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  1. In game name: Piklas Discord: Pickles#8819 Plan: The day begins at 06:00, I arise in the morning darkness of sweden, within 3 minutes I have made my way to the shower and proceed to prepare my grooming routine for 15-25 minutes. After this I prepare my breakfast, 2 hardboiled eggs from chickens fed with only pesticide free Himalayan grass and Dekopon Citrus juice. When the food has been thoroughly enjoyed I look at the stock market to see my daily gains, 18% up is a satisfactory number. During the mid day I retrieve the necessary items to enjoy the evening's celebrations and check in with my closest friend circle that we are ready. When I return to my domecile I put on my costume. The choice is obvious, I will be Dracula, simple, elegant and a classic Halloween costume. Now the time is 18:30 and I go to the venue of the pregame. I bring the perfect amount of alcohol to get a buzz going, 30 cl of Louis XIII aged Cognac. Right before leaving we all take a line of the colombian white powder and make our way to the party. Once arriving I greet the people there and get a new drink, the party has begun. At this point time becomes harder to determine and I divulge into more depraved behaviours, entering a state in which there is no return... Memory fades.... Then, I awake.
  3. I like the current iteration of basing just that printers seem to be sidelined by processors still, I think the reason why more people are not basing is because they are actually using the other ways of getting money such as leaderboards quests etc.
  4. You should give him the benefit of the doubt if he plays on 270° fov it might look like its beside the door and not purposefully hidden
  5. I think there should be an item you can craft/unlock craft recipe to reroll the special of an enchanted gun. I think it should be expensive to make so that rerolling for a gun with the best special would be expensive. Example: 1 gem 1 oak 20 chemical barrels and 5 electronics
  6. You should also be teleported into a random spot inside someones base if you advert raid
  7. I suggest buffing the weapon instead
  8. I am not reading 4 pages so idk if this has already been mentioned but there has already been set a precedent about something like this where you could use 2 master swords to jump faster. It was removed because it is something that only a cc or someone who had an inventory master sword skin had access to.
  9. The biggest issue i see with the current bank is that the increase in investing is linear instead of exponential, changing it to exponential growth with a higher cap makes it more rewarding to consistently make sure the bank isnt raided and minmaxing insurance for people who dont know what the difference would look like
  10. f1 used to bring up a menu with commands to jobs, darkrp commands etc and it was replaced with surrender, I want a different button to be assigned to bring up the menu again as i used to use it for finding commands
  11. There are in my opinion way too few rocks and trees spawning compared to what the used to. I think this is because rocks and trees that used to spawn on reset have been removed because they were in weird positions in the new map and that makes it to where the amount of rocks and trees that are on the map lesser. To be clear this isnt about amount of spawn locations but the actual amount of trees and rocks that are around the map and i think it should be increased because its too hard to get materials especially if server is populated
  12. You cannot use many symbols at all (not even question mark) for loading screen quote. I think the selection should be increased
  13. I mean yeah its lame that you can only skin weapons but having guns that are custom is hard to do in a way that doesnt introduce overpowered weapons
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