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  1. You arent supposed to build in there, as its where most of the rocks spawn
  2. Akumi

    PAVL Report

    The weird cropping might be OBS not updating to the resolution I use now (I was playing on a much lower resolution monitor before when I installed OBS)
  3. Akumi

    PAVL Report

    1. I actually didnt notice it was cropped until you mention it, my bad. But I didnt say anything bad so. 2. I dont got an excuse for staying in the base, I stayed longer when I saw he was coming back to farm kills 3. If my memory serves me right if theyre outside the base theyre still breaking nlr and you can kill them, (Going back to the outside of your base after you die in a raid to watch the raid. NOT ALLOWED) 4. This isnt allowed? 5. I said in OOC that there were free printers and procs inside of the base, but because the recording is cropped thats not shown (Still thats on me, apologies). 6. No reason in particular, I guess I just didnt want to stay in sitland for a bit.
  4. I did search the code from the comments and it came up with nothing
  5. I dont really care about the prize, so i might as well show my findings: If you search "The_forum_will_be_your_best_tool_!" on the forums. You find a message from Zek on a thread with the link "http://www.5z8.info/killgays_g7h8ey_alqaeda-message-boards". Clicking on this link leads to a pov recording from 2017 with nothing of note as far as I can tell. However, looking in the comments you can see a comment that has been replied to by OP. It reads: "Read the description .... dDiJ2I". I cant tell if the description has anything of note, but the code does interest me, it might be something we need to decipher but im not too sure.
  6. Alright, well if anyone wants to collaborate with me. Just hit me up on discord: AlDAN#1620
  7. How do we submit what we find? DM you on discord?
  8. @Zek Are we allowed to discuss details of what we find in the replys?
  9. Akumi

    Retzi (Loli)

    +1 for punishment, what this person did is completely unacceptable and should not be welcomed back into this community.
  10. STEAM_0:0:193632548 I deserve lifetime rank because I have been apart of the server since 2017, and have seen it develop and grow for a long while. If I dont win it, thats alright.
  11. Akumi

    Giveaway poggers

    IG: 41d4n Disc: 🎃aidan🎃#1620 Halloween: Spending the day with my GF, probably trick or treating with her
  12. Akumi

    Semi Trock Report

    he left right after I killed him, and I think johneys is on rn
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