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  1. The actual apartment complex with two glass doors has five units. The one he was speaking of has four units. (I am providing evidence of what the OP is talking about, do not hide or remove this post please, thanks.)
  2. Bam46 had every right to ban me and I sincerely apologize for causing him any grief that night. I hadn't been feeling well and I took it out on the server which I shouldn't have done, that was wrong. I understand if you don't want to unban me but this is my first time doing this and definitely my last.
  3. This is haze_of_dream's Steam biography (I'm assuming he made it private so no one could see it) I have genuinely no idea why he wants to be in this community when a majority of people wanted him removed.
  4. Pretty good idea! It would save people from forgetting to put loitering signs or public base signs at least.
  5. Sae

    Block button

    I agree, this would be great! Actually reminds me of an episode from Black Mirror! Â
  6. I don't know, my experience on the server gets hindered pretty hard when the staff online are overwhelmed with sits and there's about 20 people MRDMing/MRDAing as CP. I would think this happening to new players that don't have a motive to break the rules would be having their experience hindered as well. Having a time limit on when you can play CP is a common thing in most DarkRP servers for a reason, that reason being how easily abused it is compared to other jobs that don't have the ability to arrest/cuff/want players for no other reason than to minge.  I clearly stated that the issue is that not ONLY can CP MRDM (with ease mind you, they get armor as well as a good selection of guns), they can also abuse their powers via MRDA and false cuffing. You would rather players solve this themselves than just have a measly 1-5 hour time limit on CP jobs? Really? I'm a player as well and I would rather it be handled by the server than have to solve a problem that can easily be fixed with a simple time restriction.
  7. Which of these jobs can cuff freely and can RDM mayors on a whim because they have free access to the PD? Sure, you can RDM as other jobs but that's not the only issue with new players becoming CP. Being randomly cuffed or arrested is so much more annoying to me than RDMed.
  8. I believe that Civil Protection jobs should require a time limit of some sort, whether it be an hour or five hours spent in the server. These are some of the most egregiously abused jobs on the server by new people looking to RDA/RDM. I believe that adding a timer to these jobs would cut down on people looking to use these jobs to abuse them.Â
  9. Imagine how many reports would be made each and every time a raid happens. It would be difficult enough to prove what is and isn't NLR or RRDM before even beginning trying to distinguish when a raid starts especially considering raids aren't advertised here unless they're on the kingdom, bank or PD. Also imagine how annoying it would be if you were being raided by a party of eight-ten people and they were constantly spawning back. This would only be alright if it was like one-three at most. Anything other than would be sorely unfair to people who base.Â
  10. Sae

    Gang CC - SAND

    Gang name: SAND In-game name: Sae Steam ID:Â STEAM_0:0:71712270
  11. Even an option to automatically sell instead of dispose would be nice. The accumulation of trash can sometimes be profitable.
  12. The daily reset fixed this problem.
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