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  1. Am I the only one here as an outside observer seeing that this just looks sketchy? Like Hyder goes into a base with no warrant, starts fucking with their boombox (FailRPx1) and then from there plays a fire alarm to draw Quas into the base (saying fuck the lootbox entirely) sees it's Quas doesn't attempt to arrest him as to bait him into killing him so he can make an RDM sit? This isn't mentioning that Quas also is right here like since he didn't see him come in it could have been definitely overlooked that he legit could have just come through the sewer. I personally wouldn't have given any warns here just that he probably should make sure the sewer entrance is inaccessible here or make sure you see them come into the base next time.
  2. Does this mean I can bring my PTSD to the server too? *Pays to get a Burqa CC skin added*
  3. What I'm still trying to figure out even from an outside perspective is why is this a report? Like if you sit here and say "yeah he was within his right to make the ban" but just don't like the fact that the ban was a month or that he just wasn't warned/verbaled for it instead then...maybe make a discussion thread or even try to see about getting a super admin to comment or whatever else, because it gets to a point where you're beating a dead horse. The ban appeal was already denied, and the ban was within the standard for length. As for my +attack thing...well Mav already answered that for me.
  4. Aside from all the extra projecting of "Youre just mad because you ain't me" bullshit the staff have paramiters of what is allowed and isn't allowed in terms of punishments and times. A month is more than reasonable in the greater scheme of things the staff can all agree on a lesser punishment but if it goes back to what the banning staff member wants it's on them.
  5. Okay Jewann as a former admin yourself you should understand that a macro is an outside of GMod script and that it could constitute a 6 month ban right? I mean macros used to be perma bans. As for your thoughts here idk why this is a report and not a generalized discussion thread? I'm not a mod but I don't see what you'd expect out of a report on it. As from my perspective a month is fine here it's within the guidelines.
  6. I just witness Thanksgiving, natives took the L in the land grab but now have more rights than I do.
  7. It's in conjunction with a raid, the reason the rule was put into place was that we had a old player (Jacket1 if anyone wants a name) who used to go picolas cage, train a base, switch to his CC then raid when the train was just spawned. In that order it isn't allowed. If you're spawning trains to assist in raids or your own it isn't allowed.
  8. Using a train nade is okay, using picolas cage to spawn a train is not okay.
  9. Probably make friends and base with them is a start. Or just...you know...don't base if you don't wanna lose your shit
  10. I'm not going to tell you how to do your job or anything...buuuuuuuut Ex: (Player X tells Player Y he is going to find where they live and kill their family: perma ban) This should have been a perma ban going by the guidelines. Up to you guys to decide what to do still but yeah, punishment guidelines state a more strict ban is in place.
  11. Adding this for context "this is considered assisting a raid and therefore FailRP to do so." The rule was added specifically to avoid this stuff from happening. And if terrry has evidence to suggest you did have intent to help out Spazz then I don't see why punishment shouldn't happen. It's written specifically in the picolas job section and you're supposed to as staff push to have players read the rules of the job before they play the job to make sure they don't break them.
  12. Lmfao as being part of the banning process here I 100% have the right to comment on this. Your ban was Nov, 6th of 2022, so 1 year in 2 days as of writing this...You were constantly warned, talked to and to a point given so many chances to stop to where we couldn't keep count. The last thing you posted if I recall correctly was a fennec fox pup walking with the caption around the lines of "watch me walk around with my gay little paws" in the discord among bringing it into the game. (edited, the guy who banned him btw was Green) You were also very vocally weird ingame too with if I am recalling correctly we had a recording of you moaning while getting kidnapped...just a very strange thing to do... I'm going to say dude while my vote here personally doesn't hold any REAL weight to it. I'd be -1 personally
  13. Being fair when I was regularly playing if I saw certain people that made basing basically impossible I would rather destroy what I had when I saw them log on than keep basing. There is a point to be had when you'd rather quit doing an activity just by knowing someone specific came on the server. As for the rest of this...it depends on the severity of changes, we got the C4 to not be chucked anymore, C4 has Line Of Sight as well as grenades, C4 has a health bar to it. I mean we nerfed the biggest aspects of raiding over the years but we haven't actually touched the other mechanics like we should have (that being said I'm not saying I 100% agree with all of the changes either just stating the ones that have been changed) I'd also like to point out tho that you're also 100% right on the main changes getting shut down by the basers because that's how it has always went down. 2-3 people propose a change then they get -reped and their suggestion shat on by like the only 8-10 dudes who base/raid and not much does get changed. Also @Terrry No reason just wanted to say hi
  14. Not naming names here but yeah Silver (Mori) is spot on. When the vets basically do more than bully the new guys it drives people off the server. Granted it's basically a new dude or 2 versus what is usually 2-4 guys raiding a base with legendary guns, talis and food when they're defending most of the time completely vanilla or worse have their guns dropped from that bs grenade. Basically when it's the equivalent of throwing rocks at a tank there's only going to be one guy winning. It's not fun it's just a matter of how long can you hold out. It's why I stopped basing myself as a whole and only did the BattlePass (btw @superadmins make it so there's no basing related BPs it sucks to actually complete when you can't even base for 20 minutes at a time without being fucked over)
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