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  1. Smerexy was in the call but he had nothing to do with the hit or anything so believe that is irrelevant. I will quite literally get on and give special educator 5 mil if you unironically think that is why i called a hit on him for money and not to get him out of the seat so we could play poker with low.
  2. at the time i believed you had only bet a small amount of money (10k buy in + a few bets) and we had been trading the fish around so i thought i might aswell give it to you has reparations for lost money
  3. I wasn't aware that sticks was in a sit because he deafened during the sit. Are you saying every other hit is made with a "valid rp reason" That was in an imaginary scenario which makes a bunch of assumptions, i dont even remember who actually won the hand in the end. I didn't know the exact amount that special educator lost so i traded him some items but he declined the trade so i dont know what im supposed to do in that scenario if he doesn't want to be paid back It's also used to be common knowledge that staff used evidence to support a punishment instead of going off what the person that called this sit says blindly. Also in the past where i have been in sits where i think people have asked for hits on me the staff member has brought the person that called the hit if no other evidence is found. This might actually be more your speed tho since you people clearly love stories and assumptions more than actual evidence or deduction. Do you think it is more likely that i wanted low who i have played poker with many many times to sit down at the table rather than play with a random person or do you think its more likely that me and sticks went into a complex scheme to scam this guy out of literally 0,1% of our combined net worth. Do you think its more likely that I wanted to play poker with someone else or that i just hate special educator to the point where i would break the rules to gain the most miniscule amount of money. Next i would love to see some ACTUAL EVIDENCE of wrongdoing and i will re-iterate that if i was brought to the sit i would literally have evidence to support my claim but since smelly would rather be lazy and work off his gut feeling i cannot do that edit: "i think that staff are contradictory and lazy alot especially when they think that no one will find out" something i said on forums a while back and its showing up hot in this scenario
  4. Ok since you are doing alot of assuming here I will also make wild assumptions. Lets assume i did call the hit to kill special educator and win his i believe 1.2 million from the poker hand of him timing out, we would have to in our extreme scheme have 1.2 million to divide between the 2 of us, money that i do not care about at all and i dont think sticks does either considering we had been doing 40 million flips with each other only minutes prior. Assuming that then yes it would be obvious he asked me to call the hit and we gained a hot 600k each. and that is all ASSUMING smerexy does not win the poker hand Lets also not go over the fact that i tried trading special educator giving him an item to repay him for what i thought he lost on poker at the time. I would have a shadowplay video that would show the conversation in discord if i wouldve been brought to the sit but you did not do that and instead banned sticks based off an assumption that it was malicious and what i can only assume was a gut feeling without following up even both the parties of the hit. I am telling you the interaction in discord was essentially "sticks stand up i want to do something" and then i called the hit and he did it and i would have the evidence of that if you wouldve done your duty as a staff member
  5. I asked him in our discord call sorry for not clarifying that Also if you do not believe we were in a discord call there would be evidence of sticks telling me to place the hit in question which i can only assume you tried looking for in logs and his video to establish sticks asked for the hit to be placed.
  6. Hello i am the person who called the hit, I called it because there was a person waiting to sit down and i wanted special educator dead (this is all allowed in rp i believe correct me if i am wrong). I told sticks to stand up and called the hit, after that he killed him. Afterwards special educator came back and started yelling about some "you think you are above the rules" to sticks and after a while they were both brought to a sit. I find it weird that i wasn't even brought to the sit, I was just chilling playing poker as sticks gets banned for a hit i called Here is evidence i called the hit:
  7. I did not think about what i was doing at the time honestly, i was tired and in the discord call i was in i said something like omg what if i summoned the guy inside the base rn because we had fucked around with the cereal statue beforehand. I wasn't thinking at the time that what i was doing what probably breaking nlr and i apologize. If you and your friends reaction was different when it happened i would likely have realized my mistake and immediatly, apologized and tried to rectify it. I wasn't trying to be malicious and i am sorry
  8. I agree fully. Body blocking is purely an asshole thing to do but so is having annoying laws as mayor and many other activites. Obviously no one wants people body blocking spawn and that is covered in the do not minge rule! I also think that such as having annoying laws as mayor that body blocking has a function. I will use the same example as i did before; There are cops who are body blocking the entrance to pd while there is a law to weapon check people who enter pd. Without a complete ban on bodyblocking people who want to enter can warn the bodyblockers to get out of their way, and if they dont there will be conflict, or the person who wants to enter will agree to being weapon checked and let into pd. With the current rule someone will call a sit and the police will be warned. I think if a situation can be solved via roleplay it is way better than a petty sit being called, i also believe the same sentiment is stated in the motd. The rule is enforcable if the staff member can put in any amount effort in determening if the person is bodyblocking just to troll or if it has a function. The current rule is simply there for petty and lazy people
  9. Hello, this change causes problems because more often than not people are not aware that they are being raided and there has been many occasions where people are running with printers and remove their base while someone is raiding which can lead to various problems for the raider. You could also be followed without knowing it and removing the base removes the potential rp that could happen. The rule change would cause more inconvenience in my opinion than the inconvenience of having to walk through your own base with a pickup box inside you.
  10. I'm not talking about a specific scenario but what you describe is obviously not ok. If you want to be pedantic the rule could be "you cannot unnecessarily body block" so your obvious extreme PTSD can be calmed. There is no real reason to restrict RP unilaterally via this rule just because someone trolled one time Thank you for your feedback
  11. Hello i think that having a rule against body blocking should not be a thing because there is rp that can be done while body blocking (example: cops having holstered weapons blocking pd in order to weapon check). I also think that body blocking can literally just easily be dealt with in rp by warning then killing the person, no need for a rule nor sits to happen
  12. I don't have any history with being permabanned and i do have a history of finding exploits i dont really have an opinion on og ban but i think that staff are contradictory and lazy alot especially when they think that no one will find out shoutout to ember/suppa/best zed on na/wacky custom afker/my new best friend for gifting me supporter for life
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