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    pet stuff

    bunny pet gives u 12xp every 3 mins, again, if u have any suggestions on making the pets xp based instead of gameplay based, i'd be down for that instead. the reaper x ghost people bought for 1 billion and yet it does literally nothing, maybe make them spawn tombstones that u can shoot for xp.. who knows... The long-time players don't really have any advantage other than knowing what to do for xp, which can be found in every jobs description AND the forums, along with common sense for a lot of things. Sugar intentionally makes the cap on the highest raffle prize something low like 30-50,000xp with a time span of 2 weeks, which with some playtime is easily achievable for every player (uh oh 700-1400xp by spamming E on the slot machines, then just base to regain sugar shop money and get xp from printers OR go do chem barrels/3x xp jobs/xp session) 2100xp every day really isn't much, especially if you are buying double pooled, because you've already got 2/3 of the required xp for that day (minimum to qualify per day) via slot machines, then you can just go and do any 3x xp job or session!!! I do agree that giving the pets weapon based stuff is kinda stupid, but a snowball with nonlethal for 1 second really isn't much, especially considering most of the time it would probably miss, or you'd die anyways, but I can see where you're coming from. The Reaper Pet hp thing and Ghost Pet is quite op indeed Give pig pet toxic fart that gives meth lab effect unless u are wearing gas mask when in combat or make it give u xp like bunny does... do that with every raffle pet i guess. Snowboard penguin could throw snowballs at people for xp similar to hobo pet throwing bugbait at people for xp, and that is the only one I can think of..... give suggestions sir
  2. Tene

    pet stuff

    give every pet a unique effect zzzz only 2 raffle pets have uniques wtf thats not very cool make the snowboard penguin have unique effects too (throws a snowball during combat that nonlethals for 1 second 5min coolodown what the F) give pig pet effect (pig either autocollects - jack said bad idea, or pig has 5% chance to double yield from tilling plots/harvest zone what the F, or it affects rate of growth for harvest zones/plots (requires more water though)) give the reaper pet something that maybe adds max hp on kill or regains hp on kill, max hp can max at like 175 (this isnt op, soul swep gets you to 225) - also make it so this maxhp is actually maxhp, so that a bacta doesnt reset it, if for whatever reason this is deemed op, make it 10-15max hp per kill, and even add a cooldown on it if u want to prevent boosting from being broken. give ghost pet maybe something similar to precious life but with an increased cooldown, maybe it does same as precious life, without the blind, and with a speed boost?? give mini mod xp on bans/votebans if not staff, make the voteban xp actually a good amount, OR, make it so you get xp with every sit that you called that gets claimed then closed (more xp for staff who claim a sit) - cooldown of like 3mins so u cant endlessly spam 'im stuck' sits... mini mod kind of an ass pet idk what else u can do with it give hobo pet owners chance for their dumpster to have loot from crates (t1 - t2) OR let them dumpster dive as any job, or have it so the hobo throws boots at people instead of bugbait (or keep the bugbait) and you get xp for hitting players with a boot/bugbait! imo silly that some pets do have xp, but others dont. I don't think any of these are gamebreaking, and if they are just tweak them, imo the suggestions for each pet makes them actually have a use but not something that is fundamentally ass if you dont have. note: if you have ideas on how to make all pets instead have xp related things, that would be cool, considering the 2 current raffle pets just give u xp for afking.. pet idea: Goon pet - chance from killing Level 1 goons is relatively lower than Level 3 goons so you can't just 4 shot a goon and get the pet, pet model : the antlion that goes under the ground - pet effect: goons are friendly, or goons give more xp, or spawns a goon egg every X amount of minutes (make the minutes high), who knows just pick 1 i want a goon.
  3. so ye its a staff-related issue not a rule related issue, we should change how we treat harassment reports (rubik already said this.......)
  4. sorry meant to say a large majority of other games (i was solely thinking of minecraft i love minecraft) ... i sincerely apologise and am sorry chesmond.... It usually goes against lots of games TOS and shit to be toxic to a certain degree, Quas is saying ALL rules against toxicity should be removed, which is a bonkers idea, as no game that I know allows you to literally say anything you want no matter how toxic. but yes my statement was false i do agree with you
  5. this is what is usually done if its reported serverside, or atleast thats what i do and i assume thats what other staff members do. usually you add a playernote saying "user x very toxic/harassing user y" so that if it happens again a more severe punishment is given. btw quas guy please learn how to reply in one forums post we get u want to hit 500 post count but please calm down.. also take piklas' advice, vent in other ways lol. 0 other game allows this kind of toxicity/harassment, yet we should just abolish every toxicity/harassment rule on here because..? Maybe if your issue with it is that people can do nothing and then get harassment reported, and then basically have to never interact with that user or else they get banned, your suggestion should be more towards the staff team and how they handle harassment issues, and not "delete every rule against it". (i didnt read most of ur msgs because u dont know how to reply in 1 message)
  6. you arent? if someone is dangling a boombox playing a copypasta with no rp relevance infront of u, u e warn them to go away/stop playing the non-rp related copypasta on the boombox, they back up 4 steps, and continue to dangle the boombox that is still playing it, you can't kill for that? there's mute features for players.. lets let them earrape everyone.. u thought he shot u in spawn tunnel when there were 0 gunshots and OG was down the street.. i misremembered him having a gun out (not the sole reason i killed him) and it somehow changes the fact that he was pasting lines from a copypasta repeatedly with no context/rp value/anything, even overlapping himself.. and you're saying I can't e warn for him to stop that? i did indeed have a clip, however when the sit was ended (situation resolved in my eyes) and the user logged offline directly after, i figured, hey he probably just agreed the the warn was valid, so after checking the clip, sending him a dm saying 'hey btw u didnt have a gun out but xxxx is why i killed u anyways!' i figured that the issue had been dealt with and deleted the 1gb+ clip from my c drive, also he said that he himself also had a clip of the incident in the sit, which I'm not sure why he lied about, or he also deleted the clip then decided to forums report? not sure though. I have since been told by other smods I should try and keep clips for 2 weeks, which is something I will try and do in the future, but considering how much shit i clip when I play, i may have to literally start trimming each clip, which is snoozable, but if it avoids situations like these then I will try my best. i think corp knows the lines of the MOTD better
  7. i was referring to ur past discord messages on the matter aswell.. maybe review ur discord messages sent and then tell me that it doesnt align
  8. hello please reply to the rest of the post..
  9. 0 way this is not a shitpost i think people being mean is funny, but when it turns to only talking shit to the same user, or telling the user to kill themselves, or literally targetting that user in the server/harassing solely them because of whatever reason then it becomes not so funny. your entire opinion is: "omg it is based to be toxic and rude and it is so masculine to tell people to kill themselves and harass people it is so based and chad and masculine", literally how does that make any sense lol. u are on a gmod server (15 year old game omg), on a server named titsrp, with anime girls flying around, trying to prove your masculinity by telling people to kill themselves, or just bullying them to the point of them quitting/not finding the server enjoyable. zzz post u shouldve made it more ironic or something i wouldve +1ed zzz
  10. i think u have a surface level understanding of the world if u think it should be encouraged to bully people off of the server and talk the most shit to them. reconsider ur own opinion, if u dislike the server because it doesnt allow bullying/targetting maybe join any other and see if they allow it too !!xxxxxx
  11. yeah mali idk what u were doing here but it seems very clear that u were being unnecessarily toxic. we have started to actually punish people for toxicity now, mainly due to the server community just being a shithole filled with disrespect, but also because there is literally no need to tell someone to kill themselves over garry's mod lol. as much as u are my homie u do also gotta chill out a ton with that type of stuff. +1 for voterestriction and week ban on malicious +1 for voterestriction on other guy
  12. Tene

    Base Dupes

    arent like all of these dupes recoloured bunziix dupes
  13. tbf you were told by a mod it was allowed so i can very much see where you're coming from. the props could be broken yes, but its still propblock. I personally wouldn't warrant a ban for this, especially since you were given permission from a Moderator. +1 for unban and replace with warn
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