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  1. This exact thing. I havent been victim to it more as I've been the raider raiding the base doing it. Half the time you're caught in the base as they repaste it and kill you anyways which is why the FailRP side of it still exists in that case. Overall it's a stupid rule. Not even staff follow it that base. Literally any SMod can spectate a staff member and see that after a raid they 99% of the time won't follow the rule. It should be obvious that building during a raid is FailRP if you're caught repasting your dupe when someone is inside the base then you're gonna get punished for it.
  2. I had personal experience with this exact thing. We agreed as admins that it is FailRP to drop a Thomas on them then raid them simultaneously. Jacket if I'm correct in the situation was assisting his party members by dropping a train on the base while they started a raid which is why the rule as it states was added. The rule was meant to stop people from doing this type of a thing. It's so that people could stop trying to go around NLR rules and bypass timers due to technicalities that most staff wouldn't punish for as it isn't explicitly a rule. This is more of a loophole issue of NLR than a FailRP issue. It could even be considered both from a professional standpoint of using a non-raidable class to assist in a raid and NLR as he's interacting with the people in said base after dying in the raid while it's still ongoing. If he's punished this should be noted in the punishment so you know to look for the behavior later if it comes up again.
  3. The problem with the warn on my end is that I was in a call with a mod and an SMod and they gave me the okay for the post. And as stated before I was going in to edit the response to add in more to it to say about him being staff and having known better. Lastly it wasn't a useless response as it was adding information to the appeal. The biggest part of a warn for that is that it adds nothing to an appeal and it's called "useless" the legit reason I was warned for was "Posting a Useless comment in a Ban Appeal/Report" not "you're not staff reeee"
  4. As I said. This is what we used to do. We would have players come back after a month ban and just MassRDM|LTAP again. So the Admins at the time all agreed to perm them after so long.
  5. 3. Bank: only bank manager and his guards should be allowed to base in bank. since the recent kingdom nerf bank has been the hotspot for sweaty weeb models to base in but most of the time 1 of them is bank manager and like 5 are random jobs. or just make basing in there with ents failrp just like mayor and pd do your job and defend bank.(imma get shit for this one) This is one I actually understand and kind of would be okay with. As for the bugs post them where they belong a lot of staff don't look in here and the ones that need to know only look in here when a subject gets a lot of attention. 11. Gabe and Master Chief: make these roles fireable by mayor. I agree. 9. Unfun: now EVERYONE knows unfunning is useless. but here's how you could improve it. actually kick afk players. if you haven't touched your keyboard or mouse in a hour you're gone. these guys inflate the number way to much. Back when I was admin I complained about this a lot. It's more or less a lack of players voting while being active given that there can be 80 people on and only like 5 are permanently AFK or so. If its changed it will likely just be changed to where it's just the people that vote get counted not everyone on the server to which no one will survive an unfun vote. 2. StatTrak: add a stattrak item to the game. it will work the same as CSGOs stattrak. you give it to someone and it resets. if you die and drop the gun and someone picks it up it resets it. make it a item the weapon modifier can drop like the name tag or make it a crafting recipe. maybe like a strange gem and 10 electronic components to make. its nice to have an item like this. customize your guns how you want. Find one in the workshop and you can add it in yourself and make a fuck ton of money in game doing it. 3. Sounds: in the f4 menu there's a tab named sounds. you can mute sounds like certain guns and other noises there. BUT there's certain sounds you cant mute. for the love of god let me mute all the annoying jump and throwing sweps. most of them aren't funny and are just there to spam. also let me mute the grav gun noise, I hate hearing it from across the map cuz some low level is cooking meth or someone is basing. This is okay. But how hard would it be to code this? Is this just a CSS issue where it's a game issue or what? Everything else is stuff that I pretty much disagree with you on but there is a few things here I'm open to.
  6. None of it was mentioned by the time I wrote it. Thats also not mentioning that I was in a vc with staff members at the time of writing which gave me the okay.
  7. You were previous staff. And you blatantly broke several rules in one shot. That was the point in my response. Not the fact you broke a rule.
  8. You remember that I also talked about CCs only being able to have 5 sweps as well right? There is so much Ive asked for to rework the system to make it more fair and no one wants it because the change itself is too scary for them. I've wanted CC overhauls, job overhauls nothing goes to plan. If you make a suggestion for something that includes CCs think of it in the sense that 90% of the users are going to be doing it in CCs we could make it to where cultists get double the XP for it or CCs dont get any XP for it. But the change would almost be exclusive for the benefit of CC jobs and better RP with the use of physguns on the circles.
  9. That's why we be added the timers to stop the constant kidnapping. I'm not against having a timer. But I would like the option to rp as a Satan worshiper when it comes to it. I also want the old crucifix back where we could physgun it.
  10. I've been advocating for a CC dedicated to kidnapping but no one wants it. I legit would like it to be used for that but its going to be abused no matter which way you shake it.
  11. The reason is how many MassRDM bans he had. The way we did it back then (don't know if now) is we would ban for a week/for 2weeks/1 month then perm if it was the same shit every time they logged on. (Log in grab gun instantly MassRDM) Trust me we got rid of a lot of people doing that. He's one that legit probably has remorse for it given it's been so long for it.
  12. While I hate to agree with you the players on the server prefer overall to RP on their CCs and not the normal RP jobs as its just easier. That said that doesn't stop you from building a Satan worshiping base and doing the whole sacrifice thing as a cultist if you want. I think with some of the models we have I bet you can get a few that would make sense RP wise to have. And kinda I would like to bring kidnapping back. Server has lost a lot of the whole craziness of the kidnapping days. I think brining some of the old style back while keeping elements of the timer would suffice enough.
  13. OG also has friends on the staff team. There is also a lot separated from their bans that constitutes differences in either keeping a perma ban perma or not. Given how recent Tene's ban was I'd actually agree with you that if he had as many friends on the staff team to +1 him to being accepted that's fully biased. I wouldn't have been okay with someone coming back that early from a perma ban. I will say however a big problem with looking into the pasts of some of these people is tricky as the bans page doesn't mention shit that would be needed. OG doesn't have his perma ban that Tass Unbanned him on back in 2019 so everything he did back before that is non-existent. And Tene's Exploiting ban isn't in his bans either. it's as if he never exploited at all and only has been toxic. A lot of the issue with even digging up a past on these guys relies on the player base coming with experiences of these guys. If the only people that use the forums are mingy toxic pieces of shit and staff members who sometimes plays with them then you're only going to get one side of an argument. Like people saying someone like OG has massive community support but everyone that has +1d his appeal (as in putting likes on it) are literally 7 people (excluding 3 legitimate possibilities of genuine support) who has personally been toxic to me personally and some of which literally were taking part in the initial targeting of me. A good example is Sixnut who literally since I have been commenting on shit has thumbs downed every thing I've said in an attempt to rep bomb me to Hell. Showing they just want another toxic player to play with. Not to mention like if I were to make any comments on Tene it wouldn't compare to what I personally had to deal with from OG. Am I biased to say the shit he put me through constitutes removal from community without a possibility of coming back? I'd say no, he's literally pushed me away from something I loved for over 2 years and I am now just starting to come back like I used to. The toxicity of Tene I don't know about because it wasn't directed at me so I can't tell you the extent of him, but I truly know the extent of OG from first hand experience. The part of this equation missing is Tene's victims coming forward to explain their side. At the end of this it's a lack of evidence and general lack of people coming forward to talk about what they did. I will say staff are generally lazy in looking for evidence against a players unban as it is easier to just say "Been a minute you're reformed +1" or a "I didn't like you -1" Give me an hour for a high profile case and I can get you forums posts, chat logs I might still have saved of personal interactions if they happened and use that as an argument. As an admin I did that and as a player I still do. I think I'm finally understanding a little bit of Kilo's argument in general laziness of staff members. It happened when I was admin as well as him, there's nothing you can do about it. Your argument will just hold more weight in the end than a shitty +1 or -1
  14. Nah I mean it shouldn't be class specific. Like things that are class specific that are redundant like the Talisman table don't get used as is because people just buy their talismans from people or they get them in lootboxes.
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