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  1. oh...i was completely wrong. Im an Aries...
  2. If someone failed to perform their job functions correctly (Ex: A cop let their friend have a gun without a license) you can /demote them. If they broke a rule against you (Ex: RDM) you could demote them but we highly suggest calling a sit. Contact someone before calling a /demote on them for breaking a rule against you. If you are unsure, ask for staff assistance. Im just going to go ahead and DENY this post because you know what you did wrong. You could've warned the guy to get away
  3. you were a previous staff member and demoted someone for being "annoying". You knew damn well about false demotion. You demoted them for swinging their osiris, which the last time i checked there was no rule against that. Yet again you knew that was a false demote and you know that. Im going to wait for other staff members to comment.
  4. From what the staff has said, you are not able to come back to the server. What you posted was disgusting and you simply can't come back from it. DENIED.
  5. you dont deserve a second chance, that shit is disgusting. -1
  6. coba is correct. This is a fuck up. +1
  7. Im going to go ahead and deny this ban appeal, since jay won't. The evidence is clear that you MRDM and also broke nlr. See you in a week.
  8. sorry, but im unaware of what you've done for the server. Also, everyone is to be treated the same.
  9. mrdm is a week ban. the evidence is enough for it to be a week ban. I dont see whats wrong in these clips, besides the NLR breaking. -1 for an unban
  10. After talking with the other mods, we came to the conclusion to unban you, considering this is your first offense. You can't be leaving in the middle of a sit like that, because it will lead to a ban. I said "neither of u" because I wasn't even listening to the other person. Also there was evidence, it's called the logs and im able to check where you arrested and cuffed someone (including fines).
  11. its a cool concept, but i dont think it will work out
  12. so funny, also please refrain yourselves from being toxic in this discussion.
  13. Cloud 9 is a chill gang that focuses on kidnapping people. We're here to have fun just like everyone else, whilst not taking the game seriously. The owner of the gang is Biller and we have many officers such as, Yung PussyBanger, {GN} Isaac, Shit ass, EpicWafflehouse, and Kimmy hed. We have our own gang CC, as well as many perks. Requirements to get into the gang 1. Must be active (anyone who is inactive for a while will be kicked) 2. Must have a bludgeon 3. Must be well known 4. Be chill (none of them tryhards) 5. must have a huge cock and balls Template What is your discord tag: What is your in-game name: How many hours do you have in total: What could you bring to the table: How often do you play: You can submit your template to Yung PussyBanger#5449 on discord. If you have any further questions you may ask them in the dm's.
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