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  3. This was my fault he did pick up ents after killing the 2 raiders, my confusion though stems from the fact he didn't even know how you could counter the raid, and said [19:49:01] Player Legendary LVL 100 Scatha Pet (Weapon Modifier) said // yeah sorry one of the guys was ban evading and one harassed me for 3 hours ladst time so I had to counter there counter xd" also there was evidence of you being across the map to do so, I do think the warn should be removed, but you had to find a rule after not being able to explain why you did it in the first place which is dumb but +1 for warn removal
  4. I had taken 2 printers aswell, however since I was tpd almost right after grabbing the printers I lost them back, oh and a zombie apocolypse at an unlucky time xd
  5. I had taken over the raid yes, im trying to see if OBS had clipped it correctly rn
  6. What I mean by your allowed to “counter” you see someone raiding you can kill ‘em but have to take over the raid. If you went inside a base and kill the person then walk out. That’s not allowed and warnable. like to hear from the warning staff member tho
  7. Yesterday
  8. Nah this isn't a bad idea at all. It would be cool if we could see more cops doing raids/ raid prevention type shit instead of camping fountain all hours of the day. You hardly see K9 Units of DEA Agents around, and even if they are, they aren't doing what their specific cop job is DESIGNED to do.
  9. When the server crashes you should be able to do !recover and get your items back. I’m not 100% sure if this includes crafting bench or not but I think it does? Unfortunately server crashes are out of our control so we’re not able to restore items unless you do !recover
  10. I wish there was more room for CP to stop or intervene raids. This comes from someone who rarely base or raid, so don't be too harsh.
  11. Hi, I'm sorry but do the crime do the time, man. You can't justify MRDM by saying you couldn't control your emotions. If people were racist to you, report them, we have moderators for that. I'll be a -1 for unban, come back in a week. Yahya - Barbencher Slayer
  12. I was just in the process of having candy help me craft some boots of speed since I had just prestiged and the server crashes. It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't 2334 Wood | 43 Strange Gems | and 391 Chem barrels. I have it clipped for proof. I can not attach the video here so pls add my discord Roastdawg if anything can be done. Thank you!
  13. As long as you can keep your emotions in check next time then im +1 for reduction as well.
  14. I am a +1 to have your appeal reduced to 3 days, you seem very honest about what happened and we appreciate that!
  15. Here are the relevant damage logs: Player CaseOpening.com29164XDTJT (Meth Cook) (STEAM_0:1:768786266) killed Misclick King Gregor (Misclick King) (STEAM_0:0:101153921) with weapon tfcss_svu2 <23-09-2023 / 15:28:56> Player CaseOpening.com29164XDTJT (Meth Cook) (STEAM_0:1:768786266) killed Lockstin (Master Raider) (STEAM_0:0:119564939) with weapon tfcss_svu2 <23-09-2023 / 15:28:46> Player CaseOpening.com29164XDTJT (Meth Cook) (STEAM_0:1:768786266) killed BigNox (Black Market Dealer) (STEAM_0:1:625646801) with weapon tfcss_svu2 <23-09-2023 / 15:27:59> In my opinion, your only valid reason for wanting to be unbanned was because it was your first offence. I don't believe this is a good enough reason, as then anybody could make an appeal for it being their 'first offence'. However, everyone makes mistakes and I appreciate you owning up to them. I would be willing to +1 a reduction of 2-3 days. accepted or denied, please keep your emotions in check like Aflicto mentioned. it's immature to be racist, but more immature to Mass RDM
  16. This seems like It's been up long enough and enough has been said -1 for punishment. Players have individual raid timers.
  17. Every player has an individual raid timer, it's just most wait for their raid party to be off cooldown to increase their chances of winning. Bruhther did have 20 minutes of time between his death and his next raid so its not really breaking raid cooldown. -1 for punishment as raid cooldown was not broken
  18. I honestly think before reductions there should be proof of the racism he claimed was towards him
  19. Waiting for staff member's reply, I don't think game crashing is a good excuse though, since there is no good way to prove that... but you seem sorry enough that I'd be willing to be light on you once he responds...
  20. i was not the one who banned you but i only extended the ban. +1 for reduction. -1 for unban.
  21. Dev was the one that banned you, not xiers. Second of all I appreciate you owning up to your mistake, if you have any evidence of the user being racist please make a report. I will wait for Dev1's side is posting before I vote.
  22. So the MRDM you did was not on accident? you did it cause you couldn't get your emotions in check?
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