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  2. I know lol I agree with your suggestion was just saying there is a slightly less annoying way for the time being
  3. yes, but you could do it instantly which would be 10x better and dragging it is faster than double clicking and this forum is mostly about saving time.
  4. Slightly less annoying but if you double click an item like that it'll drop one so you don't have to keep dragging.
  5. Yesterday
  6. We should be able to turn our food shipments into one crate so we can just drop into the stove without having to individually drag every food shipment into the stove. This would save so much more time and would be way less annoying.
  7. I don't believe the fishing circle counts towards the quest, just fish normally and it'd work.
  8. But that would not become a problem if you keep the mayor's office doors unpickable. I agree with you though, I think the only doors that should become pickable, are ALL the doors that can lead to the jail. You don't even have to do that. You could also just make first floor doors pickable as well, as that also leads to the jail, and you can think of grace period ending as an additional route to jail that is now pickable. That would be really cool, in my opinion.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/5mscPDb https://imgur.com/a/kQEfLCC
  10. shoemaker

    Hold up.

    hold the fuck up.
  11. Hey, thanks for the report. I payed them a visit and requested that they remove any signs which are publicly visible that contain inappropriate content. If you have any more issues feel free to make a new report. I'm going to close this and mark it as accepted since they were spoken to and told to remove the signs.
  12. Last week
  13. I said without special tools, you are required to use special tools to even use the vents as a way inside.
  14. vent, and i disagree, mayor can respawn, and if the doors leading directly into his office are safe, then so is he, nothing to worry about.
  15. You shouldn't really even be able to raid the bank during the mayors grace though, and if the mayor office doors were unlockpickable during grace that would STILL make it impossible to raid to the vault without special tools. During the mayors grace zero raids should happen, no matter what.
  16. -1 I think the pros outway the cons, you're not supposed to be able to raid the mayor during grace period the only exception I might be willing to agree on is allowing jails to be lockpicked since you can be arrested during graceperiod
  17. The thing is, if pd bank is raidable or you want to break people out, that fucks with it, honestly only mayors office doors should be unlockpickable until grace is over
  18. I mean, you used to be able to breaching spas doors when mayors on grace, but that was removed since it was abused heavily during the defend the bank event stuff. Pretty sure when mayor is on grace the entire pd is meant to be a sort of safe zone for the mayor, meaning zero raids.
  19. I am pretty sure it actually stops working when you're close to the target, when you are further away it shows up.
  20. You just need to stop being a minge, you say you've been playing since 2018 so you should know your limits by now, I'll give this a +1 for ban reduction to 6 months only because I want you to realize your mistakes and own up to them, you should know better than to do this kind of behavior.
  21. yes please, it's really inconvenient sometimes, there needs to be some sort of fix.
  22. This feature needs to go. It serves no purpose in the game, and only causes frustration. I.E: Trying to break your friend out of jail? Too bad, mayors on grace. Defend the PD bank event started? Too bad, mayors on grace. Have a quest to rob the PD bank? Too bad, mayor is on grace. Got a hit on someone inside PD? You get it. Etc. Can't think of any good reason for this feature to exist. Even if you do kill the mayor on his grace period, he respawns. Big whoop.
  23. Honestly, this is going to against the tide, but I honestly think a ban reduction could be a good idea. You need to really step it up though, cause after the ban reduction, if you fuck up again, it's most likely done for you. Stop causing problems, and stop minging on purpose. +1 for a ban reduction to 6 months.
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