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  1. Most likely, no message popped up in chat but the vote dissapeared. I dont know if it still shows or not
  2. Staff online would not take the proper action against this, even though it is outlined clearly in the rules and in prior cases. A former admin on the server would surely know better than to do this. Abusing your VIP rank will result in your VIP being revoked and possibly being prohibited from buying VIP again for a duration of time. An example of abuse of VIP rank includes but not limited to: Votebanning/Votekicking yourself, your friends, and other players for invalid reasons (for fun, out of anger, etc). Use common sense with your rank. Quote from senior moderator Slick "Next time, if the only active staff is not taking sits, call a votekick/voteban. This doesn't mean call a votekick/voteban because the staff isn't taking YOUR sit, only if they aren't taking ANY sits. If they stop it, and still don't take sits, that's when we'll have a problem."
  3. Why is saying the n word punishable with a ban, yet someone spouting anti trans hate speech for half an hour in advert wont even get moderators to tell them to stop?
  4. +1 free my nigga ajax he deserves to be set free after all this time
  5. Thank you for the kind words. I don't know why the other staff are being apprehensive on this post. Nub is a very good staff member as he was previously. This post will be taken into account when promotions are thought of. Once again, thank you, we are all volunteers here and the only thing we ask for is for players to not be obnoxious and disrespectful.
  6. The evidence provided in this appeal and basically the admittance from Kiezuh shows that the arresting was legitimate, and the banning was irrational. Accepted
  7. Accepted, miles will be punished accordingly.
  8. Denied, user was permanently banned from the server for unrelated reasons
  9. Thank you for the report. After reading over replies and the MOTD, no rule was broken. As walter referenced above, the rule is only against job name changes to be deceitful. No proof was given that B MONEY used his admin given unarrest baton, as he could have used a normal one. There is also no rule against being tricky and attempting to gain access to the PD by lying, as you can see it all the time on the server (eg. “I would like to speak to the mayor” then goes and breaks people out of jail) Denied
  10. This was previously on the server, iirc they caused lag
  11. Sticks

    Auction NPC

    Sugar said that this is something he has considered for the future
  12. This sums up the report. You can not claim association with something that can not claim you back. Had you said anything about “Hey that’s my pet manhack” then maybe, just maybe, you’d have a case for killing him. As it stands the way I see you were upset about him killing you and therefore grasping at straws for any reason to have killed him. You will be warned for RDM the next time I see you. If for any reason you will not be on the server for a set amount of time, contact me on discord. Report accepted.
  13. because its his swep im pretty sure It’s frisco
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