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  1. Claim 1 : Hitting the red thumbs down is an easy way to say I disagree without starting shit and I left the thread without saying anything, after that I got called out to reply and I did. What is more important here is the bias you are having, I only thumbs down the thread while if you look back at the replies, Abstergo, you and other staff were -reping my post. If I were really here do cause shit I would of -reped all of his replies and ones that disagree with me. "They asked you to elaborate", why are you blatantly lying on your first claim? They haven't asked to elaborate for shit. He started with saying how negative it was and how his shit is comparable to curing cancer. Followed by his doggy staff Dan who tried to make an ironic reply without addressing me directly (which is of poor taste and looks more to me as someone trying to start drama). The "Egotistical" thing on your first claim is so based. He has such an ego he would compare his doing to curing cancer and that I'm only a hater. For Doge Skeletor, the guy was signed on the forum 1 month ago and tries to claim he knows more than me because he's moderator which again is big ego. Claim 2 : I will go over this quickly as again, it seems you haven't read shit and speculated hardcore. The only statement they made was attacking me and saying that I'm negative, I don't see how me thinking I am right because I follow the basic rules of debating makes me big ego. For the "I feel above you" again you take it out of context and not put what follows, it is justified to feel above someone who can't follow objective debating rules and try to do the opposite. If the only weak point of my argument was me having an ego, I think I would take that W on all my other arguments which mattered to the actual cause and not throwing ad hominem. But sadly I doubt wanting to have a good and productive argument is equivalent to having an ego. It doesn't matter how many good deeds he's done, if this thread is worthless I will say it and if I am wrong I will admit it. No one has yet to give a proper argument (as of yet). I argue with staff because they quoted me and speculated on my intentions by referring to my reputation and used the same "This is negative and he is doing positive" which doesn't help anything. Claim 3 : I don't know where you took that quote from. Yeah this is a suggestion and you will get criticism, what about it? The only thing I stated is that if you truly think someone will read this unironically you are miss understanding how people work. This isn't a kindergarten where we teach people how to commonly behave. "People do miss behave therefor it's justified" People will continue to miss behave if it's in their nature, reading this thread is not a magical cure to any social disorder. My whole point is that MAYBE 1% of people will read this to find either loopholes or better their case on a report or ban appeal but otherwise no one is going to improve upon these. There is already a guide line for staff members but guide line for users who just came on gmod to chill is a bit over the top. Claim 4 : Please stop speculating and saying things I did not say, thank you. "Fuck all of you it's not going to work". I don't see how you came to that conclusion? I legit gave a statement and the responses I got were personal attacks or just blatantly ignoring my argument because it's negative. I called the staff bad not because he made a thread, because their replies were childish, Dan trying to make a bad ironic joke to support his master Abstergo and other staff comes and insults my reputation to negate my point. These are BAD staff, they don't know how to properly conduct themselves or argue. Please stop strawmaning me, I never said "They were retarded" so stop quoting this like it's something I said. It amazes me how the Staff bias works, they started to belittle me on baseless claims. If you think the "trying to move up the ladders or miss understood human beings" is belittling, than you are being dishonest. I gave 2 honest path that I thought could be justifiable and yet Abstergo hasn't addressed it either. Stand with them if you want, you are doing as worst as them. Had many ad hominem and strawman. You're the king of fallacies right here. You act all and mighty but this reply was a poor taste and hasn't answered the main topic. Blue you were the one who asked me to reply, what did you expect... You can wish that people were better in sits but this thread wont help it I promise you. "somebody could read this and it can provide them with knowledge" I agree with you only because I know people (if this thread becomes official) will use it to find loopholes and better their case in reports or ban appeal like I stated above. Otherwise NO ONE will have their mind opened by a random ass thread. Be realistic, you guys respect his effort, good, but be honest when it comes to usefulness. This is why the staff team is in such a mess, they all want to agree with each other and if they don't, they either don't reply to the thread or worst they give out a dishonest opinion. I am not giving too much credit to people, I know people act like monkeys in sits but they do it either because they don't care or because they are trolling (or has some kind of social disorder). That's my whole point, it will NOT make it easier as no one or less than 1% will read this and even then it's not gonna get the result wanted. "If you at least consider these guidelines" nope, no one will consider them unironically. If you have evidence of the contrary go ahead. Yall are wishful thinking af TL;DR FK used fake quotes and then addressed them (strawman) Says I have a big ego, because I said "I am above you" (taking out of context) I am above them in debating because they lack arguing skill. Said it might be used (the suggestion) by some people (without evidence to support it) and that some people do it unintentionally (which I addressed as lack of courtesy) (Doubt a titsrp thread is going to cure a social disorder) Thinks arguing is a brute force method to change someones mind in which case he thinks is negative. Thinks that me using logical argument is calling them retarded
  2. Again your reasons aren't rational, it's not because it's negative or pessimistic that it should be ignored. I think my argument was sound and that realistically no one will read this or be appointed to read this seriously. You are speculating really hard when you're saying I did this to start shit. It's not because it's negative that it's a drama starter. I even said he either is doing it for something bad or just misunderstood which either way he hasn't addressed. I think I am entitled to feel above you when you guys are using fallacies to reply. You are the one acting superior telling me "I haven't been staff", You joined the forums a month ago and you're telling you know more shit than me? Seems like your title made you a bit egotistical. PS : My intentions can be proven fairly easily. I didn't want to reply, someone told me to justify myself and I did. If it was to start drama I would of disliked and replied immediately.
  3. This is specifically why I didn't want to reply, I read his replies on many ban appeals and reports and this person likes to make a lot of fallacies. There is no point arguing with someone like this, I thought maybe because I never talked to him, I might be wrong. But seems like my speculation was reality.
  4. Hmm ? Drama? You are the one who started the baseless claims on me. You had nothing substantial to say about my reply. I wanted legit criticism so I could argue but you just plainly washed off my reply because it was negative? Please do yourself a favor and take time to actually read my reply.
  5. Yeah I am quite sad to see you are staff if you can't understand a simple statement. I said people do this on purpose and NO ONE will read this and have something worth while to understand and improve upon. This batch of staff might be as bad as 2019's batch. @Doc McStubbins™ you gotta up your games on these new staff
  6. You don't seem to have anything valuable or objective to say. You act with such a high ego it makes me wonder if you are fit to be staff. You compare your shitpost to a cure to cancer? Is this a big shitpost thread and am I being memed? Let's be honest, if you think each reply you will get will be positive you are being delusional. If you have any complaints on my opinion on your thread, please say it. But if it's to ego reply, don't bother.
  7. In plain simple words : It's unnecessary. This is basic common sense written and no one is going to read this seriously, if someone is about to do the DO NOT, they are either doing it intentionally or don't understand basic courtesy. He maybe put some effort in doing it, but effort doesn't mean quality and usefulness. Most of you probably liked his thread because of his effort, but let's be honest this is more like a shitpost than anything else. Either a plot to get recognition to climb the ladders or just miss understanding of how humans work.
  8. I'm glad to see that more people are getting farther into the puzzle. No one has solved it yet! You still have a chance to win!
  9. The Puzzle has resumed! Read the updates on the main thread.
  10. I couldn't reproduce your error. I tested everything and it's working fine. DM me if you are still having issues.
  11. The Puzzle is resuming tomorrow around 12 AM, NY.
  12. You can send me a private DM on the forums. But I will not help anyone. If you think there is an error, you can DM me.
  13. You are allowed, but it would only disadvantage you in my opinion because people will find it quicker and remember : Only one winner. Your choice :)
  14. I forgot to mention, but this puzzle doesn't require much knowledge. Anyone can do it! Don't forget to dislike my thread!
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