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  1. • removed FTC = Failure to Comply
  2. NOOOOO I love kidnapping people with flash Grenada’s . Just make a sit @ staff
  3. LEAVE My model alone SKILL ISSUE Naw jk fr I'd be fine with not letting it be used for non raiding.. Don't even use the model. I will stop selling this model until it gets fixed
  4. Naw I destroy Terry all the time I'm the cheater tbh
  5. My entire time on this server I’ve never once seen a staff member be demoted for having low rep. I’ve never even seen anyone speak of this before. Especially the SA.. yes I agree someone that has bad reputation shouldn’t be staff.. but reps ingame not gonna lie are a joke. You know how many people I’ve banned the - rep me .. like reps ingame can’t be trusted, as I stated before I value the community opinion so come to me or smod+ and we can discuss other options. I’ve also seen people on the server attempt to get - rep so are you saying they would be demoted for that ?? idk just doesn’t make sense in my opinion
  6. You know how easy it is for someone to go up to someone and be like hey neg this dude?? If the community has an issue with a staff member. Please go about it the right away and speak to smod+. Then from there we go discuss the best options. but no staff member will be demoted because of - rep unless i get some type of confirmation from overflow or Rubik/ sugar themself
  7. I’ve heard nothing from SA about this but I would never be on board with allowing a staff member to be demoted just because of -rep. People can easily target someone that you don’t like. if you have issues with a staff member make a report with all the evidence you have . Have a good day
  8. So I'm sure some of you have heard we had a vote up regarding Haze of Dream. To keep everyone in the loop regarding this situation. Haze will not be returning to TitsRp at all. He is not allowed to appeal, either; it's time for Haze to officially find another community. Hope you guys have a good day and this information helps with any worry you had.
  9. I do understand that you might be trying to be funny. But some People might not take it that way. To Avoid any drama. I will be closing this
  10. Mayor office already kos just kill them easy
  11. It's nice to see you back, man. hope everything been going good for you
  12. You may micspam anything as a Hobo class as long as it isn't listed as not allowed. You also may micspam as any other job if the audio played is related to the jobs/models RP. If the audio played is deemed not to be RP related and you are just looking for a way to micspam something stupid as a non hobo then you will be asked to stop. (Good examples: Playing the jaws theme as a shark, pig noises as a pig, or combine chatter as a combine soldier) (Bad example: Micspamming loud music as the job "Ear doctor" to check if everyones ears work properly) This rule seems pretty fair tbh ^
  13. {GN} Isaac

    Boombox Ban

    Boombox ban???
  14. If they make a sit, you can just spectate the player and see if you can catch them. If you do, you can tell them to not fine people for that and explain. If you don't just TP them and lmk just in case that you're not allowed to fine for that. Usually they will remember and you're going to be alert anyway.
  15. If the staff team agrees, we can just add“ stepping on the street doesn't justify a fine for j walking” or something like that in Motd next to General cop rule I do agree with you and support a change. +
  16. How about you do whatever design you like just keep the {GN} the same :))))
  17. {GN} Isaac


    alting while banned will get you a longer punishment that’s not a bug
  18. Idk when server will get new jobs but I’d love to see this ??
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