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  1. I'm going to enjoy reading this post. (I most likely won't read it)
  2. It took 6 days until you couldn't take it anymore, a life without titsrp is not a life you should want to live if you can't handle it, especially when you request a perma.
  3. In what situation does this change anything
  4. Mori

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    NEW rad — Today at 9:03 PM https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/18026-join-date-on-info/ TitsRP Community Forums Join Date on Info It would be nice to see first server join date or forum join date on the info tab. That is it. [9:03 PM] reply so others will [9:03 PM] goodnight
  5. There is legit already a bhop swep.
  6. Lets have it voice activated instead its so much work right clicking
  7. In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I do not have any involvement with this group, or those inside of it. I do not know how I am here, probably added by a third party. I do not support any actions by the members of this group.
  8. Was promised a cat video (thumbnail) instead got sadness.
  9. mmmmmmmmmmmm I loveeeeeeeeeee alexxxanderrrrr
  10. hey kevin you play tarkov yeah you suck at it I remember do the auto sort thing there pretty cool wo
  11. Hmm. I like this idea but 4 hours is a bit much I'd much rather have it much more similar to Golden Printer in a way where it lasts less time but is much better. Like gp this plot should like 100 minutes you can have the crops grow at an increased rate or have cops grow at a decreased/normal rate but greatly increase yield. You can go as far as allowing the crops to not need water when in this plot but I think 4 hours is a bit much. I think a faster reward to this event is a much better approach.
  12. Love you too Retzi/Hot Loli/Nep Nep/Sixnut Fan#2295 I don't understand how you could forget Zemailman he legit honestly deserves respected everyone loves Zemailman that is what im pissed about ong
  13. Already openly said I didn't deserve to get it lmao pipe down
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