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  1. I think you've raised some decent points in your original post about players sort of 'cheating the system' and claiming "harassment" when shit doesn't go their way, but outright allowing harassment and toxicity is not the answer. I am a firm contender of "if you have an issue, make a report on the forums". Most people will make fun of me for this, or brush it off as "he just doesn't want to deal with the problem so he tells them to "take it to the forums"" but in reality there is some logic behind this. I think if we required a report for every single ban involving harassment, and that report required supporting evidence for it to be accepted, I don't see how any of this would be an issue. TLDR - if you want someone banned for harassment or extreme toxicity, you should make a report and have evidence to back it up. Allowing toxicity & harassment will never happen because we have a duty to protect the server from being blacklisted by Facepunch by keeping this a safe place for the players. This. Only players that have a negative impact on the server as a whole, for example someone who is constantly causing drama with sole intention of making people hate their lives or leave the server should be banned for toxicity and/or harassment (with the exception of sexual harassment or IRL threats)
  2. General Prop Abuse(Prop Abuse) Can be anywhere from a verbal warning to a ban. This includes but is not limited to prop Blocking/Flying/Spamming. Building in a place you do not own to give yourself any form of advantage is a warn or ban. If involved in a raid this could be considered exploiting and can result in up to a 30 day ban. If prop spam causes lag then it can be considered "Crashing Server" & is a permanent ban.
  3. Denied for shitposting.
  4. Assuming you weren't ear-raping with the TTS, I'd have to disagree with this since you are able to mute Mr. Bones entirely if you are truly bothered by it. I wouldn't have warned Mr. Bones for making noises since that is the entire point of the job, however he did the right thing by handling it through Roleplay rather than as a staff situation. Just to confirm, you were not actually !WARNed, but you're talking about the E menu warn system, right?
  5. Taking a quick glance at logs, I couldn't find any evidence of harassment in the past few days. If you have any more supporting evidence such as screenshots & video recording, Discord messages, etc to add before we decide on this it would be helpful in determining the severity of the toxicity and/or harassment.
  6. I have no idea why you would have been warned for this. I will ban Idol & remove any warn from your account regarding this. Accepted
  7. Bro titsrp is ass. This man spittin fax
  8. June 18th Changelog Added a popup when you are mugged, giving you the ability to fight or drop the cash Replaced police k9 model Increased combo rewards on XP slot machine Increased the speed of Feather Hands and made it more accurate when picking a weapon Re-added the ability to change the hilt and sounds for lightsabers & patched an exploit Made it so mugging now defaults to the player's tax rate of .05% of their cash Made it so printer racks will not remove themselves from degrading inside of a pickup box Made it so 'Precious Life' now fades the users screen for 4 seconds when activated Made it so 'Nice Guy' decreases the amount of money you need to spend for VIP Made it so you cannot pick pocket or mug players in spawn or while AFK Fixed an issue with the Holy Grenade Fixed an issue where a successful Mafia demand would grant all players 125 XP when it should only be given to Mafia members Fixed an issue where getting two coins and a chest on the XP slot machine would grant monetary reward instead of a jackpot spin Fixed an issue where mugging didn't work correctly in high amounts and in longer distances Fixed an issue with Mafia buffs where all players would earn 125 armor Possibly fixed an issue where CC perms were not saving for some users on server restart. If you still have this issue after reset, yell at me on Discord!
  9. You've been unbanned. If a staff asks you to change your pfp for whatever reason, please comply. If you have an issue with this decision, reach out to a higher ranking staff member for help.
  10. Is this the profile picture in question? I don't really see how this is NSFW, but if staff asks you to change it for whatever reason you should.
  11. Yes, we have placed an order for a dedicated machine for Gmod and are waiting for it to be deployed.
  12. I've done a bit of research on the Garry's Mod server browser and I can provide some information (I think) as to why the server pop has been substantially lower as of recently. So basically, the way it used to work (idk, 2004 - 2018) is that the servers with the highest population would show up on the Gmod server browser first. A ton of server owners complained to Facepunch about this because they felt it was the sole reason for their servers not "taking off" - more established communities / servers would always show up first because they had players. It makes sense. So now, the server browser is based off of the Steam Master Server list. It takes into consideration - total playercount and server ping. If a server has >1 player and a low ping, it will show up on the serverlist first. In what order I'm not sure, but I know depending on your geo location, your server list will look different than someone else's because of ping. Many communities solve this issue by using a service called "AnyCast" to display the lowest ping possible to every user. Imagine AnyCast as a network of computers ('nodes') all over the globe. When you load into gmod, a server's name, ping, and playercount is sent to you from a 'node' that is closest to you - so the ping you see is not actually your ping to the game server, but the ping to that 'node'. As a result, your "ping" to that gmod server is very low which in turn means that server will show up in the server list first (as long as it has players). All of this is what calculates a server's "rank" (the red-to-green bar shown on the right side of each server in the server list). The higher the server's rank, the faster it is sent to you from the Steam Master Serverlist. Where am I going with this? A new hosting company called Tempest provides this AnyCast service for free to all customers. As a result, a vast majority of communities host with them. In fact we host our Rust servers with them and I believe this is why those servers reached 175 pop within 35 minutes of booting up with a default server name and no description. TitsRP is NOT hosted with AnyCast, although most servers are nowadays. We think the server count is low, in part, because we are not shown to users until after a large amount of server's are sent to them from the Steam Master Serverlist because their ping appears to be much higher.
  13. Rubik

    my ban appeal

    How would you explain why you share the same IP as the person who was banned? You need to provide a lot more information / context to help us out here.
  14. Rubik

    Ban Appeal

    I’ve just reached out to uko. Please hang tight. We will have a resolution for you before the next wipe at 2pm. in the meantime, can you share your rust playtime or make your profile public?
  15. If you have a custom CC command such as /daddy then you have a legacy CC. These are hard-coded and cannot be changed by the player as the default settings will overwrite any changes when the server resets. I'll talk to Sugar about a possible solution for this.
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