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  1. As the title says, make trash useful. Prior to trash being added, I heard from people that there was going to be something new being added that could serve a purpose in the crafting menu or other, and then they added Trash and I thought maybe there'd be some sort of trash compactor or something to be able to make cool recipes and shit, but no. It's just trash. I think it's been over a year (I could be wrong) since trash was introduced, and it still doesn't serve a purpose other than just being sold instantly when you get it from lootcrates/dumpster diving as it just clutters your inventory. This is apart from Mr. Whiskers of course :). I think there should be a update where trash is used for crafting or just anything. Fuck it make a ritual with trash and use the 'Your Girlfriend' trash as a key part of the summoning of the mythical fortnite goldfish. But seriously, please make trash useful.
  2. who..? 5/6 say no... 'everyone' is invalid... which leads me into another thing, please buff crates. mainly tier 3s @Rubikyou're active here buff crates in halloween update it could be like oh my god spooky you're actually getting money oh my god wtf so scary your crates are good now wtf
  3. chill yo god damn ur KOS from now on in my eyes until you break your vow. also who actually cares, you clicked and joined a server named "TitsRP" only to complain about every miniscule action that slightly negatively affects you. jesus christ bro have fun
  4. I think you'd need a screenshot or some sort of evidence to show that he is okay with you taking ownership of his gang. Also the CC ownership idk if they do that ive never heard of it before adding to carelos just msg Rubik#7711 on discord
  5. so... the bank manager will do the same thing he is doing now, and instead of raiding it himself, will get his friends to raid it when he switches job as they don't have a "cooldown" as they weren't bank manager, then have his friends transfer the money to him and keep 1-2m for themselves. doesn't "fix" anything. if you can think of better way to stop them from doing shit, then please suggest that instead of the job cooldown. also quas' idea sucks. bank manager not being able to have money making entities in the bank basically makes it a public base that can be raided with no benefit for the bank manager. the bank manager job can base, however if not inside the bank/basing in the bank can be /demoted for not doing his job, but when he goes to base in the bank, he isn't allowed to do anything that gets him money. what.
  6. "abusing a job role", it's entire purpose is to be inside the bank getting players to invest in it. for the bank to go from 20m - 70m (where players even with the level 48 perk would only get like 35-40m or smth) it would take hours upon hours. i've seen people afk the bank for 6-7+ hours to get it to a high price. i do understand where you're coming from though, raiding the bank only to get destroyed because you're bad at raiding can be frustrating (i assume, i don't know because im not bad) so the removal of the base could make it easier. however, what would your solution be to this? just remove the ability to base there entirely? bank raiders would just have to kill the bank manager, place deployable shields and run in directly to the bank. just get good at raiding, and when you do, successfully raiding the bank will be more fulfilling as you can steal the bank manager's entities!
  7. minecraft pot pvp potion effect mod go crazyy i dont want this shit on my c menu though i want it on my real menu like showbounty!!!!!!!!!!! omgggg! +1 oh also who the fuck uses non lethal talis
  8. why are you posting a minor's foot on the forums... staff member...
  9. just level up and spend a prestige token on 6, or spend 3mil on one from one of the nolifers. the crates are dogshit, adding another way to get them which means there are more of them gives a reason as to why they shouldn't be buffed. just buff the crates ongranny, prestiging isn't difficult.
  10. wiremod fucks frames ong prolly an exploit in there too also there's teleporters in wiremod hell no nigga wtf
  11. I actually didn't even mean to include props in the list of things that have inaccurate owners as in my mind they SHOULD despawn after 5 minutes when the player leaves so if it was there to prevent despawning on entities, it shouldn't happen with props as they aren't supposed to stay for that long after the owner disconnects. I spawned a desk onto someone's stage and realised it didn't say my name on it. With entities it's not that big of an issue, just like a inconvenience ig, but with props it literally just means people can propblock and have people call sits on other guys, or, if no staff are on, it could lead to someone screenshotting a users propblock and reporting them on the forums when the player being reported actually hasn't done shit.
  12. I questioned it and was told it was to prevent entities despawning or bugging out or something. It works on stuff like bitminers, props, pianos, crafting tables, rocks, wood etc etc. If the user whose name is on the item goes over to it they actually don't have the permissions to change anything about it. I tested this when I saw a rock with a friend's name on it, he came over to it and didn't have the ability to physgun it or use toolgun etc etc, so I do believe it was meant for entities or something but I don't understand how it really benefits anything as prior to it I didn't really have entities despawning anyways.
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