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  1. Forum rules and guidelines are posted here https://forums.titsrp.com/forum-rules-guidelines/
  2. +1 for removing kingdom raid advert. Not sure why it was added in the first place.
  3. Rubik

    florhn appeal

    No response from florhn and so far no positive support. Going to deny this for now.
  4. Ayee homies. We reached level 70 and we're ready for a Gang CC. What should we have in terms of a name and weapons? It comes with two weapon slots.
  5. This appears to be caused by a mistyped line of code and I don't believe it was intentional. I'll push a fix for the next reset unless Sugar plans to set a record for the worlds largest mass rdm with the Blundergat.
  6. I'm not 100% certain of this but there may be some food / talismans / potion that would reduce the amount of damage you take while it's active. Maybe you could use this in anticipation for landmines on the other side of the portal?
  7. This is definitely not intentional. I will forward this to sugar since he made some recent changes to the weapon base that may have caused this. He will know what to do.
  8. You should really notify people next time you do this. I would totally log on just to be a part of this.
  9. @mcdonalds wifi makes a good point. Staff should wait for multiple staff responses before deciding on it. In fact this is usually covered in training from T-Mod -> Mod. Unless the case is cut and dry where there is either enough evidence to support the ban or zero evidence provided to the contrary, an appeal or report should be left open for some time. If you see a specific staff member who has a pattern of swiftly denying their own reports or appeals where there is a valid case of misconduct or a false ban, you should notify a higher staff member.
  10. The Smods+ regularly check and review ban appeals and reports. If they see something is mishandled it will be reopened. Very rarely is this the case so we do allow staff to decide on their own reports and appeals. They are the ones that are actually involved in the situation and can provide the most accurate information / facts of the case.
  11. Rubik

    Unknown Ban

    Very strange. I don't have any information on your ban so it will be lifted!
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