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  1. hi edward I'm unbanned check out my rust content @ don huberto  Â
  2. zZzO G


    if your old account isn't banned than you have to remove whatever phone number you have connected.Â
  3. I don't recall the mod asking you guys to go in and kill them. This whole report wouldn't have been if it wasn't for you guys going in to kill them. The mod simply told you guys to remove the dupe, nothing else. You guys on the other hand, after removing the dupe, chose to run in and kill them. This is the unfair advantage you gain which is a written rule "You cannot build/remove props to your advantage while being raided OR in a situation that involves a clash between other players". Loop holing I'm saying because your whole stance is "oh a mod told me to....." you're working your way around to what the mod stated which was to remove the dupe, and make it sound like you guys only went in because the mod "told you guys to do it" even though he only stated for the dupe to be removed. You're basically saying the mod allowed you to break the rule....
  4. ok yes, a mod told him to REMOVE the dupe. It is your CHOICE from up there whether or not to go in and kill the players. You guys CHOSE to break the rule. You used to be staff, you should know better. Just because a mod told you guys to remove the dupe it doesn't prompt you guys to go in a kill them, it is against the rules whether the mod told you or didn't tell you to remove the dupe. If I was on your shoes I would've been warned or banned for "loop holing"Â
  5. not choosing sides but it clearly states in the rules that either way you weren't supposed to remove the dupe and go in to kill nigga or piklas at the time. "You cannot build/remove props to your advantage while being raided OR in a situation that involves a clash between other players". "A situation that involves a clash between other players". What happened after you removed your dupe? You got involved with the players who were held behind the dupe, giving you an unfair advantage.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8lt9vWWOVWj6J7OBSJiag my content is better
  7. degrading, removal of tokens from tier 2s, and processor shocking, killed basing.
  8. you kind of instigated the whole situation by saying “nobody asked”. you could’ve went on by your day completely ignoring what malicious was to type in ooc.
  9. , if server ever reaches max pop just increase it back up. This is pretty much how every server on any game works, players rather join a server that seems full (like 69/90) rather than half full (64/128)
  10. zZzO G

    Smelly Appeal

    I didn't wait to make the report on purpose. As you said in chat "didn't you shoot at me" I genuinely thought I did something wrong and clipped it for review in case I got reported for it (if I get banned for anything longer than a week I am re perma banned). I forgot that I had clipped it. The day I made the report was when I was going through clips to see what was needed to be deleted from my computer or not, and from that point on, looking back into the clip, I realized that I didn't even shoot at you, so it came to mind that you really did RDM me.Â
  11. zZzO G

    Smelly RDM

    my clipping is literally only 30 seconds, but here's the full version.  Â
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