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  2. yada yada im not involved just hide this post so that other staff see it whoever decides to warn me for this in your killing of the gun dealer clip you are literally aimed directly at the citizen when you shoot
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  4. So sorta what cs money said, nagi brought this post to my attention, chimp is pretty known for this she retaliates a lot, and ik when no mods are on server it can get crazy but still she decided to go back after she died to go gun him down nagi responded to the rdm with a vote kick but she decided to go vote ban him and it was successful I dont think its fair to let her go without punishment. +1 for rdm warn
  5. Here's my take. It would upset me very much if I was pulled into a sit and accused of MRDM without a chance to explain myself. I believe the sit was handled poorly.
  6. This post is no longer denied and is up for discussion with the staff. @Wilhelm Panderino if you have anything else to add you may again.
  7. You new what you were doing and I had said in game chat to stop the second time you came back. You started coming back the third time and that is when I warned you in pm that if you broke mass NLR I would punish you. You kept coming back and grenading the building, broke your raid timer to do it (we even had to go out back to get rid of the c4 you placed one of the times which I only counted as FailRP instead of a 4th NLR, and you killed many people other than just Lucy and I. We have had these discussions before. You keep going above and beyond to cause an issue and the only way I am allowed to deal with it is by enforcing the rules manually such as bans and warns. I have been told that by Smods and up before. I am dealing with it how I was told to deal with it. People (who were chilling there) asked if I was going to do something about it at that point and they were even saying that it was becoming an issue. I am neutral on this appeal. Waiting for other staff to respond.
  8. my b i didnt even see the citizen being killed in the background. Yet again it still stands, crossfire or not is still counted as RDM. Also your video doesnt have any audio for one, and for two it only goes to where he teleported you and looked at logs.
  9. Just to clear something up, some of the staff are thinking the reason I warned him was because he killed the gun dealer in the video he posted. The warning is actually for him killing the citizen standing behind the gun dealer (which is why it was crossfire, not IRDM)
  10. Just to clear something up, some of the staff are thinking the reason I warned him was because he killed the gun dealer in the video he posted. The warning is actually for him killing the citizen standing behind the gun dealer (which is why it was crossfire, not IRDM)
  11. Bro you are STILL on about this? Lmfaooo. I was dealing with a group of MRDMers, sorry if I got confused at first. 2 other citizens (same job as you) were on and actively mass rdming. You are making such a huge deal about me making a mistake with what I said when I FIRST teleported you and another real mass RDMer. You are acting like you were actually banned for mass rdm, when in fact you only got a warning for an RDM which you did commit. I admitted during the sit that I was wrong and made a mistake after I checked the logs and spoke with you about it.
  12. This is the mass RDM he claimed to have spectate https://streamable.com/3r3aq9
  13. Yes, assuming someone is mass rdming and then threatening to ban them is pretty idiotic, ESPECIALLY when you had zero proof of mass rdm. My job should not dictate whether im guilty or not, i dont need CCs to play on the server bro.
  14. no you said you watched me rdm multiple players, and that multiple players rdmed me not that i was part of a group, stick to your story dude.
  15. LOL? Blatant? Im assuming you didnt watch the clip, just in case, here you go. Its obvious i was shooting the gun dealer attacking me and my party members.
  16. from your evidence above it clearly showed you blatantly RDM'ing that guy. Regardless if it was "accidental" or not it is still against the rules and counts as RDM. Now, if you have any video from the sit please post it here.
  17. Yeah pretty sure I've already stated that when I first teleported you there was a group of citizens Mass RDMing and I thought you were part of it. I saw you kill multiple people as a citizen so I jail tp'd you to stop what I thought was MRDM, and as the sit made against you said. I even admitted that I was wrong on that after I viewed the logs and talked to you. If I was making up facts to justify a ban pretty sure you would've been banned then and not warned. And you did call me an idiot during the sit and were just very disrespectful. As I've already stated on your other post, I'm not going to go back and forth with you. I've said what I feel needed to be said. You committed RDM (even if it was crossfire) which is against the rules. You already have an active warning for RDM too. So what if I said I was going to give you a verbal at first then gave an actual warn. Are staff not allowed to analyze a situation and change their mind depending on what has happened? Grow up man. If any staff have any questions for me I will gladly answer them. Other than that I am done talking to you and we can see what the other staff have to say.
  18. If i were a new player that doesnt record, toosi would have banned me 100% without a doubt in his mind. Especially when a lot of players feel intimidated by staff expecially when accused of something they didnt do. Thats fucked up. I stand by my title.
  19. mind replying to my allegations of you making up facts to justify a ban? Mind acknowledging the fact that you claimed in my warn appeal you warned me for calling you an idiot when the clip clearly shows otherwise? Why are you glossing over the entire basis of my report?
  20. ^ If anyone wants to see my input of the situation. To make it simple: You were toxic in a sit & crossfired someone. According to the !motd & punishment guidelines accidental RDM is a verbal or a warning. It also states that punishment depends on the players attitude (yours was horrible.) You are still responsible if you kill somebody in crossfire. I've also already told you there were 2 other citizens on who mass RDMed. When I first teleported you and the other involved I thought you were part of the group, hence why I said you were MRDMing at first, you had killed 8 people within a few minutes as a Citizen so of course I assumed that at first. Its quite funny your making all of the forums posts, it doesn't change the fact that you committed RDM, and got a warning for it.
  21. the accidental crossfire https ://streamable.com/j1lye7 toosi fabricating justification for a ban, saying multiple players reported me and that he specced me rdm 8 players https ://streamable.com/mce34i his saying i was getting a verbal for VERY obvious crossfire, me calling him out for accusing me of mass rdm, him then warning me https ://streamable.com/3d29hy
  22. lets quote rules This never happened either, you went off the fact that you said i was mass rdming. lol
  23. You were warned because you committed RDM and were toxic in our sit. I was going to just give you a verbal but the way you were acting after committing RDM is the reason you got a actual warn instead. End of story. Don't want to be warned? Don't break the rules. And you are right I did think you MRDMed when I first brought you, I admitted I was mistaken and that's why you were not punished for MRDM. I'm not going to argue or go back and forth about this anymore. I will let other staff/ my higher ups decide what is done about this situation.
  24. what utter bullshit, i called you and the guy who reported a single rdm idiots BEFORE you said i was getting a verbal. I called you out on your behavior and you warned me for it. Yes i was arguing the whole sit because you were lying from the start and accusing me of mass rdm, you claimed multiple players reported me (false) and claimed you watch me rdm 8 players (also false), You expect me to sit there quietly? lol. That active warn is for me rdming an actual mass rdmer who reported me because he was salty ( we both left that sit with warns) Those prior warns are over 2 and a half years old and should not be considered in any way. this is a lie, you claimed you spectated me and seen they were rdm, clips will be on the report. again, bullshit. you said i was getting a verbal because it was very obvious accidental and didnt like the truth i was speaking so you warned me. also clipped. This warn was completely out of spite and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that. im uploading a player report with more clips regarding the situation and warn
  25. "Only Verbal Warnings or !warns should be given when it was an accident." "...depending on the player's attitude and punishment history" ^^Those are taken directly from the punishment guidelines for our server. The whole sit you argued, called me an idiot and were just overall very toxic and had a horrid attitude. You also have an active warn for RDM, and MULTIPLE older warns for RDM too. At the same time, 3 citizens were on and all mass rdming, so when I took your sit I assumed you were part of the group. You had killed like 8 people in 2 minutes so of course it seemed that way to me at first. That was RIGHT when I teleported you and before I knew all the facts (I was just trying to stop the multiple MRDMers we had on.), and hadn't verified through all the logs yet. So that is why I believed you to be mass rdming at first. It is also clearly stated in the server rules that YOU are still responsible if you kill somebody in crossfire. "He warned me because i wasnt bowing down to his authority" False. I warned you because you were very toxic in this sit (as you are towards most of the staff team) and you still did break rule. I think you should read up on crossfire rules in our !motd.
  26. Crossfire is still against the rules and can still be considered RDM. It is up to the staff member to decide whether they feel you deserved a warn or a verbal. This warn is valid since you admitted to crossfire in your appeal. -1
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