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  1. Is probably a cat irl, have never heard Mail speak, sooo Confirmed cat?

  2. I personally think tokens add to RP but in a non direct way some may not have noticed. To get tokens, the only way is to complete your quests which often times contain objectives that lead to RP with the jobs you need to use. For example, right now I have a quest that requires me to complete 30 bounties as the bounty hunter. If not given the option of tokens, I don’t think I would complete this quest but as I can earn tokens and potentially make money with them later on, I have more of a reason to play this job which ends up forcing me to RP with the job. For people who m
  3. I don’t see how more props could hurt when they take up a low amount of space like this, if anything we have too many jobs as it is that rarely if at all get used. This would add to role play with public bases and potentially lead people to use some of the more underused jobs like the restaurant owner or farmer.
  4. With the new printer update, it was expected that there would need to be some sort of balance to make them fair in competition with the other money making methods. While I think the disappearance of them upon degrading for 4 hours makes sense, I do not see how processors also require this nerf. To begin with, processors weren’t the best money making method. Drugs were and have been for awhile now. Processors were simply the meta, but since this recent update to them they’ve become almost entirely useless and have also destroyed some markets in the process of their nerf. Most people
  5. love this guy

    1. Blue.


      gang gang skra skra pull up wit a stick

  6. My favourite is Hershey’s because my great grandmother used to always buy me them and chocolate is nice.
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