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  1. the server is boring to you because you have $705,863,982
  2. In-game name: Tuss SteamID: STEAM_0:0:176623576 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: crying if i win id like to give my reward to someone if i win
  3. okay, hope this is good enough http://chinese.foreskin.market/pastes/7631918b.txt i tried to upload it to pastebin but i exceeded the 512 kb limit
  4. i think this is because of the way the server looks at hl2 sweps. if you obtain a hl2 357 magnum, it will say weapon_357 and say that it has possibly been removed from the server. i could be wrong but i think this might be the issue
  5. this is an amazing feature, thank you mr rubik
  6. is it considered shitposting if i shitpost on my own profile?

    I feel so bad for people who unironically like anime. Like, they didn't choose to be born with an IQ of 20 in a home with unloving parents. Imagine all the bullying they must experience at home, at school, and at the special services daycare. Let's stop bullying them, guys. They may be too retarded to understand that's what we're doing, but that doesn't mean we should pick on them. Thank you

  7. personally i think this community has the most amount of jobs out of most servers. well, most jobs accessible to everyone.
  8. This looks very cool! Thanks for the video even though I might never have a use for it
  9. we dont need more money
  10. there are probably console commands that control his volume. search up in the console different keywords which might relate to the piano guy. for example, start with piano,
  11. Tuss


    What do you guys think about S&Box being based on C# instead of GLua?
  12. I've seen some very creative bases for the king. I would agree with you though, it would be a lot better for the king to have his own spot. Somewhere away from sitland. It is super easy to glitch into sitland from the kingdom.
  13. Useless, not only is it as easy to bypass as it is to steal candy from a kid, it is a major privacy concern. Heres a fix for you, it is buggy. 1. Stack prop, doesn't matter which direction. 2. Delete prop. 3. Switch from Toolgun to anything else. 4. Switch back to Toolgun. That should fix it. Same goes for AdvDupe2, except instead of stacking, just paste and delete. Honestly, this is a yes. IIRC Sugar/Rubik modified the Precision tool to avoid people abusing it. You cannot push props a certain direction, the "ghost" prop that is shown where you a
  14. almost? lol make it like gang talents, only available on weird jobs. Also, I dislike the ideas of perma sweps. Even if they aren't P2W/can only be available via xp grinding, I feel like it's turning the server into one of those shit servers where you can buy perma weapons and have them on any job. For example, a server I joined not too long ago as a joke, I went up to a random civilian and punched him as a meme. Then this CIVILIAN pulled out some dragon fucking gun with unlimited ammo and gunned me down like I was a shooting target. Just the entire idea of pe
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