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  1. Lets give you the benefit of the doubt and say this did happen, Captainblack still did knowingly place and accept hits on the 2 exact people he was in a sit with in the first place, he didnt deny the hit on the person he was told to not fuck with and he didnt send the hit on anyone else (like shardmario). curious...
  2. Reality and imagination are 2 different things. I think the 2 moderators that did take the sit saw that I didnt do anything to stoke the fire before or after the initial sit for making sure he knew to not continue harassing was made.
  3. We were in a sit interact and the 2nd sit where hits were placed was less than an hour later. The hits were specifically placed on the 2 people captainblack was in a sit with and told to not interact with, knowingly placing a hit on sticks and knowingly accepting a hit on me. I was in a base with a large building sign outside at the time when i was killed and that was considered raiding while i was building. My friend was near them at the time and screenshared a recording of captainblack and zestyboi discussing if it was close enough to be raid area or not. This in my opinion shows that it was a coordinated effort to actually fuck with/annoy atleast me when I was minding my own business making a base dupe. They told me that Kilobyte said that a punishment should be handed out and I believe Tyz32 and Koda agreed in the sit that it would be a 3 day ban, they also said that Captainblack disconnected so they couldnt explain it to him at the time. There is already a precedent that you shouldnt be target raiding people you have been told to stay away from and placing hits in this manner which in my opinion is very obviously targeting and denying a hit and placing hits is comepletely optional, and captainblack did both within very few minutes. All in all I am minding my own business and not less than an hour after being told to leave each other alone captainblack accepts and places a hit on the 2 people he was in a sit with. I think this is a blatant attempt at a loophole of the admins decision and disrespectful that he is still trying to write it off as a non-coordinated thing.
  4. Another idea on how to fix some problems would be to heavily reduce the projectile speed of the cannonball. It wouldnt fix the people using sbc cannons to suicide bomb protect their base but it would nerf the people who spam it towards people
  5. Very ignorant in my opinion. SBC cannons have been gradually nerfed multiple times and the only buff would be the droprate increasing by going from only being accessible by !unbox to other things aswell, which causes the problems that "somehow" only happens after the droprates are buffed (people using them for everything as a cheap instakill weapon). I suggest you think before you type out your replies
  6. update: it happened today to one of my friends literally 1 minute after i spawned the rack. It did not go into a pickup box so it is a different reason why they stop working
  7. I think processors are still good if you can sort your inventory because the extra value you get from not having to buy things that you want to use is usually not calculated when people think about how much money they make from them. I would say to make processor tokens less rare again but tokens have long term been negatively recieved so maybe making the upgrades cheaper or making a chemical give more uses of your processor would be a way to buff it if it does long term go underused in my opinion
  8. Thank you for apologizing. I forgive you
  9. The thing sticks said was meant towards me and i clarified that before he was warned aswell, its a joke that is based off a picture with a stereotype of swedish people being soyboys. Its a bit rich to me that you are saying these things while your profile picture is a similar ethnic stereotype about australian people. Like how some staff said there are people who do and say things that are arguably way worse than what sticks without being punished.
  10. To the people telling me it is possible i woul very much want to see you post a video of you successfully raiding a base doing this
  11. I have already made this suggestion multiple times but I will make it again. People sitting in 8 man parties with 5 different people 2 double doors where none are actually basing is the most cancer and unfun thing that has happened to raiding and it should not and was not allowed in the past. There is absolutely no way to raid a base while being in a reasonable raid area to defend themselves against a party that has 4+ people who will come instantly on command with snipers and sbc cannons to shoot you from a range where you cannot even see them just because they are on the doors and if you are thinking that it is possible and considering to reply with it i dare you to send a video recording of you doing it. In the past you couldnt kill anyone who was raiding without doing the 123 warn thing if you were not inside the base, after that the enforcement changed to where you had to be in /y range and do a bind to counter while outside and now the enforcement has yet again changed to where you just have to be on a door and you can do whatever you want to defend a base, making it impossible to raid a base that does this. It wouldnt surprise me if people started making hobo bases on the other side of the main base and shoot anyone who is outside. My suggestion is to make the rule/enforcement changed to where you have to be on the door and do a bind whether it is a /y or you have to advert warn because this just makes raiding the most unfun experience it has ever been. Having 4+ people running around each corner all to shoot you with an sbc cannon or snipe you from insane ranges is not an interactive way to play
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