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  1. aight so this is hella stupid but I was trying this new trolling mechanic without killing where u throw an explosive at someone and right after it a healing thing (beta grenade in my case) so the people dont die, have a good amount hp, and are a lil frightened, an inoffensive joke. BUT the problem is that when i was trying that thing as soon as a threw my chicken grenade i had no time to switch to my beta grenade bc my game would just crash (im playin on a laptop high gmod performance shit is loud af and burning). I relogged in the server and tried that technique again but my game crashed. and when i tried to log back in i got fuckin banned, like i did not even have the occasion to explain myself and eventually apologize. I think i killed like 7 ppl (2 groups of 3 approxi). Im not a toxic rdmer, i always try my best to call a sit when i spot a mrdmer like just killing for fun, theyre annoying. What I did was supposed to be an inoffensive joke and I apologize for it its just that explosives are funny. I apologize for everything pls unban
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