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  1. You're unbanned. Welcome back 🙂 ACCEPTED
  2. I would be down to unban you but I'd like to hear other staff input about this. Also don't exploit again or I'm permanently banning you forever. +1
  3. 11/16/2020 I can join now but it happened to me and some other people too.
  4. So basically when I load into a game, it's stuck at "Retrieving Server Info". My entire screen freezes and I can't seem to do anything. This has only been happening recently. It has never done this for the past like 3 years. I can connect to other servers but not TitsRP for some weird reason. Methods I've done so far to fix: - Verify Integrity Files - Completely wipe Garrysmod files and restart - Uninstalled all Addons - Restart Wifi Router - Disabled Download Custom Files
  5. Big Ass


    u guys r toxic
  6. Forwarding this to Boolin
  7. Big Ass


    Hey. How was your day?
  8. I remember telling people that rainbow shit was gonna be added. They were like nOOooOO we aren't gonna be that type of darkrp server. Look where we are at now 🙂 Also idk how the rainbow physics gun is gonna work but sounds neat.
  9. Man you should of known better. You were a fairly nice and old player. I'm going to +1 this since its been awhile.
  10. we definitely need more gang ranks +1
  11. STEAM_0:1:182106968 I'm going to be vibing and focusing more on college work by Christmas
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