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  1. Denied wait out your ban
  2. No rules were broken i see no racism’s at all nigga is allowed on the server if they were using hard r I would understand No punishment will be given here Denied i do see your point but nothing was broken
  3. He will be demoted and is banned from being staff
  4. Very good suggestions man don't trip off these haters.. They don't know any better but I definitely agree with you .
  5. I'll let sugar know
  6. You killing the same person 3 times still be counted as mass rdm. Denied
  7. Denied Try to be a nice person
  8. If a player throws a grenade and runs into his base. You follow and kill him thats complety justified. I'm confused why a warn was given. Did any other players damage you when you went into the base?? Where is all the evidence tho logs??
  9. You will be unbanned sorry about that sir
  10. I will have someone unban you Accepted
  11. tytate2011 (STEAM_0:1:521398453) is an ALT ACCOUNT of: STEAM_0:1:422858629 STEAM_0:0:72999470 STEAM_0:1:156758135 PERMA BANNED for ALT STEAM_0:0:572151167 PERMA BANNED for tony mozzerella alt STEAM_0:1:592529965 BANNED UNTIL 03-13-2022 for Extended to 2w for Fido | MRDM (Got off ban 3 days ago) | ARDM in sit STEAM_0:0:621325687 PERMA BANNED for tony mozzerella alt STEAM_0:1:623523484 PERMA BANNED for tony mozzerella alt STEAM_0:0:625443937 STEAM_0:0:626241862 PERMA BANNED for toxicity STEAM_0:1:630138994 PERMA BANNED for ALT STEAM_0:0:633136284 PERMA BANNED for ALT i was in the middle of speaking to you but then raid lord banned you... But i will speak to sugar to confirm what's really going on.
  12. You will be unbanned. If you get banned again you are on your own.
  13. Plz follow the correct format and this is not the right place to speak about your ban appeal. https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/19-ban-warn-appeals/
  14. I was never okay with how you got permanently banned. Felt you got targeted by certain people and the only reason why your permanently removed. You should have never been permanently banned ever. You have my support 100% +
  15. Report has been up since Thursday with no response from meattwad. Denied
  16. Denied please wait out your ban. Wanting to play on the sever after mass rdming is not a good enough reason to get unbanned. Let this be a learning experience
  17. This ban will be denied due to players attitude also this being a valid ban. What happens to your account is 100% on you and only you. Have a great day
  18. Gonna go ahead and deny this
  19. I already spoke to him during the sit. Not much was able to be down because nobody had proof, but he was understanding and complied. Other than that not much to do here punishment wise.
  20. You will be unbanned sorry about that
  21. I will unban you.. If you get banned for this again you will be removed completely. Welcome back
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