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  1. Idk what video you guys saw but i saw a video from Abstergo and the way this guy was killing everyone looked very sus to me. I saw no lag idk why i see so many comments on lag . - unban
  2. {GN} Isaac

    Isaac Abuse

    okay i have 2 videos for this report . first video you will see a sit pop up at 0:47 the real cock asian male was getting annoyed with you and wanted you to change your name. fast forward to 2:52 i was called in by Abstergo to help him . you see kilo was there already he went and switched your name . There was already a sit a ADMIN went and changed your name and you still changed it back after that. we didnt get anymore reports about you for a while ig he didnt see that you changed your name back , but then later i see cock asian say in chat there is a other guy with my name. i then go and bring you to my own sit and told you many many times to change your name but you refused to listen. here is the sit you will see everything . sorry for the bad quality i dont got the best laptop , since this is a report on me i will not deny it i will let a smod+ handle this. also i haven't had to use the forcerp name change command in a while so kinda forgot how to use it lol you will see me try the command a couple of times
  3. Thats the point of his job is to kill people below 75 hp . I do think small models that already have low hp due to there model . Should be immune to Michael since thats your defult hp. But honestly if there is a Michael myers on just dont be that model .
  4. No why would you make this no no no I made my money from cc perms how would i make my money back if people still gonna have my perms ???????
  5. Denied You have not gave us a proper reason why you should be unbanned. This shows you havent took the time to actually think about what you did . You say your "reform " but you're appeal doesn't show that at all.
  6. If you didnt alt i would have been like yeah come back -unban
  7. Seems like tapwater made a little mistake thats okay he is still learning. Happy he owned up to it.i will accept this ban appeal as tap water would like you to be unbanned. Also let tapwater know to remove that warn Accepted
  8. You had a bad day so instead of logging off the server you choose to ruin other players experience and mass rdm hmmm. You really didnt give us a actual reason on why you should be unbanned. All you said was " friends miss me feel ashamed to be in this position. But you put yourself into this position nobody else did. How do we know that if you get pissed off or having a bad day you wont do this again? I honestly should deny this but im going to let the banning staff member leave his response.
  9. Denied I just joined while all this was going. I spoke to tap in discord he let me know what happen you got caught lying to staff and you rdm a player. You failed to mention in your ban appeal that you were being toxic. .You will not be unbanned . If you have actual evidence that can show me you weren't lying i will happily look over it. Learn from this and do better
  10. Staff are not permitted to take sits 24/7. I haven't seen cute fish be biased twords anyone. Your evidence shows you being extremely disrespectful you were not complying at all . Cute fish handled this situation the right away he was not disrespectful back to you , was not arguing. You want me to demote him because he was doing his job yeah negative .cute fish showed no biased twords you or taking his " friend side" .This is a perfect example of how staff should handle a player that is being rude and not complying. Let this be a learning experience and understand staff are people too and if they are in the middle of a rp situation they have every right to sit back and relax. DENIED
  11. I will be handling this ban Spoke to cardinal and this is what im being told. Tap Water called a sit Cardinal took the sit Tap water said you damaged him and then in self defense he killed you After that you came back and Revenge rdm tap Cardinal checked logs and everything he said was showing in logs Then came to bring you but you weren't on the server anymore He waited 6 min still didnt come back so he banned you rdm/ltap/Nlr Cardinal would like for you to be unbanned Accepted
  12. Banning staff member has been notified
  13. How do you miss that ?? You could have came up with a better lie " i didn't see it was name that" When you drag the item literally shows you the name If you chose not to read the gun before putting it in thats your own fault nobodys else . This ban is valid
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