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  1. What I mean by your allowed to “counter” you see someone raiding you can kill ‘em but have to take over the raid. If you went inside a base and kill the person then walk out. That’s not allowed and warnable. like to hear from the warning staff member tho
  2. Based off your ban history I would say this length is valid -1. Intentional: Warning or a 1-3 day ban
  3. {GN} Isaac


    Accepted both players will be warned
  4. Asked staff member to show me where yahya was in pd. He was right inside of pd yahya knows how the sbc cannon works why would he get so close when clearly that would have killed him. Very clear what his intentions were. I'm in support of some type of punishment
  5. As long as you stay straight, we have no issues b0ne. If you do end up getting unbanned and decide to go back to your old ways. I can tell you now that you will just be rebanned. So I hope you have changed and will just chill and enjoy the server.
  6. Gonna go ahead and deny this.. Overflow covered mostly everything
  7. Gonna go ahead and deny this
  8. Accepted warn will be removed and verbal will be given instead
  9. Plz provide some type of evidence regarding this situation
  10. {GN} Isaac

    Ban Appeal

    You sure that’s the right steamid?? Can’t find anything related to that steamid
  11. Gonna go ahead and deny this if your friend wants to appeal he can
  12. Player is already unbanned Gonna close this
  13. So I'm sure some of you have heard we had a vote up regarding Haze of Dream. To keep everyone in the loop regarding this situation. Haze will not be returning to TitsRp at all. He is not allowed to appeal, either; it's time for Haze to officially find another community. Hope you guys have a good day and this information helps with any worry you had.
  14. I do understand that you might be trying to be funny. But some People might not take it that way. To Avoid any drama. I will be closing this
  15. Trying to get a staff member in trouble smh not Cool bro. Staff member did nothing wrong in this situation. You are the only one in the wrong. I'm —-1 For unban, I believe an added week is a little too extreme, but 3 days extra for lying seems fair.
  16. Denied Sorry man this is definitely nlr Make sure to read motd or ask staff for assistance if you don't know about the rules Have a good rest of your day
  17. No you have to wait until revolt is over
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