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  1. I have no affiliation with any actions the TitsRP server performs. Voluntarily removing myself from the community.
  2. ah a classic think jawson owned this back in the day that'd be a dope ass shark pet mr billy
  3. Baby Shark Shark model already exists so just shrink it baby shark do do do do doo baby shark do do doo do doo bby shark
  4. how tf you gonna animate that shit
  5. i dunno why I thought it'd be like a rabbit's foot type deal and not his actual fucking foot but i'm thoroughly disgusted
  6. 3 prestige tokens for a one time use SWEP sugar, rubik and billy rn ^^^
  7. should they? no they should walk to lose the fucking weight but like seeing as they are fat as fuck they probably can't walk and needed help waddling from the 7 seater suburban to the motorized cart zone so they probably should
  8. i thank you all for joining and showing you are all likeminded individuals who have a passion for hating staff i propose we grow our numbers to 128 people and all log in together and take over titsrp.. who is with me ??
  9. Inshallah Allahu Fuck staff¡¡¡☆☆
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