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  1. Because it was April 2018. That's why. Lmao I remember speedy. Fun guy. Anyways yeah we've changed how we deal with MassRDM over the years. They've not changed much within the last 2-3 in terms of ban length but they're definitely not a perma ban on the first offense of MassRDM anymore. +1 from me.
  2. Most likely got caught by a staff member talking about making threats to the server...Isaac is staff still so I'll go ahead and forward this to him.
  3. -1 for removal of the ban on record. If I'm correct you can block doors from closing with text screens so yeah. Also this "vandalism" thing can be seen as minging so...yeah...
  4. I mean given you lied in your appeal what you were warned about aside. You're not allowed to post comments on appeals or reports without being part of the situation/actually adding something useful to the topic. So yes. You're not allowed to tell people they're being haters in ban appeals/reports.
  5. "uhhhhhhhhhhhh hater spotted" is quite literally what you posted guy. -1
  6. From what I'm reading he's mostly complaining that it's RDM and not written as ARDM.
  7. Time Played: 1 day, 7 hours, 50 minutes, 19 seconds Ban Count 16 I want to know how this is possible. Which is why my response is staying at a -1. Literally the only way I find this possible is that every time you logged on you decide to get banned for something. You say "over a period of years" when you have less than 2 days of actual recorded time.
  8. My guy. The only reason I would want to +1 this is because it's a MassRDM ban. Tell me how you have 16 bans with less than 2 days worth of play time????? It looks like to me you only come on to MassRDM get banned then stop playing for a while just to come back and do it again. -1 from me.
  9. me sitting here wondering why it's "false wanting" and not written as FailRP... I'm gonna find out who banned you and see if there's a response to be made here.
  10. Bro as "old staff" ima be straight forward. You know Ziggs are broken. You know Sugar tried preventing them from doing it. You know Sugar made it so Ziggs shouldn't do it. You're not a new player I don't care about what old staff say about it. You know and I know that this was supposed to be a fixed thing as far back as last year. To sit here and say "I didn't know" I'm gonna call bs. Timebombs obey a LOS. And so does sticky nades too, to a degree unless something happened to those too where it is broken again. From the March 7th Changelog of 2022 "Made it so Sticky Grenades do reduced damage not in LOS" I personally would say yes. This is exploiting. We talked about this multiple times due to instances of this happening where sticky nades prevented people from lockpicking doors. So we made changes to prevent this. Just. Like. Ziggs. [Changed Vote]+1 for unban After discussing with Silver and rewatching the video provided. He was in fact using sticky nades. The Changelog I provided shows that sticky nades follow a LOS with dealing reduced damage. This does NOT make this not allowed just a shitty thing to do. (side note) I will agree with you however that we should try to listen to what the older staff said to get an idea on topics from way back when talked about. But this has actively been an ongoing issue since I've been staff in 2019. This is not new.
  11. Well that was a few minutes of my time wasted. -1
  12. I'm also going -1 this for reasons stated above.
  13. I want to know your history with this other account because from what I see is less than 2 months of gameplay with ban after ban, and warn after warn then the perma ban. I'm not sure I want to see you unbanned. So until then ima stay with a -1
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