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  1. ummmm please wipe all my data on the server ummmmm actually i think i’ll create an alt and let all my friends use it as well
  2. koda Senior Mod 62 354 3 Posted 26 minutes ago Malicious VIP 19 126 1 Posted 1 minute ago bone. VIP 92 520 9 Posted 8 minutes ago cp player ratio happily
  3. you are not funny and nobody enjoys your presence
  4. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  5. Evidence is nowhere to be seen, from what malicious said it seems fine. Either way with no evidence it’s just he said she said. If you encounter this again and collect evidence, please make another report. Denied
  6. no need to say anything more than what cobaselic said. -1
  7. if only he would stop making it 50 font
  8. Sticks

    Warn Appeal

    Byonic is no longer a staff member, and it is unlikely he is to reply to this thread. If you have no proof of this being a false warn, and byonic does not comment anything, this will be denied. Regardless, as toosi said, this seems like you are upset that your report was denied and youre trying to prove something with this warn appeal. Ill leave this up for a day or two to see if any information regarding the warn comes out.
  9. If you have evidence of any player or staff member on the server cheating, please make a report. This is irrelevant to your ban appeal.
  10. Sticks

    Ban Appeal

    Your forums account should have been banned when you were removed from the community. You are not welcome here. Admin+ feel free to overturn this, but there is a clear consensus that NO BODY wants this player on the server anymore. If you disagree and want to allow him back to the community, you should join him. Denied
  11. -i was rdmed! -ok did u lose anything -no but he killed me and I had to walk back to where I was to continue doing nothing! -ok is he killing a lot of people -no he only killed me because i looked at him funny! he hasnt even shot anyone else! -ok so whyd u call a sit -because I hate when other people have fun if it slightly inconveniences me! I want players who have 5 minutes on the server banned! ban them all! -ok man
  12. Like coba said, literally everything that has nametags, the name tags are wrong
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