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  1. Mori

    Remove tokens

    ah yes since sugar said it was a mistake and nerfed them already lets just remove them entirely. ah yes let me just ignore that sugar himself angry repped Fuel's original post for the suggestion. big brain man here folks
  2. Mori

    Remove tokens

    Bro fucking SUGAR angry reacted to your post. That is all that needs to be said.
  3. Ah yes game night a place that I used to call home. Until.
  4. alright so at least Abstergo isn't getting banned. Phew.
  5. so since this is an "exploit" when is half the server getting banned?
  6. Bring back old Nyan Cat Gun 😄
  7. I've never seen such a lie in so long. Boolin do your research. Please.
  8. Wait what a good suggestion by abstergo no way
  9. Tyz you are being Tyz again.
  10. Yall hating on the shovel but it is the fucking size command. Why does the size command persist after being shot? Why do you do full damage at that size? Why can you do it when you were recently shot? Shovels aint the issue it is size command.
  11. These were my concerns about this update. When using tokens not only are you stuck with a degrading proc but now that proc despawns in 4 hours not only do you have to deal with the extra battery due to it degrading. Also with printers you get less money AND it despawns. Walter's idea of 8 hours is cool but like I would also like to see the degrading thing be changed to be less hurtful towards to user, because the fucking thing is despawning in 4 and or 8 hours depending on how this post goes anyway, but right now there needs to be something done. Raiding gives way less reward as 1. People don't fucking base at all. 2. The people that do base have less shit because of the update and if you raid them with ents that are about to despawn whats the fucking point. I would even fucking considering a craftable item to increase the time. Maybe making tokens last more but people's ents doesn't. There are a lot of ways sugar can go at with buffing this.
  12. +1 warn fuel for necroposting
  13. Welcome back bud. ~OMG Silver
  14. banned from twitch better delete the vod idiot
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