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  1. Someone uses 10000 chem barrels gets and loses it the next day due to someone getting banned 😕 seems very unfair especially without a warning before you enchant something 😐
  2. I have many Artifacts that have been removed from people becoming inactive or getting banned / I don't think players should get punished for others doings... My suggestion is that if the cc item/gun is removed from the game i think it should instantly go to the gun it is a reskin of
  3. Seffy

    Banned for MRDM

    His ban is already 5 days that is a shortened ban you should just sit it out think about what you have done and don't do the same shit you did once you come back 😕 simple as that
  4. Seffy

    Ban Appeal

    More information on why they're Perm'd just an all around Horrible person.....
  5. Seffy

    Ban Appeal

    No reason to welcome players back like you. -1
  6. Sadly it's a pet model so you cannot add it as a model in game 😭
  7. Seffy

    Player HArassment

    kinda Crazy how many people have made sits on this guy for being a toxic player he gets verbal after verbal and nothing happens..... this is sickening 😢 I love this server more than anything but a shit ton of people have a problem with this one person and no one on the staff team is doing anything about it.....
  8. +1 for vip removal | -1 for ban removal.... People have Vote kicked themselves and get their vip stripped 😕 so i don't see why you should get your ban removed for being dumb..... 😢 It's Against the rules..... Read Them Please........
  9. All you have to do is refresh your quests when you can and you will get all 6 😛
  10. This is so old and useless just warn the kid and get on with your lives..... this is pathetic
  11. The big huge guy is right it's time.....
  12. ?????? So when someone tells a "minor" on the server that they give him a boner that is allowed? Fantastic rules 🙂
  13. Seffy

    Tuffie's Ban Appeal

    😢 still upset over this entire thing.... Kio doesn't know me at all. says shit about me that has nothing to do with anything i have done in my life then pays you to target me still don't understand what i did to that kid 🤷‍♀️
  14. -1 nothing else needs to be said
  15. Seffy

    discord appeal

    need more information!
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