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  1. Yes, this is an issue. No, it's not with staff all the base network used to not be staff the issue is that the majority of raiders/basers took the time to perfect it all base in one group and bully the fuck out of new player bases just for a little bit of ents @Terrry. Raiding and basing are completely different than other servers, but once you take the time to learn it you will see it provides a much more unique system than most darkrp servers. I would compare this style of basing/raiding to something like base wars or purge where your props are not permanent defenses that grant you high power but a temporary advantage that you can use to capitalize on people's mistake. Also, when people say five printer racks isn't a lot, I think we completely forget what others have to work with and that they can't just go around and raid everyone or have the funds starting off to buy people ents like that. On top of that, once they do put in the risk of investing in other players' money-making entities, they are overwhelmed by the leading basing network. Basing years ago used to be a lot more alive, but usually in the present time titsrp you will see 1 or 2 bases that are usually two big groups who are rivals, and then near the end of the day, you will see only 1 base which holds 95% of the players entities. Raiding/Basing is so different. With little introduction, it leaves players clueless, and when people come around and fuck up new players, they tend to leave because they have no idea what happened to them. A detailed guide of the different tools of raiding and the types of bases that are bad vs good I would say to be beneficial to the new player base, but that is something that we depend on @Rubikor @KDawg to do, maybe there can also be a new player grace period of like 1-3 days after their initial join date to adapt to the new style and get some starting money.
  2. I was waiting for this response but it took so long it lost its funny potential
  3. due to all the shit garbage rubik and sugar sells out for 30 dollars to be forced on the servers the global model cap gets reached so fast due to the shit garbage that it ruins the player experience after 16 hours of server up time but when it restarts you can use your dupe again because all the shit garbage that was loaded in yet I think idfk
  4. yeah cool idea bro surely it will be added
  5. excuse me why was my post removed anyways 4 pages of posts I ain't reading all that + this post will do nothing + gaming is dead
  6. What is your discord tag: bruhther What is your in-game name: Gravyman5412a1 How many hours do you have in total: 2525 What could you bring to the table: insane raiding and basing skills and great gun skills How often do you play: I play everyday for 8+ hours I am completely addicted lol
  7. being real sugar prob aint never doing this no matter how many upvotes u get + I think he getting gallium to make a updated map or something not sure though
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