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  1. you can do this with any prop it's not really a bug it's just a feature...
  2. this was my least successful month i made 9.5k
  3. i agree +1 i’m also taking a shit
  4. Considering he didn't leak his personal information he just sent him it, it's not severe.
  5. i wasn’t sure that silver let him in considering he wasn’t on doors and he had his dupe up whilst silver was afk which just looked like silver forgot to place dupe and he also told me to place dupe before he went afk so i wasn’t sure during that time i was in the rdm zone and forgot about it.
  6. can you please explain to me how it’s an undeserved warning? considering he broke NLR multiple times he was at my door hitting it with a jump swep for about 50minutes straight i didn’t even report him nor bait him into doing, i didn’t tell him to upgrade anything nor did silver, he went and it did himself.
  7. i’m not sure why you’re +1ing an unban whilst he’s had previous offences of massnlr, can you please explain to me your understanding of what having previous bans/warns mean?
  8. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/ASLc1sBmOrkcp/d1337d85EPHH?invite=cr-MSwyODAsMzc0NTQ4MTQs
  9. Evidence will be provided by the way he was acting in the sit.
  10. Malicious


    all praise saddam hussein
  11. wow jack johnson video
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