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  1. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Rubik


    You were banned for Mass RDM, lying in a sit, and RDM in a sit. Not sure how that happened if you were outside but like McDonalds said, you need to appeal that ban first. For now, this account will have to remain suspended because you tried to circumvent a ban. STEAM_0:0:27429286 is the main account's steam ID, banned by Shit Ass
  3. This should be easy to fix. Basically like you said, when an event starts everyone is removed to make room for the event props and to not interfere with the event. I will look into better methods of removing players from the event zone.
  4. For the next reset I changed it to say "Hack your bounty away from the bounty board %d times" --> "Randomly remove your own bounty from the bounty board %d times" Hope this helps.
  5. This is correct, thank you. The quest could use some clarification. If anyone can suggest some better wording for it, share it here. Simply put, you need to remove your own bounty using the "remove a random person's bounty" option, which is totally random.
  6. <<<<<<<<what the actual fuck is that video 

  7. Rubik


    I'll PM you
  8. Rubik


    @Jake2 would you be willing to hop on my dev server and test for me? Hard to reproduce since this doesn't crash me.
  9. Could you narrow it down to a specific day when this first started for you?
  10. Rubik


    This has been an issue for some players for a while now. Do you have CSS purchased and mounted?
  11. This seems to be working as intended on my test server. I should mention that certain "legacy CCs" or CCs that were made manually by Sugar are hard-coded and will always revert to whatever color is set when it was created. Newer CCs that were made via the CC editor shouldn't be affected.
  12. This is fixed for the QOL update. Thank you 🙂
  13. As I mentioned before, someone else claimed full control of your custom class in your absence. It's likely they have changed it to their liking. Feel free to go to the CC editor and make it how you like. Custom models may have been removed if the owner went inactive as well, so keep that in mind.
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