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  1. it'd be a bit too easy if they were in the actual harvest zones, but a copy pasted chem hose for water probably couldn't hurt. Though I'd argue you may as well just go to beach or something and fill up and inventory water barrels at that rate. though logically houses have water supply irl
  2. selling roulette secrets for 10m darkrp
  3. The Herbalist

    Rad Ban Appeal

    the dude has no malicious intent, just let him play lol +1 i think staff should be focused on keeping actual bad boys out
  4. +1 ill come back as admin too if we as a community can make this happen
  5. i think adding it back even with like a max pot of $100 would be fun if people really wanna gamble millys they can run their own tournaments for that cash or smthn as money won't be generated from thin air
  6. did you get this in a can of drip?
  7. I like to open up conversation with new people by using the following: "What are your views on abortion?"
  8. There is quest giver?? I tried to say hello to magic hazmat man and he Mr Bones revolver'd me
  9. 90% of my gametime has been loading screen i am a naked white woman and my boobies are showing please help me i keep getitng killed by black mens and woman with spears yellin googa booga i only have a rock wtf
  10. I don't think this warrants a warn at all. Fuck the semantics of it being considered racism or not, it's just not worth taking staff action for something as stupid as this imo. At most, a quick pull to sitland, "don't say stuff like that because it has no place in OOC" and a return would have sufficed.
  11. when covid goes bye bye we gotta link up 😈 where is tass' goldfish on the iceberg actually
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