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  1. I read through the MOTD for the purpose of finding things that should be added/removed. You can also use this as a thread to talk about other revisions you think should be made to the MOTD Revisions DO trade at your own discretion and do your research. Being scammed 1 Mil or more DakrRP cash or any amount of IRL money or Suga Dollars is subject to review and punishment. Ask for a staff witness if you are unsure of a transaction The underlined part needs to be removed because toy can no longer trade for irl money. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You must have at least 3 members who are part of the same faction (ie, 3 hobos, 3 crips, 3 aliens) to megabase unless you're the king Underlined part needs to be removed as the King only uses Kingdom. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you're going to kill someone because they attacked your party member, you need to make sure they know you're together (local chat or voice (not OOC/Advert)). Not doing so will cause confusion and most likely result in a sit which no one wants. (This applies to raiding as well) Underlined part should be removed as everyone uses a yell bind, and if they were use it there is no way to confirm from logs, only from video evidence. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Description: These jobs were added in to make you lose brain cells and to feel stupid. If you want more info on why these jobs were added, check out this thread https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=2650&page=2 I pulled this from the description for the Stupid Jobs, I clicked the link because I was curious and it sent me to a 404 page. In short the link doesn't work anymore. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stuff that should be removed Max Kidnapping Time: 5 minutes This doesn't need to be in the MOTD as you physically cannot kidnap before timer is out. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You cannot build on the sidewalk if you are not a hobo, except as CP (can build on the road/sidewalk for roadblocks or crosswalks) This is never enforced, all jobs build stuff on the sidewalk, it being a chill spot, boombox box, tiny house, etc. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additions I feel as if there should be a section dedicated to all the Legacy Jobs, as of now the only legacy jobs that are mentioned in the MOTD is that Jigsaw and Chucky can KOS each other. Some new players just click on accept when that sorta pop up does happen without reading the description, I understand that they should just ask in chat but what about the people that go to the MOTD hoping to find answer on how this job that isn't in the f4 menu works. I think this addition is needed and would help with any future confusion. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Counter raiding and Stealing a raid As of now there is nothing in the MOTD that states that either of these is allowed or not allowed. The way it is right now is that you can't counter a raid. But you can stop a raider, then continue the raid they started. I think something should be said in the MOTD so it is set in stone. Remember that you can also use this as a thread to discuss revisions you think should be made to the MOTD, or contest on the ones I have talked about.
  2. This is intentional. It prevents people from building right up against the hidden wall
  3. Im pretty certain its still a thing, I notice its not on mobile but you def can on pc
  4. The Ballas Founded 9/3/20 Our goal is to flood the servers with our members so people know who's in charge. The current biggest rival we have is The Grove Street gang. Want to be respected and feared? Then this is the gang for you. Current Level is 57 Talents are subject to change Quick Sell A Pretty Penny Junk Launcher Extra Bullet Precious Life Interested in joining? Then leave your discord below or catch me in-game! All is welcome You may also contact me by Bartholomew#8830 on discord for anymore info Be sure to join the The Ballas in the Gang section of the forums https://discord.gg/cE8VqR
  5. Your logic that KOS isn't RP doesn't make sense. If I saw Sewer Lord I would kill them because that's the RP of their job. Same with if somebody is kidnapping somebody they KOS to other around them, it's all RP. The point of the swep isn't to instantly disguise so you don't die, it's to run away and find a place to blend in as a prop. For this reason I will be DENYING your appeal.
  6. Spartan

    Im sorry

    You were banned less than a month ago, I also don't feel any genuine remorse in this appeal. I feel as if that you haven't changed in that amount of time. -1
  7. DENIED due to the reason above
  8. I got you slot on my cc for free, I noticed you haven't played for a bit so I took you off so I can sell the slot. I never sold the slot so if I catch you in-game I'll add it to you again.
  9. Forwarded to banning staff
  10. Spartan


    This appeal tells me that you didn't even give an attempt to read the rules. The video that Vexxy provided clearly shows you broke the rules, this is why I'll be DENYING this appeal. As you wait this out I suggest reading the rules.
  11. Day 65


    35 since my last update, wow. A lot has happened. I've finally got myself a job, I got myself on a schedule, regularly exercising, and also staying social with my friends. I'll try and keep this up, although I do tend to forget about it. I also feel like I'm supposed to see someone soon, someone I've mentioned before, but I can't remember their name.

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