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  1. I am unsure if this is on the !motd or not, I tried scrolling thought it, and I am probably too blind to see it, but at the bottom or top you should have something that pertains to, "IGNORANCE OF THE LAW DOES NOT UPHOLD IN COURT" "YOU ARE SUBJECT TO PUNISHMENT REGARDLESS OF YOUR NEGLIGENCE TO READ THE SERVER, FORUM, AND DISCORD/TEAMSPEAK RULES" Something to that effect. I used to staff on a server, and we had a problem where people would complain that "Oh, I didn't read the rules" or "Oh, I didn't know that was a thing." (And in some cases, there are people who make innocent mistakes, which is understandable, not everyone if perfect). But most cases, I found that people would just say that to get out of trouble and use it as an excuse to minge/rdm. We used an example like this to basically cover our asses when banning people for minging, so they couldn't turn around and use the ignorance card in a sit or on an appeal. Edit: NVM I just saw it XD, sorry bout that "Not reading the rules is your own fault, our rules differ from most servers"
  2. Hecker

    Lootcrate glitch

    I dont know if my word has any effect in the forums, cuz I don't really vote or +1/-1 things, but here I go anyway This has happened to me multiple times and it's really annoying to pay a bunch for crates or grind your way to the top of the leaderboards just to loose everything and have to start from square one again. I do know of one specific way to reproduce this problem (although I'm not sure if it has been fixed or not), but if you take out a crate the same time the Mayor Election tab drops down, you cannot open the crate. There are other ways to reproduce this, I cannot remember at the top of my head though, cuz the Mayor Election tab method is the main one for me.
  3. I eat butt of bread, but like, not like loaf bread in the plastic wrap that you get from the aisles. That shit's disgusting, I'm too good for that and so are you! I'll eat from the bakery section where they make actually good bread like sourdough and french bread and jalapeno cheese bread. Those are the only bread butts I eat. thank you, god bless, amen
  4. Hecker

    I wanna go homr

    I have coronavirus
  5. Tell my boss to give me Saturday off so I don't have to work and I can get chores done around the house. But mostly to stop doing chores every 30 seconds and play gmod for like 30 minutes and then resume doing chores.
  6. Description: I honestly dont know if this would be a bug or exploit, but basically sometimes when you fish, you catch weapons/tools. I have caught arrest Batons, Unarrest batons, Want sticks, and other items I'm not sure I'm supposed to have? Those are the main things I can think of right now. I dont think the Batons work, but I know the want stick works because a friend and I tested it before. He was wanted and it said that I wanted him. We waited it out and it went away. How to reproduce: just fish and hope you get lucky Priority: (High, Medium, Low) Low, mainly because you have to fish for a while to get some, so it wouldn't be a high chance to get one. Also Idk if this is supposed to be like this or not. I've gotten rid of my stuff cuz I didnt want any trouble
  7. So I graduated High School in May and right now I am having trouble finding a job. During the summer I did not get a job because from July to August I was touring Vietnam, and no one wants to hire someone when they know they will be gone within the next month. Well now I am back. I have been back for about 2 weeks? And I need to find a job or at least do something with my time. Currently I am job hunting and while I am waiting for responses to my applications I am basically stuck at home cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and doing small tasks for friends and family like dog sitting, mowing lawns, moving rocks, etc. I have applied to the only Target in my area, Kohls, multiple Gamestops, Petsmart, a plant nursery that is literally across the street from my house, Safeway, and 3 Walmarts, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Burger King. All of which I applied for two weeks ago, 3 days after I got home. I have been to two interviews so far which were Petsmart and the nursery, I was not accepted to them. For Petsmart they did not give a reason, just an email saying I was not accepted for the position, and for the nursery, they told me to try applying around spring, because that's when they have a lot of openings. It may just be me being impatient or just nerves, but can anyone recommend any other jobs for me to apply to? My mother actually told me about Uber and Uber Eats (I don't know what you'd call that kind of work? Like home delivery services where you pick stuff up for people). My grandmother suggested Amazon delivery? Other people have suggested Task Rabbit and a dog walking app that I forgot the name of. Are those kinds of things good work? Like Uber, Uber Eats, Task Rabbit, etc. Do you get enough work and does it fill your day? I am not worried about getting money tbh, since I live with my parents rent free and stuff, but I am worried about being home all day, obviously that is not good for anybody.
  8. Description: When ever people go near the island tunnel you commit suicide I guess? That's what it says in console when you die. I do not have a suicide bind just to add, and in the video i got some volunteers (on the go, they were not planned volunteers) to help show as well that it is happening to others, not just me. I saw someone die next to the small buildings outside beach spawn tunnel too, dunno if that was them or the same bug BTW. How to reproduce: Go to the island tunnel and just walk around, sometimes you are killed on the walk way to it, other times you have to be on the island itself Priority? High i think? Cause people cant have access to that place on the map Also forgot to add, Mario (the staff member) told me people were getting killed in the RDM zone as well i believe? VIDEO: There is no sound, sorry about that but I kind of rushed to make the video and post this [video=youtube]
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