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  1. You're contradicting yourself in your own post. You say the responsibility should lie on whoever called the hit but you say I should stay banned?
  2. I was never agitated about proof of anything, I was agitated by the way that Smelly was speaking to me. I wouldnt call it buying my way out of punishment, I would say its more so restitution, where me giving you the money would be the punishment.
  3. If my shadowplay only captures the past 5 minutes and Im not called into a sit until 10 minutes after the situation happened, how do you expect me to provide proof? This entire thread everytime it has been asked why a hit was placed on him we have said the same thing, we dont like him and we wanted to play poker with low instead. I'm not sure where our stories are changing. The money has already been offered back to Special twice now, once he was offered 5x what he lost, but he still hasn’t even responded to it despite posting twice since the first offer. He obviously doesn’t care about the money and just gets off on seeing people get in trouble.
  4. Admitting what is a blatant lie?
  5. The hit was planned, but it wasnt to gain his money it was literally just to get him off the table so that low could play. If Special Educator actually cared about the money that would have been brought up in the sit and I would have given him compensation for his lost hand, but he clearly only cares about getting people punished.
  6. It was him who tried to place the hit, Piklas has already explained the reasoning behind the hit: He doesnt like you, neither does smerexy, that is why they tried to place hits on you
  7. This is implying that we care about your 1.1 mil or whatever it was, when in reality, Piklas doesnt like you and just didnt want to play poker with you so he put a hit out. This was said as I believed that I would win the pot, which ended up not being correct as it went to Smerexy. No money was shared between the three of us. Thats easy, when I killed you, it was my turn on the table, after I kill you, you can actually hear the sound of me calling the 20k chips or whatever it was, meaning that I had called, but you were unable to put in the extra 20k raise as you had timed out. The pot actually ended up being around 630k chips when smerexy won. If losing 1.1 mil upsets you that much, I would be more than happy to give you 1.1 mil, even though I didnt gain any of your money from poker. Yeah youre right, I didnt think it was important to include the fact that smerexy was in the call as he wasnt involved in the hit. If you wanna know what was said in the call heres a rough transcript - smerexy - "god i shouldnt have said anything in ooc now the randoms are coming to play" piklas - "oh lows here, but special educator is sitting so low cant play" piklas - "sticks stand up real quick" Piklas then places the hit on special educator I then laugh and kill Special Educator Low then sits down and we enjoy playing poker with him
  8. I am still curious what rule I broke as there are 4 listed rules in my ban reason. FailRP - The only thing that I can think of that would be FailRP would be me asking someone to place a hit, which I did not, as Piklas was the one who wanted the hit to be placed. Minging - How is me completing a hit minging? Regardless of what the scenario is, I completed my RP job of being a hitman. Exploiting - What????? Toxicity - The only one of these that has any merit as I got quite upset in the sit when Smelly said that he was going to ban me, but the most toxic thing I said was that smelly is "Talking a lot but not saying anything" If smelly could give a legitimate rule that I broke I would be happy.
  9. Yes, he told us he had pocket aces, which is the best hand in poker. Obviously people say that all the time, so it is not something that is taken seriously. I probably said that I have pocket aces in the discord 10 time during the time we were playing poker (Hint: I didnt have pocket aces) I was also the first to get the options on what to do, so I was the first person to raise the hand. As for your last sentence, we do know what hand won, and we do know that special educator would NOT have won the hand. I wish that my shadow play had clipped the ingame voice, as I could show what happened. You brought me to the sit, asked me what happened, I explained. You then had a demeaning tone that was along the lines of "I know you did this and it broke a rule i think" I took offense to this as you had already assumed my guilt. Have you read anything in the post? My RP reason for killing him was because I had a hit on him, which is a VALID reason. Regardless of what is going on when the hit is placed, I have a legitimate reason to kill him as I have a hit on him that someone else had placed and paid for. Special Educator was not in the call, it was me and Piklas (1-800-Suicide) who were in the call. Piklas told me to stand up, I stood up, he placed a hit, I completed the hit, Special Educator Complained, I got banned. Neither me or piklas gained any money through this other than the 200 dollar hit price that I gained from completing the hit. Piklas said in the quote that you quoted that he attempted to give him the money back, but he declined the trade. This shows that Special Educator cared less about the money and more about attempting to get a player punished. So why am I the one that was punished when I did not gain any money? All I did was kill Special Educator while he was playing poker, I did not win the hand, I actually lost more money than special educator in the hand.
  10. This is misleading and not the full quote. I said that I am above the rules that do not exist, as is everyone on the server. This is irrelevant as there is no way for any other player to know for sure if a person is going to win the hand. Everyone at the table was raising the pot equally. All that special had was Ace pair, but someone else won the hand with something higher (Trips I believe), so he would not have won the hand regardless, meaning that he did not lose any money, as he was going to lose at the end of the hand regardless of if he was killed or not. If anything I did him a favor by killing him so he would not lose any more money than he already had put in. Overall i believe that you have made assumptions over things that you do not know, as when I came to the sit you were already speaking to me in a demeaning tone, which showed me that you had already made your mind up on the situation.
  11. sorry for the things i said..... you were being mean to my friend bone....
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