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  1. im pretty sure if someone manages to hit you with a shovel from a rooftop irl you'll be facing a lot more than just 100 damage
  2. Tuss

    Baby King

    Although I agree, trying to abuse this isn't even worth your time. I tried to abuse it last night, but your player model is just so fucking big you get stuck on everything. You can't enter bases unless they are the ones that have two doors, even then you have to crouch. You can't leave spawn through the tunnel that goes straight to fountain without crouching and moving like a snail whilst everyone stares at you because you're blocking them. Like, it is such an inconvenience to be that fucking big it isn't even worth it
  3. Tuss

    Baby King

    also im beyond level 30
  4. Tuss

    Baby King

    no thats to make it so you become baby king easier
  5. Tuss

    Baby King

    sugar literally tried to make it so baby king spawns with 1000 hp everytime on stream so its not working as intended
  6. Tuss


    yeah but the hitreg doe
  7. Tuss


    it may be, but it's been dealt with on other servers.
  8. Tuss


    I know the videos I have provided may not show the best examples of this, but try it for yourself. Spam crouch and jump while in a gunfight and you will see that you die 90% less.
  9. Tuss

    Weird shit

    I think I should emphasize this more.
  10. Tuss

    Weird shit

    I haven't reinstalled gmod.
  11. Tuss

    Tab menu

    Saiko, doesn't have 0 rep.
  12. These are already items on the server. They just have no use and no way to obtain them.
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