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  1. First one has been located. Next one will come soon
  2. Foxx

    We start now.

    Aite this is gay as heck, posting the riddles in the TitsRP Discord
  3. Foxx

    We start now.

    In a place of great pollution, i'm the savior. Break me open, and remember what is within.
  4. Hey guys! Imma do another giveaway cos why not! Except this one will be different. I am not just going to take discord names and roll the giveaway, i am going to be hosting a series of scavenger hunts at random times during the day for the next two weeks. The prizes will be kept secret but i can say they will be equal or more than the previous one! How this will work is, there are 8 riddles. Each riddle will be posted in the TRP Discord at random times over the course of the next two weeks. The riddles have started. Get ready guys. If you figure out the riddle, go to the location specified and work out the rest from there. What you are looking for are random letters, each of which will not be told to avoid cheating. These scavenger hunts will only be active when i am online, which can be anywhere from 6PM GMT to 10PM GMT. Your notification is a posted riddle. Keep an eye on TRP Discord guys. Upon finding the location and letter, DM me a screenshot on discord. #Brash Candicoot4615 Good luck and have fun. -Foxx
  5. hecko everyone! Thanks for entering, The winners will be posted below, aswell as what they won! *Also 1 more legendary was added to the giveaway, dont hate me* |WARNING - Please do not witch hunt whoever won, it was all RNG, nothing was rigged - WARNING| To any of the winners, if you are pissed about what you won, dont complain to me, if you do not want the prize, let me know and it will be rerolled. Saiah - 100 Mr Whiskers + 7.5m DarkRP Cash Prize Not Kastaway - 50 T2 Lootboxes OMG Silver - 5 BSpaz12's + 5Jetpacks Big Iron - 20 Blowtorches Bruhther - Legendary Eagle McStubbins - Legendary Slick - Legendary ChiliChilly - Legendary Nightmare Fuel - Legendary cobaselic - Legendary Willy Wonka - VIP Voltz07 - VIP (No i wont delete everything) Ella - VIP A Friendly Canadian - 5 Gang tokens jewann - 10 chem tokens akumi - 25 wood and metal tokens SuccTheZucc - 25 Mini tokens All winners have been contacted! You have 3 days to collect your winnings or they get rerolled! (Monday 6pm GMT+1) Thank you to everyone who joined, Stay cool -Foxx
  6. Foxx


    Yes it was inside the "Club Red" It was not labeled as a public base, it wasnt labeled as a "Chill Zone" so to speak as some have created, the cops kept on coming in with roleplay intent so i like to think of the base as a private night club
  7. Foxx


    There were two other people inside the building that were not in the gang, beforehand i said in voice chat if anyone had anything important on them to leave the building or inventory it while i was holding the SBC, The fading door was open and the other people could have left if they wanted to. Also, the building was never advertised as a public building, meaning that i could kill them for being inside anyways.
  8. Foxx


    Even so, if one of the people who wasnt in the gang called the sit, it shouldnt be MRDM since almost 90% of the people i killed were in my gang and fine with it
  9. Foxx


    Your Steam Name: Brash Candicoot Your in-game name: Brash Candicoot Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:49605035 Why were you warned/banned?: MRDM / LTAP Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : The MRDM Part im assuming was the 8 people i killed with an SBC, if the moderator did any research and asked about it, they would know my entire clan was fine with it and the people inside were also fine and gave consent. The LTAP wasnt LTAP, i had no intention of breaking a rule and leaving to avoid it, that was simply because i was going to bed, the SBC was to end off the night with a *Bang* as our gang reached a new level and we were celebrating. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: vldmort, for 7 days Evidence: No video evidence, my gang members can confirm they were fine with it.
  10. Foxx

    Giveaway time

    Unless you drop your discord tag you're not in the giveaway
  11. Heyo guys, im giving away a buncha neato stuffs, if you want a chance at an item, drop your discord down below in the replies The stuff i am giving away: 100 Mr Whiskers + Special Prize 50 T2 Lootboxes 5 Breaching Spaz 12's + 5 Jetpacks 20 Blowtorches 5 different legendaries, 1 per person ^5 Winners. First come. First serve^ 3 VIP tokens ^3 Winners^ 5 Gang Tokens 10 Chemical Tokens 10 Wood + 10 Metal tokens 25 Mini Printer Tokens Thats everything i am giving away, Entries will end this Friday, 6PM GMT+1 Thank you for entering, Stay cool. -Foxx
  12. Hes tried to change it Pharyan
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