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  1. Waiting for evidence against bong… /full chat logs
  2. Definitely up there with one of the most interesting schizo posts I’ve seen on the forums… -1 very toxic
  3. I would have warned you for door minge, you got off easy here? all your “evidence” shows is that you were continually harassing heos and putting props all over his base, coming up to his door and bothering him and putting signs out the front of his base, all of this is just really pathetic. You know exactly what you did, obviously just wasting staffs time taking forever. -1 unless new evidence is provided, you’re clearly just a minge.
  4. +1 not sure why you were permed.
  5. +1 didn’t really do anything too bad, going to accept/deny in 24 due to lack of replies.
  6. Yeah this is just an accident, accepted.
  7. Denied extending to what the ban should be, which is 2 weeks.
  8. -1, actually your ban right now should be two weeks due to you literally just getting off an mrdm ban/warn.
  9. 0 evidence to back up your claims, we asked you to provide logs multiple times and you haven’t shown us a single thing… this report has derailed. DENIED.
  10. little guy went rogue, what's the deal with the disrespect little man?... 

  11. little guy went rogue, whats the deal with the disrespect little man?...


    1. TRMaze


      Looking forward to the eventual return champion 

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