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  1. queso came up to me one day and said something along the lines of “i wanna be perma banned” so i told him to just say that he’s gonna ddos me. he did, so i called a sit, jack johnson accepted it, and perma banned him. weird way to go about basically requesting a perma but whatever. i never cared that he said it, i was just fulfilling his request to. if he wants to be unbanned now, i don’t care. i didn’t lose any sleep over it
  2. bro.... just delete the whole post
  3. if you relog the tokens will be there, weird bug where it registers that you complete the quest but doesn’t give you the message.
  4. not technically incorrect, if you are holdinn shift if does not let you right click, change your sprint key to anything else and it works
  5. only on guns with scope overlays like snipers, in any SMG rifle or shotgun it doesjt
  6. also would like to point out, in real life you can hold an mp5 like a pistol and it will still be accurate, it has less kick or recoil than most pistols
  7. this is the biggest crybaby thread i have ever seen
  8. the text above the bank wouldnt show if i looked forward
  9. bought in july last year at around .0033 for like $60, thought i sold when it hit .01. Turns out the sell never went through so ive been sitting on 20000 doge for a few months. Unfortunately, I did sell about 80000 doge when it hit .01, just did it through a different website, if only that sell hadnt gone through
  10. This is not the result of any potions or anything, they spawn like this.
  11. anyone saying anything other than these two are lying
  12. do you have logs of you trying to bring me/bringing the people involved in the sit along with connection logs so I can see how long i was disconnected before you banned me?
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