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  1. ya moms a whore
    long dick style that thang

  2. nah peanut butter was a POS irl
  3. selling master piklas xp spreadsheet (all techniques and everything included) 150 mil darkrp cash
  4. I like this idea, but i think that it would be better to have it so you dont know what youre buying before you buy/know very little information. Kind of like the TV show "Auction Hunters" where you get to see a storage locker and everything that is within eyesight from outside of the locker, but you cant open any boxes or move anything around. I think it would work well if it gave a brief run down of items in the inventory. Something like "This inventory is for auction. It contains Blowtorch, C4 Explosive, Wood, Trash: Cereal Monster's Friend". This would make it more risky for people to sink actual money into it, and would result in people bidding low money for something that could be worth hundreds of millions, and people bidding millions for like 200k worth of items. I also think that it should not tell you who's inventory it is, so instead of saying "Sticks' Inventory" it would say "This person has not played on the server for 4 years 3 months". This would add to it because if it says a name, you may recognize the name of someone who used to be filthy rich and probably has super expensive stuff so it would be basically only the super rich bidding on it.
  5. It is a bannable offense...
  6. i believe the xp sessions are meant to keep people on the server at "dead times" like when people are in school. this encourages more people to play on the server at dead times. more people playing at dead times = more people playing the server at peak times = more money
  7. rest in piss bozo

  8. i dont think being mean to the mods will get them to unban you....
  9. why do any jobs need to be removed? its not like theres a limit to the amount of jobs a server can have
  10. the issue is that clicking doesn’t register you as not afk
  11. My last post was hidden because it was deemed “unprofessional” I think you need to stay banned as no one wants you back on the server, no staff, no community members. This is a community removal that took place because everyone on the server disliked you. -1
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