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  1. wow that's a cool pfp who made it?
  2. Is it really an auction house? Cause like you buy stuff instantly instead of bidding on it like an auction house. I think Market would be more suited, no?
  3. +1 nice little idea, naturally the dropped health injectors should disappear after 30 seconds and not be inventoryable for lag & exploit prevention
  4. Ryzen 5 2400G integrated graphics processor 16GB LPX Vengeance RAM @ 3200 Mhz 1920 x 1080p resolution i dunno my monitor freq but prolly 70hz
  5. The Herbalist


    I have slept on it & decided that your appeal will be denied at this time. After some internal discussion and review of the material provided we have come to the conclusion that what you said is outright disgusting and the complete opposite of what we as a community want to foster here. Regardless of where you said it, you wished death upon a community member & hoped the body would be so disfigured, his parents wouldn't be able to identity him. You are free to appeal at a later date.
  6. After discussion with the admin team we have decided that it is too soon for you to be unbanned at this time. You're a cool dude, we all pretty much agree with that but a permanent ban should be permanent, not just a more threatening 1 month ban and then ez unban. I am confident you will be unbanned in the future should you keep up your good behaviour, but at this time it's just too soon to overrule the permanent ban in place. Denied.
  7. The Herbalist


    idk gonna sleep on it will let u know l8r
  8. The Herbalist


    Hello Danny I am going to accept this appeal, please be aware that we no longer ban permanently at request, and when we do it stays permanent. Keep this in mind if you decide you've had your fill of the server again. Hope you enjoy your time back with us. Accepted.
  9. Weed update please, I am available for counseling on creating the truly perfect weed growth system
  10. hmu for a crossover anime episode where i teach you the most efficent method of weed growth
  11. This first playlist is the one i've been cultivating for the last 2 years, and is a mix of rap, house, edm, chill, lofi, drill, pretty much whatever sounds good goes in the playlist, up to like 160 sounds now or just over 10 hours of listening. This second playlist is my "Sad Nigga Hours" playlist and is still growing. Mainly consists of Polo G, XXX, Juice WRLD and some tracks from $uicideBoy$ and others. I'd happily take suggestions for tracks that fit the vibe of this playlist. This third and final playlist is very small and consists of lofi for easy listening. Mainly just lofi remix of biggie songs. Would love suggestions.
  12. What made you believe using a racist term towards another community member was acceptable? Feel free to DM me your answer because I'm gonna deny this for now seeing as you don't care what happens. See you after vacation when you care again. not accepted
  13. This thread is poo Clearly there's a conflict here between both votes, and I believe most if not all relevant information we could gather from this thread and the replies has been gathered. Gonna lock this bitch up for the admin team to deliberate on the decision.
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