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  1. can someone that is like on the staff team and is not tired tell people how retarded this is. @Jewann respond so I dont have to k I love you
  2. Im going to disagree with everyone here. It was like this with Printers and it got removed quick. It was like this with weapon enchanting and It got fixed quick. This def should be fixed even though everyone that farms loves it, it isn't a feature nor hard to patch.
  3. Hase tell me where you see Ajax's post. Instead of flooding this post let me just say that I removed his post shortly after you flooded that ban appeal threating to report me :shrug:
  4. I think you missed this part. "Only staff and players who are directly involved in the situation may comment!"
  5. You are not staff don't respond on appeals hello?
  6. Lets compare a video of a confirmed cheater. To Noiz's Clip https://gyazo.com/703bc0d56f5e9e53ae6909e74bef509d There is a clear difference and it looks like natural mouse movement. He is missing shots, he is not snapping to heads and he isn't doing unhuman like tracking. Unless im missing something I don't think this was a valid ban. I've known Noiz for a while and I know he isn't that stupid to hack even in the fucking RDM Zone. Why would he throw all that he has worked for in the RDM Zone. Specate can be a little buggy some time and I think it was one of these cases. Also from Absergos video I legit don't see anything wrong. You hit a couple flicks especially from one at the end and other than that it looks like clean kills. I mean i've done really good shit like this and I think you were just popping off. Saying that I know you are capable of doing so im +1
  7. Honestly, fully agree. It was super helpful to see your members health and armor and I would love to see this back I don't see why not.
  8. I'm pretty sure the Mayor should be auto demoted by the afk system. If I'm wrong then something should be done about this.
  9. I mean if you just make it based off of the models max hp. So like under 75% of the models max hp I think it just solves all issues.
  10. I don't understand putting this as an exploit. You can do it yourself it is as simple as shooting clicking a button and shooting again. You can even do it without the bind but it is less effective and slower. Also double pump has been in the game as long as I can remember and during the years and years of it being a known thing across the entire community Sugar and the other SAs didn't do anything about it. At this point I think it is intentional but if SAs think it isn't I guess F in the chat for Double Pumps.
  11. Mori

    Server Soft Wipe

    man this is like the worst suggestion i've seen -1
  12. Mori

    Embers Ban Appeal

    Let's be honest were very stupid for doing that, but unlike other perma banned people *cough* donger. You didn't really threaten anyone life and only alted once also your orginal ban is a month.. For these reason I am down for a Reduction to like 1-3 weeks.
  13. You see that screen shot. Items last for 2 days. That was taken 4 minutes after and when this screen shot came to me it was 10:19 and I banned you at around 10:25. That was no where NEAR 30 minutes before logging off.
  14. This is the gun you put on the Auction House. Not only that when selling someone on the Auction House you are forced to hover over the weapon to drag it to the little sell box. I don't think "you did nothing wrong" and I stand by my ban.
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