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  1. 25m entry 4ppl i share screens and do a wheel picks one of 4 of us winner gets 100m total message me on discord if your down Malicious#6001
  2. you could still change jobs and possibly even base there
  3. nah b no proof but ion know i aint got it
  4. this isn’t a discussion this is you being a dumbass and looking for a reaction
  5. lergindries are opi. i dont like them , cost to much and destroy
  6. a random effect otherwise would be too broken
  7. if you hover a dragon egg over a enchanted weapon from rare-epic-legendary weapon you should be able to have a choice to change the unique effect of a wep.
  8. i don’t need to say anything else due to you literally admitting that you destroyed your ents because you was “finished basing” and when i asked for you to clip it you said you didn’t have shadow play, so instead of having a conversation on here message me on discord.
  9. transferring money from your alt is not a bannable offense if you don’t want to get taxed if you want o try to get be banned for that you can make a report, no need to discuss it here and i took a full chat ss my intention wasn’t to make you look bad but admit what you did.
  10. i'd like to point out even if that is the point he still killed himself during the raid?
  11. killing himself during my raid - https://gyazo.com/0eb6dd2ecee0ffa55515c0bc8b74af8b https://gyazo.com/94adaab033910832f5902b8b07a05b5a admitting to destroying ents - https://gyazo.com/60dd6dacf2430cad72e5620bf415f2d4
  12. the only reason they delete there dupe is because they said in the chat CLEARLY that “Chewbacca” broke nlr i don’t understand what you expect in that situation that’s on your “raiding friend” only reason this isn’t a report is because the same thing will come to light and that your friend broke nlr during the raid, you can be mad but just realise that there’s nothing wrong with the rules except from your buddy breaking them.
  13. i know but you can get other sprays that ARE NOT from titsrp
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