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  1. Malicious

    Ban Appeal

    for any of the staff thinking why the ban is 5days it's MNLR.
  2. i'm not a staff member but dyln is known to provoke people to do as he says in general take this into account whilst assessing this report.
  3. redneck son of a bitch

  4. xp grinders use dark spirit jars very good xp!
  5. Malicious


    you stayed to pursue your fursona
  6. I am selling all of my models best models in the server for 50m each @ Malicious on the cc editor Malicious#6001 on discord message me
  7. Malicious

    Market Place Mistake

    seems like a you problem.
  8. the person who supposedly "rdm'd" you did you stab him then he killed you or did he just kill you as you asked to take a jar from him?
  9. there's only 4 obtainable pets at the moment the 3 you've listed and minimod through the prestige shop.
  10. fuck this guy

  11. seems like you a problem.
  12. why do you guys accept it but not lock it..
  13. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJLgSobuRJ8 

  14. my point is that we ban furries within the instant they join, the community will have no one else to harass and the crisis is sorted.
  15. who tf asked about mental health issues this is a forums post not a suicide hotline
  16. toxicity doesn't matter, this ban isn't justified so he has a reason to be angry, the punishment of this would've been max an FailRP warn, this would've never been created if the ban/warn was valid.
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