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  1. I think this sums up everything that's the problem at the moment ^, The server doesn't need more staff it needs staff to actually do what they signed up for. It's all well and fine to get more staff but if you just keep adding more and more staff (who possibly won't do a damn thing for the server) it just gets cluttered up. It's simple, I don't care what their rank or status may be, if staff aren't doing what they signed up for (especially in a long time) without a valid excuse then demote them. Sure, adding more staff to the list is fine and all but if the real reason behind that is because of the lack of SOME staff not helping out players then the ones who are the reason this PSA is a thing then replace them. I've heard a little bit of what the new staff are all about, they seem to be doing well but that's just because they JUST became staff. By moderator there are some staff who just leave it up the trial mods which isn't good. As a moderator you are an experienced staff that should be handling sits and instructing trial mods to do their part as well. At senior moderator you should also be taking sits, but you must also be making sure moderators and trial mods are taking sits as well and more. If you are bored of the server as a staff member then resign instead of being an empty shell. Pretty much repeating what Sewer said but if this server wants an effective staff team then certain changes will have to be made. Simple as that. Anyway good luck to the staff team. And good job to those who actually do their part as staff.
  2. Rainbow physics gun would work fine however for the rainbow chat tag there would need to be a new chatbox made. I mean, I'd say it's about time this server has its own chatbox anyway so.
  3. STEAM_0:0:210374562 Gonna go hang out with my friends cause my family is in a fucked up state at the moment. I was if not the best Admin TitsRP has ever had.
  4. Welcome to the server!
  5. Nice to see you be on the forums again, Dindu. I saw you on the fat kid server. (btw my mic is fine in discord just sucks ass in game). Also @USN peepoo ha yea right.
  6. If this were to be a thing, then it'd be pretty dookie to be honest. ^, exactly. Also as for the purge: -1. This server is basically a purge in its own way. Utter chaos 24/7. The only thing that would be unique is staff being allowed to abuse their powers but that'll get boring after 5 minutes.
  7. It might be just a permission issue since every other data of the old forums is saved here from what it seems
  8. I like this new UI on the forums. Looks nice and sleek. Good job to the people who were working on this. Also invision is a good choice for a modern forums too so heck ya
  9. You were one of the people in my first tmod group so that's cool. See ya on the flipside man.
  10. Walter the Assaulter. Not cause he's a good staff member but mainly because he gave me admin as a head admin and that decision itself takes a lot of sacrifice.
  11. 1942 RP. I love being a Nazi! :)
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