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    if you need a longer clip just call me on the discoord dyln#2000 i will screenshare all you need
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  4. i votebanned 3 people (lie1) and i was raiding during the event (all allowed lie2) also the guy reporting me shot me before i entered the mayors office and i ran in to take cover from his vicious attacks
  5. bone.


    none of this happened this person is a liar
  6. Do you have a clip dyln??
  7. I was on when this happened and all I can say is that piklas votebanned like 4 people back to back, as well as he raided pd prob like 18 times and failed so maybe targeting dyln.
  8. Day 202 According to the math I did I should have gotten the hobo pet right now; guess I'm very unlucky. But I have a good feeling about tomorrow. It surely has to be the day I get it.
  9. Yesterday
  10. +1 Don't let people get into your head.
  11. If it happens again then I will not be giving a +1 next time. +1 this time.
  12. Unsure if more talent point perks will be added but if so could there be one that automatically places spirit jars in your inventory as a spirit caller. A similar perk which automatically inventories cereal found as Piccolos cage could be added as well.
  13. I'm going to leave you with this. It's been 2 years and you made a dumb as fuck decision. Don't repeat it. I'm all for second chances. Just don't take them and throw them away it's all I ask. +1 from me.
  14. honestly I don't have a good answer for you. The best I can say is I was a young stupid 19 year old that was pissed off he didn't get his way. even though its only been like 2 years I've grown up a lot. Yeah the next day or sometime after I regretted my actions and tried to get on with an alt.
  15. I like how you left out that you alted literally a day after the ban was made lol I was admin when you were staff blurr I'm curious to know why you made the comments given that you're previous staff
  16. someone told me to respond since its my ban but i do not really care +1
  17. Day 202 Still have not found the hobo pet. In other news I did find a friendly headcrab that didn't attack me so I gave him a home and named him. A picture of that can be found below. Also came close to double or nothing jackpot but in the end lost everything. Current trash collection numbers: 3,287
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  19. Tene

    pet stuff

    bunny pet gives u 12xp every 3 mins, again, if u have any suggestions on making the pets xp based instead of gameplay based, i'd be down for that instead. the reaper x ghost people bought for 1 billion and yet it does literally nothing, maybe make them spawn tombstones that u can shoot for xp.. who knows... The long-time players don't really have any advantage other than knowing what to do for xp, which can be found in every jobs description AND the forums, along with common sense for a lot of things. Sugar intentionally makes the cap on the highest raffle prize something low like 30-50,000xp with a time span of 2 weeks, which with some playtime is easily achievable for every player (uh oh 700-1400xp by spamming E on the slot machines, then just base to regain sugar shop money and get xp from printers OR go do chem barrels/3x xp jobs/xp session) 2100xp every day really isn't much, especially if you are buying double pooled, because you've already got 2/3 of the required xp for that day (minimum to qualify per day) via slot machines, then you can just go and do any 3x xp job or session!!! I do agree that giving the pets weapon based stuff is kinda stupid, but a snowball with nonlethal for 1 second really isn't much, especially considering most of the time it would probably miss, or you'd die anyways, but I can see where you're coming from. The Reaper Pet hp thing and Ghost Pet is quite op indeed Give pig pet toxic fart that gives meth lab effect unless u are wearing gas mask when in combat or make it give u xp like bunny does... do that with every raffle pet i guess. Snowboard penguin could throw snowballs at people for xp similar to hobo pet throwing bugbait at people for xp, and that is the only one I can think of..... give suggestions sir
  20. Looks like everything is sorted out this will be denied
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