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  1. there isnt much to do when ur outside of the map, ive been out of it a lot and there is basically nothing to do without literally getting yourself caught by killing people through walls. only thing i can see as being 'useful' is fishing outside the map (there are various spots where you can be inside non-accessible areas that have water spots available to fish in), however it doesnt really bring any benefit apart from not being able to get killed, which, if someone has a hit or bounty on you, they will just report you and you will get banned. not sure why this is reported as medium when it provides no gameplay benefit/advantage that can be abused.
  2. because u have to hold them with a bludgeon to increase your total kidnap % no?
  3. give him 10 more talent ideas then... also just get 300 rep for the extra 200xp category max silly...
  4. my inappropriate content ban was because i was being edgy and attention seeking, which rubik could probably tell and that is why it was a 6 month ban and not a permanent one, it was not because i was 13 and thinking 'hey people who are adults and want to do inappropriate things with kids should get rights", This has been stated in my ban appeals about that situation, i hate pedophiles, but u seem to think my idiotic behavior about giving them rights is serious or something with the amount of times u are bringing it up, i dont. I have 2 bans that relate to toxicity, and they are my 2 harassment bans, 1 i appealed because i felt the situation was exaggerated when in reality i didn't say anything that I consider to be deep-cutting words (i believe i called someone a whore, however it was a long time ago so i may be incorrect), this appeal was accepted. My other harassment ban wasn't even for toxicity, but it was for targetting someone in game, (i played music above someones public base repeatedly and was reported on the forums). OG's bans for toxicity are him being toxic to a number of people consistently. Just because we both have had previous bans does not mean our situations are the same at all, i have (imo) shown that I have changed from being the cringe attention seeking kid putting weird shit on textscreens by not doing anything like it again, I also believe I am no longer the 'toxic' person you describe me as. I don't wish to hurt people's feelings over garrys mod drama. Again, OG alted during his ban and exploited on the account he alted on, i like OG a lot, but i am sure you too can admit that he was really dumb for alting. Our situations are not identical. I got banned for money exploiting after being a 'good player' and not receiving punishments or anything for a long amount of time after unban, OG got banned for alting + money exploiting a week or so after being bought back in. stop comparing us like our history is the same. free og tho he actually seems reformed asf and wont money exploit again, if he is unbanned it is basically understood by him that any tiny thing he does wrong will most likely lead him to getting a ban (such as probably even rdm), og knows this, unban og and let him show himself to the new staff team who have only heard stories and not actually experienced his newer persona.
  5. Tene

    Gang CC - grave

    STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:149067056 Gang name: grave if possible please add it with your favourite 3 items rubik would be very helpful xx
  6. i'm not even sure what you mean by that, if you mean i am an asshole to you because i got you banned then sure i guess i have been a dick, but i don't think i have been toxic at all to players since my unban (unless you include calling my friends 'stupid idiot' which they can tell is a joke). if i have please dm me what i said so i can learn what the community sees as toxic, as i am trying to befriend newer players who joined while i was banned to better rejoin the community. I 100% think that OG should be unbanned, however, i think the big difference between him and I is that after my 6 month 'inappropriate content' ban was lifted, I did not receive any warns/mutes/bans until my exploiting ban in october, so for the months between march-september (i money exploited in sept) i did not break rules (or if I did they must've been minor enough to only give me a verbal, where I learned and did not do it again). OG was banned after a week. + I think one of the things that staff keep pointing out is the fact he alted during his ban, i never did. also (i know nothing of this ban so killabite please respond) you banned OG in 2020 for abusing money exploits, he was later banned for toxicity, unbanned, then exploited money again. my previous bans have not been for exploiting. the reason the staff team are -1ing him is because they are being told stories of how toxic he was, and probably looking at his previous bans. og's situation and my situation, while having some similarities, are in my opinion different, but i still feel as though he should be unbanned. If I'm not mistaken, the alt accounts that were banned for being OG's had very little warns/bans on them, if any, which proves that he was 'reformed' and had changed his ways. I'm not sure what the concern is around what OG will do if he is unbanned, if he is toxic at all he will most likely be re-perma'd immediately, and im not sure why he would go through the effort of making appeals to then hop on the server and talk shit again, OG isn't as dumb as a lot of players think he is. If he finds a money exploit (which is very difficult to do so unless already having a plan to test various game mechanics), then I am sure he would instead report it than abuse it again, because as he stated in his ban appeal, he was already making more money per day by basing than he was by money exploiting, and didn't actually spread the wealth gained from the exploit to anyone, and so the economy was probably not even damaged (from him alone). I just don't think OG is dumb enough to write an entire appeal and just waste it on some pathetic shit.
  7. Depending on the gang level, you may have lost inventory slots, there are multiple gang perks as the gang increases level that increases gang members' inventory. When your gang gets to that level again, your items will still be there. If you are impatient you can buy inventory slots from the suga shop at fountain
  8. Tene

    thank your parents day

    this is a cool event where we thank our family for being kind and educating us on how to live life and caring for us, even if your parents/guardians aren’t your biological ones thank them but if they are abusive seek help friends i am also testing this event feature first time seeing
  9. Tene

    My Birthday!!!

    happy birthday sixnut...........................................................................
  10. this bug happens when you trade someone either money (that you dont have because you have dropped it via console or been taxed), or an item that you dont have (potentially lost to forcedrop when trade gui was open), upon accepting the trade you can no longer trade players, and everything you drop from your inventory is deleted. This was done as a fix to a scamming exploit that you could do by dropping your money via console (or having your money value changed, like by taxes) after entering it into the trade, which for the other user still shows up as having money, but of course you can't afford it, so you get their side of the trade but they don't get your money (as it would have been duplicating money if it worked like that). After reporting it this started to happen, which I assume was rubik/kdogs way of patching the exploit. if you relog the bug is gone, and I'm pretty sure your items come back, although I may be incorrect. Just try and make sure when you're trading you aren't trading ALL of your money, as if there is a tax that occurs, you will be basically locked from using inventory items or trading in general until relogging. hope this helped
  11. It means what did you do prior to having this bug. did you do a trade and put money in that you didnt have the funds for and accept, as I know that is a way this bug happens
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