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  1. this nigga STINKS

  2. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Okay. I wasn’t fully expecting a concrete answer I was more just asking your opinion.
  3. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Hello Jay Walker,   How long do you think is enough time? I’ve changed for the better I wish you could understand that! Thanks for the response.
  4. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Hello vldmort, it has been a year since my ban. It has been two years since some of my warns. I have given probably all the proof I can that I have changed. If you don’t believe me then I don’t know what else I could possibly do to prove to you I’ve changed. You are just making assumptions about what you think will happen after I am unbanned. Thanks for the response!
  5. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Hello and thank you for your response Smelly. The reason my appeal is copy and pasted is because I poured my all into my last ban appeal. I said literally everything there was to be said. I have revised over half of it and added any new details I could remember. Also, I know I won't go back to my old ways. I know I can't really prove this to you at all which sucks. Thanks again for your response!Â
  6. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    I have definitely changed my behavior a ton. I am way less toxic than I was when I got banned. I am very thankful for your response. If I get unbanned I won’t let you down 🙂
  7. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Hello Jaywalker, Â I wouldn't think asking me to tell you all the alts I am using currently is a long shot at all. I was actually expecting this question from someone. I do not know if this will be a surprise or not, but I do not currently have any alts going right now. I stopped alting some time ago after I realized that it was just extremely dumb for me to alt. I have no place in the server as it stands right now. Not only do I not have any right to alt, it's also just a waste of a money. I stopped seeing the point of spending money just to get banned in a week. I really hope this isn't coming off as the reason I stopped alting was because of my financial situation. I am in rush and am typing this without looking over it so if something about this seems wrong please just give me a few hours until I get home and I will revise it. Â Thank you so much for your response.
  8. Tuss

    Tuss Ban Appeal III

    Hello LeGerbs,  I can definitely understand why you wouldn't wouldn't want to support me coming back. The screenshot you posted was of what I mentioned in my appeal. As I said, if you take these at face value they look horrible. Context is key when it comes to those situations. The only thing I can not give context behind is all my warns and most of my bans. Even then, I only have 11, maybe less now, active warns on the server. I would greatly appreciate it if you would reach out to me on Discord so I could explain everything to you. Maybe if we could just sit down and a have a one on one chat that could help us both understand each others POV? I've done more than enough shittery on Tits and I'm done. I hate everything that people associate the name Tuss with. I am not proud of my past whatsoever and I'm genuinely ashamed that I couldn't even play by the rules on a server with one of the most chill rulesets there are.  I would love to know how long you think is a good time for me to wait. Or what are your thoughts on a $1b unban?  Thank you very much for your response.
  9. buy me an unban  i feel bad cause this is supposed to be serious n everyone just posting. @RAY RAY its probably better if you do the giveaway thru the discord if the giveaway bot is still in there.
  10. this is very cool thank you for sharing spartan
  11. I had this happen to me awhile ago when I was buying 1000 chemicals from DamnedOne for 5m. I had a full inventory, so it ended up dropping only a single chem to the floor where I was. Luckily I had recorded everything and I showed it to Rubik, and I believe he just called me silly for having a full inventory, gave me the chems I lost, and said he wouldn’t do it again if it happened.
  12. probably skyrim back on the 360 years ago. i had so much fun messing around on there, i now own it on steam, but i can never really relive the moments of me first starting the game.
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