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  1. Update: So logging off then on doesn't help but also found out the perks stay and the talents I can't use lmao so it's odd to say the least.
  2. Dope. Like I said Byonic and Uni Zipps saw that it said I wasnt in a gang at all yet !gangmenu still worked. Weird shit tbh
  3. Wait it out, you were given a time after the perma ban so we feel like you have served a reasonable sentence after the perma ban. -1 from me
  4. My boi has less than half an hour played and has a ban from 2018 for AMassRDM. Obviously here is also MassRDM I doubt he would get 3 bank raids within 10 secs from each other by that many dudes. +1 from me.
  5. It makes me wanna ping Sugar in discord. To annoy him and to show off a good suggestion +1 from me.
  6. I had to teach myself how to write my name. They brought it back after 3 years guess they went back to not.
  7. Bruh it's cursive lol it's not that hard
  8. I'm going to accept this too as honestly the only thing in question now is what is the punishment. User will be given a warning for the infractions. Accepted
  9. I'm going to move to accept this as quite literally nothing more needs to be said here. So I will accept this and have him banned for 3 days FailRPx2|Destroying entities in a raid|Owning two bases|NLR The reason for the 2 FailRPs was that in that raid they raided both bases back to back meaning that chungie couldn't have come back in the first place not only that but managing to kill 3 of the 4 members of the raiding party that was at the base.
  10. I see it, its in black above the door in the first 2 vids Also see the double basing +1 from me
  11. Feel the same with the others here especially with the names as well as the bans you're just here to create problems -1
  12. This right here just makes me want to extend it. -1 in comic sans
  13. Listen man. From the start of where this came from and everything I've been hearing it seems legit that all you did was just send him the video and no one else got it. So what I can say from my side of this is that you should be unbanned at some point just don't know when??? Imo it's been 4 months. You've tried to come back at times and I can see that you really do regret the shit you did. You didn't maliciously go around trying to show it to people and literally paint the whole server with his shit you just found it and spat it back at him. Honestly though if someone did this to me I'd ask for the Perma too. I'ma stay Neutral until I get other opinions.
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