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      This is where we announce important stuff like changelogs & server rules.

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      General discussion about the server.

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      Post here to report players or admins.

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      Banned or warned? Write an appeal here!

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      Report all bugs and exploits here. We most likely don't know about them or they would be fixed already.

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      Want something changed / added to the server? Post them here!

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      Buy/Sell, advertise your services, or provide helpful info for new players.

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      Get help from other players and staff fast.

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    1. Rust General

      General discussion about Rust or the Tits.gg server. For suggestions, appeals, or to report a cheater, scroll up!

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    2. Maps   (185 visits to this link)

      TITS.GG players can vote on which map to use for the next wipe. 

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      Talk about anything here

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      Introduce yourself

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      Your favorite game, new releases, PC specs or anything tech

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      Share and discuss your favorite tunes

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      Discuss programming, software, design & get help

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    • Your In-Game Name: Bill Nye the science fry Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:151173969 Who are you reporting?: Leveticus Cornwall STEAM_0:0:42337129 / chesta STEAM_0:1:91352694 Why are you reporting this player?: Both of these players RDMed me after they harassed me and CelenatheShy. I had just spawn from treasure hunting and noticed my friend Celena was being harassed by these two very toxic players and then they started to harass me too. After that they both RDMed me. Do you have evidence related to this incident?: Yes Relevant Info: [FUCK][Moderator] Tyz37: STEAM_0:0:42337129 [FUCK][Moderator] Tyz37: 21:32:24 Player Leveticus Cornwall (Medic) killed Bill nye the science fry (Treasure Hunter) with weapon keys Player Leveticus Cornwall logs [FUCK][Moderator] Tyz37: 21:33:08 Player chesta (Hitman) killed Bill nye the science fry (Treasure Hunter) with weapon tfcss_tmp [VIP] Bill nye the science fry: STEAM_0:0:42337129 // [FUCK][Moderator] Tyz37: STEAM_0:1:91352694 Player chesta logs https://vimeo.com/user164068430/review/668081372/455686a694
    • Accepted Appeal Talked to the banning Moderator We've came to a conclusion the ban will be shorten to 3 days.
    • I am going to say that the ban is overdone on this. The correct ban time is 3 days instead for one week. I say +1 for a reduction but not for a full ban removal.
    • 19:06:24 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon weapon_haloassaultrifle 19:07:05 Jason Bourne (zzz)  used command bring : {"#19",} on Zeeky (STEAM_0:1:119929908) 19:07:28 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon gas_weapon_hands   Then after wards you started to look my way but I froze you before anything else could happen
    • I don't even know the person who made the sit on you in the first place so he is not my friend. You literally killed someone just because you didn't like them then killed them in a sit and from what it looked like to  me you were going to do the same with me before I froze you. We get to all sits as much and as fast as we can but that's not possible with how many sits we we have 60+ players on the server. I stand with what i have said and i will give a -1 for a unban or shorten ban.
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