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  1. i think its silly that some members who were replying couldn't comprehend that the reason they killed Educator was cause they didn't want him at their table idk how tf exploiting was brought into it like they were scheming for his 1.2m pretty sure both sticks n pickles are rich as fuck and wipe their ass with 1.2m, i'd believe em when they say they just wanted to get rid of educator so low could play
  2. Unless there is an entity added which would give you the guns back like a "confiscated goods locker" I don't think you should magically get your weapons back for escaping it would make more sense to get it back after serving your time imo rather than getting them back for escaping
  3. Mini printer tokens are earned from quests / quest shop or bought from players who have them already afaik
  4. That's all the cultists do too tho tbh SK should be a serial killer, essentially terrorist without the 5 min announcement and wait to start attacking along with blues other suggestions SK is shit rn imo and the reason SK has to kidnap and all that BS instead of just murdering of cause of the idiots who will think its RDM and not an SK murder
  5. "Hello TitsRP.... this is Sugar *inhale* .... and I have a few announce-ments." "Number One: I am sending all staff to conversion camps." "Number Two: T-Mods are not it... BOII" "Number Three: So yeah! *unintelligible but might be 'thank youu' or 'yeag jew' in obese*" For all the hard of hearing
  6. I unironically paid for the tom holland and zendaya skin bundle
  7. Yes, now I can setup a pump and dump scheme on titsrp! #pump$HERB
  8. been asking for this for a year, +1
  9. I like both but OJ no pulp for me I could sit and drink 1ltr of orange but not 1ltr of apple juice
  10. there should be an election to decide new owners democracy should prevail in titsrp not dictakership
  11. A year later and I am not a peasant anymore and now use spotify, here's my updated Mega Mix playlist (20+hrs long) the embed only includes the first 100 songs but there's like 420+ songs of various genres
  12. Piklas' demotion for NCA was actually a cover story sugar just couldn't have someone who could expose him on the team..
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