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    Big Ass

    Search "Big Ass" in the CC editor because I am an egirl
  2. I’m not going to accept it because I’ve spectated him and what he did was clearly MNLR. The only reason why it took so long is bc of the earthquake knocking down some things that I had to go pick up. Also he has had a very bad record of NLR that are somewhat recent. And I’m not about to unban him bc his brother is leaving soon - Bookies (Couldn't reply bc he's not home but he told me to say this)
  3. Forwarded to big bookies
  4. All the people who +1 are fake woke and just ignored the fact that the man him Sugar said it killed the server. Add a prestige system since it's completely optional to forcewipe an individual's wealth
  5. I should get a % of this gang. You are stealing my server name and my name.
  6. Accepted. Cuntbucket said it was fine to unban you. You are now unbanned.
  7. Forwarding to cuntbucket. (All I did was extend)
  8. also when the video ends, he was in a raid in the sewer base which made them go in a long sit.
  9. I will be accepting but reducing this to 2 days instead of 4. You raided PD when there was no mayor and when PD vault was at 9/14. The PD screen was there last year. -You cannot call a PD raid for the sole purpose of killing people in the lobby/preventing people from access to the lobby. If you PD raid you are there to either kill the Mayor or raid the vault. An election even appeared midway and you still decided to raid when you know the mayor forces PD to be on cooldown. I do have to give you the effort of putting this up and you were fairly nice to me in discord dms and on here.
  10. What do you mean by "the rest is not my fault" can you tell me what fault you were in. You were like in a 30 minute sit with fuel and I told fuel twice to give you to me after the sit was finished. I couldn't find you on discord before I banned you. I do apologize of not pm'ing you first but I wasn't quite sure if you would of been able to see it since the sit looked pretty heated.
  11. 2:40 Election is Hacked 3:31 Your friend Noah calling a PD raid in PD 3:47 Si says something about Femboy apparently shooting him and he ends up starting a pd raid by throwing a sticky nade at him 3:59 Loli asking about Noah PD raiding 4:09 Pop Smoke decides to join in (Also your friend) 4:51 Mayor Election is called and btw the PD vault is still unraidable 4:52 you can see the no collide top part. You could of mastersword up there and go to the bank vault but it looks like you didn't try 5:30 - 6:00 Gunning people that enters Lobby 6:00 You can see that none of your friends are in PD vault or anywhere in PD so I'm not sure why you're still there 6:32 - 6:40 Still in the same spot killing people but you end up dying 6:03 is a better angle of it 6:17 Checking PD Screen Panel
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