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  1. i thank you all for joining and showing you are all likeminded individuals who have a passion for hating staff i propose we grow our numbers to 128 people and all log in together and take over titsrp.. who is with me ??
  2. Inshallah Allahu Fuck staff¡¡¡☆☆
  3. a little birdy told me parcels contain the narcotics grown by players and sold to the drug npcs, and that means parcel selling isn't a legal job but secretly an illegal one allowed by the mayor under the table since he rakes in a cut of the drug sales
  4. the idea of having staff events in sitland is fine and is already allowed if people just asked an admin if they can do one (least when I was admin it was) but the idea of physgunning your mates is a bad one to me, if a rando spots a mod physgunning a user around it gives a bad impression, and there shouldn't be this expectation of getting perks for being staff, you signed up to take sits and help the community not use your staff tools for shitposts
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ player since mid 2017, 69 bans and 42 warns
  6. sounds kinda cool actually +rep
  7. it'd be a bit too easy if they were in the actual harvest zones, but a copy pasted chem hose for water probably couldn't hurt. Though I'd argue you may as well just go to beach or something and fill up and inventory water barrels at that rate. though logically houses have water supply irl
  8. selling roulette secrets for 10m darkrp
  9. the dude has no malicious intent, just let him play lol +1 i think staff should be focused on keeping actual bad boys out
  10. +1 ill come back as admin too if we as a community can make this happen
  11. i think adding it back even with like a max pot of $100 would be fun if people really wanna gamble millys they can run their own tournaments for that cash or smthn as money won't be generated from thin air
  12. did you get this in a can of drip?
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