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  1. This post is no longer denied and is up for discussion with the staff. @Wilhelm Panderino if you have anything else to add you may again.
  2. I mean every single other ban appeal that has had something like this it ended with something like "It is your responsibility for whoever goes on your steam account" So I don't understand why we should make an exception for you, but I remain Neutral
  3. why crying just dont play cp lol (i only read the first line)
  4. omg lets add an hourglass pet that puts you in a point where you can't do anything but you can't take damage for 2.5 seconds then goes on cooldown for 120 seconds idk it is a cool idea that I came up with by myself.
  5. I feel like this is more of a suggestion than a bug report but still valid
  6. @Spartan I know you banned the guy but don't comment bro you abouta get a fat warning point. On a serious note you were banned many months ago don't be stupid again +1
  7. Mori

    Report on Toosi

    Disregarding the drunk guy I am +1 for punishment. There is no reason why a police officer should be killing a defending person of a base when a thief is raiding.
  8. I would go back in time where my friend said hey lets join this darkrp server and instead respond with no.
  9. Man its almost like I said that it was old and outdated!
  10. btw I found the video! (this is old and outdated!)
  11. I am not at all saying the kingdom is balanced it is the most overpowered shit on the server base wise, but out of all the kingdom dupes there is only one that is truely unraidable. The way the bases are build right now have a weakness that we used. It is possible to raid greens dupe with some coordination and thinking but kingdom still should not be a place where you all spawn in one location. I am fairly sure there is another thread like this were people came to the conclusion that if you make the spawns cover a wider area and turn the defensive side of kingdom from defending the portal to defending a built base on the other side of the location it would be more balanced.
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