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    • in response to the allegations that hyder was harassing hex, in no way was hyder attacking hex for being transgender, he made some odd comments about his "skincare routine" but there was no point where hyder mentioned anything about his sexuality/gender at all. attached are logs showing hyder and hex's interactions with each other up until you told him to "shut the fuck up"   this is usual TitsRP banter. i dont see where any of this targeting occurs. and i'm 90% sure that hex doesn't have a problem with it either.
    • For the spawn tunnel incident I already called a sit on Hyder for it and the staff team took care of it. Then after getting warned for rdm x1, which was generous, he got a FTC by Smelly. I am not a staff member but on the whole harass thing I feel more evidence would be needed. If Hex really feels that way he should be a forum post himself.
    • So, I will start off by saying that Hyder has already been punished for the incident at spawn tunnel base. Now for the other things. This is something that can be dealt with mostly in game IMO. You can just mute Hyder and move on with your day for most of the issues. In the past it was said you need to mute first before making forums post about these kinds of comments.   Now this isn't exploiting it would be considered loopholing.       
    • You didnt stop tho, you went right back to your friend that was placing it and saying " i wish i had a hit on this guy" and it just so happen to be the dude i told you to leave alone lol, asking without asking is a thing   as for the rule i showed you the rule in game, and also in this thread. Personal attacks on another player, continuously requesting hits on the same dude is a no no especially when i already had a sit with you about RDMing that same player
    • Ima agree with him here. Its clear on what you were doing and it seems you knew that. Im going to be -1 for unban
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