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  1. I think the problem is more-so how when you get stuck on tasks like Alaskan salmon, you start to feel a lack of progression in what you’re doing. When you do other tasks, take light quest completion for example, these are also sometimes hard to accomplish and they take far longer than most tasks since there’s a cooldown between quests. This task, however, gives you progression and while something like 11 lightning quests takes a long time, it’s not frustrating. You complete the quest, then you wait and have time to do other things if you wish. With fishing for a specific rare fish, you don’t have any form of progression. You either get it or you don’t. Some will get it within 20 fish, some 2000. This makes fishing a chore to do and starts to feel hopeless the longer you have to do it. You also cannot really do anything while you’re fishing without pausing the fishing, making it take even longer if you take a break. If you do decide to take a break as well, it feels like all the time you’ve spent fishing for that fish with no success was a complete waste of time. This as a form of a quest isn’t bad. In questing, you aren’t forced to complete 1 quest to unlock others. As well as this, you may reroll your quests every few days. If I got a quest that was “catch 1 Alaskan salmon” and didn’t want to do it, I could just simply not do it. I forgo some rewards, but it doesn’t completely halt my questing and I can resume it later. This isn’t the case for the pass if I wanted to complete it. I don’t think the problem here is the length with speed runners of the pass. I actually think this pass should have been longer in general, most tasks were able to be completed extremely quickly. The problem with Alaskan salmon is the lack of progression. I think for a future pass, making these style of tasks instead catch many more common fish would be better. Just as an example, “catch 200 ayu.” This task may take a long time, but as soon as you’ve caught one ayu you’ve made progress on your pass. This allows you more opportunities to take breaks without a sense of wasting time, and eliminates a lot of draining rng from fishing for your pass.
  2. I think adding a definition to trespassing is a good idea, although this definition should not count as raiding if it is added. I say this because I think non-raid jobs should be allowed to enter a base, just not do anything that would count as raiding like stealing, breaking props, dmging people etc… Tresspassing should apply the normal 20 minute timer if killed though. (I'm referencing to the 3rd section on raiding for this) The NLR RP rule seems like it would need a lot of examples on what constitutes RP. Would PMing be taunting? Would going back to the general area where they are be RP? Would talking about them to someone else who’s in the same area count as taunting? I don’t think this rule is worth it, if someone is really that bothered by being talked to after killing someone they should use the mute system. Doing actual things like coming back to arrest them for law violations after dying, attempting to mug immediately after dying etc… should be what actually constitute NLR. I’m surprised there isn’t a Raiding section in motd, I don’t see an issue with adding one. I thought there was a section in the rules that stated loitering signs are allowed, if there isn’t there should be. Edit: KoS signs are not allowed but you may have Loitering signs. Minimum time for a loiterer to be killed is 5 seconds. Loitering signs extend to the area around the outside of a base, such as the sidewalk around it. Extending to 5 more seconds is fine I guess, I don't really mind either way. I do think though it should be what Sewer said and be loitering for a total of 10 seconds within a given time limit, maybe loitering 10 seconds within 2-5 minutes (not really sure).
  3. As it is right now, the jugg mini out-stats every other gun in the server. Whether it’s used to raid, bounty hunt, bank/pd raid, revolt, terror, it doesn’t really matter. It excels in everything. Sure you can beat a jugg mini, but that doesn’t make it balanced or fun. Whether it gets stat nerfs or exclusivity to juggernaut, I wouldn’t really care. Either works. It’s just not fun to play against in its current state, and makes most other guns realistically obsolete in comparison. Add Kobers to the server, thanks!
  4. My fixes are above with the 2 rules I think should be added, but I also think defining exactly what the raid zone is and limiting raiders and basers to interacting in that zone could also work. Although I believe this second fix will cause many sits to be made, if staff team is willing I think that is also an option for a fix. Personally I believe my 2 rules would be easier.
  5. I think this rule is inherently flawed, because the base member being "reasonably close" does not define how close and can vary between all players. As well, this does not restrict basing members to defend their base. Only the raid members to raid the base, which still leaves the issue of door camping away from the raid. I think to avoid confusion of where this line is, it should just be if you see the door owner/the door owner sees you (during an active raid) and for this rule to be removed.
  6. The reason I did not say this is because "Raid Zone" is not something defined in the motd, which is another grey area I wanted to make a suggestion about later. I also think this may cause a lot of sits to be made on whether or not someone is in the raid zone and would be a hassle for staff to handle. I do think this could also work though if staff feel it isn't too hard to prove whether or not someone was actually in the raid zone compared to not, when defined what this is.
  7. Right now, there is a significant grey area in the basing rules about whether or not you can shoot base owners if they are not currently in the raid of a base. On one hand, they may be perceived to be inherently apart of the raid as they are on the door and own the base. On the other hand, they are not actively participating in the raid and may be considered uninvolved until they preform some sort of hostile action against the raiders. This causes a lot of unneeded confusion on what is acceptable, and some who exploit this grey area. They do so by defending a base outside and wait for some sort of raid action on their base and shoot from a distance where the raiders are not allowed to intervene until damaged. I think to fix this, there should be a line of text in the raiding rules that explicitly states: You may (if raiding) shoot members on the front name-visible doors at any distance. And a line of text in basing rules that states: You may (if on front name-visible doors) defend your base from raiders at any distance. I highlight front doors because this rule could be easily exploited by buying doors deep inside the base where raiders cannot tell who is on the doors and who is not, and having the same issue of camping doors again. I also highlight name-visible doors as garage doors do not show who owns them, causing the same issue stated above.
  8. Another problem with this texture bug is sights on your guns can be taken over and you can’t see though them. An example I have of this is the dragunov SVU (90 dmg one) which you cannot see in the scope of when you aim. Not that I aim much with it to begin with, just something to add.
  9. One suggestion I’ve seen and thought about for fixing the way kingdom is raided would be to open the gate connecting the suburban portion of the map to where right now the RDM zone is, and making that the new kingdom area while the old kingdom area in sit land would be reserved for a new RDM zone. Problem with it though is how it would require map editing which I’m not sure of being an option for the SA’s, as well as recreating some RDM zone/event maps in the black box inside of sit land. Would overall be a pretty extensive update and I’m not sure if it would really be worth it in the end, but I figure putting this idea in this thread could be useful. This change would make the need for a /advert on a kingdom raid make more sense as the area would be far greater where a raid would take place and knowing which people are on the road compared to who is raiding would make sense with an advert. This would also eliminate the biggest issue with the kingdom, being the portal that teleports you into the same place every time you enter the kingdom. Without this, you would not make kingdom dupes essentially being made into kill boxes for anyone entering and rather would have a dupe to secure the tunnel leading to the kingdom. Overall I would see these defences for kingdom to be far more challenging, which would make sense considering the kingdom has a far greater party limit than standard parties. As well as some quality of life improvements, riding of the portal next to the most densely populated portion of the map that often gains a strange invisible prop that repels you when you walk into it. I also seem to have far more freezing/crashing in the kingdom area as opposed to the regular map, not sure if this could just be me but kingdom seems to result in far more performance issues than the rest of the map. Hopefully this suggestion helps!
  10. gigga chad

  11. Is probably a cat irl, have never heard Mail speak, sooo Confirmed cat?

  12. I personally think tokens add to RP but in a non direct way some may not have noticed. To get tokens, the only way is to complete your quests which often times contain objectives that lead to RP with the jobs you need to use. For example, right now I have a quest that requires me to complete 30 bounties as the bounty hunter. If not given the option of tokens, I don’t think I would complete this quest but as I can earn tokens and potentially make money with them later on, I have more of a reason to play this job which ends up forcing me to RP with the job. For people who may not want to RP as much as others, they could buy these tokens players earn who don’t feel like basing with them and create a market for tokens where basing players and RPing players can work together. For people who want a mix of both worlds, they can complete their quests and RP while doing so while another day when they’re more drained from the RP side, can make a base and attempt to make money on the server instead. Tokens are a positive and unique thing this server has, and I feel to remove them would not only take away from players who wish to base with said tokens but also take away most of the insensitive to finish our quests which ultimately lead to more RP on the server.
  13. I don’t see how more props could hurt when they take up a low amount of space like this, if anything we have too many jobs as it is that rarely if at all get used. This would add to role play with public bases and potentially lead people to use some of the more underused jobs like the restaurant owner or farmer.
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