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  1. Nevermind. dont speak to me and prepare for the wrost ingame
  2. Thank you for your brave service in defense of this server taking out the shooter
  3. I would like to have your mother as my pet in game so i can roleplay my real life thank you ☺
  4. So basically you are crying because you want handouts
  5. Do you think if something new is added the nolifers will not try to earn them that way aswell? You dont need Tier 3 boxes to do things on the server
  6. Cry about it lol you arent the only one maybe try to not care about being rdmed 1 time by a random literally no one who does anything with their time wants to sit in a 30 minute sit for your dissertation on why the person shouldnt kill you. The funniest thing is coping salec trying to argue against you when he would probably be doing the same exact thing spamming sits if he werent moderator
  7. shill answer the first time playing halo final mission
  8. The copers are coming out in strength on this post i see
  9. Hey guys did you know the amount of grinding you have to do to get a tier 3 is fluid ? its only as much as top leaderboard holder is willing to grind for the boxes. I dont thin buffing the reward is necessary. If someone is willing to farm 50 thousand barrels in a week for 3 boxes that is their business
  10. At the end of the day you cannot realistically make money off prestiging, making it more of a money sink for the prestige and I think people should be allowed to spend all their money on getting high prestige if that is what they want to do. There is no reason to make the feature not able to be used multiple times other than people saying "Well I wont use it so its unfair" for something that isn't even an advantage
  11. Getting level 25 i think is only like 30% of the total xp you need to get max level. edit its 25.2% of the xp you need for a prestige. to put this into perspective that means if you buy the boost you still need to max out on 16 different xp categories if you have the reputation upgrade (23 without) . Realistically if you are spending 15 mil on this you are not saving much time spent on farming xp compared to the cost of getting the levels.
  12. If it were to come back i dont think advertising it ingame should be allowed since it clutters the chat!
  13. You could literally remove all kidnapping nerfs since 2017 but keep kidnapping being kos and it wouldnt be that big of an issue
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