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  1. Zek with -142 rep haze with -140 rep fuel with -76 rep
  2. February 6th Changelog Fixed a poor user experience when interacting with money printers menu Patched an exploit with the hitman payphones Patched an exploit that gave unlimited XP Updated cardboard box arrest quest description to reflect job requirements
  3. Can you provide a little more context as to why you were banned?
  4. January 30th Changelog Patched a bug where you might get two fish at once Fixed trumpets not changing pitch Small improvements to FPS when looking at a large number of crops Patched a bug that let you precision tool parcels across the map Fixed a bug where right clicking on keypads didn't update them Fixed a bug where you could spawn job-specific vehicles not as that job via the old f4 menu Gave Benny the ability to spawn hobo wheelchairs too
  5. Was there ever a sit made against him? I've added some new guidelines for staff on how to handle these situations but it sounds like it's possible in this case either there were not any staff online, or a sit was never called against him. The policy has always been, if someone calls a sit and asks it to be removed, that's all it takes. Staff should 100% of the time force the player to remove it, no exceptions. Staff should have removed them. If not, that is clearly due to poor training. As for the player involved, based on his replies in this report it seems like he is only pasting these dupes with the sole intention to create discourse and start drama. Based on his previous warns for racism and this seeming to be a recurring issue, I'm going to ban him for 2 weeks for repeated drama mongering. Binkzy, If you get some sort of hate boner from upsetting other players and "caus[ing] this stir back in the community", we don't want you here. Accepted
  6. It doesn't appear that account is banned.
  7. It’s probably legit. Some sort of door to door sales or religious thing. Since this is blatant solicitation and against the rules I probably wouldn’t do this. Just left it up to see the replies
  8. You would need to track down the ID of your alt so we can take a look at why it was banned. Then we can figure out if it should either be unbanned or appealed.
  9. The binds were actually removed due to an exploit and I don't forsee them coming back anytime soon sadly.
  10. January 22nd Major Changelog [New Year Battlepass Update] Added the 2023 New Years Battlepass with tons of new items, animations, crafting plans, pets, and more Fixed bird poop quest Fixed unique quests Jackhammer QOL improvements Improvements to the Battlepass progress menu Chainsaw has a slightly higher durability Questing QOL improvements Inventory panel QOL improvements & added animations Accessory items have a small icon to indicate them Updated old BP names Fixed steamID copying within Slogs Fixed boombox position on wheelchairs Fixed an issue where some vehicles might be "unavailable" even though you had them unlocked Fixed an issue with the Mayor's Panel that would block you from using it until you relogged
  11. You start out with three quests as a new player. You get +1 medium quest for becoming VIP, +1 medium quest for unlocking the "adventureawaits" perk, +1 easy quest for unlocking the "extraeasy" perk & any additional number of quests you unlock in the Suga Shop (F4). You also get a random lightning quest every 20 minutes or so.
  12. Placing your boombox inside props like this with no buttons or keypads is against the rules to begin with. This dude shouldn't have been demoted or warned imo. Looks like ban baiting to me. +1 for warn removal.
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