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  1. Ima go ahead and close this the ban is reasonable i gave you 4days instead of 1 week 🙂 You can wait it out Denied
  2. You said you crossfire people with a pistol i was standing in fountain Jason ran up to me and asked for help and you and snow started shooting at each other and those people were not afk they were chilling next to pd they were more the active when you said snow hid behind people i wanna know why you keep on shooting you had the choice to stop shooting but you continued to gun people down idk why you killed them but you did i gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave you 4days instead if 1week
  3. Same as I told your friend I'm sorry for the ban You guys had no malicious intent You were just trying to inform a player on the rules witch he failed to understand I will also be LIFTING YOUR BAN Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. I am truly sorry sir for banning you it's just when he called the sit you left and I waited 15min to see if you would have rejoined you never rejoin to I went ahead and banned you witch I now see was not the right move to make. Once again I'm sorry for banning you Your intentions do seem like you were just Mass NLRing you were genuinely trying to help another person witch he failed to understand so I'ma go ahead And LIFT BAN
  5. Since i was the one who warned you ima Accepted this and when you get unbanned ill remove the warn 🙂
  6. You excepted what you did wrong and now you know to party assist when your party member is getting attacked Bind "Key" "Say /y Party assist" <------- i believe thats the thing you put in console to make a bind i say +1 for Reduce ban to 1day or just UnBan
  7. I agree with you 100% i was there when darken told you to kill him when he was cuffed witch he should know better then telling someone to break the rules for his own benefit Ima say +1 to remove the WARN
  8. So sad to see this Kotos was a good man he was so chill i would fish with him sometimes at fountain and i would see him flying with his jetpack to get chem barrel leaderboard He was a very chill man May Kotos rest in peace and may god bless his family
  9. You called PD Raid inside the PD in the mayors office and tried to kill me and the person that called the sit i tried to talk with you and i heard you tell your buddy's that you wanted to kill me so you decided to call PD Raid in PD and you cant camp in the mayors office thats the sit i was trying to do someone had propblocked the Mayors office and you and 4 others were sitting in there killing the mayor Ima say -1 For Unban
  10. https://imgur.com/cj3cp4c https://imgur.com/ZCBDbU8 You forgot to mention what you said Stuff like this is unacceptable there is no joking about suicide saying that you'll laugh if he killed himself So ima have to say -1 for unban learn from this
  11. DDosing is never something to joke about even if you don't know how to do it and like what isaac Im pretty sure every darkrp server has this rule -1 for you unban don't ever joke about something like this again
  12. Trump cuz um why not 🙂
  13. TapWater69

    Ban Appeal

    I'll reduce your ban to 2days next time please try and type if you see im asking you for a response
  14. TapWater69

    Ban Appeal

    i was asking why you were killing the king and his guards you never replied you just looked at me and said nothing you did not even try to speak to me you were in kingdom killing everyone in there i checked logs you never adverted Kingdom raid And the king can do whatever he wants in kingdom and you were unwelcomed there and continued to stay and kill them you never even tried to ask the king if you can stay in there you just stayed there and basically killed them as the walked in the kingdom portel and like i said i tried asking you why you did it and you were just standing there and you were not afk you were moving around not responding to the question i asked you
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