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  1. If there is then it clearly hasn't gone through yet considering a 97HP model only does 12 damage with a 25 damage gun
  2. btw id id not read the last 4 replies shit was long to read as someone who has done this before, I have to admit, it's really difficult to pull off, because you 1) need a cultist/preacher job, to be working with you, not kidnapping anyone themselves (i mean they can but the whole point is gru does the kidnap and sacrifice) 2) you need to be coordinated to where the cultist puts down the sacrifice, 99% of the time it will be directly on the street, as Gru can't raid and thus won't be entering any bases to kidnap people with a baby thrower, and on top of that, the sacrifice, in the middle of the street, that can be deleted by a simple grav gun blast or a punch or two, has to survive/be there long enough for Gru to kidnap someone, drag them onto the sacrifice within 3 seconds of the kidnap happening (if the cultist is placing the sacrifice on people, Gru still has to get lucky with his baby throws to kidnap, or else the guy you spawned the satans sacrifice on will just break it, seeing as how low health it is), and 3) Gru has to not be killed, in the street, after he blatantly kidnaps someone. This to me is something that is really fucking cool when you manage to pull it off as it is difficult to do so (atleast on high pop anyways) without being shot or the pentagram being destroyed and you having to place another one, it also requires teamwork. It's really just a fun thing to do and doesn't seem like it's a bug at all, just a really fun thing to do with a friend when you're bored. Try it sometime instead of complaining
  3. As of right now we have a can/can not raid thing when you're on the model (i thought this showed in the cc editor but I checked and it didn't), and you can see the health on models you hover over on the CC Editor. A lot of 97 hp models have the ability to raid, alongside 100hp models (of course), but this does not apply to the amount of damage they do either. When I purchased a model after being told it had the capability to raid, I also figured this meant it does 100% damage (tbh I forgot about this change). However, it apparently doesn't. Now, this would be kind of self explained by the lack of hp, (the model I purchased had 97hp), but after asking around about this change to models, someone showed me a model that has 100hp, can raid, but does 50% less damage. I would be okay with it if it was specifically for models with under 100hp that had 50% less damage as this could be a check system, if the model has less than 100hp, you know it can't deal proper damage, but the fact that models that are shown to have full health and capabilities to raid, can't do normal damage, makes it feel risky to buy models that I want to raid with/use generally. My suggestions is that under the area for cop models where it says "Only available for Cop Classes", it will say 50% damage reduction or something similar under it (for normal models it can just overwrite the Only available for Cop Classes area I just think it would look nicer to have all of them in the same spot) if the model's hitbox is deemed to broken to be able to do full damage. This would just clear things up for people when buying models and may make them rethink purchasing ones they thought did full damage but dont.
  4. Tene

    forums name

    oh thanks i kept checking in the profile section since thats where u change ur profile picture and all your other shit but didnt see the account settings ty
  5. Tene

    forums name

    how do you change your forums name? i literally can't find an option to change it anywhere, someone said it was through steam name, but i've changed my steam name from Yourself to Tene a week or two ago and it still is yet to update. any help?
  6. all my homies love tobys diamond sword best item on the server no cap (until mythical fish is dropped amirite). i sat there for a whole 2 hours last night walking around swinging this sword infront of people saying things like hey i have a question, and when they responded with what i would simply swing the sword so they would hear "do you like my sword sword". this was very often followed by question marks and then them leaving. i had no idea why. until i tried it with malicious... this stupid fucking item only could be heard by the guy swinging it. i wasted so fucking long swinging that sword thinking other people could hear it and its just my dumbass that could listen to the song all along. stupid fucking game this suggestion is for toby's diamond sword to be heard by everyone. i dont care how you do it, i dont care if it will take very long, rubik i will give you a large sum of money (in game u aint gettin no irl from me) if you make this possible #justice4tobysdiamondsword also thank you to my 1 subscriber for sticking by me through all these troubles
  7. Tene

    Gravity Gun

    It looks like it happens at completely random times, I've also experienced this and it's not only with parcels, it's with generally everything you can grav gun. I was trying to fill tilling plots with cocaine seeds and it kept dropping on the floor and into random plots because the grav gun was bugging out. It happens to everyone serverwide at random times, it can go for a whole day without happening then happen for the next 30 minutes.
  8. Just opened another one and to be fair I did actually get good shit. Except for the fact the artifact is a shotty By the way! The artifact crate was a reroll from a tier 3 that had a fling eric cartmen, a legendary c4 (??) 3 rares, 4 sbc cannons and 3 trishas! So while yes I did eventually get something good after opening around 20 crates, the good thing is a meh artifact which is very low chance of it being in a crate, so ig eventually my misfortune payed off, but still, the average tier 3 lootcrate sucks.
  9. Opened another one because someone said they shouldn't be buffed! Yep! Very good loot here from the highest tier crate on the server! Got a whole 6 c4, 3 blowtorches and a legendary, and who can forget best of all, 4 rare guns! In all seriousness I still don't see how people think these shouldn't be buffed. I really want to know the odds of getting rare in these crates cause I'm either really lucky/unlucky and have been getting rare's from every single fucking crate. By the way, I have the reroll talent for lootboxes, and the thing before this was 3 rares and 2 legendaries and something else that I forgot. Even if leaderboards are fluent as Piklas says, you still do need to beat every other player also competing for that leaderboard, for a week (unless you're the one sniping, in which case you have to make sure you have the time/resources to snipe), or, you need to grind xp to level 50 and Prestige, and spend the token to get these crates. Either way, you have to put effort in to get these crates and looking at the shit inside of them, that effort really seems like it's just going to waste. EDIT: Thought maybe I was just getting really bad RNG and was just bitching about it, so I opened 1 more, got 20 cereal, 6 blowtorches, 3 c4, some metal and, wait for it - 2 rares!
  10. Ehhh, I mean it depends on what leaderboard you've grinded for (which is what you're saying in the first part I assume) but for a leaderboard like parcels (which is boring as shit to me) or hacker board where you have to wait time for your hack power to increase, then go hack a unique thing, then repeat, and you can only hack 45 or 46 unique things a day so if you really want to make sure you dont get sniped you do every single hack atleast once for 2 days, the reward of 3 Tier 3 Lootcrates that give you rare and epic rarity weapons (from what I've experienced) more than legendaries really don't seem valuable. All of the leaderboards seem difficult to win, as not only do you have to do the thing or get the equipment to do said thing, you also have to make sure your leaderboard isn't being sniped by making sure you have so many that no one else will get it. <-- just realised I basically summed up the concept of a leaderboard Overall, I still think they're just not worth it. gonna be honest i tabbed out like 4 times back into gmod so i forgot where i was going with my reply ill probably come back later and edit it
  11. I'll never turn down 1m I mainly reported it just because i can see people starting them for 1m or an event token and not getting their shit back ig its a quality of life kind of thing? i just think surely its a lot simpler for the future and stuff if if the guy dcs the player gets their token/money back anyways. also how the fuck do i change my forums name i dont want to be yourself i want to be tene!
  12. intentional that i get my event token robbed cus guy got banned/disconnected? also, when events are cancelled (take a survive event for instance, if not enough players join its cancelled) you get your money/token refunded to you. however this for some reason isnt the case with vip events, hence why i thought it was a bug. sorry shouldve made that clearer and said it in the initial post!
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