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  1. what the fuck am i if thats your son?
  2. ion even wanna play no moe. that was legit all i had...
  3. fortnite, destiny 2 (but not as much anymore), 7 days to die, halo the masterchief collection, and space engineers. mainly shooter games, cus anything other than that is boring af
  4. Do you have any evidence? Were you a CP at the time? I dont see killing prisoners in jail as a big deal because they have nothing to lose. If you were a cp then its allowed to kill prisoners. Neutral still because it shows mrdm/alt.
  5. years? 1 year and one month. Honestly, death threats aren't cool, but it isnt the worst thing a player can do such as calling people pedos, doxxing, swatting, etc. For something not as small, but not as big I believe that 1 year is enough to reform from that. You do have a previous ban history but many of those were from a year ago. You've been here for a while and you know the rules, so Im going to be neutral for now to see if something comes up.
  6. your profile bio included NSFW shit in a discord where there are kids. Honestly, if you remove it from your bio id be fine with it, -1 I was against letting you back, dunno why i didnt just say that.
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