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  1. Recently ive been getting sits about how to make the buddy system work. Sooo here is a quick video for players that might need some help. hold c to bring up that last menu btw*
  2. I completely agree with Legerbs here. Answer his question and I will consider a +
  3. If staff see someone clearly mass rdming they better deal with it. Even if nobody reported it. If Staff don't seeyou and no reports are made. Not much we can do.
  4. Hmmm explanation on why your spamming is needed. Also who told you we had a "purge event"?? Either way when you join the server sir you need to read motd. This is your own doing and you have other mrdm bans
  5. User never added me back Denied Ban is over anyways
  6. Your ban will be reduced to 2 weeks. Accepted
  7. Advert Rules Adverts that Exist: PD Raid Bank Heist Warn Kingdom Raid Over (While not required under any circumstances, this advert is recommended, courteous, and can be considered valid for roleplay purposes. We will not hold a gun to your head and force you to use it however.) Adverts that DO NOT EXIST: Steal FearRP related adverts Hands are tied, weapons are stripped Serial Killer Murder Raid Kidnap Counter Mug Hit accepted/declined/completed/failed Assist Crossfire Any "You attacked my party member!" variant (You must do this in local text using /y to defend any party member in an RP scenario) DO NOT counter actions that you are not involved with. Ex: Killing a cop for cuffing someone or killing raiders without having any intent to take over their raid. Its not hard to post pics, so find a way too add them. Its your responsibility... If not send them to me on discord {Gn} Isaac#1064 If you dont send me anything by the time i get off work. This will be denied Indeed a valid ban
  8. I dont feel you should be unbanned. But this shouldn't be a perma ban, i feel 2weeks ban is good Player Toxicity Vulgar language, Racism, or inappropriate / sexual comments in OOC or used constantly around other players should result in a warn first, if it continues then a 1hour - 3 day ban depending on continued offenses Racism / Vulgar language in OOC should result in a warning first then a 1 hour - 3-day ban depending on continued offenses Personal attacks on other players should result in a 3-day ban - 1-week ban - 2-week ban depending on continued offenses
  9. {GN} Isaac

    Warn Appeal

    Without no evidence of the situation or the warning staff member to respond. Your warn will not be removed. Denied
  10. Accepted Your vip kicks were valid and you had every right to kick them. I will speak to Hugh Jannus about making sure to be fully aware of the situation when vip kicks/bans are issued. make sure to dial it back a little on the comments.
  11. {GN} Isaac

    Report on Toosi

    okay first cop rule from motd: You cannot assist criminals or commit crimes Like zesty said cops are not forced by motd to enforce the law. But there are ways you can deal with cops that don't rp the right way !Motd rule: If someone failed to perform their job functions correctly (Ex: A cop let their friend have a gun without a license) you can /demote them. If they broke a rule against you (Ex: RDM) you could demote them but we highly suggest calling a sit. Contact someone before calling a /demote on them for breaking a rule against you. If you are unsure, ask for staff assistance. But anyways.. I watched the evidence you provided and these are some things i noticed. You can Cleary hear Toosi saying hes waiting for a warrant. while your killing the people that are in front of your base. Toosi is typing in chat not facing you at all, he Cleary cant see whos shooting or what's going on. He didn't see you murder his fellow cops. He started attacking once he stops typing in chat, you see him turn around and see what's going on He notices you attacking someone right infront of him. he is a cop and your now a threat to the public. That makes you kos looking at the evidence you provided i don't feel he was defending anyone but himself and the public.
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