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  1. this nigga STINKS

  2. buy me an unban i feel bad cause this is supposed to be serious n everyone just posting. @RAY RAY its probably better if you do the giveaway thru the discord if the giveaway bot is still in there.
  3. this is very cool thank you for sharing spartan
  4. I had this happen to me awhile ago when I was buying 1000 chemicals from DamnedOne for 5m. I had a full inventory, so it ended up dropping only a single chem to the floor where I was. Luckily I had recorded everything and I showed it to Rubik, and I believe he just called me silly for having a full inventory, gave me the chems I lost, and said he wouldn’t do it again if it happened.
  5. probably skyrim back on the 360 years ago. i had so much fun messing around on there, i now own it on steam, but i can never really relive the moments of me first starting the game.
  6. you should join the anti staff group on the forums BROTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK STAFF!!!!!
  7. Tuss

    bounty hunter

    yeah. maybe sugar could implement a thing where if you battering ram a person in a chessboard the game would just pause and they would be forcefully put out of the game, like how if you battering ram someone in a vehicle. idk tho
  8. Tuss

    Serial Killer

    Just bhop around at that point because you can still accelerate in the air iirc.
  9. we used to have so much fun on the rails. i dont know if it was you or someone else, but they would spawn a gumball and people would sit on it and go thru a railway like rollercoaster. shit was so cool i dont know why they disabled that for the gumball.
  10. Tuss

    Serial Killer

    iirc you dont even know if you've spotted a serial killer. so people will spot the serial killer and not even know?
  11. Tuss

    Serial Killer

    now u just gotta mention the (CP) or whatever being next to their name as a cop model!
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