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  1. Zek

    OG's Appeal

    When you're trying to get a 3rd chance out of a perma, I think it's common courtesy to include that you already had a second chance.
  2. Zek

    OG's Appeal

    Doesn't matter how long it was, you purposely didn't included them so you had a better chance to get unbanned. But you added the "This guy got banned 4 times and got unbanned" to cover up if someone actually found your perma ban appeals. The reason I am saying it doesn't matter how long it was, is because when we are talking about perma bans it's offenses that are severe and shouldn't be left out when you want to get unbanned from another perma ban. + It is kind of dishonest to let staff think it's your "second chance" while you know it isn't Also, I am not sure these are the same appeals because in the first appeal I see no where stating you were alting and it is more reasonable to assume that you alted after getting perma banned from exploit and got caught. I will say it one more time, OG, if you want to get unbanned please try to be honest. This is the best tip coming from someone who has been in your shoes.
  3. Zek

    OG's Appeal

    Replying to give more information that has been missed. Many staff are talking about "second chance", but if you look into OG's history he has been perma banned 3 times (counting this one) one for exploiting, second for alting third for toxicity + temporary ban for toxicity. Sources : https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/6125-dumbass-appeal/ PERMA https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/11573-og-bot-is-back/ PERMA https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/13272-ogs-appeal/page/2/ TEMP I have nothing again'st you OG, but if you were honest you should of stated these and not played the "This player had many chances so why can't I get one" because it's the 3rd chance you are getting. I also remember when you were alting and spammed the n word. (had it for some reasons in my screenshots) If you would of included these, I would agree to unban you because the only way I think we can know if someone is honest is if he isn't hiding anything and is putting everything he did bad on the front of his appeal no matter how bad it was. Because this way we can know you actually have remorse. I hope this can help some staff with their decisions.
  4. Updating current addons takes more time than finding an already made addon. I agree with you that they need updates, but I already had in mind that reworking addons would never happen if it's not a big issue because of how much time it consumes.
  5. I may be outdated a bit, but wasn't meth a big game changer when it came out? It was an alternative to printers/proccesors and camping in the base that was and probably still is the best method to make big bucks. I think the best method to make money shouldn't be based around camping and more about working and moving (ex: mixing substances to make meth and selling it to NPC). But I do agree that the state of other drugs other than meth (if they changed it) is pretty outdated but sadly I have no suggestion for older drugs as I don't know how they fully work.
  6. I think it's always a good idea to add variability and progress things to not make the server boring, but the reason a lot of suggestions aren't added is usually because of performance issues. You suggested drugs, I played on a lot of darkRP servers and most addons for drugs have many equipment that usually aren't coded for performance. I think the developers would find it easier if you could suggest addons that could be both good in performance and in quality. Good suggestion overall.
  7. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    There was no complication, no one was in the base, no one claimed they were in and you could of easily checked if someone was in. It's a simple situation : I sneak in the base, no one was there, Metchu deleted his dupe kills me. I still don't understand why you come back to me blowtorching props, it is a DISADVANTAGE for me to not have an escape route and I would of even approved to be brought back if you told me I couldn't blowtorch it back. Also WHO'S FAULT is it that the dupe got removed and we don't know where it got blowtorched? Mine? You see how flawed your reasoning is, you're willing to punish me for something your party member did and that got away with a verbal? It is insane you seek so much approval from other staff, Walter's reply is only supported by his past actions that he never lets people continue raids. Walter goes on saying "Especially", why would there be a "Especially" if it's a concrete rule? It's either you can or cannot, the reason he added "Especially" is because it's a subjective matter. Btw his "Especially" reason can't be applied here because there was no complication and it was a simple situation that could of been handled way better. I do agree with herb, but his stance is that their could be complication in many situation, which in this specific situation where no one has any objections on what happened (Everyone agreed that Matchu did was wrong and that the base was empty) no one complained about a misinformation about this situation.
  8. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    It is astounding how you still can't acknowledge that it was unfair. recreating the circumstances I was in is pretty easy and I have a hard time seeing why you disagree? I am not asking for anything out of the ordinary, your party member Matchu was at fault and the right way to correct it is to check death location logs and put me where I was. There is nothing unfair in my request and you're only go to is that the MOTD doesn't state anything about this. That is why I made a debate, if the MOTD doesn't state it, then it comes to common sense and logic, where you weren't able to find any valid arguments to support why it was a fair. The quote about killing my teamate was quoted for Jawnm, he is the one who killed my teamate, please read my reply carefully. As a staff you not only gave an irrational decision that was supported with fallacies but you took a sit from your party member and never stated it in the sit. Not only that, but you took action after the sit to go and kill me. Not only you allowed me to restart the raid outside to reset the RP situation, which in any case I manage to sneak in the base and that was stolen from me, but also used metagaming to kill me, in the real situation if matchu didn't do so, I would of been in the base for over 2-3 minutes and for you to come where I was would of took you time because the base was hard to navigate through. Did you notice that you never once said that you did a mistake anywhere? This is the personality of a bad staff who cannot acknowledge even a single fault in his reasoning.
  9. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    The fact that you gave your input to ajax with lack of information shows the intentions of ajax, I was completely inside the base and managed to blow 2 proccesors during the fight with Matchu. MOTD used to have this rule "DO use common sense" and this situation is one of them where the current MOTD lacks in information to give a fair trial. Again, let's assume you were to TP me inside the base after the sit and someone was already inside the base because of how long the sit took ... How is that my fault? The whole situation happened because of Matchu and not even he didn't get punished but he got away with several of his goods undamaged. The fault rests on him and not me who played fair, it is also quite cowardly to saw "it definitely changes how I feel, and od think that it was unfair" but you still go to the MOTD to justify what is in your opinion unfair. Not only that, but you never acknowledge your part in the raid, where you came directly after the sit and killed my teamate. I never said what Matchu did warrants a ban, what i'm trying to argue and what I repeatedly asked you and ajax in the sit, was, why is that reasonable that I start outside even thought you guys have access to logs that shows where I died, the sit was poorly handled just by the fact you didn't even look into my death location. So even after telling you that I died in nearly seconds from the staff who took my sit after my sit, you still think it was fair? Because you have yet to justify your position, saying "my opinion seems fair" isn't responding to the question at all.
  10. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    I appreciate your honesty, but your mic was low during the sit and I couldn't completely hear your side. You should of taken into a count that Matchu had no remorse for what he did, I already addressed this in another thread I made but verbal warnings should only be given when there is no doubt that it was a mistake and this was far from a mistake. You were brought to the sit with the only purpose to agree with Ajax and never brought any reasoning behind what is fair and not fair to do. That "missunderstanding" costed me a lot and the punishment at hand wasn't the issue, the issue is how I would be able to regain access to the raid. If now you have all the information needed to evaluate what you did wrong or not, I think you should give your honest opinion as a staff. You should not be punished for Ajax's mistakes.
  11. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    I already addressed these points in the sit, the fact that I wouldn't have an escape route is only disadvantageous for me from my perspective. No members were inside the base and no one claimed they were inside the base and I don't know why you brought this fallacious argument to support an already fallacious point of view. I only blowtorched about 3-4 props at the end of the base which I could of redone before starting the raid, but again I don't see how me having no escape route is unfair to the other party? Also why does the blame go on me, when the fault is clearly Metchu's ? Metchu is the one who deleted the base why is it me who should take the hit for not knowing where I blowtorched? Also how in the world would you consider it fair for me to start from the outside when I died in less than a minute before starting it and you were ready to kill me? PS : I had access to over 20 proccesors and printers and the base that I raided was one of the hardest to raid (the one in the sewers) I will never acknowledge that restarting from outside when I had access to all these raidables before the incident happened is "FAIR". It would of taken Metchu 2-3 minutes to come inside legitimately and I would of been able to pack/destroy everything. He escaped this with a verbal warning with no apologizes and a happy ending. In what world do you consider this fair? You should not be staff for these exact statements!
  12. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    Don't forget that he's the one who killed me in that raid exactly 15 seconds after the sit & that he got confirmation of his decision from Jewnm who is also part of the party and who killed my teamate. Evidence you asked :
  13. Zek

    Report on Ajax

    So the incident started when I was able to raid Metchu's base which ajax is also part of, I was inside the base where all the raidables were. Seconds after I was inside, I see the dupe being removed and placed back. Metchu, was inside after unduping his base and he managed to kill me. I called a sit for FailRP and Ajax took it, at first I did not know that ajax was part of the base so I didn't suspect anything. Metchu admitted of unduping and killing even if he was unaware I was in the base. Ajax verbal warned him (which I thought at the time was quite a light punishment because Metchu didn't have a care in the world for what he did). I asked him if I can continue the raid where I was, he said he could reset the timer but I'd need to restart from outside. We had a big argument on why this is unfair and that I should be starting where I died unfairly and he couldn't bring any argument other than jewnm has the same opinion as me (jewnm was also in their party that I was raiding). He brought another staff in the sit, but he didn't know what to do in this situation on which I told them to provide a reason on why I should start outside the base and not inside where I died (Which they never did). They chose to let me raid outside the base, but not even 10 seconds inside the base, Ajax, Jewnm and all his party came and killed me and my friend just after the sit. Which led me to think that the sit was biased and Ajax never stated in the sit that he was part of the base or that it would be better to let another staff take the sit. I think this is clear bias from a staff who cares more about DarkRP cash than his staff position. To sum it up, he gave a light punishment to his party member (which a Smod agreed that it was considered as light punishment). Directly used the information and the decision he made in the sit to make it easier to kill me. His childish behavior shows after the sit, I tried to ask him in PMs for why he acted this way and he ignored me at first and then replied that he was in the right and there was nothing to be discussed about. He never once tried to find an equal ground with me to settle things down. I think that if I died inside a raid unfairly, that I should be able to restart it where I died and not outside. Matchu replying "bc I wanted to" when asked why he did it (PS : he/she got verbal warned) Doesn't seem like "an honest mistake" when he/she never apologized once and ignored me during the sit :
  14. Who said Hitler killed the Jews only because he hated them? You're only making speculations and I'm offended that you think there is only one way of thinking for "evil people".
  15. Zek

    Ban Appeal

    It means you executed a lua command from console either before or while playing on the server in other words : Hacks or exploits
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