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    1. Announcements / Changelogs

      This is where we announce important stuff like changelogs & server rules.

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  2. Community

    1. Discussion

      General discussion about the server.

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    2. Reports

      Post here to report players or admins.

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    3. Ban / Warn Appeals

      Banned or warned? Write an appeal here!

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    4. Bugs / Exploits

      Report all bugs and exploits here. We most likely don't know about them or they would be fixed already.

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    5. Suggestions

      Want something changed / added to the server? Post them here!

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    6. Videos / Screenshots

      Have a funny or awesome moment? Share it with us!

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    7. Gang Recruitment

      Recruit members for you gang here!

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    8. Player Services

      Buy/Sell, advertise your services, or provide helpful info for new players.

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    9. Support

      Get help from other players and staff fast.

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  3. Rust

    1. Rust General

      General discussion about Rust or the Tits.gg server. For suggestions, appeals, or to report a cheater, scroll up!

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    2. Maps   (319 visits to this link)

      TITS.GG players can vote on which map to use for the next wipe. 

    3. Steam   (35 visits to this link)

      Join our Rust steam group for announcements and giveaways.

  4. General

    1. General Discussion

      Talk about anything here

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    2. Introductions

      Introduce yourself

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    3. Technology & Gaming

      Your favorite game, new releases, PC specs or anything tech

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    4. Music

      Share and discuss your favorite tunes

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    5. Developers

      Discuss programming, software, design & get help

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    • if you need a longer clip just call me on the discoord dyln#2000 i will screenshare all you need
    • i votebanned 3 people (lie1) and i was raiding during the event (all allowed lie2)    also the guy reporting me shot me before i entered the mayors office and i ran in to take cover from his vicious attacks
    • none of this happened this person is a liar
    • Do you have a clip dyln?? 
    • Your In-Game Name: piklas Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61391449 Who are you reporting?: im a flaming homosexual OG (STEAM_0:0:167619343) Why are you reporting this player?: he false vote banned me for "false vote ban" when every one of my vote bans was justified and true and i think he has been permabanned before. he is a serial abuser... Do you have evidence related to this incident?: Yes Relevant Info: i cannot add evidence showing my votebans because i was banned but he made a 2nd vote ban that looks very suspicious ඞ Mr Jesus (STEAM_0:1:526675217) im a flaming homosexual OG (STEAM_0:0:167619343) Vote was successful (actually abusing voteban) 0.04 Days 7-1-22 Piklas (STEAM_0:0:61391449) im a flaming homosexual OG (STEAM_0:0:167619343) Vote was successful (Abusing voteban)
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