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  1. just provide the logs, no need to long it out.
  2. I was involved with this case the amount of disgusting shit he was saying isn't even in these screenshots, he wasn't a good look to the community, half of the shit he's said hasn't even been screenshotted/recorded, he's only provided the screenshots that aren't as bad as the ones that were presented in his actual ban due to him not having a proper argument to make from them, I'll post the ones which are vile and inhuman below this. https://i.ibb.co/WWqTpNT/Screenshot-20220928-055632-Chrome.jpg ^ very nsfw. he was saying in another post on how he doesn't sexualise animals but this clearly shows that that's all he was doing at this point. will add more evidence feel free to send me some via discord Malicious#6001 he's also been kicked and banned for not complying with what staff have told him, he also posted a video into shitposting which was dog related if I remember correctly it was a ninja turtles meme, just with dogs doing (weird) things. Which he was also warned for. He's done multiple things which just have went unpunished and the community had enough of his actions, on the first day of him joining the discord server I clearly remember him being asked to change his profile picture multiple times by Admins and also Senior-Moderators, he refused to do it then was kicked after many warnings, once he changed his profile picture he was allowed back once again that profile picture was of him sexualising an animal, when he re-joined the discord server within the next few minutes he changed it back, as u can see it's an ongoing theme that he doesn't listen to the higher-up staff members and will proceed to do whatever he wants, before his community removal, Professional Jaywalker had made a Community removal about him, it didn't go through because there wasn't enough evidence and that the staff wasn't concerned enough that he was a threat to the community, but then shortly after there was a meeting with higher-ups and they'd decided to remove him from the community, I'm guessing he's waited for the "drama" to die down to appeal his Community Removal, which I'm pretty sure isn't appealable but correct me if I'm wrong. the majority of the community didn't want this player in question to be in this community as YeenNico made them feel unsafe, considering all of the shit he was saying during the time was horrendous calling a dog a fuck boy, which in everyone's eyes is disgusting, no matter if its a furry or a human who just adores their pets, I don't think this user should be allowed back into the community due to him being "reformed". he's also said that he's not a zoophile nor does he sexualise animals but he's done it multiple times in the few months that he was in this community, people never change no matter what anyone believes he'll come back not listen to any rules and still sexualise animals, make people feel unsafe and try to manipulate anything so he can do whatever he wants, he's done it once he'll do it again. -1
  3. if you don't have the evidence why are you +1 for a warn but not a ban?
  4. Malicious

    Ban Appeal

    just for the admins to know what was the amount you refused to pay?
  5. senior citizen rat johnson has snitched on everyone and got himself banned in the process, he was an titsrp addict and has now became a schizophrenic maniac.
  6. you already know who it is it’s your boy eh eh ah eh ah
  7. redneck sob 

  8. aint no1 paying anyone to do anything i would've been notified first 😉
  9. Malicious


    everythings been summed up i'm also -1.
  10. you're not staff you're not allowed to give input unless you were the banning staff member, please refrain from replying. will wait for toosii's reply to +1 or -1.
  11. yeah thats when there's 2 chemical hoses in a single place often happens when people spawn materials through suga shop.
  12. any evidence rather than just your word?
  13. would need to see some evidence before i give my answer.
  14. idrc if this is a "shitpost" you're a great guy and i don't see a reason why u shouldn't be unbanned considering all bans are now 6months. +1
  15. they're all unique in each way of being ass
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