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  1. You only need to reply if its something valuable. Dont cluster this post . Or i will close it
  2. This appeal doesn't need to have this many pages . You left your side staff have left there opinion. Only SA can save you . Looking thread until SA makes a decision
  3. Naw this appeal is a joke Dont see that your serious at all . ----1
  4. Thats the thing i could have . But dont gotta explain why i killed him to you
  5. 16:39:13 Player Fast As Frick (Mafia Leader) said !joinrevolt <------reason why i killed you 16:45:01 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) killed Fast As Frick (Mafia Leader) with weapon weapon_peacemaker me killing you first time 16:48:14 Player Fast As Frick (Mafia Leader) attacked {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) with Weapon [1601][weapon_fists] for 15 you then walk up to me and punch me , then run away 16:48:29 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) attacked Fast As Frick (Mafia Leader) with AWP Asiimov for 125 so i sniped you ...... 16:52:55 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) said like i said revolt . then you punched me and ran away me telling you why i killed you. 16:45:40 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) said you were in the revolt 16:52:23 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) said go make a sit dude . not dealing with you being stupid 16:55:11 Player Satanic Pizza (Medic) attacked {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) with Weapon [4074][weapon_fists] for uhhh the guy you claimed i RDM he punched me and ran away.. 16:55:16 Player {GN} Isaac (GN Isaac COP CLASS) killed Satanic Pizza (Medic) with weapon weapon_peacemaker Me killing him idk why you trying to make it seem like i broke the rules , but the proof is right here . in fact you attempted rdm me . but hey we will let that slide. sadly i was not recording atm. have a nice day .....
  6. {GN} Isaac

    Unban appeal

    Just because you donated $50 dollars doesn't change anything. Wont change anyones opinion either. Idk why you even bothered to state that but okay .. this was back in 2018 and only a ddos threat i got no issues with you coming back . Just understand if you get mad at staff dont threaten to ddos . You do this again you will be permanently banned again. Rigbe just extended the ban for Alex . Idk who that is but he isn't staff no more . So admin+ will make a decision on if you should be unbanned . This is your only ban so I'll give you a other shot +1 yeah i made a mistake some reason i only saw one ban . But checking back you have multiple other bans as well . I agree with blue you have been banned for this before . So im -1 now
  7. Staff member that banned you is no longer part of the server . Soo this is a admin+ decision Spamming shit ingame is a no no But hey why not lets give you a other chance +1
  8. Yeah i agree with Walter " no -1
  9. I just play as cp so i dont get taxed 🤷‍♂️
  10. {GN} Isaac

    Ban Appeal

    This is your ban appeal we will not contact you when we reply. Your a big boy and can check it on your own
  11. Thank you Ill get someone to update that ban
  12. From our proper punishment guidelines Attempting to lag or crash the server. (Crashing Server) This will be a permanent ban about 90% of the time. Even threatening it can lead to a permanent ban. Causing lag in game and DDoSing fall under this. idk who makes a joke about DDosing. How is that a joke? what did you expect from making a joke about DDosing a darkrp server. i believe every dark rp server has that exact rule. Its honestly common sense.... i will not unban you , try back in a couple weeks. 20:51:43 Player a Chief Keef Nah (Baby Michael) said /ooc someone is going to have to pay for that about to DDOS this b]itch
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