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  1. Damn, this left me speechless. This behavior is unacceptable and shouldn't be taken lightly. Somehow everything that could've went wrong, went wrong. I don't know what those two were thinking during those sits and even before, it especially seems that the power got to their heads. +1 for full demotion of Beef Curtain (no staff ban) +1 for full demotion of American Red Cross (no staff ban) +1 for removal of your player toxicity warn +1 for RDM warn for xiers
  2. there's no need for an advert for events like this and I think Broiled Watermelon took the route of "I'm the staff member, I'm in control of the sit", which seems to need to be reiterated, because ending the sit abruptly like that shouldn't happen, ever. I'm going to see the staff members reply before I vote.
  3. Hello, during the sit it seemed to have always gone over your head when I've said "you cannot, under no circumstance, call anyone a pedophile". I didn't and still don't see any reason as to why you would bring that up in OOC. As you can tell from Ironfish's reply above, we don't allow those types of comments and accusations here. I would also like to put on record that it was a voteban, which had no correlation with such activities with minors.
  4. wrong section to post this, doofus
  5. just pollute the land with lootboxes like everyone else.
  6. chill out. It takes a few days (possibly 1) for your appeal to be accepted. Also this is a very inconvenient time that im typing this, which means that most staff probably aren't on or doing staff stuff right now. So, give it a few and you will most likely get accepted in no time. ALSO I do acknowledge that i'm not staff but just wanted to let this dude know that it takes a minute for appeals to be looked at.
  7. celebrating any national day has become a trend now huh
  8. APPEAL ACCEPTED, due to other staff members opinion and a lapse of my judgement you will be unbanned. It should have been the grabbers fault rather than yours. I am sorry for the ban even taking place.Â
  9. Hello Gary!  So there was evidence brought into the sit where they picked up your c4 and proceeded to walk into a crowd of people. As that is counted as mrdm I dont necessarily agree with it being entirely your fault, but you should be more careful on where you put the c4. I am %100 for a ban reduction or a complete unban. Now as I was the one to review the footage, we're going to have to wait for the footage to be uploaded here, so sit tight and wait for further action from other staff members!
  10. Hello Hyder,  So, you made a lockdown for a false reason "unsafe", 00:41:47 Player Hyder (Mayor) said /ooc do you not see all the shooting going on outside, 00:41:18 Player Hyder (Mayor) said /ooc unsafe, and 00:42:47 Player Hyder (Mayor) said /ooc crab roll there is goons outside. When you were told to take down the lockdown you decided to argue with the admin (00:45:02 Player Hyder (Mayor) said /ooc crab comes home from his meaningless 9-5 and gets on gmod to excerise his small amount of power and feel important), not to mention that when you were brought into a sit you decided to insult the mod when they were trying to reason with you, which is where the "not complying" part comes in. So in your mind you thought that making a pointless lockdown to farm 5k fines and refusing to take it down was okay? I dont know where in that little head of yours that thinks refusing an admins request on such a simple matter is acceptable, not to mention your little butt buddy that decided to budge in on the whole matter. You know the rules and decided not to follow them there so im -1. i dont see a reason to unban you due to your toxic behavior and this being a pointless appeal overall. Do Better.
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