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  1. @Dan Mcstubbins Also that debate was out of context too. It was with another staff member. And the other staff member was adding to the conversation. Fuel was there and Silver came in half way through. It was research conducted from the 60’s to 09 which was the topic. And that’s what THE STAFF MEMBER brought up. And I knew about it. But I wasn’t even the dude to bring it up
  2. Fuel. You did the same shit AS staff. You get nothing to say here. As for bashing groups of people. Joking about groups of people should not be allowed. If we’re going to do this “orange man bad” style of moderation then at least make it a rule that’s enforceable. If it’s allowed. It’s allowed. Toxic players consist of dudes going around causing trouble for no reason among players. Bordering on harassment. Toxicity is punished and sometimes harshly. Being edgy isn’t being toxic. They’re two totally different things. If it’s going to be considered toxic to be edgy so be it. But damnit enforce your rules then. And normal for everyone here is to keep persistently talking about it. Even after I stop for a month. So quite honestly. Go fuck yourself. I’m not one to bullshit but the hypocrisy of the entire situation is retarded. I’ve shared it with others.
  3. Kingdom was compared to PD when we were in a staff meeting like 6 months ago. @Rubik So they had it added because people would just go in and get killed when they weren't even trying to raid. And because King gets laws yadda yadda.
  4. The actual fuck are you talking about? You know racism is a gigamute/ban.
  5. Is that the player base, the staff or all combined? I’m trying to make Tits not toxic anymore
  6. I’d link some shit for you getting at EXACTLY what I mean. But I ain’t gonna do that here. So look in discord for it
  7. Same could be said for other things. But you see the opposite. (When I say opposite I mean it) like dude been 2 months and you’ve changed. +1. To some goofy ass shit calls on other things. Call dumb shit out when you see it. Because quite honestly unless staff get a grip on shit and tell the others. You’re going to keep getting bullshit like this where there’s cause for legitimate concern from not only staff but players wondering what the fuck y’all are thinking.
  8. Let’s get some community opinions
  9. The idea of this is to remove all jokes pertaining to Women, Jews, and other minorities within the server. (some people will think this is a joke without naming names. But I want you to be assured I am being serious)
  10. We need to remove all jokes pertaining to cultures, ideologies and creeds. Those of race even more so. It is demeaning and makes people feel bad. We need better jokes with a little bit of flavor to them. Wether it is salty or creamy related. We need better.
  11. TitsRP economy is fucked. Like severely fucked. For example. Back when I joined the server. VIP tokens were 2.5 mil, Proc tokens were 250k and if we wanted to sell in game cash it was 1 mil=$1 USD. (Compared to what it was when selling ingame for IRL was banned it was up to 3.5mil for every $1 USD) Let it stay on the account. More money means more inflation. More inflation means shittier economy. Ever since Christmas of last year VIP tokens were fucked. And T3 loot box drops didn’t help when the Suga Shop was implemented. With no really fun way to spend lots of money in a short time span without it fucking over the people who don’t base it will just get worse. This just speeds up that decline. As for Dan. That’s untrue. Most people are given second and sometimes even third chances. It’s really and truly hard to be removed removed from the community entirely. The economy needs an overhaul whenever possible to get players to want to keep playing and something better than just general accessories or OP guns. (I also had an idea for a CC rework as well but that’d be changing so much in such little time it might be too much to even talk about here)
  12. There’s 2 ways to counter act this. You can always check before raiding it. Because you have to advert raid for Kingdom check it. Then raid it. Or ya know. I do in a sense agree with them. It’s like a kill box where they have no option or even surviving the initial part of going into kingdom. Personally. Changing it helps in the long run. But for now until it is changed (even if it is) go in, check, then leave, then start a raid.
  13. I don't usually use C4 to raid anymore I just lockpick raid and use vanilla guns. I can't tell you the number of times I solo raided ONLY using a lockpick and won. I don't even get the chance to be sneaky when raiding kingdom so I can only raid if I had *cough cough* a billion dollarydoos.
  14. Using a C4?? How? Every time I try the second I enter I'm blasted before I can even set it down. And if I can I'm not even able to continue the raid after it explodes because I'm killed by the defenders. So unless I use myself as a suicide bomb carrier there is no way I could even try to raid using a C4
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