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  1. Starting today (6/14/2021) players can vote on the map we use for each server. We've also added a new landing page for the Rust servers (https://tits.gg) where you can view real-time stats such as current players online, current map size & seed, and server uptime. https://tits.gg/vote To get started, click the MAPS button on either server to go directly to the maps specific to that server. Alternatively, you can go to https://tits.gg/vote. Authenticate with Steam, then select which server you want to vote on.. Here, WEEKLY is
  2. Those images are too small to read. Could you reupload them in full res? After checking their SteamIDs I see only a group of 4.
  3. Rubik


    You can appeal bans here: https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/19-ban-warn-appeals/ Whether or not the ban is valid or fair is up for debate but we need to do that in the ban appeal for the record.
  4. Due to the majority positive support for your unban, and the fact you canceled the chargeback (even though this hurts my account standing with paypal) [if you had successfully charged back this would be automatic denial], I will unban you. Thank you to everyone that give you input, including those who have negative feedback, your opinion is valuable too! Remember, next time if you have something sensitive that you'd like us to know abut, always send us a PM or request a private voice call with the Administrators or SAs. Posting it in public in an attempt to gain a reaction through
  5. Need more content like this. Very cool!
  6. There is an button at the top right that says "refresh quest data". Try clicking that if you're not seeing progress and it should update. Yeah there is a delay for some reason. I'll create a dev ticket to see if something can be done.
  7. Forgot the close the thread but this player was banned on May 22nd and also received a game ban thanks to your report.
  8. I've manually overridden this model's max HP & blocked it from raiding / revolting.
  9. Thank you, you're unbanned from Discord.
  10. Sharing personal information, real or fake, is not allowed. No one knows / cares if it was fake & it should never happen again. As long as you agree to follow the rules and don't be dumb I will unban you.
  11. Rubik

    Dom's Report

    No evidence so it didn't happen
  12. Our privacy policy should cover all your questions but to keep it short and sweet - we donโ€™t store any personal information aside from what is in console logs on the server & your forums profile. Only SA has access to the backend to forums and console access on the server, but Smod+ can view your IP address for moderation purposes and alt detection (until today Mods could see it too but I removed mostly all access from that rank, including IP addresses). We use cloudflare and they store some statistics like your IP and geographical location (not precise) but only Sugar and myself
  13. There are some model makers on gmodstore.com. Post your job on there, and make sure you only hire someone with a good reputation.
  14. Abusing the staff tools to break the rules & the way you abused the trust of your fellow staff is really disappointing. I do appreciate you returning the money that you charged back, but that does not change anything on our end. Every time someone charges back, it negatively affects the seller's standing with PayPal. As the seller I am charged double or even triple fees on every transaction once I have reached a certain number of chargebacks in a year. Additionally, when you charge back I also must pay $20 per chargeback.. so you returning the money is a nice gesture, but I might as w
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