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  1. If you aren’t directly involved in a situation, you should not comment on ban appeals / reports because since you are not involved, you may not have all of the information needed to fully understand the situation. More than likely the reason you were warned was because you commented on a situation where you were not directly involved. If someone told you in a VC to comment on it, I would have told them “I’m not involved so I can’t do that”. Seems like the warn is valid in this case.
  2. Rubik

    No appeal

    You can’t appeal because you are forums banned. I don’t know what else you expect s forums ban to entail but that’s honestly how it’s always been. You need to wait out the ban.
  3. Use tokens to spawn in mini printers. Regular printers are limited to 2 per user I think but you can buy printers from other people.
  4. Rubik

    Ban appeal

    Accepted, Don’t use scripts or you will get slammed by the anti-cheat again.
  5. Rubik


    This has been up for almost a week now. Anyone that wants a chance to reconsider their response, please do so asap. Any staff that hasn’t contributed their opinion, please do so that we can come to a unanimous decision.
  6. Rubik


    iirc, the terms of having someone buy your unban was that if you were ever banned again, there would be no opportunity to appeal. This was added in good faith that if you garnered enough support from the community that they would be willing to spend 1 billion dollars on you, that you understand that & have / be willing to change. Edit: I could be wrong about that, here is further clarification on the subject of the 1bil unban. Maybe you are just unable to be unbanned for 1bil after you fuck it up the first time? Who knows..
  7. Did you post it in a NSFW channel or in general / other non NSFW chat?
  8. It doesn’t appear to be rep bombing, but there is also the possibility that you removed multiple -1 reps before making this appeal. I would like to see if Bree has any evidence of additional reps that were removed because I don’t see her warning for rep bombing for one -1 rep. you only have one warn, the reason for the multiple warn reasons is a bug and it’s because she edited the warn a few times before issuing it. I will look into a fix for that.
  9. December 31st Changelog Fixed an issue where the prestige shop would should inaccurate XP earned Show XP needed until next level in the prestige shop Fixed a lua error when trying to view list of who owns perms to your CC content Fixed a bug where you could use /size to get outside of the map Made it so Grim Reaper can only attack players who have less than 30% of their max health instead of 30HP
  10. As Mumper stated, the pooled XP in the lootbox seller menu should not be used to determine how much pooled XP you have because that pool persists until server reset.
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