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    • You should have been unbanned when that happened! Sorry about that. You are unbanned.
    • It was a multitude of reasons not just raiding from my POV at first. You did raid a few times which I understand(I like attempting to raid as well), but then resorted to owning doors after dc and train bombing specifically on Gilgamesh from what I could see. That’s why from my POV, personally it seemed targeted. Obviously, there is no evidence of those prior incidents and none of this can be proven… so there’s no reason to keep going with it. I was just simply stating my POV and why I understood his stance on the report.
    • I dont agree with making players quit the server either which is why i never responded to larrrys message, and i still dont understand how raiding someone is targeting. Its apart of the game.
    • If I am gonna be honest about this whole situation, I am very sad it has come to the forums but I understand watching from Gilgamesh’s POV. There had been obvious targeting from at least Terrry that was unrecorded from before the whole ‘kys’ situation, which I know doesn’t give any evidence from a ‘witness’. I could care less that Larrry has called me a slur, I mainly sent it to Gilgamesh to show that he was mad and probably going to try something tmrw, as this was the same night of the ‘we will make them quit tmrw’. The main thing I was annoyed about was the whole trying to make players quit from the server because the last thing I want in titsrp is more people leaving the server from being targeted or just not having a good time in general. I’ve already seen plenty of people quit already and it’s sad because that’s the main reason I get on the server is to chill with people and have random convos. Screw the ‘money and fame’, if you have no fun with the community in the process. Hope y’all have a great day and to a future where we can live in peace and harmony!
    • I was warned to stop saying #BANLARRYTHERACIST once, by Roxxy, while we were laughin havin fun in the sit. Then, I said "fuck terry wit a L" which brings me to the second time when kio pulled me into a sit with larry and terry, even though I wasn't talking to terry at all, and got him to say he didn't like it after a few tries. Then, returned him and banned me for "player toxicity" even tho larry started it by calling me racial slurs. (I believe racial slurs are pretty fuckin toxic and against the rules)  but the thing is, if larrry had been banned for saying the racial slurs that 4 mods saw in OOC, I wouldn't have said anything.
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