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  1. its been sometime +1 unban
  2. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server. (Idk why these apes below copied and pasted when it was a genuine question)
  3. Hey im the owner of this model. I'm pretty sure Rubik tweaked the hitboxes before adding it. It also is a raiding model.
  4. In-game name: Big Ass SteamID: 76561198324479665 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: Your father.
  5. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  6. You were sincere about your apologies. You talked to me a lot about your past and you reflected about what you did. Don't pull stupid stunts again otherwise I'll just -1 it. +1 Unban
  7. The perma ban wasn't necessary if I'm being honest. You served enough time and I haven't seen you going around cause trouble while you were banned. +1
  8. SCUM Talents (LVL 70 MAX) Quick Sell A Pretty Penny Junk Launcher Extra Bullet Precious Life Force Drop Experienced Cop Members Big Ass {GN} Isaac Fluffye BlazeShard Spartan Low Keyed Mc Sway Goals Become one of the most active gangs with least amount of players. Our goal is also accept either known or rich players. Application In-game Name: Total Hours: Do you own a CC (If you do then tell me what slots you have): Do you own a Discord account (If you do then tell me your discord name and ID): The application process will be strict since we want to limit as many members as we can. You can contact me on discord Ed#9918
  9. I don't really participate or am in much of these TitsRP dramas. Kilobyte genuinely has contributed a lot in the past before this fuck up. My stance is the same with Reiko's but just a bit different. I think Kilobyte needs some time off (Like a few months) and just gather his thoughts. He should just take a break from TitsRP alone and try not to be in the community for sometime. You messed up a lot of times but I'm fine with giving you a chance in the future. I just feel as if the time isn't good right now. Neutral
  10. I need the money in order to fulfill my dreams in getting more cc models
  11. Big Ass

    Ban appeal

    Forwarded to Rubik and Kdawg.
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