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  2. I don't even think theres 50 different rules to break. If you can reach 50 warns without breaking the same rule twice, you deserve a medal.
  3. this is a terrible attitude to have toward the game imo. in terms of the 50 warns - perma, i think people are saying that time played on the server equates more warns, and quicker bans, which shouldn't be the case or tits is only going to have new players at a certain point. I'm not sure if its true, but as a player that just plays alot, im close to my first ban off of warns, because of warns that honestly could have been avoided or were accidental, first time offences.
  4. Sorry to break it to you man but TitsRP is the least roleplayer server I've ever tooken part in. It's like its own game when it comes to darkrp. TitsRP people play gmod, and they have fun. They run around and raid and find new stuff to do. TitsRP is the farthest it gets from a seriousrp server and definitely is not and never will be known for the roleplay
  5. Because along the way somewhere people forget that it's a privilege, not a right to play on the server. If you aren't interested in contributing anything of value to roleplay, then you should lose the privilege to take part, plain and simple. People fucking around because they don't give a shit is exactly the problem.
  6. I get what you are saying. Of course there are minges out there who purposely try to break rules, but I still don't see why that would warrant banning them from the community all together. If they are toxic, and they try to actually threaten people, with real life consequences, that would be justifiable with a Perma, but people fucking around in a gmod server because they don't give a shit? I don't believe that is grounds for a Perma. We already have a good warn system, and if they reach 50, that's a Perma, so I really don't see the benefit from doing the idea you suggest, especially seeing how easy Perma bans can be appealed.
  7. Today
  8. I agree with the education over punishment thing more than most people. I'm probably one of the most leniant mods, and if I feel that something is genuinely an opportunity to understand the rules better for a player I take it. I however have no patience for people who simply refuse to learn their lesson. I disagree with the notion that after being banned 5 times in 6 months a player simply doesn't understand the rules. The problem is that they do understand the rules, but simply don't give a shit. This attitude is the worst thing for the server, because when newer players see people who have been around a while and who are known in the community breaking every rule they can get away with, they just follow their example. Before I was staff, and players spoke more candidly with me, I often spoke to very well known members of the community who I will not name who see the staff as a joke. They discuss their various techniques for manipulating staff members into giving them more leniant punishments. One player who is now permabanned bragged openly to me about how the only fun he had was ruining the experiences of other players, and how he knew exactly how to lie his way out of trouble. I simply don't see a need to tolerate this kind of behavior.
  9. Not even using the Meth-Wheelchair exploit.... pathetic.
  10. I have mixed feelings about this. If someone is intentionally ruining the game at the moment, then yeah, something needs to be done, but I think this is just overkill. I think the current system is good the way we have now. Let's think about it this way, if someone keeps getting parking tickets, you wouldn't put them in jail for life after 5 parking tickets, that's ridiculous. We value education over punishment. We are trying to teach players how to properly play the game, and try to help them improve their understanding of the rules. Even with repeat offenders, I believe this is the case. Some people learn slower than others, so you just need to keep pushing that mantra.
  11. I don't think anyone gets warned, or banned for that matter for a simple mistake. 90% of the time staff are willing to let people off with a verbal warning if they legitimately didn't know something was against the rules, or had a simple misunderstanding. Why should the playerbase at large have to put up with people who know damn well better, but choose to ignore the rules and do as they please? I don't know anything about that specific situation with Bruhther, but it sounds completely out of line with the moderation policies in that context. Either way, I don't see a reason to tolerate people who keep breaking the exact same rules because they think that the rules don't apply to them for some reason.
  12. Enough rules? That's 5. 5 Rules if you're a known player since your are expected to know every rule and follow them like your a missionary and thats your bible. For example lets use Bruhther. 1 past ban at the time and not a single warn. He placed down a hamster ball. A fuckin prop and got banned. That'd be 1/5 from his perm ban. No one who wants to play the server is going to break NLR and ruin a raid to get banned or be 3 minutes off from raid timer. Thats a ban. I think you dont understand what is expected of someone who plays the server as 3/4 your time being staff. In the time before you were staff you saw how easy it was to easily get warned even after a simple mistake because someone doesn't like you.
  13. I always check previous bans, I’m all for extending them based on ban history but our mission should be to educate new players and hopefully convert people that get on to minge to actually become players and add to the community instead of just logging on to take from it. You’ll be surprised what being nice in a sit to someone who just logs in to MRDM can do. The problem isn’t people receiving multiple bans, the problem is within the staff team for not checking the ban history if what you said is true. The shitty responses here are unnecessary and you can debate a point without name calling and resorting to talking down to someone.
  14. I don't understand your point. If they don't want all the money they spent on custom models for the server to go down the gutter, maybe they shouldn't break enough rules to get perma'd? You aren't exempt from the rules because you donated. It's not easy to get banned if you actually follow the rules, if you don't follow them that's on you. Literally the first word in the MOTD is "Not reading the rules is your own fault, our rules differ from most servers."
  15. The players who put hours and hours into the servers buy models and stuff are the ones who mostlikely get 5 bans in 6 months. Not the randoms who play gmod 3 times a year
  16. It just doesn't seem to be utilised. I talked to some of the other staff today and the general consensus was that most of the time people forget to check peoples bans before they issue another ban. I believe walter told me that ideally the punishment for being banned for the same offence should double each time or something along the lines of that.
  17. We already extend bans for repeat offenders, what is the issue with the current system?
  18. can someone that is like on the staff team and is not tired tell people how retarded this is. @Jewann respond so I dont have to k I love you
  19. Education is getting warned. Getting a short ban is education. Continuing to minge and ruin other people's day because you feel like it, despite being banned multiple times for the exact same shit is just indicative of someone who has nothing to contribute to the server.
  20. This is dumb ash. Some people will get 5 bans in 6 months after like 100 hours a playtime every 2 weeks. They make one mistake and since they’re a known player they get banned. It makes no sense. You should instead teach them into correcting their issues instead of chopping their head off. Education>punishment is like not existent at this point.
  21. Thats all we are asking you to do.
  22. I banned you because 1. You have already been asked many times aswell as been banned already for this. and 2. I was going to bring you to a sit and try to get you to change your name, but coincidentally you left 40ish seconds or so after cock asian male said in ooc "so what about the other cock blue?" "the one with ai" and from that perspective it looked like you had disconnected after seeing that. Your ban will not be increased, and it will only be lowered upon agreement to change your name, and to stop imitating users, and trying to loophole ways around their names.
  23. it's a game why you getting so mad just do what staff ask you to do, if you don't wanna play under our rules just don't hit connect
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