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    This rule

    Ths rule is interesting everyone does it and honestly it shouldn't be a rule. You shouldn't have to worry about the people you just raided camping outside your base waiting to ambush you and take their shit back (thats nlr), but there has been times where me and other bases has fallen victim to people sneaking into their base while they repaste. You have to know that the minute the undo the dupe they are completely defenseless and if someone is waiting to strike it is a huge problem for the base defenders. Once they unpaste and someone walks into their base they can't have a base down anymore if they were to follow by the rules plus they are caught off-guard giving the raiders a huge advantage in this scenario. Thats my opinion on this rule because finding a middle ground to making it still a rule but liked and followed by the majority of the players without being a petty rule seems nearly impossible.
  2. The rules in place for part assist go as follow. While in a party if your friend is acted upon in a violent or restraining matter you may within yell distance use your party bind to defend your party member. Using /y. This was pretty much of a replacement of gang assists like other servers. This gives us an option to fight and work as a team. The only thing that I and most likely many others would like changed about the rules of party binding is for it to be unable to be used for raids, because in that situation it is so defender sides and stupid as you can't shoot the party member until they party assist so they always have the upper hand but if they were on the doors you could gun em down. Now for it only being able to be down after your friend dies makes no sense if a hitman is actively gunning down your friend and he runs for cover are you going to sit there and watch as the hitman closes in on your friend to murder him only to do something after? of course you are going to prevent it and thus party assist was born.
  3. alexander mcstubbins what a weird name
  4. However long ago : Lets add a cooldown to being able to inventory enchanted weapons so people can actually lose them. Now : Lets add a talisman that just bypasses that entire thing. I personally do not think that this should become a talisman it just seems like sticky hands a level perk but actually good and everyone hates sticky hands.
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    Oh how the mighty have fallen
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    My Birthday!!!

    Oh, the misery Everybody wants to be my enemy
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    Secret Santa

    Yo guys you can start sending your gifts now whenever you do msg me!
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    Hello i would like to be added hello add me please thank you! yo can I please be added
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