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  1. Do you have a clip dyln??
  2. Looks like everything is sorted out this will be denied
  3. If staff see you clearly breaking a rule. They are allowed to intervene and punish you for it. But if nobody was bothered by this then I would only count the players that had an issue with it. Also wanted is not a new player he knows the rules and what’s not allowed.
  4. As an admin I honestly could care less to see everyone's ip. Honestly, until you brought it up I just noticed I actually can. If other would feel better with this being removed doesn't affect me. +
  5. what do you guys want me to write? lmk and i will add it
  6. Accepted user will be warned
  7. Said Everything perfectly.. -1 Falsely killing someone (RDM) Accidental: Verbal warning would be given unless it could have obviously been avoided. Intentional: Warning or a 1-3 day ban If the player is RDMing for false reasons and is asked to stop (ex: Revolution is over but still killing CP) the ban should result in a 1 hour - 24-hour ban depending on the player's attitude If the player killed the person for "Revenge RDM" because they are angry they lost then it should result in a warn - 3-day ban depending on the player's attitude and punishment history If the player killed the person for no reason but to just kill them, a 3-day ban should be issued for "No Intention to RP"
  8. Clearly rdm but I notified smelly. He has until the end of the day to respond, if no response plz accept and ban smelly for rdm
  9. {GN} Isaac


    Mayor's office is kos, if the mayor said anyone can be in there. A law needs to be placed not him just saying you can be in there. Also, you are not allowed to defend yourself inside pd anyways. You may not fight CP in self defense/party assists inside of PD unless you are raiding. Ex: Hobo is allowed to sneak in to jailbreak his friend. Once he's spotted, he can run but not attack the officer, even if attacked. ^ MOTD mics section Also don't see an issue with him trying to come back. Mayors office is KOS unless no raid or law you have no reason to be in their.
  10. ooo this is rust nvm rust admins will handle this
  11. i don't see any info of you being banned ? how long ago was this?
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