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  1. So basically what happened last night, Dault started enforcing Sharia laws as mayor. Basically, people were being fined and arrested for not have a male presence, not wearing hijabs, etc. People tried to revolt, it didn't work. I logged off after some time, and I wasn't present when he was vote banned. But that's basically what happened, and I'm guessing that's why he was vote banned cause the player didn't like that and was frustrated. https://imgur.com/a/9lZIgFO https://imgur.com/a/60EPIOp Lemme know if these links don't work for some reason
  2. i think its inspiring, that our server has managed to ruin gmod for someone, so much so, that they felt the need to give gmod a bad review like, we did that, Titsrp has reached a whole new level
  3. RSB lady is tryna scamming us! I seen her tryna buy a dragon egg for $500! Ban that scamming whore!
  4. There is a quick fish talisman, and a quick rod, they both do the same thing, they auto inventory what you catch, except for weapons right? Why not do the same with the pickaxe/axe and make it so the only thing that isn't autoinventoried is gems and oak? However, the quick tools make the talisman kind of useless, including the quick rod! There are lots of ways to obtain talisman, however its not guaranteed you'll find the specific one you want in a crate, or if there will be one on sale, or the talisman you make will be the one you want. So it's either hope you find one (and possibly have the money for it). Or make a tool with the same effect for free, with 100% guarantee that you get what you want.
  5. ya i tried the refresh thing, i think its just delayed actually, not really broken, i was able to finish the quest. Idk how long the delay is though, it seemed kinda random. Thank you!
  6. The parrot fish is the fish outlined in purple on the bottom row of my inventory. I have not progressed on the quest. (I don't have pictures of the other two fish I caught with the quick rod, I sold them) Update: ok so I crashed earlier, and logged back on, and I noticed that my progress went up, for the one parrot fish I caught with the regular rod. I just caught another parrot fish, however, my progress did not raise, I tried reloading the quest data, but it still did not raise. Another update: I just got the level progression for the last parrot fish I caught in the last update above. I don't know what triggered it, I was just fishing in the fountain. It seems like the quest progression is delayed? I posted the last update an hour ago about. Another Another update: I randomly got another quest progression about 10 mins ago. And I also caught another parrot fish, but it did not get any progression. Final update probs: Ok, it looks like its delated or something? I just got another random quest progression, but idek...
  7. It's hard to believe, that with so many other solar systems out there, with planets, (and there are also planets that are not in a solar system, that are just out in the black of space) that not one of them doesn't have some form of life on it. There's no much room and opportunity for life in our universe, there's bound to be at least one planet that has life on it, maybe not green men in space ships, but life. Otherwise, it would be kinda lonely, knowing our planet is the only one with life on it.
  8. I am half Vietnamese, I have no choice but to love Vietnamese food or else my fathers side of the family would disown me. But any food dish that is made by vendors on the side of the road, is bound to be good. If you go to Vietnam, it doesn't matter what high class, quality restaurant you go to, street food is the best food. There's a certain art and charm to the way street vendors make their food, mostly because they only server one or two kinds of dishes that they have worked to perfect over the years.
  9. Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips, a Slurpee and/or Monster!
  10. i just got the same problem, 10+ hrs I can't interact w/ npcs, all my bank and inventory slots are invisible (the items are there, just no icons), and the f4 menu doesn't work for me either edit: and after reconnecting again its all good
  11. Hecker

    Missing Textures

    ya i've opened them all
  12. Hecker

    Missing Textures

    I'm missing half the textures to the csgo knives. I have CSS, CSGO, HL, and HL2 installed, and all the workshop addons (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707479198) installed, I'm not sure how to fix this? I don't have any other addons except for the TitsRP addons. It's not that big of an issue tbh, it's just kinda annoying to have a big blob of purple. https://imgur.com/gallery/T5VIhOw
  13. Hecker

    Warn appeal

    oh no, i'm sure the warn was justified, i was just seeing if it could be removed its all, its cool if it cant, i just wanted to see I also don't really have an evidence, i can take a screen shot of the warn page if you'd like, but that's all i got tbh
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