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  1. btw they were all in a party so if you killed/warned one 3 others would party bind and kill you
  2. the rp was so good when they were doing it (the people blocking spawn the got the rule changed) they were all using black skin color models and i was the Karen job so what i did was take a picture, take a civilian phone from my inventory, call the cops saying they were BLM rioters and all the cops came and RDM'd them multiple times. The cops were roleplaying so well i thought this was one of those HRP servers.
  3. How are you still holding a grudge after 2 years bro it’s literally a game
  4. those are their children btw jack wont say it but they actually ERP
  5. Anybody read that post above fully who can give me a tldr?
  6. Can someone translate this please
  7. i believe i posted it in #general I didn't know of any other channel that was NSFW at the time.
  8. I think I did, considering this was 2 years ago I don’t fully remember dming you it and to my knowledge I was discord banned for posting it in the tits rp discord. Like I said, was childish of me and I apologize for dming you that but at the time I probably just thought it’d be funny. I don’t know who else dm’d you it nor would I have asked them to.
  9. on the server TitsRP (roleplay)? i love roleplaying i do it in every role i take unless im a CC
  10. frisco try not to go fishing challenge
  11. what do i do if im banned from the discord how do i verify myself then
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