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  1. Dammit I'm so behind the times lmao.
  2. Agreed. We shouldn't have our ammo capacity crippled anymore if this is done, otherwise nobody will even bother using pump anymore.
  3. Well there are a few fully custom models but I think italianos were the first full gang to use a custom model en mass.
  4. No ur hecc
  5. So who the heck is pumped for tomorrow?
  6. smol pp man
  7. Yah this would be an amazing feature, and it also automatically can make it so the members from the forum are signed up to your gang too or something would also be great.
  8. Oh yeah, definitely this ^ I had so many problems with trying to find out who's who from the gangmenu if their steam name and in game don't match.
  9. I especially like the idea of organizing by rank, and then after that maybe alphabetically. It would help make finding everyone easy.
  10. He big bonner man
  11. If by the extreme damage you are referring to the melee, it's meant to be that way.
  12. I wouldn't say we're irrelevant yet but hey a place on a list like like would honestly be flattering.
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