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  1. due to me being there and seeing the conversation happen on both ends didn’t considering muting them was an option considering all of this happened within about 5 minute difference of it all.
  2. i was the one who got you banned you easily could’ve waited until green was back and asked him to tell us to stop but you kept coming back.
  3. https://gyazo.com/08761438d40a1c4443fdeac9a372a014 i'd like to understand the nature of this due to him literally not interacting with anyone but you?
  4. no need to play victim now.
  5. oh so u had them but decided to hide evidence?
  6. i've already threw in my side but in the first screenshots you intended to only screenshot where he was toxic.
  7. provided preferential images where he was being toxic and not you, then say that you don't have any proof of you talking shit, seems like you're hiding evidence from the staff team so this report will be in your favour.
  8. ok but why'd u lie in your previous response that he started it, it just seems like to me you're lying to get him into trouble whilst you started the argument and changing your story in your favour seems weird ;/
  9. How's it bias when i'm just explaining it this started off when he said "me?" then you said something on the lines of "not everything involves you" i'm just explaining the facts of the point if u think i'm being bias please make a report specifically on me, and you're lying where you're saying that he said "shut the fuck up"
  10. don't try to get someone in trouble you're the one who said the first word to him, please don't try getting people in trouble when you're the one who kicked off the arguement.
  11. like i said to you i was raiding and i told you to remake the sit and you didn't instead you started saying "you're pissed at me so your not taking my sits" i clearly told you to remake the sit due it expiring overtime, and why should i accept your apology after you made a report on me and knew you was in the wrong but kept going on with it and saying it was my fault don't expect anything to be in your favour with an attitude like that.
  12. you didn't mention what you said back to him weirdchamp
  13. why are you orange on the forums you weird pakistani

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      The Herbalist

      fr had me worrying 

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      lmao nah accounts broken


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  14. I'm always roaming and if i see that someone's got items dropped I'll take them like anyone else would it's not like i'm only stealing your wood tier 2s treasure hunter chests it's just natural instinct to steal anyone's items I didn't even see that it was you, I don't expect what u want me to do? I don't even interact with you until you quite literally told me to die after stealing your 500 wood? and i do take sits sadly, you're saying that i'm always behind you but sorry if i wanted to ruin your day I'd be getting hits placed on you on a 10minute basis but I'm not I don't even speak to you I've also banned 3 MASS RDMERS TODAY with no sits being made on them if you need proof i can provide that, and if you think that I'm harrassing you please provide evidence or find a way to.
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