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  1. In-game name: Piklas SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61391449 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: amazon wishlist
  2. This is what i think happened here but i dont know for a fact. account 1 gets banned for 7 days gets on account 2 Account 2 gets permabanned so they cannot alt to avoid ban Account 1 is unbanned Get on Account 1 Account 1 permabanned for alting to avoid ban???
  3. Yeah i already asked about the privacy policy about storing data when the EU changed their laws a few years back and the server owner/ceo of solid block said QUOTE: "I put your data in my ass"
  4. The sound menu sucks sadly but if you do luck into having the sound on th menu you can reduce both the range and volume of the effect. Hopefully sugar will heavily improve the menu
  5. Sugar doesnt have the ability to sell titsrp since the parent company Solid Block Studios actually own Titsrp. He would have to call a meeting with the board of directors and get a majority decision to sell their flagship product. In conclusion this is fake as fuck delete your account
  6. He did same to me #Blocked
  7. I didn't want to make a new thread for the level 50 speedrun so here it is. After the update I managed to get a speedrun that took 2 hours and 11 minutes to get from level 0 to level 50, my goal was to get sub 2 hours but sadly i couldnt accomplish it this time.
  8. When i shit on blacnovas team after spamming pause for 15 minutes. my bad this was a league of legends moment #FuckLABlacnova
  9. The reason for this is because the first time he came back i think it could have maybe been a mistake, you can see him run away but then coming back again I think should be breaking nlr 2 times.
  10. I told him to not nlr after the first time he broke nlr, which could have been just a mistake, but then he decided to come back 2 more times. Important timestamps: The beginning is the first death and it is valid 1:05 he breaks nlr the first time and it distracts me while his friend is shooting at me 1:50 i tell him to not break nlr 2:35 he breaks nlr the 2nd time 3:20 is the 3rd nlr The video might seem a bit weird since while this is happening i am talking with my friends on discord
  11. you clearly dont have the grindset of a sigma
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