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  1. Dont think I ever said that, in fact I said the opposite. Is raiding someone trying to find trouble? Let me reiterate, me and etho are not the same person and I do not share every opinion or thought he has. Let me also reiterate, I tried to avoid the situation without escalating but rethaw did not want to engage. This is not a report regarding whos base it is. It is regarding deleting dupes to abuse and gain an unfair advantage. your take makes it look to me like you didn't even read the report.
  2. I did make a sit after trying to resolve the situation without getting admins involved and etho(only staff on at that point) said he did not want to take it because of bias. I also want to say that I am seeing some hive mentality going on here about what i thought about the situation of the doors. I was raiding rethaw and i thought there was a problem of owning multiple bases which i now know isnt a rule anymore, etho obviously disagrees with who was the owner of the base. Does any of this change the fact that removal of props for an advantage happened? The answer is no. Also smelly is in this post trying to discredit following the rules, pretty suspect behaviour if you ask me.
  3. Who is reporting smelly here? Don't think he did anything involving removal or placing of props
  4. So what you're saying is either a. you deleted your dupe about 7 minutes into someone raiding their own base (your props) to get an advantage in your raid b. you deleted your dupe to get an advantage during a raid on your base both options seem to me are against the previously posted rule. Conveniently leaves dupe down mid raid to make getting in slower then removes that dupe 7 minutes after being asked to remove it and conveniently thats when you walk in with 3 people to begin a raid because you were being so very compliant and wholesome, surely not to abuse props mid raid and walk in. I also wasnt aware about the base ownership discussion that was happening at the time only that i thought there was a situation about multiple bases (which is apparently allowed now) Conveniently leaves out this chat message from the logs u are cherry picking If you and your entire party were on different doors and basing there why would you be saying this in all chat? At this point i would like to point out Rethaw has previous bans and i believe warnings which include "lying in a sit". "not your base" ----> after the fact: "no bro it was your base all along actually me and my friends were based somewhere else" Could he have? or was the dupe that was left up for 7 minutes (while me and the guy were breaking into the base) before being removed in the way of any dupes being placed. And if he did place his dupe after you removed yours I sure wonder what would be said about placing dupes in raids... Every time recently that someone disconnects or something else and their doors are claimed I have seen admins restore ownership rather than removing the dupe and base ownership for someone but I am not 100% sure of how those situations are supposed to be handled (probably depends on the staff member). In either case there my opinion is that there is clear malicious wrongdoing on Rethaws part no matter how you slice it and I hope this further evidence will stop the attempts at rewriting history To be clear I think its very obvious with the video and what Rethaw was saying at the time that I was raiding his base and dupe but when he saw the opportunity to attempt some loophole he took it.
  5. Evidence of me trying to resolve it ingame. (i asked him to give the 5 bitminers i would take in the raid and then posted the rule that he broke) also this is literally 1 week from being unbanned for something else for this guy...
  6. so what ur saying is that you broke nlr to teach this terrorist a lesson about having 2 bases?
  7. Piklas Pickles#8819 the person who gets me is getting 1 mil of cardboard boxes
  8. sorry i will remove the reactions immediatly i wanted to prove a bit of a point about hypocrisy also i predicted this in advance kinda npc moment edit the reactions i gave in the past 2 days after hard predicting your every move have been removed.
  9. Yeah i agree arguing semantics in something that isn't allowed is stupid
  10. If it is not a skybase wouldnt it be basing in the streets as a non hobo? Semantics beside he has a warn for basing with that base or a similar base as a cc. I do not recall if it was a verbal or actual warning but it should be on the warnings page for him on the server to check unless im wrong?
  11. As you can see the base was labeled as public I do not have evidence of him having warnings for skybasing as a non preacher before but im sure the moderators can find that out Looking back at the footage it doesnt seem to me like he even at the very least said anything in chat or voice before killing me despite it being against the rules ->DO warn users either 3 times in /advert, or once using the E menu giving at least 3 seconds before defending yourself Im just testing to see how the pet i got from the battle pass interacts with things on the public base and the guy swaps to his cc and kills me. As you can see in the video i double check to see that he didnt advert warns on me then i ask why he killed me in a matter of fact manner like i should and then call an admin. Upon realizing there are no admins on i make a voteban and it fails. I was going to move on with things but he makes his retaliation voteban which is not allowed at all and it goes through.
  12. you would still be able to build in fountain if the only hobos can build in street rule was ever enforced (cc people would never go hobo because they cant use their anime furry model) but since that wasnt ever enforced because "it isnt doing any harm" you got cc billboard plaza instead. you people got exactly what you deserved
  13. Remove the limit on propclimb events and let us sell event tokens @KDawg
  14. Yo can i get some heart reactions on my post
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