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  1. in my humble opinion harassment/toxicity rules are there for the little man, who cannot endure saying something back to someone, or using the blocking/muting button so it should stay
  2. I dumpster dived last night and found a few plushies, not sure why you’re having such an issue. You might need to find a better area bro
  3. USN peepoo

    Gas masks

    EOD armor for SBC cannon protection when
  4. I have never read the rules except for appealing a ban or reporting someone
  5. -1 players can always change and appeal their ban. And I think having rich ass players buy everything off a banned players account would be very bad for the economy plus most of the rare items a banned player would have would simply just be legendaries, sweps, artifacts etc that are all obtainable normally. C Banned players having their inventories wiped and deleted is still the best option too.
  6. iirc i just posted his appeal for him since he was forum banned u could prob do the same
  7. I think chucky should have to use a command or something similar to !rampage and be able to go ham on the people it can kill but also be KOS/AOS by CP or jobs like hobo
  8. Legal was banned because staff could not handle him when he wasn’t sober. Free him now, he’s been sober since the day he was banned.
  9. Fuck man I miss that nigga, didn’t even know he passed away. Hope his families doing okay too. RIP
  10. I can fix tits rp It’s all up to sugar and rubik though trust me
  11. Thanks for posting to the full post, couldn’t remember it all. It definitely was blunt, and i could see how this would be viewed as abusive with the one word addition of “baby” into the report but that was my opinion of the report in general. Other than that it is insignificant and nowhere near rule breaking.
  12. It wasn’t a jab, posting a comment on a profile is allowed and I’m baffled you think that me not wanting to break a rule is a rule break. Neither is being rude one either, like I said I have no drama to monger and it was a simple connection between his rep and the report he made. I’m contesting the warm because it’s false and is very reaching in terms of what the rules are and is based only on what Jay felt like I was implying by posting it, even though I am making my intentions clear here. I’ve already stated why I was posting it so yes I knew what I was doing however 100% it wasn’t any form of rule breaking behavior. for reference what I posted was iirc because it’s been deleted so I can’t double check was along the line of “ironic this nigga made a report over reputation is now probably the person with the most negative rep on the forums”. The tone as Epic said seems rude, it doesn’t matter to me because the entire point of what I had said was connecting his report and his reputation as it was. That’s literally it, and nothing more. Wasn’t breaking any rules, and although the whole situation got multiple people warned banned, stripped of certain rank, this single profile comment that had nothing to do with any of the issues that gave punishment to other players is insignificant and isn’t a rule break.
  13. I think you’re just trying to view what I said as “funny” or “edgy”. My intentions if it weren’t clear was to just say that the situation was ironic on both his report and what happened afterwards. I already understand the amount of punishments that came out of the whole situation but that doesn’t mean anything even vaguely “edgy” related to it is grounds for a warn. You’re right about how posting it on the report would’ve gotten me a warn because I wasn’t related to the report, so to not rule break I just posted it on the profile because that’s what profile comments are for. Had I been toxic or shitting on him for the amount of backlash he got for the report I wouldn’t even contest this warm. Basically, I wasn’t drama mongering nor being abusive to them, which is why I think the warn is false.
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