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  1. isn't this what the suggestions section is for? you're supposed to post your thoughts that you want ignored like every other bit of community feedback in the suggestions section of the forums proof a broken clock is right twice a day
  2. do oyu guys pay rent or just freeload off ur parents? i don't believe in rent so i live in an anarcho syndicalist commune
  3. Hey Joe


    1. Rubik


      I know its you, Joe. 


    2. frank fontaine

      frank fontaine

      bro will someone please tell me who the fuck is joe????

  4. hi what state is the server located in? thinking of moving so i can have less ping
  5. sorry you can only have 1 D in total in your username we are working hard to fix this bug
  6. ill send it if you record yourself taking a piss on a printed out photo of a giraffe
  7. i just think the job leads to MRDM i mean you get a bunch of bombs and no clear objective to use them on right? obviously fountain/spawn tunnel is the first idea. ur idea might help but i think its more an issue with how the job is designed
  8. @Rubik could you weigh in specifically on whether or not this kind of racism should have a place on your server?
  9. titsRP is run by sentient group of moles. they are conspiring to steal all of the dirt from our gardens.
  10. i think his point is that staff DID see him MRDMing, he got banned, and unbanned when he appealed because he's sixnut
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