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  1. Yeah no there is a reason the server went away from using parties to determine who can defend or not (it was terrible and everyone loopholed) but then the "you have to be in the dupe to defend" is such a bandaid fix for the issue. Even having a fucking text screen with the people name on it is better than that but there is no real easy fix to an issue like this without people being able to take advantage of it. Reason why I think the rule of must be behind dupe to defend was made because you can't really loophole that. This is something for the "community meeting that is happening" and surely won't be a flop.
  2. This would remove all uniqueness from the unique cc's that sugar gave to Raffle winners and for that reason I doubt it will be added but maybe sugar can prove me wrong.
  3. Mori

    Exploiting Appeal

    The post I linked touched on both of the subjects Sticky grenades and the ziggs swep grenades. I am not using ziggs in this instance in fact ziggs dont even shoot grenades anymore. I used Sticky grenades in the post I linked ago and the staff members were like thats how explosion works and using explosions is not cheating.
  4. Mori

    Exploiting Appeal

    I don't understand why you are bringing ziggs into this but the ziggs issue was the actual grenade going through the wall this is simply doing something that it seems like this March 7th changelog meant to nerf. If Sticky Grenades are not meant to do damage past LOS why didn't sugar just completely remove the damage from it he instead made it deal less damage but these times where apparently you talked about sticky nades and preventing people from lockpicking why are these not documented? Surely something about abusing sticky grenades beyond LOS would be written down in the motd from that conversation? But if this is so truly not intended why is the Change log "Made it so Sticky grenades do REDUCED damage not in los" instead of "Made it so Sticky grenades do NO damage not in los"
  5. Mori

    Exploiting Appeal

    I think you are sadly missing the entire point. Yes old staff don't speak for new staff correct but from that post there has been not been another time this has happened. There has been no new rules put in place for stuff like this, and nothing has changed. If a single staff member/single instance of this being punished/any change to attempt to remove this from the game. yes I would understand if you don't want it to be allowed anymore. but the last time this gray area rule has been brought up it was deemed ok and if you guys want to say its no longer ok thats fine but why punish me so heavily when the last known instance of this happening was within server rules.
  6. Mori

    Exploiting Appeal

    Yeah that is exactly what I did I listened to what staff told me before I am not refering to that window im talking about the windows next to it also while the window is closed. Those are both world props (the non openable windows) Also in the video I can now see how I never killed baandit instead of doing any healing you sat still and legit took all the grenades I was super confused when I only killed you.
  7. Mori

    Block button

    disable ooc disable private messaging disable adverts disable e warning disable text screens disable boombox custom youtube video links (should only be from verified music people) what if someone uses boomboxs to say your name in chinese disable names disable models disable everyone disable c4 disable basing disable gmod
  8. ok im on my way to swap back and fourth between santa and citizen with nothing stopping me
  9. Hello everything Christmas is near you may start giving your gifts now! Once you receive your gift and or give your gift msg me so I can mark it off. Discord: Mori#7258 I will start yelling at people after new years
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