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  1. im on No Fap Day 1825
  2. This isn't an exploit. -1
  3. I would say most players would quit if its happened because the time they spent trying to get items just snapped instantly would annoy a lot of them.
  4. I think it should stay the same as it is currently.
  5. You bought weapon slots from the suga shop not the cc editor. do !wepslots while on a cc to organize the weapon slots
  6. I think warns that are old shouldnt be removed because they were valid in there time (i know im not supposed to comment on these but still wanted to say my opinion) i still have warns for kidnapping without advert which was valid.
  7. for some reason when you log on to titsrp food can be in different forms so imagine one day you login and when you double click it heals you then next day it is like speed food it happened to me a lot.
  8. one of the dumbest suggestions ive heard. -1
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