sit. I explained to Mod Shit Ass that as I was not on/in the users base, or warned (!warn x3) 3 times that killing me was RDM. Mod Shit Ass started giving excuses as to why I was allowed to be killed by Big Braphog.. however they are all reasons why the kill was an RDM.. Shit Ass claiming I was killed on the sidewalk outside of Big Braphog's (not in a base, without !warns) but that is somehow part of Big Braphog's base and he was defending his base so thats not RDM.... After Shit Ass stopped the ticket, I called a ticket on him(Shit Ass) where mods Coconut Overflow and Hobo Dad gathered evidence on my behalf as they have agreed with my point of view that the original incident in question was RDM. thanks to them for these screenshots. Here is Shit Ass saying I was outside the players base, but that was inside the players base permiter so he can kill me? without warning or kos/loitering signs? Here is evidence of the players whos names were actually on the door, textscreen logs to show nobody with names on doors of base in question had textscreens relating to loitering or kos of anykind even though i was NEVER in base lines.. And there were no textscreens to be seen. Lastly here is where I died This is where the RDM took place. There were a lot more little details that took place in this instance but overall Shit Ass told me he reviewed my death location and I died in a valid reason. Things like him establishing that I died outside of the RDMer;s base and never entered the RDMer's base but saying things like "Player Shit Ass(STEAM_0:0:578233201) (Staff On Duty) said he can kill u for being in his base lol".. Extremely frustrating experience on top of being RDM'ed. Overall as I player whos been playing since 2016 and don't have a lot of admin friends, nothing bothers me more than to see admins being bias towards friends, as relationships like that have literally been responsible for me being banned in the past so I can't stand this behaviour. I've been banned by Shit Ass twice in 2020 for troll reasons as well. His madness is saddening and explotitive.
  8. Very well put, and I 100% agree about what you said regarding cp ban times. A 15 minute cp ban does next to nothing lmfao. So many people against this always just mention there are other jobs to RDM on, when random killing is a small part on why I think any cop job should have a time or level requirement. There are so many issues that random minges cause while playing as a cop that has nothing to do with RDM.
  9. Okay but the police job causes way more issues than people simply RDMing.. The biggest counter argument ^^^ being "oh well they could just switch to a gun dealer, hitman, etc" which is true BUT it would still prevent players from hopping on with the sole purpose of being a minge and abusing their role as a cop. While there are other avenues for minges to RDM - them playing as a cop is WAY more than just blatant killing people. So many times I have sits on randoms playing the cop job, false fining people, making multiple false arrests, cuffing people then running away, letting themselves into the PD and killing the mayor, uncuffing people who cops are in the middle of fining, stun stick abusing, etc... None of these type of things can be done by another job other than a police job hence why I think that all police jobs should have a time OR level requirement. It isn't just even just regarding minges, but some people are new to the server & unaware of the rules then go to play as a cop without really realizing what they can and can't do (whether it be on how to fine people the correct way, how to serve warrants on a players base, etc) so if they have to spend some time on the server before playing as a cop they could probably pick up on a few things and see how the role should properly be utilized. I have suggested this before, and even brought it up during staff meetings but it is always shut down. Regardless I still support doing this and worse case scenario it doesn't solve much, but it would not hurt anything if we tried this. +1
  10. I've been saying this since I've been on the server. Swat is one of the easiest jobs to mrdm and Rda. Infact i have never seen a swat, secret service, or judge Gabe that actually roleplays. The same goes with bank guard. Those jobs are just inviting people to mass rdm and either need a vote to be them or a time requirement. Personally I think Bank Guard should be disabled if there is no bank manager. +1 for Doing something about Cop jobs.
  11. Zek with -142 rep haze with -140 rep fuel with -76 rep
  12. I would also like to add that I made two sits before I came to the forums. I know some new staff are being trained and rdmers are about, but this is essentially just an explanation as to why this is a recent event, all players are still online and active, but I chose to pursue a forums post. I have two pictures of the text after I made the sits (as I forgot to snap the actual tickets I made) but I figure it would be sufficient proof if anybody needed it for any reason.
  13. Zek definitely up there. -149 Tho I still can't forget there is one guy that Booper showed me a couple years back of a dude with like -400 or some crazy shit. I might be off my rocker but I'm positive it was some crazy shit.
  14. the dude was banned for mass right after this probably was handled and the report was not needed.
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