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  1. L bozo all my niggas hate john #lockhimup
  2. 100% gotta be fuel, Jamarcus is the blackest name I've ever heard alongside Quandell and DeAndre
  3. if I could fuck any animal it'd be your mom cause she's a right dog 🥵

  4. irrelevant ass nigga your father is dead
  5. idk but make sure you end it with 'all good dogs go to heaven'
  6. to legally change your name you need to fill out applicable forms and pay a fee to your whatever administration your country requires for the name change process
  7. I caught a pretty big Mako Shark out by the island in ocean on my yacht the other day, that was pretty cool
  8. I was always under the impression that if one job can KOS another, it goes both ways
  9. There isn't a certain amount of bans that will void any chance of you being staff but having recent bans will hurt your chances if you're known as a rule breaker you'll have a hard time making staff but if you've just accumulated a few bans over the course of playing it won't stand against you in an application
  10. if you don't have a big forum reputation you simply have a skill issue yes to both questions
  11. that process can be shortened by simply saving the link to the video somewhere for quick copy paste access still no harm in adding the link to the chatbox on job change
  12. bold of you to assume new players will actually see that link posted in chat you'd actually achieve more success in just sending them the link when they ask themselves
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