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  1. Hello i fired you because you did not contact me in time after becoming cop (law 5). This had nothing to do with ShardMario killing you or Wanted doing a request. I did fire you a few seconds early tho which i apologize for, it is my mistake for looking at the minute you became cop and not paying attention to the seconds you became cop. I dont understand if this is a report on you being rdmed or being fired but those 2 have no correlation. also btw if you were killed on the 2nd floor there is a 99% chance you were killed for law 4 and not wanted on the 2nd floor
  2. so true and as far as i know nothing was hard coded on the server ever because i didnt personally inspect it. if you somehow are able to get -100 rep you shouldnt be staff and the reputation system is supposed to demote at -100 which it clearly isnt doing. Simple as. End of. Fix it k-dog and rubik.
  3. This is not intended. The reason is because the food tries to make your max hp higher than 135 which is a hard limit, but then removes the attempted amount of max hp when the effects end. Example: +88max hp 1 minute will give you 135 max hp for 1 minute then put you back to 47 max hp until you either die or do something else that would alter your max hp
  4. "i just walk in trying to start something?" "Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid." This is the 2nd line in the illegal activities section of the rules. I asked you to read the rules again, you did not. Are we seriously considering staff who do not read the 2nd line of a rule section and who does not double check the rule when the user they are in a sit is saying the rule says different things as good representations of the server?
  5. "Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid." "Trespassing makes you KoS. This means if you trespass someone's house while they are "building" you will die."
  6. FAPGOD: https://youtu.be/b2STMHjliWo Again I did not save evidence of him "joke bringing" terry during his raid but maybe someone did save something about that. Xiers: Has been spoke to about not using spectate before Logs of me killing coconut overflow and F___ in a raid and 2 minutes after my last kill (i was most likely still in base collecting items) he says he is spectating me Picture 1 is in swedish timezone and picture 2 is in EST Also in case someone is interested they are both in the base that I raided in the FAPGOD clip.
  7. made some basic dupes that are pretty similar to popular ones used for basing for new players to use. feel free to make any alterations for your own wants or needs all dupes have these things included: 3 fading doors (numpad 1,2,3 in order from first door) all keypads place with dupe (code is 335) 1 camera outside (numpad 9) recommended to use door alarms with the dupe lower sewer basic refers to the most popular base in sewers that has 2 rooms, lower sewer basic 2 refers to the base neighboring the first one might add more bases if wanted https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CyyhC5rNHlId31YVBpPX_0yTXcYmyJXC?usp=drive_link
  8. Hey man im said loser who sniped your 5 mil. I want to make it clear that im not a co owner that was a bit of a troll on your expense my gullible little chungus. You weren't planning on mentioning how you were trying to snipe someone betting 100k with 5 mil on that jackpot? This guys join message is also something like "infamous jackpot sniper joined" or something like that so hes definitely ok with sniping if he is the one doing it. It is not theoretically impossible to win, the ratio of money to "tickets" in the jackpot is 1:1 im pretty sure (someone said it was skewed towards lower bets). Apparently you already beat the "theoretically impossible" thing with a 300 mil win? You should only bet money that you are willing to lose and I would suggest that you shouldnt be buying gmod money to bet with especially if you arent having fun, but you seem to have already came to that conclusion on your own. There is also an option to completely hide gambling if you are feeling addicted. I dont think jackpot should be limited because of moments where people win a jackpot amount with a small bet but I am obviously biased. When someone wins 1 bil from me with like 0.83% chance I will be ok with that, I just hope it wont be someone who pays for gmod money to gamble with and cries when they lose The suggestion about different jackpots isnt horrible but it also doesnt solve the non-problem of people joining with more money than others. It conveniently does make it easy to snipe a new player betting 100k with 5 mil (or whatever the limit would be) without having the risk of someone else doing the same to you but with a bigger number, not to mention workarounds like having a party of many people joining with max limit. If you really want to discourage sniping you would want odds to be more heavily skewed towards lower bets no matter the size but I suspect that would interfere with your low roller sniping I hope this serious reply finds you well and you can now understand the reasons why you are being clowned on by people ❤
  9. Wrong thanx for the 30 mil
  10. Bank is dead and hasn't ever been in a sweetspot since the original rework imo Problems: Investing takes too long, most people forget about it Raiders take out all the money even if you have insurance Raiding bank happens when there is no banker playing Banker has no incentive to play it other trying to juice the bank to raid it later or for bad xp I think making the bank work around there being a banker actively playing beyond the investments not increasing should be the way to make the whole system more fun and rewarding. My suggestion would be to: Make the % increase exponential again and tune it where a max investment will reach the cap at around 3 hours. Example: 5% every 5 minutes maxes out a 75k investment after about 2 hours 40 minutes. Make investments slowly depreciate while there is no banker playing, scaling with how much money is in the vault. Example: if vault is above 50 mil it will depreciate 20% every hour, between 50-25 mil it will depreciate 5% every hour and at 25 mil it depreciates with a flat 1 mil per hour until drained (numbers can be tweaked, example takes about 2 days to fully drain from a stacked 100 mil bank) Make the bank c4 very heavily nerfed when there is not a banker playing. Make insurance actually work and also make it only protect money up to 100k. also probably make it cost more than 2k. Maybe 10k to mirror 10% of the max money its protecting. Make the banker get a cut from withdraw fees and insurance purchases similar to how mayor gets money from pd console so there is some incentive to play as the banker and get lots of people investing and then withdrawing. this way its also less incentive for the banker to just play it to increase the money for raiders later on I believe that all this would make the entire process of bank money going from putting in money and forgetting about it to someone putting the money in and taking it out when they are done with their play session, unless it got raided during that time and the raiders got the money. I think it would also make it so raiding the bank would be about actually raiding the banker rather than the bank getting a bunch of investment then when the server is in low population hours a raider goes in and takes all the money without contest. If there is no interest from players to be the banker the money will go away like the old bank but instead of it being instantly deleted, people have a chance to take out their money before it is gone forever. With this change it would also be hard to get to a point like the past where the bank is juiced to 100 mil then raided every 2 days because it would require around 300 people to have investments while there has also been a banker consistently online to reach the 100 mil cap of the vault. I think this revamp would reward players with less money while also making it not being easy to amass insane amounts of money for those who can afford to make the large bank raiding c4 at which point a gain of 300k in 3 hours isn't special
  11. So you are saying that the smods are not very bright? I dont believe you Btw did anyone hear about the new unwritten rule about mayor not being allowed to have dupes that block the desk in office? apparently its because they have buttons that cops need to use.
  12. Even if you are 2 people it wont give you cards but it will drain your money for big/small blind
  13. What is your discord tag: dramamonger What is your in-game name: Piklas How many hours do you have in total: idk a lot What could you bring to the table: insane raiding and basing skills and great gun skills also knowledge of unkown exploits and unused broken props How often do you play: When i feel like Message me on discord please if i am accepted
  14. Really? I only heard about it the other day wo im out of the loop
  15. This is true the smod told me nothing about this loophole it needs a fix ASAP
  16. anyone else agree with this new unwritten rule about only being allowed to use 3 c4 just because basers can only use 3 fading doors makes it a bit too hard? Not only that but the fact that you have to advert every time you use one makes it so the opponents always know when the next one is coming.... heres a little clip showing what i mean (auto shotgun cringeabusers lethal nucleardose ) all gun permissions i used in this video are sold by me contact me on discord if interested in buying (message request: piklas.)
  17. lets talk about this on discord my name is rbik
  18. how would you deal with rerolling?
  19. 1-800-Suicide


    Any thread lock users on the forums atm ?
  20. I told this to the moderator that punished me ingame but there was someone else that had a bind with the message of goatnuts saying the abbreviation and i thought he was making a voteban based on that bind. My voteban was still the wrong move and i agree with my own punishment, but there is something to look into about if the message was actually sent or copied off someone elses bind
  21. yeah and he kept someone frozen who got killed 140+ times before being unfrozen idk what this guy is doing
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