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  1. senior citizen rat johnson has snitched on everyone and got himself banned in the process, he was an titsrp addict and has now became a schizophrenic maniac.
  2. you already know who it is it’s your boy eh eh ah eh ah
  3. redneck sob 

  4. Kebab Distributor 

  5. aint no1 paying anyone to do anything i would've been notified first 😉
  6. Malicious


    everythings been summed up i'm also -1.
  7. you're not staff you're not allowed to give input unless you were the banning staff member, please refrain from replying. will wait for toosii's reply to +1 or -1.
  8. yeah thats when there's 2 chemical hoses in a single place often happens when people spawn materials through suga shop.
  9. any evidence rather than just your word?
  10. would need to see some evidence before i give my answer.
  11. idrc if this is a "shitpost" you're a great guy and i don't see a reason why u shouldn't be unbanned considering all bans are now 6months. +1
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