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  1. Those fish are only catchable as a reward for people who have an upgraded fishing skill I'm pretty sure, so it doesn't really make sense to have them in the loot table.
  2. What would you like to see as a reward for say "recycling trash"? Would you get some additional materials for crafting? Maybe like enchanting where you have a small chance to a super rare item?
  3. @Tenemake a new post in suggestions instead of replying to one that is unrelated. I'm sure if it gets enough support it'll be done! @Mumperyou caught me! (jk this is a dev server so it's not tied into my real inventory)
  4. It's me after my leg falls asleep from sitting on the toilet too long
  5. I have a few cool things for a pre Halloween update I will probably push the first week of October. This would mainly include Halloween-themed minigames, props, etc but the main Halloween update will be scheduled closer to Halloween night.
  6. I have no involvement in the server, in fact it is not actually me making this post. Actually this post doesn't even exist, what are you reading?
  7. Hey Joe


    1. Rubik


      I know its you, Joe. 


    2. frank fontaine

      frank fontaine

      bro will someone please tell me who the fuck is joe????

  8. Rubik

    name change

    Change your name in game using /rpname Daniel Beckends. On the forums, you can check your name by going to https://forums.titsrp.com/settings/ Also go here https://forums.titsrp.com/settings/login/?service=2 and make sure you have unchecked "Update my display name here when my Steam username changes"
  9. After looking into these players it doesn't appear they are teaming as more than 4 on the tits.gg server.
  10. Accepted. 76561198880140841 is banned.
  11. It was suspected that this weapon was causing a weird issue where tracers were emitting from random players on the map and also it had never been converted over to our current weapon base. I'll convert it over, re-add it & hope for the best!
  12. This is addressed in the October update!
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