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  1. Accepted, enjoy your time with us. Don't MRDM again ty ty
  2. we aren't nazi's and if staff aren't arsed dealing with appeals they can resign -1
  3. Explain the context behind using "Monkey" and "Big Black" in the same sentence.
  4. The actions taken by you are not representative of what we want in this community donger. I can already see that this will just be a - 1 brigade, so I'm just going to deny it now. Will you ever be unbanned? I genuinely don't know. You've had a lot of chances to make things right and you aren't entitled to come back because you're sorry. You may continue to appeal in 2 weeks.
  5. !gang is usually what I mistakenly type before then typing !gangmenu i think !gang & !gangmenu working would be dope
  6. The Herbalist


    Locking for Admin review.
  7. job suggestion: processor you are a gun dealer but you cannot move and you can only buy a single random gun every 5 minutes
  8. At this time the admin team had decided that not enough time has passed before we will consider an unban. You are free to appeal again in the future.
  9. my interest in call of duty died off after black ops 3, didn't bother with anything past that and haven't tried infinite warfare or whatever it is, but cold war looks neat enough and a friend of mine has pre-ordered it so i'll probably pick it up and try it at launch. I'd say zombies is my main interest.
  10. wow that's a cool pfp who made it?
  11. Is it really an auction house? Cause like you buy stuff instantly instead of bidding on it like an auction house. I think Market would be more suited, no?
  12. +1 nice little idea, naturally the dropped health injectors should disappear after 30 seconds and not be inventoryable for lag & exploit prevention
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