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  1. Appears to me that you knew exactly what you were doing here, considering the evidence proven logs dont lie. I am going to have to -1 this appeal.
  2. Howdy chops, I am going to agree with what terry had to say, You knew very well that you were already on thin ice (Probation period) for previous relations to RDM. I am going to -1 .
  3. Howdy raccnuki! Im sorry this happend to you it seems completely uncalled for i am going to +1 this like iron said above do you have a clip or screenshot of minecwafts ip being leaked?
  4. Howdy stitch! says here --> 「SNGã€spitty242 (STEAM_0:0:217607576) (Console)[Quad0] Banning 「SNGã€spitty242 permanently for Clientside Lua ExecutionPerma Ban2020-04-09, 10:40 PM You were banned for hacking, I will send this post to a higher up and see if they can assist you!
  5. kiezuh

    ban reduction

    Howdy chops, you only received a 3 day ban for MRDM Mass RDM: Intentional or not can default to a one week ban. Use your best judgement here. (ex: Does not advert PD raid and kills 3+ players). lawyer did not even ban you for full extent time so he gave you leeway putting into conderation your 10 bans and 8 warns 6 of those warns being for RDM.
  6. I would definitely love to see a few more updated handguns but we do already have quite the variety already
  7. kiezuh

    ban reduction

    Howdy chops. I was one of the moderators that helped lawyer with this sit. Whilst helping him i had read over logs and seen that you had killed multiple innocent players while trying to complete this hit. Judging by your past history and knowledge on and of the server you should know better than to just open fire in congested areas such as pd. I am going to -1 this appeal.
  8. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. kiezuh

    False Banning

    Taking all of your previous punishment into account along with what ironfish said. i am going to -1 this appeal
  10. kiezuh

    False Banning

    howdy ghost, I was there for all the havoc that was going on, there was a player in spawn with a crip cannon spamming everyone. i can see how this could cause a misunderstanding but i would like to hear ironfish's response. -/+ (Neutral)
  11. kiezuh


    Under our rules https://titsrp.com/rules#comment-7 it states that bounty hunters may raid a base only if they have a target inside and they may not interact with entities inside of your base. That being said if the player has a bounty on you he may complete his bounty through raid if needed. Mercenary Rules Rules related to Mercenary jobs. Basic Description: Get hired to protect or do some other task Raid | Heist | Megabase Hitmen do not need to advert accepting/competing for failing a hit The following jobs are allowed to raid their target only to carry out job functions. They may not interact with entities inside the base -Hitman -Bounty Hunter -Master Stalker -Assassin -Other "mercenary" jobs
  12. Of course you would goat😂😂 i agree with isaac succ, mic spam on everyjob would be chaos amongst the server the rule we got now its nice it allows us to still mic spam instead of completely getting rid of it.
  13. I agree with everyone else here what you said was completely out of pocket and you are lucky you did not get a perm. -1
  14. kiezuh

    Boombox Ban

    Let me send this to a higher up and see what they can do for ya
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