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  1. That's unfortunate oh well you can go ahead and close this 🫡
  2. Understandable just sucks that I got false banned
  3. I wasn't looking to be unbanned instantly ik MRDM is 7days but I didn't go and gun down everyone like most people do that have no intention of roleplaying i was hoping for a reduce but that's up to the banning staff member. 🙂
  4. The only reason I did what I did is because most after every Maxwell xp thing people just blowup the fountain I didn't do it with malicious intent i did it as a joke kinda dumb on my part I wasn't trying to do bad here
  5. If 3 people reported I fully understand now and I am truly sorry for what I did I'm not ganna argue you were the banning staff member it's your call but I can assure you this won't happen again sorry for all the trouble I caused you I didn't try and argue because MRDM is MRDM theres no way around it and I knew what I was doing already dumb on my part but I wasn't trying to ruin people experience in the server just trying to have fun and hang out
  6. Ima go ahead and close this the ban is reasonable i gave you 4days instead of 1 week 🙂 You can wait it out Denied
  7. You said you crossfire people with a pistol i was standing in fountain Jason ran up to me and asked for help and you and snow started shooting at each other and those people were not afk they were chilling next to pd they were more the active when you said snow hid behind people i wanna know why you keep on shooting you had the choice to stop shooting but you continued to gun people down idk why you killed them but you did i gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave you 4days instead if 1week
  8. Same as I told your friend I'm sorry for the ban You guys had no malicious intent You were just trying to inform a player on the rules witch he failed to understand I will also be LIFTING YOUR BAN Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. I am truly sorry sir for banning you it's just when he called the sit you left and I waited 15min to see if you would have rejoined you never rejoin to I went ahead and banned you witch I now see was not the right move to make. Once again I'm sorry for banning you Your intentions do seem like you were just Mass NLRing you were genuinely trying to help another person witch he failed to understand so I'ma go ahead And LIFT BAN
  10. Since i was the one who warned you ima Accepted this and when you get unbanned ill remove the warn 🙂
  11. You excepted what you did wrong and now you know to party assist when your party member is getting attacked Bind "Key" "Say /y Party assist" <------- i believe thats the thing you put in console to make a bind i say +1 for Reduce ban to 1day or just UnBan
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