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  1. Being burnt out gives you no excuse to abuse. Idk why you couldn't just leave like a mature adult, but it's over and done with. Like you said you didn't do anything that hurt the server so I wouldn't have an issue with you coming back. I do think you should be perma banned from applying for staff. Ex smod should have had way more self-control than that. + reduce + ban from applying
  2. updated removed perma bans added 6 month max ( depending on situation a perma ban can be issued by admin+)
  3. {GN} Isaac

    Ban Appeal

    Bro you are dumb dumb for saying this shit. But we always have some nerds who don't think before they speak. I don't think you should.be unbanned but maybe instead of a perma give this guy 6 month ban. Looking at his record it's pretty clean
  4. Banned until: 8/12/2022 Time Left: 13 days, 23 hours, 44 minutes, 26 seconds Banned On: 7/29/2022 Banned By: ⤠Its Ya Boi Green ⤠(STEAM_0:0:156758112) Reason: Sit Exploiting into mayors office (Doubled for alting) this is your main^ Nathan Barley alt.. perm banned Banned until: Forever Time Left: Until the Earth explodes Banned On: 7/29/2022 Banned By: Tyz37 (STEAM_0:1:42745682) Reason: Alting While Banned
  5. alt gets perma banned og account gets a 2week ban been like that for a min
  6. Any new evidence @ alan ackbar
  7. Yeah man I don't think this warn is gonna be removed. After 2 years they go inactive so it really doesn't matter. You are a changed and doing way better . That says a lot about you :). Denied
  8. Meh not a big issue. Just make sure to keep your attitude in check and everything will be fine. People change and this was a while ago Denied
  9. We all make mistakes but anything you post from online you should always take a look at. Let this warning be a reminder for you
  10. Accepted Speak to an admin to have it removed or warning staff member
  11. Denied plz wait out your ban
  12. Staff member never responded you will be unbanned
  13. You we’re community removed for a reason I believe it should stay that way. - on coming back
  14. Accepted ban will be reduced unbanned player served 5 days please learn from this
  15. Spoke to hammy and I asked what he posted in his links. According to him all he linked was sum huge tits. If that’s all that was linked I’m in support of unbanning you. Been long enough I think +1
  16. You the homie cap but you should already know not to do this.
  17. Yeah idk what tene is talking about but to make it clear. RDM , MRdm anything that’s breaking server rules will never be okay. Doesn’t matter if server is restarting. Rules don’t disappear because server is restarting
  18. I already pmed you on discord plz check it Valid ban I’m negative for unban clearly see you mrdming in the clip. Idk why you speed up your videos tho
  19. Staff sits disappear after certain amount of time. If the staff members doesn’t pin there sits they will be removed from screen. Most likely the reason why sum sits go untouched when we have60+ players.
  20. if you wish you make a report on staff plz make them in Report section. This is for ban appeals only https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/16-reports/
  21. If this hits 24 hours and no evidence has been provided plz deny this report ^staff :).
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