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  1. pickup boxes on cars sounds cancer asf as it literally makes the player inside unkillable unless u blow up their 3k hp car
  2. i actually false reported here, my fault, i forgot i had custom animations installed and only found out like 2 months after. The exploit i report was showing the playermodel would move to a different location than the players hitbox, this isn't the case with regular animations (that the server has), so you can re-add these binds if you want. I personally don't think they should come back cause of how cancer they were to see players guns and also just to pvp them, as while it wasn't as bad as the custom animations, it still makes the playermodel seem different to where the hitbox is.
  3. before this is inevitably hidden, i'd like to preface by saying the rule agreed upon by smods for forums posts, was that if someone is commenting to benefit either party (actually add value to the report), it is not to be hidden. You are only to hide shitposts or things that add literally 0 value. This comment does hold value, as it's quite clear staff don't know what is/isn't allowed. I don't actually see anything in here that would be bannable. The accusation was in a (relatively) private area, as you can see in the first clip, when Razr leaves the base he can no longer hear merh, meaning that it would be very hard for someone not in the base to hear him. The 'accusation' also seems to have had backing, as the only way Merh had it was BECAUSE it was sent to a minor, which is why Blood Moon no longer plays the server... If this is considered a 'pedo accusation' worthy of a ban, why did we have a SMOD+ discussion on b0ne's ban appeal which was extended due to calling Yuli (another person who sent nudes to a minor) a pedophile, where the outcome was to unban bone after his original ban length had expired, as him stating that someone who sent nudes to a minor is a pedophile doesn't seem like it should be something bannable. The main thing about banning pedophile accusations is to reduce the damage it causes to FALSE victims, who are wrongly accused of being pedophiles. In this situation, it really doesn't seem like the user is being wrongfully accused of sending nudes to a minor, as how else would merh have these videos and why would merh be lying about that stuff to wrongfully accuse someone who has left the titsrp community for months. Really doesn't seem like a pedo accusation that is punishable here, especially when we go off of past punishments/instances of this same scenario (b0ne). Also, something I want to mention. This Razr guy claims to be uncomfortable, and in the first clip leaves the base, which sure I can see as him not liking the situation or anything about it, totally fair. But then he goes back inside the base in the second clip, for seemingly no reason, as the second clip provides 0 to this report as nothing in that clip is punishable. So can you explain how you're uncomfortable enough to leave the base so that your clip looks like you are disgusted, and then you're not uncomfortable enough to then go straight back in and continue hanging around this guy for ages it seems (the base location changes). The mute feature exists, and there is a moderator inside the base with you, why was this handled on the forums? Why did you not message the mod, even message merhaculous, or call a sit? Especially since you claim to want this situation to be private, why would you post it onto the forums, where it gains much much much more attention than simply calling a sit ingame? And this is a punishable offense how? Did he leak any of the information? Did he give out Dare's face pictures? Or was he just talking about how he has x photo of Player 1.. This really isn't doxxing, and just off of being relevant in the community I can already confirm that every person he listed off sent him the pictures knowingly and willingly. The rape game thing, while weird, isn't bannable either. If you want to bring up Mordecai's ban for this argument - as omg sexy talk got him perm banned (i am expecting this reasoning would be used), he sexually harassed a member of the server, along with multiple other things, whereas Merha is talking about a game where you're given a slave and you can do what you want to them because they're a slave. I honestly don't think an argument about how playing a game where you can rape and kill slaves is weird and not allowed when the exact same things happen on this server, almost weekly. "omg selling this furry femboy slave 100k", "omg now u can do whatever u want with him", "omg im going to kiss swep him and then kill him." Talking about the decapitated girl, while weird, again, really isn't bannable. Dictator Gas repeatedly would say things 10x worse than merhaculous saying something about decapitated girls for 2 seconds, and made it his entire persona for months until staff intervened, telling him to stop, and then ultimately it ended up with him being community removed and reported to the FBI. At most here I think a verbal telling merha to not talk about gore would be the correct move. Again, this entire comment 100% adds value to the post, which means it shouldn't be hidden. Thank you xxx xxx xxx
  4. omg guys lets buff t3s
  5. Tene

    Monke Pet

    as a remaining proud monke pet owner, i am quite upset that it is still meme pet... i like the monke being funny monke.. but i would also like funny monke to be gangsta monke. if not the piss = water thing, make it a worse mooshroom pet when it pisses
  6. allowing this causes more issues than keeping it banned. i havent noticed any issue with the current rule not allowing people to propclimb or propfly so idk why it should be changed, sure maybe the mastersword onto rooftops is a good point but its not like the player in combat with the new guy, who jumps to a rooftop, is just gonna let him sit there and build a ton of props up. This would also make the streets look like even more cancer than they regularly are as more people will just have their props scaling the sides of buildings.
  7. woodcutter was in the supporter server crafting plans before they removed them, which means it is coming next battlepass
  8. omg this would be so fun i could use 0% of my brain and just run in with my c4 in my grav gun whenever i want because i can just respawn. why would u want to make raiding less skillbased? sure new players but then that affects the new players more, a new player can a lot of the time lockpick raid old players since old players just arent paying attention to their base unless they hear a c4/timebomb (it has happened to me), now imagine that when the new guy kills the defender, and the defender just respawns in a sleeping bag and kills him. It would be bad both ways, along with if new players get raided by old players, maybe they get super lucky and kill an old player, they assume the raid is over and then magically that guy is back blowing up their base again. old player vs old player it'd be way more boring than how raiding currently is, theres no reward for killing either side (there isnt 1 person out of the raid), and removes a lot of the punishment involved in making mistakes. imo the whole point of raiding is dont make mistakes, because if u do u will be punished by dying or wasting your raid timer, which leads to improvement, and the raid actually feeling worth something after ur timer ends. if i could just repeatedly go back i have very little to worry about during my raid which would probably make my raid when completed feel less like an accomplishment. also how does this work with bank/kingdom/pd. can cops who are countering bank raids use this? can the raiders use this? what is the distance on sleeping bag to the raid area? this would also just be used as a 'teleport to backup' type of thing (the cop gang talent), where players set up their sleeping bag outside of their own base in a hidden spot, and have their base member kill them when they get raided to flank. not sure about this, doesnt really benefit new players, moreso harms them and would put them off of the server even more than normal since theyre seeing people just respawn to continue their defense/raid
  9. there is a very easy counter to this but it will remain gatekept. also every time uve tried to do it to me you've failed because the c4 has fell out of ur hand or i have countered it lol. btw c4 is already hard nerfed due to the server lag making items just fall out of ur butter fingers gravgun, any1 doing this has to be very lucky for it to last the full 30s. fix it? maybe, but i can guarantee 'the fix' will bug out other things with c4. maybe something like goldfish' suggestion would be better, as anything that forces the item to drop due to a world being between the gravgun and the ent will 100% bug out raiding stuff, as c4 already gets bugged out with what is/isn't part of the world (depending on the angle of the c4 it will just not explode props right infront of it as it thinks its being blocked by world) whatever the fix is dont break c4/other aspects of raiding, if u want to play it safe/smart just do goldfish suggestion
  10. Not sure why you thought that 1) this is a funny thing to say or 2) it would be allowed on here. You are calling yourself a predator on a server full of minors, very funny bro! This being the only thing you could've thought of because you were 'late' to the election also shows alot about how your mind works. Running for mayor just so you can say this stuff without even wanting mayor is also pretty wild, seems you knew what you were doing. Also idk why ur blaming biggie bear for reporting a player who literally said they like to touch little kids. Report accepted | User will be banned for 1 month for Inappropriate Comments
  11. This would just be the same as any other gunfight outside of raids that happens in the streets, if you crossfire someone it should still be considered as RDM, and if you shoot a player and they kill you, your raid is over. All this does is increase gunfights in streets a bit more, I think there's a very slim chance that the misunderstandings from these incidents will take long to clear up, again, it would be handled the same as if I was a bounty hunter trying to kill my target and I accidently shoot someone else, they are allowed to kill me, and if I kill them in the crossfire it is RDM on my part. That being said, one thing I can see happening frequently which could become an issue is party assists. Since party member's can no longer defend a base with a /yell and must be on the doors, if they see their party member being shot in the street relatively far away from their base and they party assist and kill the raider, are they at fault? If so what's the punishment? This is the main flaw I see with opening up the raid area. While the red district very rarely has actual 'hard to raid' bases (bases with a lot of people defending outside), it is arguably where the most raids happen, so I do agree with you that it is quite a clusterfuck because of how large it is and how many different areas you can go to. Maybe divide the red area into 2 sections, but again this will cause more issues. Can you try and maybe colour in areas that you think would be good as districts, because I'm not too sure what you mean by tight districts. As for the pink district, no, it is not until the beach house island, its simply until the first tunnel at beach that leads it into the ocean, this is mainly due to the base at beach alley being defended from the shipwreck (where Captain Charlie stands), so opening up this entire area shouldn't really too bad since it is only fully accessible when in combat with someone else who is outside the base, and considering the movement swep cooldown after being put in combat, I don't think the entire area is that much of a 'big area' seeing as how open it is and how easy it is for someone to shoot the raider. Again remember, the raiders must be at the base until in combat, so the defender on the outside could still keep them penned at the bases due to the cooldown. Not too sure what you mean by this, all above ground districts will be ended at the appropriate sewer entrances in their area, the same way that the districts all end at tunnel openings. The district for sewers itself (in my mind), is that both upper and lower sewers are accessible, and again the district ends at all entrances to the BASING part of sewers: The Ladder entrance, the hole in the wall near the ladder entrance, the entrance with the meth dropoff and the vent into PD. As for the industrial base with the elevator, I believe standing inside the elevator is fine, along with going down in it, but exiting the very short tunnel when you go down the elevator should be considered the end of your raid in industrial. I say this because a lot of people who raid the industrial base at the elevator will usually stand in the elevator itself to re-heal, so making it so if they go down in the elevator it ends the raid should be considered silly, especially since it's only useable when in combat. Thank you very much for your reply! Still trying to work a lot of this out myself
  12. This thread is to gather the community's opinion on various raid rules that they believe are left too undefined, leaving behind grey areas in the rules. This isn't a thread to add a rule to fit in every single grey area and situation, but a thread for improvements on the current raiding rules that helps to cover more grey areas overall, leaving less confusion and overall a better raiding/basing experience. Note: If something in this thread is agreed upon by the community, it is not final. The agreed upon rule change will be put into place temporarily, and will gradually be improved upon by both the staff team and the community. If a rule is changed, and there is significant issues, it will simply be reverted and will be taken back to the discussion phase. This thread is not only my suggested change, it is for any and all raid rules that YOU, the community, thinks should be changed, removed, or explained further. Please try and give feedback on all suggestions you feel you should share your opinion on. If a comment is not constructive or adds no value, it will be hidden. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rule I would like to start off the thread with and ask the community's opinions on changing is to do with raid zones. In specific, the rule that states: DO NOT attack a base member while raiding they must be both within eyeshot AND reasonably close to the base I think this is a very flawed rule as there can be many questions surrounding the wording itself: What is within eyeshot? From which perspective am I looking to determine this, the player's, the bases', or somewhere else? What is reasonably close to the base? My way to attempt to 'define raid zones', and to improve this rule specifically is via separating the map into districts. Here is an image of the potential 'districts' which I and other staff want the community's opinion on. Made by Cuntbucket The colours represent the borders of each district, with the tunnels being left as undefined (we want the community's input on the this too) While this may look insane for some, the ability to go ANYWHERE within these districts during a raid is solely when in combat with someone who is outside the base, and once the combat ends (you kill the other player), you must then return to the base. Example (current rule): I am raiding the base behind the Elevator in Industrial (dark blue district), a base owner comes from the opposite side of industrial and shoots me, with the current raiding rule, I must stay in front of that base, whilst the base defender can hide behind a wall, reheal and then peek, and I must wait for him to peek so I can shoot, despite me wanting to raid all of his loot. Example (change above): I am raiding the base behind the Elevator in Industrial (dark blue district), a base owner comes from the opposite side of industrial and shoots me, I can now approach the person who has shot me and fight him over there, instead of right beside the base. This also means I can fully use all of Industrial (excluding other bases) to fight back. I can approach not from the main street, but via the streets behind the 2 buildings (left side of industrial in the image provided) to go and fight the base owner there, once I have killed him I must now return to the base to continue the actual raid, since I am no longer in combat With the change, it personally speaking improves a lot of the issues with raiding, I can now actually fight the guy who has already shot me, or who is part of the base (he is on the doors) without being glued to the front of the base. I also still think the defenders will have an advantage, as they can simply leave the district if they get too low, whilst the raider cannot, and can also approach the district from various different positions, however, it will nerf defenders as there will be a lot less situations where a defender is outside the base and basically has the raiders sheeped together at the front of his base, where he faces no threat simply peeking and then hiding behind a wall, as the raiders aren't allowed to run up to him and kill him. This change as it is still leaves grey areas: "What if the person defending outside the base runs away, am I still in combat since he's not dead?", "What if I go into the tunnels when chasing a defender?". "How far can I go if I'm not in combat?" I think with the Community's help this rule can be improved upon, whether it be via the district system, or a completely different way of defining raid zones, and a lot of the grey areas can be thinned out with one overarching rule instead of making rules for every single situation.
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