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  1. if rossie is saying that he will destroy his entities HIMSELF, then thats a big problem. im curious for what rossie has to say before i make a decion. neutral
  2. so you're telling me that i would have to pay REAL money to get a spray in-game? sounds a bit iffy to me, chief
  3. ACCEPTED. I think its quite obvious to avoid throwing a grenade into a crowd of people. Im going to reduce your ban to 3 days.
  4. from what white crow said im down for a reduction to 3 days. Considering this is your first ban i would usually give a verbal for this. When you first spawn into the server there is a screen pop-up where is tells you the rules.
  5. so, seeing that you have no previous bans i think you're telling the truth. If you have any evidence from before and after the sit that would help a lot. This is your first ban and im down for a unban. Im going to wait for white crow to reply until i give my final verdict.
  6. okay, so making pedo accusations in the shoutbox is another reason why not to let you back on the server. Your last ban appeal was denied to im going to just go ahead and deny this one. You shouldnt have made another ban appeal to begin with. I dont know why i didnt deny this instantly.
  7. your fate has already been decided, young one. There is a big screen pop-up once you join the server. Your racism is clearly not okay on the server. I have no idea why you're making another ban appeal you were already denied from the first one.
  8. So, H3nry was the person that actually banned you and Saiah was the person to extend the ban. After talking with H3nry about this appeal he said some interesting things. You kept repeating the n word with the hard r after being warned and you said something along the lines of "kidnap and rape a 12 yr old and disassemble their body". From the information given it seems to be a valid ban, also this doesn't seem to be your first rodeo with bans.
  9. In-game name: Yung PussyBanger SteamID: 76561198355180617 Your plans for Halloween: finna go camping with the boys
  10. what im being told is that you only did it twice. You also let people on your alt account, which is your fault. your account is your responsibility and as rubik has stated "This ban is 100% valid". I do believe that you can come back, but now is not the right time. im sorry, but -1 you let people on your account it is your own fault for trusting those people.
  11. I dont think you have a past history of exploiting. Though you are well aware of what might happen if you were to exploit. I dont know how many times you've done this, but if i can get a bit more information that'll be great.
  12. I dont think i can make this clearer. Mr Bones is not allowed to raid, PERIOD.
  13. Player Mr Bones (Mr Bones) (STEAM_0:1:526675217) killed The Dogo (Master Thief) (STEAM_0:1:38097398) with weapon tfcss_revolver <01-10-2021 / 16:09:24> Player Mr Bones (Mr Bones) (STEAM_0:1:526675217) killed White Crow (Citizen) (STEAM_0:1:105020689) with weapon tfcss_revolver <01-10-2021 / 16:09:18> Player Mr Bones (Mr Bones) (STEAM_0:1:526675217) killed Spooky (among us ) (STEAM_0:0:101354399) with weapon tfcss_revolver <01-10-2021 / 16:08:36> Player Mr Bones (Mr Bones) (STEAM_0:1:526675217) killed kamii (Bunn <3) (STEAM_0:1:593384129) with weapon tfcss_revolver <01-10-2021 / 16:08:34> Player SS Willhelm Getson (Secret Service) (STEAM_0:1:526864505) killed adolf hitler 2 (Citizen) (STEAM_0:1:526675217) with weapon tfcss_g36sup <01-10-2021 / 16:00:45> Player adolf hitler 2(STEAM_0:1:526675217) (nil) said /ooc da ****** queen joined uwu owo <01-10-2021 / 16:07:20> Player Mr Bones(STEAM_0:1:526675217) (Mr Bones) said gurr <01-10-2021 / 16:08:23> Player Mr Bones(STEAM_0:1:526675217) (Mr Bones) said nick <01-10-2021 / 16:08:19> Player Mr Bones(STEAM_0:1:526675217) (Mr Bones) said niggers be like <01-10-2021 / 16:09:09>
  14. anyways...heres the clip of the sit. I asked crow to make sure and the logs are all right there.
  15. alright, so i banned you for 1 week because you were massing. You were mr.bones and you raided, which is not allowed. You proceeded to kill 3 people, including white crow. Later in the day your brother or something kept spamming admin chat, trying to explain your portion of the story. Once we said to go to the forums you then said the n word with the hard r.
  16. you are a former mod. What do you mean education>punishment? You knew what you were doing and you're admitting to it on this ban appeal. If someone makes a report that you rdm'd them, do you want mods to be like "oh those were your friends? I didnt know that, you're good chief, just watch it next time?". Sorry, but thats just not how it goes around here and you know that.
  17. Okay, I banned you for MRDM because yeah no one made a sit about it, but its still in the logs. Not to mention, you have RDM'D me too. I was also notified from other staff members before the sit that you were asking people if they were black and proceed to kill them. You have also admitted to RDMING people, so i have no idea why you're making this ban appeal.
  18. my b i didnt even see the citizen being killed in the background. Yet again it still stands, crossfire or not is still counted as RDM. Also your video doesnt have any audio for one, and for two it only goes to where he teleported you and looked at logs.
  19. from your evidence above it clearly showed you blatantly RDM'ing that guy. Regardless if it was "accidental" or not it is still against the rules and counts as RDM. Now, if you have any video from the sit please post it here.
  20. theres a reason why its called "trash".
  21. oh...i was completely wrong. Im an Aries...
  22. If someone failed to perform their job functions correctly (Ex: A cop let their friend have a gun without a license) you can /demote them. If they broke a rule against you (Ex: RDM) you could demote them but we highly suggest calling a sit. Contact someone before calling a /demote on them for breaking a rule against you. If you are unsure, ask for staff assistance. Im just going to go ahead and DENY this post because you know what you did wrong. You could've warned the guy to get away
  23. you were a previous staff member and demoted someone for being "annoying". You knew damn well about false demotion. You demoted them for swinging their osiris, which the last time i checked there was no rule against that. Yet again you knew that was a false demote and you know that. Im going to wait for other staff members to comment.
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