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  1. yeah thats how sugar wanted it to be, theres too many people in ur gang so either leave or get an officer to start kicking some
  2. oh i think this is literally just dependent on if they login after u like blue vip, or it just randomly works and then randomly doesnt, but i assume its the first where its somewhat based on login.
  3. bump cause still not fixed (kdog and rubik know about it but i guess its not high priority for some reason !! my -150m lootbox)
  4. if its anything this serious i'll just message happykins to hop back on. but it's what piklas said
  5. Tene

    Minky's appeal #2

    HARD +1 ON UNBAN i think he should be unbanned because he didnt do anything that malicious if he wanted to harm the server he wouldve set everyone to tmod, he only set his friend who he knew wouldn't abuse it and then trolled by banning some people which he knew was easily reversible, i don't think what he did was really all that bad and i don't see what another 30 days is going to teach him
  6. he said it reduced raiding, which it did, no one with 60 processors in their base is going to be actively leaving their base to go and raid new players for a chance at getting 1 more processor. It also increases the risk of the player with 60 procs being targetted by a ton of raiders as they have the most entities on the server and if they leave their base to go raid they can get their shit raided, or if a friend is raiding there's less people defending etc. Typically though a 60 proc base wouldn't have 8 people basing inside of it because, well, most of the base is owned by 1 person so there won't be a lot of space to put a ton of printers/plots down. fence gates are also really good now in terms of making a base, allowing for new players to still make good bases easily with very little knowledge. Bring back tokens to t2s and stuff, legit no reason not to, it just encourages more basing to happen and less raiding on new players, even if you disagree, if someone has a ton of entities from tokens, they're not going to be actively seeking out new player's bases when they already have a ton of entities. Buff processors, even if it means making the processor dominance gang talent a requirement to do so. Make it so if you have the Processor Dominance gang talent you have a higher chance of getting higher quantity of items or higher quality items from processors that you own. As for bitminers, yeah buff them to be good, but make sure they're not as good as printers since you can't pickup box them, aside from that I'm fine with them being buffed. With the actual bitminers, maybe add a way to speed up the bitmining process or push the initial crafting plan called 'bitminer automater' which would auto-collect bitcoin mined from a miner. But since these crafting recipes have been scrapped I doubt they'll be pushed.
  7. kdog has fixed this for next update.. unsure about mooshroom pet
  8. This ban history with only a day worth of playtime. You hop on to mass RDM and shit........ i don't see you actually wanting to come back to play the server. Your ban is valid and you weren't a good member of the community anyways, I feel like if you're unbanned you cause more issues that we don't need so I am -1 for unban
  9. Ban is 3 years old and user only had an hour worth of playtime with no prior punishment history. Accepted | User will be unbanned
  10. 1. was already a crafting recipe added to the supporter server, it had been there for over a year before they were reminded about it and then removed it from existing there.... there were plans for new crafting plan system where u get a random recipe unlock and both a chainsaw and a rock bomb were in there... but them plans were scrapped i guess 2. already suggested twice, currently a suggestion up about it 3. doesnt this already exist 4. does mat galore not do this? i feel like it should maybe do this but i also can see how broken this would be 5. maybe not the raiding tools, maybe the enchanting tools but i think miner pet already does that (from what i have been told, although it may not be true)
  11. his ban is still 5 months it was reduced from perma to 6 months like a month ago, hes saying he's already been banned for 5 months and shouldnt have to wait another 5 months to come back still not sure about my opinion on this!111
  12. you didnt cause nearly any issues at all before you were banned (excluding the 1 mrdm ban it had been over a year since ur last) and you didn't continue to cause issues or anything after your ban. You also sent it to the guys dms instead of sending it to other people or posting it publicly +1 for unban
  13. this wasnt me shitting on ur idea it was a genuine addition.. lets make it complex so i can choose what trash i want to keep from shipwreck diving/dumpster diving
  14. clip provided by mali = you saying you are going to continue to return solely to annoy them, this wasn't transactional as they never asked for u to drop ur shit (so ive gathered from the sit) so it wasn't scamming. you were allowed in the base by 1 base owner, killed by another, not allowed back in by the other, killed again, repeated. you 'didnt care' if you were banned you just wanted to keep going back to annoy him and yuli (?) to get your stuff back (??) or the money (that u were never promised) a 'passive approach' to getting it back like you claim you did in your appeal would not be going back solely to annoy/disrupt the other players whilst also breaking NLR multiple times and saying you would continue to do so solely out of anger, would have been to just ask them in messages i don't see mali baiting to annoy or break rules here, one base owner allowed you in once and the other didn't. you then kept returning numerous times out of spite to annoy the guy... -1 for unban
  15. thats just for people who dont know what it is.. isn't world ending.. for 1st thing its draggable so that you can make it out of the bottom right of ur screen into somewhere else, though i do not remember if the new location is saved for the next time the thing pops up or if the icon is still in the same place anyways (what u reported i think)
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