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  1. Some situation might require staff to take a sit in rp land. This situation right here should have been handled in sit land. Brisky thought quas was a bird basing, but he made is very clear he was not a bird and to look at his job. Brisky going as staff on duty and checking to make sure your not Basing and leaves. That's okay I don't see anything wrong with that. What I have an issue with is the fact she came back and only had the intention to murder everyone in that base. She had no intentions of basing, she only bought one door and the other door was owned by someone else. So no matter what that base was never hers and she had zero right to rdm those players. I also would like to make something clear to staff and players. It doesn't matter who owns the front door. You need to own the most door in the base for it to be considered your base. Sooo according to motd nobody had the right to kill anyone in that base for trespassing. “The owner of the MOST doors in a base is the owner, not the owner of the front door.“
  2. Idk why this is still up . warn is valid at most I can change the warn to what I copy and pasted
  3. you are right about that tbh i missed that.. i will warn him
  4. If you have a and you're not trying to cause trouble, you most likely will not need to read them. (the rules) There are appropriate channels for everything. 1. Be respectful to other people and players. 4. Being silly and trying to test the rules will most likely get you slammed. 10. Causing drama is a no go. From what I see this is a proper punishment. Straight from the discord rules. Not a useless comment. But your not staff and your responding to a ban appeal. You should have been given this warning Do not reply to ban appeals, reports or staff applications if you are not staff or directly involved in the situation | +1 Warning
  5. The staff team has come to a final decision on this ban appeal Og will be unbanned and given another shot. og you will have staff paying very close attention to you. I hope you really have changed and learned your lesson. If you get yourself banned again you will be removed completely and have zero chance to appeal. I already spoke to you about your probation everything that happens from here is up to you. unbanned
  6. Thank you to everyone that has given input on this ban appeal. Decision will be made today.
  7. Bring back og kidnapping Tired of playing as sk and walking so damn slow
  8. unbanned if you get banned again it will stay this time welcome back XD
  9. Discord name and this was 2years ago??
  10. I'm going to copy and paste exactly what lewd said because I 100% agree. You had your chance and blew it.. “There was a group of people who put money in for you to get banned before, only for you to get banned on an alt for exploiting a week later, I am -1 for this appeal ~lewd
  11. You are toxic sixnut and you haven't changed.I don't know what happen to you. But you used to be chill dude and decent staff member. I believe if we unban you're just going to cause problems. Look at some of the stuff you do on forums. Maybe if you chilled out I would be okay with you coming back. Regarding you're apology towards cobaselic that's between you guys. But your behavior hasn't changed. You show that in your actions...
  12. I don't see anything wrong from the warning staff member. You should read our forums rules.. Do not reply to ban appeals, reports or staff applications if you are not staff or directly involved in the situation | +1 Warning Valid warn denied
  13. Denied if you want to be taken seriously actually put effort into your appeal.
  14. Denied you can wait out your ban. learn from this mistake
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