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    • The argument here seems to be just speculation, and I'd like to clear up some confusion on this post:   In response to QUAS:   Yes, in a 2 dimensional realm I RDMed Hyder, as soon as Developer posted that clip I apologized for the mistake. I thought that he raided through the back sewer entrance, I had no clue he was hiding in the back of my base by walking in the front door seconds prior, and this is the main reason why I believe the warn should be removed. it was not your base, hence why you were warned for RDM. You being oblivious on how Hyder entered the base does not excuse you breaking rules. Another notable reason is that Hyder was breaking the rules being in my base in the first place, he had no reason to be in my base in, or out of RP. Mav claims that lootboxes are an illegal entity because weapons can be acquired through them, but a couple problems with this is 1. Lootboxes are only mentioned in one rule of the MOTD, and it DOES say they are considered entities, but never are they mentioned to be illegal.  2. CPs are able to purchase and open lootboxes whenever they please, and are even encouraged to by earning XP. 3. Nowhere in the MOTD does it say that weapons/guns are illegal, just that the possession of one without a firearms license is illegal. Raiding a base purely off of the existence of a lootcrate that MIGHT have a gun in it is very silly, and I hope we all know that. I have admin approval that lootboxes are illegal money making ents. the rule that applies is located in the Default Illegal activities tab. "Having Printers: Money-making entities such as printers or mini-printers are illegal. Bitminers are legal unless specified otherwise by the Mayor."     In response to Succ The Zucc:   Am I the only one here as an outside observer seeing that this just looks sketchy?   Like Hyder goes into a base with no warrant, starts fucking with their boombox (FailRPx1) and then from there plays a fire alarm to draw Quas into the base (saying fuck the lootbox entirely) sees it's Quas doesn't attempt to arrest him as to bait him into killing him so he can make an RDM sit? This isn't mentioning that Quas also is right here like since he didn't see him come in it could have been definitely overlooked that he legit could have just come through the sewer. Hyder had a valid reason to enter the base without a warrant with the lootbox being in the base. The rule states: "Cops require a valid warrant in order to raid a base. Raiding a base without a warrant is FailRP unless the door is open and they have committed a crime". After talking with Hyder he says that he was checking the base for any other illegal ents/activity before being RDMed(Hence why he made the sit). Playing audio on an unlocked boombox is not FailRP. (Admin Confirmation)   I will be closing this appeal due to majority -1. Denied.
    • If you feel I’m being biased on this report you are welcome to make a separate post for that. This report is not the place to be accusing me of it.
    • Riiight. Regardless. Between boomboxes, people literally eating food into their mic, and my own music playing It was hard to hear anything at all. Logs prove I stopped destroying ents once I had knowledge of the raid. Terry is clearly a biased party. I'd love to see a clip of any of this other than what is very clearly Spectate being upset I stayed on to spite him. 
    • As a staff you should be able to put your biased views away and look at sits and reports from both perspectives. I am currently doing that and from a unbiased view it looks like you failrped.
    • Literally in the definition of the term conflict of interest lmao
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