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  1. Anyone who tries getting Herb’s wedding video is a fucking idiot and shall be treated as such.
  2. I just wanted to see how everyone's been, been a minute since I've logged on so I wanted to check up with the old fucks still playin lol.
  3. And if you block the whole sidewalk off then if there is a mayor who makes jwalking illegal now we have conflicting RP where you wouldn't be able to block the whole of the sidewalk off either.
  4. Not exactly but that said you have to be a hobo class to do that as the rule is very specific about that.
  5. That's essentially the point I'm trying to make because of the traffic that goes right there the entire portion of sidewalk about half way down either base next to the tunnel is off limits
  6. I mean this isn't me trying to be a dick and report you I just want the rules to be more clear on it. As a staff I used to remove gun stands and shit in the tunnel and right on the exit making harder at higher player counts to exit the area. I just think it shouldn't be allowed if it is.
  7. Personally it shouldn’t be allowed. The rule has always been that you can’t disrupt the movement from spawn unless it uses RP which otherwise would be allowed. an example would be a hobo making a hobo stand on the sidewalk and the PD making a checkpoint
  8. Good dude because you saying it was even remotely allowed made me wonder what you're meaning. Like it in no way should be. Is there anything around that, that is?
  9. Stop allowing shit like blocking off the exit to the spawn tunnel. I was in a sit with Cardinal about this and if someone owns the base with an open exit through it, it is allowed to do. It disrupts the free flow of the players leaving spawn and it causes players like me to not understand it when you're not allowed to put stuff like gun stands in the tunnel that in any way disrupts the flow of players entering or leaving.
  10. Then people need to stop complaining about shit not getting done when the shit that would fix the problem causes more shit in the first place. You do understand you have people here in the thread that literally don't give a fuck about new players. And when the only REAL solution to the problems provided is a total rework of the system which would mean either deleting how an entire part of the server works then rework it to make it less broken or remove it entirely so people stop complaining. CCs in the current state make it unfair for new players and makes MOST jobs in the F4 menu obsolete. The stuff we have that we can spend money on aren't fun enough for the price range and they're too much for most players to think that it is worth the time they spent getting the money in the first place. As Sugar said we removed a lot of the basics of basing so that procs weren't op, so that mini printers didn't get stacked on walls to the point of making people crash, tokens that let people earn exorbitant amounts of XP/DarkRP from the loot crates. Quite frankly if basing is dying it is the same reasons as to why Kidnapping died. It got nerfed to oblivion I'll be the first to admit I took part in that one, but looking at it for the reasons why we had to make those decisions it was worth it. Looking at CCs compared to new players it is the same thing. That and I would like seeing jobs be used more. We need better things to spend money on, I've commented we should add a purge system for roughly 20 mil that would last for 10-15 minutes give or take. We need something that is worth it to get people to use it, with my entire time playing with the suga shop I haven't seen the big ticket things ever be bought except for removing the mayor and lootboxes, and the lootboxes was removed. That's not even mentioning the money problem we have already with players having 100s of millions. (and even in the billions) My only question is how this happened within 2 years of me being on the server. when the server has been around for double that.
  11. Bruh what you mean? So you're telling me that you spent $350 to get EVERY item attached to your CC. I'm saying you will still OWN the item. You can attach it later at another date. CCs are overpowered in the sense of what can be put on them. No one plays the other raiding jobs because of this. Then you have to deal with the players not using in game weapons to play a good example being, bacta grenades because you can apply 2-3 of them making it so there is no cool down on them. Personally you played yourself if that's the case. Because you're perpetuating a broken system, that same broken system of which you can EARN with in game cash. It's like buying money from players. It used to be allowed and now it's not, and you've seen players leave because of it. This would make authentic players stay.
  12. @Cobaselic You spent $350 on CC stuff that you could buy with in game cash???? Bruh why? Lmao not only that but the stuff you got you can still own, just add at a different date when you get a CC back.
  13. The economy is broken beyond repair imo and it needs a restart
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