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  2. https://vimeo.com/user164068430/review/668081372/455686a694
  3. Accepted Appeal Talked to the banning Moderator We've came to a conclusion the ban will be shorten to 3 days.
  4. I am going to say that the ban is overdone on this. The correct ban time is 3 days instead for one week. I say +1 for a reduction but not for a full ban removal.
  5. 19:06:24 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon weapon_haloassaultrifle 19:07:05 Jason Bourne (zzz) used command bring : {"#19",} on Zeeky (STEAM_0:1:119929908) 19:07:28 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon gas_weapon_hands Then after wards you started to look my way but I froze you before anything else could happen
  6. I don't even know the person who made the sit on you in the first place so he is not my friend. You literally killed someone just because you didn't like them then killed them in a sit and from what it looked like to me you were going to do the same with me before I froze you. We get to all sits as much and as fast as we can but that's not possible with how many sits we we have 60+ players on the server. I stand with what i have said and i will give a -1 for a unban or shorten ban.
  7. I find it that mod's just will skip peoples sits like they are nothing and it is very aggravating
  8. The mod and the subject that I killed had sticks up their rear end and could not handle a joke that has been done to me multiple times in the past yet no mod ever takes any sits unless its for their friend, alas if you truly care for the server than you will realize this was complete and utter bullshit ban and I would like to request for my fellow friends who do not get their sits taken and get abused by mods to stand up and request a ban appeal as this server for as long as I have played it has been fun till lately when the mods and admins started abusing their powers *burp* in ways unimaginable.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Well even if yall have seen this before, this one is new
  11. a radio host job would be so cool ingame not even gonna lie!
  12. Staff member will be demoted. Thank you for this report..
  13. After giving what happened in this sit a deeper look, i admit that yes, i indeed am in the wrong, today was kind of a weird day for me and i wasn't feeling in optimal conditions to moderate, i apologise.
  14. It started with me running down to the sewer ramp near cereal monster to see if I could go mine some rocks, and then I noticed a base was down at the bottom with Loitering signs, and props! I called a sit, to ask a moderator to please remove the props and inform the player inside that they cannot base there! Then moderator goatnuts said he would spectate the player and informed me he was afk, but then he began to raid. The player in question who was basing there was killed, and then returned to explain that he didn't know he could base down there - that he was friendly - and moderator goatnuts said uh oh NLR and killed him again. No punishment was issued, and he never took the player to a sit. Staff should not be roleplaying in sits.
  15. I think I made some sort of suggestion a while back saying we should have a bounty board but for hits that allows players that are hitmen (cc or not cc) to go up to the board and click whatever hit they wanted. You could make it so players can put their own prices for the hits (maybe put a decent minimum so people dont always put $1 hits). you could do something where you get notified if your name is put on the board and for how much or some shit. +1 to something done with hitman at least
  16. very cool idea iam +1 to this
  17. I love stealing things from other servers +1 while we are at it can we please have vip tiers
  18. All has really been said so +1 for warn
  19. I myself FEEL that if you're trying to have a genuine discussion it's probably best not to be all like "maybe I did it maybe I didn't"
  20. The player may possibly have denied it was his IP during a sit and said it wasn't cause for concern
  21. If it was an obviously fake meme IP like or something, sure, funny. But as a mod, no way of telling if it belongs to a player or not
  22. i am well aware of how it works i appreciate you checking though
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