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  1. It's really not that hard to just follow the rules. Obvious as it is, the warn system is there to tell players that they are breaking a rule and that they need to stop. That's the entire reason why they get banned from it. If you have gotten 15+ warns and were banned, then you need to take a step back and think "Hey, I might need to stop breaking the rules" if you are wanting to stay on the server. Otherwise, people will just get banned anyway and won't give two shits about it. Removing this feature on the warn system wouldn't be the best choice as it has stopped a lot of people wh
  2. To my knowledge, he hasn't done anything that'd be considerably bias in a case with you (unless you include that message in discord he made, but at the same time posting people's images is not allowed regardless so it's not that big of a deal.) but it's just a method that'd be most effective in reports because there will always be a pocket of bias when it involves family. Him dealing with a report, regardless of accepting or denying or even if the outcome was valid (as it is in this case) will just not look okay on him, and for that reason it'd be better if he were to just simply let his fello
  3. The report's outcome was 100% valid, that we all can agree on. However, I can definitely see the concern with bias. It might not look good, but think about if he were to deny it for what ever reason. It'd look even worse in that case and he would probably be demoted for it. On the other hand, them being literal blood, I'm going to go ahead and support that another staff should take over these cases that involve Dave. No hate towards Dan when I say this, he made a valid decision on the report, it's just to keep bias out of the question.
  4. This has always been a thing. I'm not too sure if there is even an actual fix to it. I recommend to all that are basing (or any case for that matter) to record so they may catch someone in the act and report them to staff.
  5. Ever since I was a new trial moderator, this guy has always been here. He does not have a big name (I guess he likes it that way), but he definitely seems to do his part in the upper-staff team. Sure, his grammar is not the best, but he means well (I think English is not his first language so). If he can maintain his Senior Moderator rank for that long and after hearing he does well, I'm not sure why he can't be an admin.
  6. This thread is literally turning into a bickering fest. Mark is dumb, but at the same time the video was 100% public. To avoid problems like this, either edit the rule or a superadmin says this is fine or not. From what I can see, there is nothing else to be brought up other than to argue with other's points. I believe it's time to make a verdict and close this.
  7. If I recall, Mark wasn't even present during the time that Dan made the statement about posting his family. Look, the gif was from his YouTube account and that video was public. I feel like Mark should just be unbanned but be kept on watch for that considering he is well aware of what he shouldn't post now Also pointing out, I have to say yeah, not really the best idea for Mark not to keep up with the rules but at the same time it isn't like he's a regular in the server anymore. Perhaps editing the rule something like "No matter what platform you obtain private information on someo
  8. "Oh for really" - Dima / Mentor Peanut Butter (RIP)
  9. Sucks to suck I'm sure you can make the money back up in no time.
  10. ruh roh, retard

  11. Rainbow physics gun would work fine however for the rainbow chat tag there would need to be a new chatbox made. I mean, I'd say it's about time this server has its own chatbox anyway so.
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