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  1. how about 2 different types of injectors 1 that heals over time with the small speed buff that ends in like 15-20 seconds but has a big debuff if you use it more than twice like much slower speed and a big chance to get infected and instantly lose health but the health you heal over time is equal to that of a normal health injector. so the health injector would be somewhat rarer to get and the other one easieser to find and use.
  2. Material grenades do not. Nothing in the changelog stating so, what exactly are you talking about?
  3. material bombs destroy fences not grenades. also you can just punt the grenades.
  4. raiding is fun when its a group of people going against a ton of other group of people. shit talk, toxicity followed it but it was fun either way.
  5. They aren't "a relic of the past" They are extremely useful during raids, and in defense. It is perfectly balanced and increasing it would just make it more good than it is. You can make back a shit ton of damage that you took if you're fast enough and in cover. Same as a medkit. The rare finder talisman should show your odds but it shouldn't stack. There shouldn't its all about luck ie rare. Not "how much do i have to do before i get ___". There's a gang talent for that. Dunno what to say about it. No, its a fun job for newer players.
  6. Yeah i said it in the appeal, ajax was reported for firing cp "for cleansing the pd" it got declined.
  7. I left pd before i fired them so i didn't count. If they didn't have chance to go after them there's no way that i could see that. No I didn't threaten anyone because that's too much work, and they don't need to be told by the mayor himself to leave the station when there's already a big announcement and voice lines saying that there is one. Same as how when there's a PD raider raiding you don't wait and watch them you actually go out and do something about it. People who didn't have a chance that were in the PD were probably inside some guys dupe and it is on that guy to delete whatever base they had or walking around but they didn't communicate to me that they did (As a police officer should since i'm the mayor). I fired all of the cops, and looking at the killfeed before i got banned it would seem that it was civilians killing terrorists and not cops although i may be wrong if there was 1 stray cop who managed to kill a terrorist but i was brought to a sit not long after firing them. Also just letting you know that I don't need to specifically threaten anyone with firing and if I believe it is rightful to (with my valid RP reason), then firing them is just firing them not listing them all the reasons why.
  8. Yeah I did, my mistake if you just switched i couldn't have telled. Since i was in the middle of purging the cops out, must've not noticed.
  9. No i wasn't recording during it since i just logged on after a while. Also it's basically the same thing to just say Unworthy of their position, plus it sounds more professional.
  10. Pretty sure Kdawg/sugar already said no to a suggestion similar of this. So -1.
  11. this + the fact that its the same few people. + a group of people like 3 or 4 months ago basically driven out anyone who would base because we would just raid everyone. Now others are doing it but its still the same. its not that they are op its just they have more shit accessible to them that's useful in raids then a newer player. and this, niggas would rather sit in a public place in like a 5 people party and gawk at whatever new anime or funny meme haha model they bought in. Or just buy a weapon reskin advertise it, and go afk for like 4 hours, maybe fish for a few more and then leave. Unbanning people wouldn't fix anything, Nerfing basing wouldn't fix basing since procs got a nerf and a ton of people stopped basing then. Raiding was already nerfed, don't even think there's an in between to get people to base other than giving people a reason to form groups to base.
  12. no it isn't its only over when you leave the general area but "the general area" is very subjective if you look at OG getting banned for leaving a raid area
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/515040/Make_America_Great_Again_The_Trump_Presidency/
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