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  1. Ember

    Remove tokens

    People already dont base because of the nerf.
  2. Ember

    Remove tokens

    you went from 40 rep to -2 just stop suggesting stuff that is dumb.
  3. I think its Intended behavior. If it isn't why isn't there a cooldown for when you get force taked to prevent force taking the person who force taked you and it doesn't really give a advantage
  4. Then you have to pickup box ur stuff and attempt to save as much as you can.
  5. I think they should keep it breaking entities and just keep your friend in the base as hacker to prevent trains. Like i said in my first post paying 2mil to break ents that got stolen that are probably around 500k just not worth it.
  6. You can actually hack the train too so i don't see why you are trying to get it nerfed/removed.
  7. If someone wants to spend 2.2mil-2.6mil to get back at you then let them there is ways to counter the train by pickup boxing your stuff.
  8. literally one of the worst suggestions
  9. I believe Sugar already knows about this.
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