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  1. TapWater69


    https://imgur.com/cj3cp4c https://imgur.com/ZCBDbU8 You forgot to mention what you said Stuff like this is unacceptable there is no joking about suicide saying that you'll laugh if he killed himself So ima have to say -1 for unban learn from this
  2. DDosing is never something to joke about even if you don't know how to do it and like what isaac Im pretty sure every darkrp server has this rule -1 for you unban don't ever joke about something like this again
  3. TapWater69

    50MIL Giveaway

    Trump cuz um why not 🙂
  4. TapWater69

    Ban Appeal

    I'll reduce your ban to 2days next time please try and type if you see im asking you for a response
  5. TapWater69

    Ban Appeal

    i was asking why you were killing the king and his guards you never replied you just looked at me and said nothing you did not even try to speak to me you were in kingdom killing everyone in there i checked logs you never adverted Kingdom raid And the king can do whatever he wants in kingdom and you were unwelcomed there and continued to stay and kill them you never even tried to ask the king if you can stay in there you just stayed there and basically killed them as the walked in the kingdom portel and like i said i tried asking you why you did it and you were just standing there and you were not afk you were moving around not responding to the question i asked you
  6. TapWater69


    In game for the 2 week i got to play with you your not as toxic as people say if you get hang around you your a really chill person i think you should be given a second chance and i respect what you did to apologize to the people you might of offended +1 for UnBan or reduction
  7. I did not play with you enough in game when you were they but like blue said i always see you still communicating with the community and i respect that 100% But the few time i played with you in game you were chill But your armor pack thing was uncalled for and your alting was a big yikes If you are Unbanned you need to behave yourself But ima wait for more staff on what they say for now ima go with NEUTRAL Seeing most of that staff reply's ima go with a +1 for Unbanned
  8. TapWater69


    In the sit you did admit to Mass NLR you keep going back to him for his bounty he had killed you 5 times and its understandable for him to call a sit and you were constantly accusing the player that called the sit of aimbot and you said that he MRDM so at that point i knew you were just saying random stuff to get your self out of trouble. It dose not matter if your just messing around so ima have to say NO to your unban You admitted to Mass NLR
  9. Um ok so this was late a night and i understand if your game crashed i would have headed to bed as well this late at night Just be more careful with the crossfire stuff if you killed someone on accident PM them or explain to them in OOC that it was a accident Ima go with Unban Accepted be more careful next time plz 🙂
  10. Um tbh i dont see why you were muted in the discord but this is something that the discord Mods should handle
  11. https://imgur.com/a/2BHI2Oz They all say blurr this is 100% a Alt man and if you were not alting why did you delete your aliases ?
  12. TapWater69

    Egg's Ban Appeal

    Look man you were shooting people from a window and there was 3 sits on you about ARDM and you tryed to RRDM me Ima have to say NO to this man you knew what you were doing And do not ever DM me weird stuff on discord again
  13. There is only one day left man i dont see why you cant just wait one more day That day 3 people called a sit on you for replacing your dup mid raid So ima have to say NO to this Its only one day you can wait it out
  14. I just Extended the ban Its all up to mcdonalds wifi on this appeal
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