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  1. finally someone fucking spoke up about how retarded double pumping is
  2. Akumi

    usn appeal

    wtf!!!!!!!!! move the thread smelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. sure just ask when you see me in game
  4. never trust people with a call of duty pfp
  5. Sup retard, do you need a gang with a retarded name that will support you? Well guess what faggot, just shoot me a pm to be invited to my new gang, "4chan" As of writing this it is level 25 with: Quick Sell Precious Life. What we plan to have: Blood Sucker Force Drop Experienced Cop A Pretty Penny Pocket Sand (most likely going to be swapped out) Literally what the fuck are you waiting for? Stop reading and just DM me already god damn! Contact: akumi#1620 Other means of joining: PMing me in game, Replying to this post with your in game name so I can invite you when I see you on.
  6. Personally im sort of neutral when it comes to this kind of stuff, On one hand ajax made a really good point about the bacta nade swep. On the other if someone were to add a really broken and OP swep into the server it would fuck up the meta. Im gonna reference another post where one of the smods said "Nobody should be able to add in meta defining sweps." and I agree now that I think about it. I agree with the argument that we should be able to suggest custom sweps (with stats) on the forums.
  7. Honestly im fine with hte bread being that large, it dissapears after a few seconds compared to a deploy shield. If its spammable, then maybe have it so that it has a like 3 minute cooldown or something like that?
  8. If someone has 60 procs they either bought alot of them which is probably really expensive if they were buying for 100-150k each, spent money on proc tokens which are much much more expensive or they raided for all of them which would cost nothing. You still have to put work in for all of those procs either way which is why procs are fine as is.
  9. procs arent op wym, 300 seconds to get a random shipment that most of the time doesnt even sell for over 10k. -1 from me
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