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  1. So y’all weren’t gonna tell me about this ? When it comes to removal of communities, it’s not something that’s supposed to be done on a one time thing ( unless it’s really really bad ) Frisco saying that shit out of spite/anger is understandable, even though it’s really fucking stupid. He shouldn’t have said it in the first place, but there’s no harm done. Frisco is someone that used to be a pain in the ass and disrespectful, but he grew from that, and he’s been better. He changed his attitude, and showed improvement. His recent (1-2 months till now ) behavior has been better. Of course he still was a bit toxic, but not to the extent of getting a removal. Which is the highest punishment. I had no idea that this happened. If I had, I would’ve done/said something about it. Of course that shit is bad to say. Frisco and me have been in a call apologizing, I didn’t even know what the hell he was talking about. I heard him out, and we sorted things out. Ban removal: No Ban reduction: From perma to 2 months ( including the months that’s gone by ) for general toxicity. Get your punishments correct. And contact the people involved in the future. Goodbye peeps, Papa Skii
  2. Hey my dude. So I went over the whole thing again, whilst all the drama was going on, a few members of staff ( including me ) were in a call monitoring the whole thing, there was some miscommunication that lead to me muting you and I apologize for that, I’ll unmute ASAP and send you a pm. Except for the bots in general, no reason to mute. Take care, Skii ACCEPTED
  3. After discussing your situation with other staff members and reviewing your comments in shoutbox and discussion, I am going to DENY this appeal. Take care.
  4. ACCEPTED Sorted, not much more to be said.
  5. Changed the title for ya. I’ll let Slick give his opinion before giving an opinion.
  6. After consideration, I’ll be DENYING your application. With the information provided in the replies above, your ban is indeed warranted.
  7. After talking to OG about the whole thing and clearing things out. I’ll be posting a more developed and a proper answer to the appeal tomorrow.
  8. The amount of toxicity was insane. in my experience, I’ve never seen so many reports on someone for toxicity. You played at the limit of the rules as much as you possibly could. We lost 2 nearly 3 staff because of you. So much time was spent dealing with complaints from other players on you. As much as I’d like to give you a second chance. You made us go through so much shit man. Really. It’s too soon for me. Feel free to message me on discord if you wanna clear the air. I would appreciate it, and could lead to a change of decision. -1
  9. How long has it been since your ban ?
  10. I apologize for the mistake made by the staff member. I will ask for both of you to be unbanned ASAP. Should’ve been a verbal/written warn since you are new to the server. Take care, Papa Skii
  11. Since no evidence has been provided, and after consulting different staff about it. I will be DENYING your appeal.
  12. I’d like to see the ban go to 1 day or just a warn. I’ll let Angel reply with her side of the story and why the ban Is so long
  13. I mean from what I see, you’re showing us proof of bullying ( just saying ) and I mean NLR is still broken when you’re just, staying there waiting for 3 mins to pass ? Idk? , sorry babe but yeah, you’re not showing us anything that defends your case. -1 Unless you explain a bit more with more evidence or something, just confusing
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