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  1. bone.

    b3nz's ban appeal

    hey i was in this this report and biggies share a few common traits, will the staff of today ever find them? must they be spoonfed the answer?
  2. you should try being happy in life some day
  3. bone.

    Half dmg CC's

    dude youre in your 40s you shouldnt be typing like this go be a good role model
  4. bone.

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    I should have put this in the original post but I'll say it now to clear some things up about the original ban reasons, primarily the entity blocking. The door in question that was being blocked was put in what I would call an obscure area of the sewer since it's usually an area people pass by. This base had zero money-making entities inside. I only blocked it off after these two kleiner fellas started coming over a bunch for whatever reason, possible terrorists in real life I don't know. Now I'm a man who likes to solve his own problems, and this was my solution. Legally not the best choice but I don't expect these people to be monitoring the entire world for the most obscure rule breaking shit.
  5. why the fuck is this even a thing what insane person is swapping models during combat
  6. could be higher https://www.free-iqtest.net/score/3B19/
  7. The purpose of this post is to discuss the concept of Wheelchair Raiding, where a raider uses the wheelchair vehicle during a raid. The purpose of this strategy is to focus enemy fire onto you, that way your teammates are able to push or peek without the worry of being shot down. Strengths: - Massive defense increase - The wheelchair is capable of tanking a large sum of direct fire and sticky grenades. - Information gathering - Due to your massive health pool from the wheelchair, you can get a good look at the base and it's vulnerabilities. This can lead to your team having the upper hand in a raid for knowing where to fire. - Price - The wheelchair itself is at most 200 darkrp, with the Basically Free talent it's lowered to only 20 darkrp. - Element of surprise - If there is only one base defender or there are multiple that can't multitask ( darken reference ) and decide to focus fire at the other raiders, you can use that moment to leave the wheelchair to launch a surprise attack. Weaknesses: - Massive offense decrease - Aside from the possible sneak attack, there is no real form of offense with using a wheelchair for raiding. When in a wheelchair, you are locked out of all your weapons and tools. - On destruction - On wheelchair destruction, you pop out without a weapon in hand, leaving you vulnerable to attacks without a way of fighting back. - Limited movement - The wheelchair's movements are limited to ground-only control. The best movement for wheelchairing is keeping a constant forward movement. Moving backwards slows down the wheelchair by half it's speed. The wheelchair is incapable of climbing steep ramps and cannot jump. - Accessibility - By default, classes in the Hobo category can spawn wheelchairs. To access the wheelchair on other classes, one must buy the bypass through the Suga Shop. - Hitbox - The wheelchair is incapable of going through the average doorway despite appearing as it could. This could be due to wonky hitboxes with the wheelchair. The strength of the wheelchair depends on both the user and the base layout. The wheelchair shines in open-spaced bases where it's given room to move around. Keep in mind you are NOT invincible inside of a wheelchair. Your survivability depends on the weapons the enemy is using. High fire-rate weapons exceed at destroying wheelchairs. Wheelchairing should be used with at least one other raider. Experiment with the wheelchair, get yourself a bind for a quick buy, see how it works in a raid. Base defenders can experiment with the wheelchair if they wish. admin read this post and remove my warn i'm reinventing the game my nigga
  8. IGN: b0ne Discord: bone.#1137 Favorite Candy: reese's peanut butter cup
  9. why don't you contact a therapist about your broken heart?
  10. research = whatever newstaff say to me
  11. I don't know why you say you want to end the beef when you fucking started it! Accusing me of starting drama and beef with others you know and never explaining how!
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