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  1. reminder this got yoshe i think a month ban or so
  2. Another young one who sold his soul
  3. Genuine question why are you playing for more than 10+ hours
  4. i bet u he probably edited one of his posts from a while fucking back with a hint
  5. exclamation INFORMAL expressing shock and alarm, often for humorous effect.
  6. U rarely ever use text chat why
  7. i would rather the jetpack be readded/allowed then SBC cannons brought back.
  8. those are people on their cc's defending a base or raiding. how would they even get forcetaken? I fail to see why you would care so much about defending yourself as if the entire servers out to get you unless you're actively basing or raiding. Just play another job if you're fearful of being force taken.
  9. said before said again still true
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