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  1. SIIR DONT be putting my business out there like that ..
  2. When you put it like that, makes more sense now.
  3. Yeah idk why sugar made the timer so damn long. Shit needs to be lowered
  4. Try asking sugar or rubik they can help you out . If they respond
  5. Again sir, yes resisting arrest can = death. BUT THAT player NEEDS TO BE A THREAT TO YOU OR THE PUBLIC FOR YOU TO to be able to kos them. Why in the hell would we allow players to kos people just for resisting? You keep saying you have clips but have not provided anything. Post any proof that can help your case. Have a good day
  6. Jaded you are completely in the wrong here. Why would you kos players that are resisting arrrest? What type of rp is that? There are some cases where you can kos players. Say you are chasing a player, you stun gun him, he pulls a gun out and starts shooting you. That right there your allowed to kos him. Other scenario if a player is running away from you, and kills someone in the process. You can kos him , they are a threat to the public. You need to post whatever evidence you have here, because this is a REPORT. Im not gonna dm you for the "video proof" you can post them here soo all
  7. Naw server needs to jobs and new content. More rp, titsrp is a great sever dont get me wrong. But just the server is boring...
  8. {GN} Isaac


    See you get it.. smart man.... idk why some people think they need to speak for others
  9. Okayy so you think because staff didnt come to help you right away. That gives you the right to rdm players no. If you took a second to think, you could have easily dealt with these players without getting yourself banned. You could have reported them on fourms, demoted them from their job, or IF All staff are afk not actively taking sits .Feel free to use vip kick or ban. I have no sympathy for players that try to handle these type of situations with rdm. I understand it can get frustrating not getting help, but staff are humans too and sometimes just busy. Thats why we have other options in
  10. Love this, server definitely needs some new content .
  11. sevv you are a cool dude , but you are lucky this wasn't longer. The ban should stay and not be reduced at all. Does not matter if its a joke.. You don't joke about ddosing the server no exceptions. Everyone knows this,you know this. You are not new to the server. BIG NO FOR REDUCE -
  12. nothing new server still boring
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