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  1. I’m trying to get some people around to play HOI4. Just needing names
  2. Second chances? Dudes been perma banned several times? I’m not one to keep a grudge for long but Jesus do I think you were a bigger detriment to the community as a whole than it was to just myself and Kilo. You minged and harassed people non stop number one, you played on the string of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed on a daily basis, we’ve caught you using exploits of the system and on several occasions and would be racist in OOC because it only provided a mute instead of a ban. By the way that’s not even getting to the Discord shit. Furthering on this point of “playing on the string” happening so many times I can give several examples of this. 1 you knew of an exploit that caused the kill the VIP event target to drop their shotgun which was the games strongest shotgun then duped it. You would raid a base, die and then buy the doors next door so when your friends were done raiding they would throw boxes to you so you’re not “re-entering a current raid” and lastly you would train a base then raid them as the train is exploding as to take what survived. And when you were called out for it you would complain and then target the staff member who punished you for it. As a former staff member and current member of the community I don’t want you back. -1 (edited for added details and examples)
  3. I don’t hardly play the server anymore. But my input is needed. I personally don’t have a grudge on that anymore. While personally your ban was completely justified and alting twice should solidify it. I’m willing to forgive you and just say at the end of the day you’re a dipshit at this point. Don’t do it again. +1 from yours truly. (I was the victim in the case)
  4. Anyone who tries getting Herb’s wedding video is a fucking idiot and shall be treated as such.
  5. I just wanted to see how everyone's been, been a minute since I've logged on so I wanted to check up with the old fucks still playin lol.
  6. And if you block the whole sidewalk off then if there is a mayor who makes jwalking illegal now we have conflicting RP where you wouldn't be able to block the whole of the sidewalk off either.
  7. Not exactly but that said you have to be a hobo class to do that as the rule is very specific about that.
  8. That's essentially the point I'm trying to make because of the traffic that goes right there the entire portion of sidewalk about half way down either base next to the tunnel is off limits
  9. I mean this isn't me trying to be a dick and report you I just want the rules to be more clear on it. As a staff I used to remove gun stands and shit in the tunnel and right on the exit making harder at higher player counts to exit the area. I just think it shouldn't be allowed if it is.
  10. Personally it shouldn’t be allowed. The rule has always been that you can’t disrupt the movement from spawn unless it uses RP which otherwise would be allowed. an example would be a hobo making a hobo stand on the sidewalk and the PD making a checkpoint
  11. Good dude because you saying it was even remotely allowed made me wonder what you're meaning. Like it in no way should be. Is there anything around that, that is?
  12. Stop allowing shit like blocking off the exit to the spawn tunnel. I was in a sit with Cardinal about this and if someone owns the base with an open exit through it, it is allowed to do. It disrupts the free flow of the players leaving spawn and it causes players like me to not understand it when you're not allowed to put stuff like gun stands in the tunnel that in any way disrupts the flow of players entering or leaving.
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