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  1. i votebanned 3 people (lie1) and i was raiding during the event (all allowed lie2) also the guy reporting me shot me before i entered the mayors office and i ran in to take cover from his vicious attacks
  2. wont even figure it out on his own lol relies on commands and searches when knowledge is power
  3. I changed my mind and I also want to tell people to kill themselves over a video game #justiceforflamers #realvictim #soy
  4. lol so u want there to be no rules because you have no self control. you can vent your frustrations in so many ways without saying crazy things that will get you banned. example: gn isaac cannot put together a sentence in the english language and has never went into a roleplay situation without thinking about how it can be solved in a sit he shouldnt be admin if you want to learn how to do this play league of legends for 1 hour (you get banned for saying idiot)
  5. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kvfQPuY5243kRZKlA58sKzq_snqKR-Lr?usp=sharing i made all these dupes in like 15 minutes if there are any problems u should fix them yourself fading doors are numpad 1, 2, 3 reenable material grenades and bombs ty
  6. whats the point in making complicated base dupes when material grenades are disabled lol just spam fences and make it one way lol
  7. I was told by this exact same staff yesterday that if i didnt call a sit they could not do anything. weird double standard Is this one of those staff policies that are turned on and off whether its convenient for staff ??
  8. its not prop detection its unloading the props from your graphics to save fps when behind a wall or too far away. so your suggestion is to lower everyones fps
  9. Thanks for putting your name in the title how else would we know who made the suggestion
  10. Wow this is so meta bro this is every suggestion ever...
  11. This is not a way to consistently level and it is not cheap as is mentioned. i estimate it costs more than 50 mil to do it and there is setup needed. I dont say how i do my run because i think it is far from the most efficient. i want people to beat the world record titsrp undisputed fastest prestige run for competition.... This is a lie my spreadsheet is only to figure out which categories and how much add up to the required xp. stop spreading misinfo + im selling it for 100 mil ingame dm on discord
  12. I think the cops should not give fines above 5% of someones money (hard cap at 5000 still) and instead give out stun stick lashings 另一个身体,这是为了锻炼身体,为了更好地提高身体素质,我们应该在跑马拉松之前进行锻炼,以改善心脏,这在改善跑步之前可以明显或几个月的身体在美国 因为那种改善剂血压改善剂和肺所以公布的身体更好的水平。当我们用尽了所公布的水平来拉扯马拉松比赛时公布的 getterol 水平以提高 c 相同的换药时间 换药时间 换药时间 很可能不会跑步 严格规定儿童休息时间限制就足够了不同的是,一个因素锻炼太严格了,哪个人可以定义一个孩子,而 2 小时对于一个孩子来说是太多了,所以计划不是让孩子休息两次,当他们的孩子聪明的时候留下来 营业执照信息网络传播视听节目许可证:0910417网络文化经营许可证 沪网文【2019】3804-274号广播电视节目制作经营许可证:(沪)字第01248号增值电信业务经营许可证 沪B2-20100043 互联网ICP备案:沪ICP备13002172号-3出版物经营许可证 沪批字第U6699 号互联网药品信息服务资格证 沪-非经营性-2016-0143营业性演出许可证 沪市文演(经)00-2253 | 不良信息举报邮箱:[email protected]涉未成年举报邮箱:[email protected]不良信息举报电话:4006262233转1上海互联网举报中心 |12345政务服务便民热线 | 沪公网安备31011002002436号 |儿童色情信息举报专区 |扫黄打非举报 网上有害信息举报专区:中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心亲爱的市民朋友,上海警方反诈劝阻电话“96110”系专门针对避免您财产被骗受损而设,请您一旦收到来电,立即接听。 公司名称:上海宽娱数码科技有限公司 |公司地址:上海市杨浦区政立路485号 |电话:021-25099888
  13. I will take the warning to post on this appeal (im like jesus) you should explain why your youtube channel was converted into something that posted rap videos about how people were pedophiles for months after your ban. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpuIe5bFfpE You are also not apologizing for anything that did get you banned, instead trying to be unbanned on the premise that new people don't know why you were banned? (this is the supposed logic bomb in question) the youtube channel seems to have been converted to something run by multiple people but it was originally fuels account
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