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  1. if I could fuck any animal it'd be your mom cause she's a right dog 🥵

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  2. ya moms a whore
    long dick style that thang

  3. Yea Yea close my post I don't fucking care. I want you all to know this is the most dogshit server ever. Even garnet is better. You guys all just defend your staff daddies and are fucking annoying. It wasn't that big of a deal until mfs started talking about my mom and my dog. To all the staff, I hope a tree falls on your car. That is, the ones that are even old enough because you all seem to be 10. Get a fucking life all TitsRP players. Your server is boring.
  4. Also, to the person who said "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." Read the appeal again and see how stupid what you just said is. NO SHIT THE BAN SHOULD STAY UP, IT WAS A JOKE THAT I HOPED AT LEAST ONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE THE SLIGHTEST GRASP ON! GET OVER YOURSELF AND STOP ACTING LIKE THIS IS REAL LIFE.
  5. I thought that you guys would at least have the slightest bit of humor on the ban appeal, but apparently humor is banned. I know that I shouldn't get appealed for MRDM, I'm not a complete fucking moron. However, the fact that you guys took it so seriously just baffles me. Do you guys just sit there all day and have no fun whatsoever? Do you seriously think you look more professional by acting like a dunce on appeals and other sections of the forums? For the love of god take the rulebook out of your ass and enjoy your position for once. It's not even the fact that I wasn't appealed, I had zero hope and intent to get appealed, It's just the fact that you guys think it's the end of the world when I make the slightest attempt at humor. It's not funny you say? Tough shit, I don't care. You guys are weird. Also, to whoever said "you literally just want to do it again." WHY WOULD I NOT DO IT AGAIN? That's the whole point of the appeal and what I was and still am obviously planning on doing again after the ban.
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