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  1. what you are saying is little man behavior
  2. i was on the other side of this i was the base he was raiding. he just got off of a ban targeting me after being told to leave me alone... continues to get on and target me, also has said nothing but harsh things and is really toxic even on the forums as well (seen on his last post) i have no say in this obviously, but i cannot play the game when i am getting targeted by this little guy....
  3. i did ask for video evidence nothing was given "My software is offline" Both of them made sits i could have just told them to stay away from each other and everyone's happy without warns being given out.
  4. this is all a miss understanding the lying part was you said they did damage to you and they never did. That is why I said you lied. What happened in the situation was, the dude you just got out of a sit with "attempted rdm" you. you killed them even though they never did any type of damage to you. So instantly I thought it was rrdm since you were killed by them and went back and killed the same person that killed you. Even if it's not RRDM it's still RDM no matter what
  5. In life we give chances, Willing to give you a chance to come back to the community +1
  6. this was a tmods ban not mine he said it was a rrdm so i changed the name of it since he messed it up his name is R0SS https://imgur.com/a/Fym9pmj
  7. Seffy

    False ban

    So what I got from my side on this is someone was raiding you at the same time of you destroying your entities (logs showing that you have entities) https://imgur.com/a/rYhKKEp at this time you will have to stop destroying your stuff and Defend your base no way that you didn't destroy your entities in the time that you Were being raided you also collected your two printer racks Seen in this screenshot https://imgur.com/a/whc4xX8 then you disconnected https://imgur.com/a/wi0ac06 2 mins later when your name is still on the door. when you leave the server your name is removed from the door so that leaves you no window to not be able to destroy your entities during this raid then 1 minute I took the sit right afterwards https://imgur.com/a/GP51nSV Log Proof https://imgur.com/a/rYhKKEp -Shows ents in the use https://imgur.com/a/whc4xX8- money being changed https://imgur.com/a/wi0ac06 - Disconnection https://imgur.com/a/GP51nSV - Time i took the sit
  8. "although I killed a lot of people" not only did you kill players you were killing other cp players aswell. Evidence Of The Ban https://imgur.com/a/6AT9rXt https://imgur.com/a/gE1nLVK Not much to say here but MRDM
  9. Seffy

    False FDA?

    So in my situation all i really seen was you not being able to shoot thru a material like in this clip https://medal.tv/clips/69049458/d1337YbkiOVl?invite=cr-MSwxUU8sMjc1NzgzMzQs i didn't see the Button cause when I am raiding I go for the head and when my raiding partner trisha launcher it destroyed the button so i never seen it when we were in. can't really see it then bam it's gone then you leave instantly at the moment if felt like FDA LTAP i should have looked closer into the clip i appologize
  10. i have no clue who you arrested since it was over 22 Hours ago Sorry about that
  11. So from what I seen was you Arrested someone for "no reason" then immediately left the server. then I also remember in this situation that i asked a higher What i should do in this situation the admin told me to ban you instead. Also seeing all of these LTAPS on your ban record show's that you have done a thing or two then logged off in the past HOW TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN "if I were you in a situation like this if you know you're going to get off I wouldn't be a cop or I wouldn't engage with any other players for at least 2-5 minutes or so then I would log off "
  12. i am a new player to the server and i think this will give new players Like me a chance at a great starting job to make some money and get some xp! +1 for me
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