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  1. I can see that for some people it may seem stupid or unfair. But it's really just because all the bounty hunters that use the jetpack are usually decked out with good weapons/heals too, so don't they deserve to have an advantage? Not to mention any perks they have and how good they are at 1v1ing someone. (the ones who use jetpacks are usually very good) For me personally, I have never had a problem with bounty hunters using jetpacks. I'm usually prepared at a far away tunnel scoped in with a sniper along with shotguns in my inventory. If I die, I really don't care because it's just the bounty hunter, I don't lose anything other than what I brought to the fight. If you brought nothing, you lose nothing. Some bounty hunters are just really determined for that leaderboard spot so they use every bit of power they got
  2. Yep, I usually bump into him before he even renders. Also, it's annoying when there's jaywalking laws as it blocks some of the sidewalk right in front of where all the cops are. Vinny should definitely be moved to spawn.
  3. I never said that it should stay as it is, I said it shouldn't be removed. The reason I think it's not terribly bad right now is because everyone can afford one, and everyone has the same risk when using it that they can lose it upon death. I do agree though that it could use a nerf, like either having fuel or not being able to use it when damaged. Also, in regards to "Just because somethings fun for you to use doesn't mean it should stay OP." , it's not just fun for me, it's fun for anyone who uses it. and ANYONE can use it for cheap.
  4. Well yeah they're OP there's no denying that... but that doesn't mean we should remove it. It's only 200k for one from a player. I kinda find it hard to believe that anyone can't afford one. It's extremely easy to get 200k.
  5. In my opinion, the problem lies within the system of CC's itself. I think the problem with making custom guns/sweps better than just reskins would be the fact that CC's will always spawn with the custom gun/swep and never lose it after they buy it. Always spawning with a custom swep that's really strong would make CC's extremely overpowered compared to the normal jobs. The power difference between rich players and noobs/average players would be far too big. That's the reason for everything being reskins.
  6. 2017 OP theater base vibesĀ :chad:

  7. dink

    Balance changes.

    I don't think the problem is that there's guns that are too strong, I think the problem is that there's too many guns that are too weak/nonviable or they just have garbage scopes. Just make some of the nonviable guns stronger and the problem will be solved. Also, in my opinion, double pumping isn't overpowered at all, but the way to nerf it would be to make it so you have to wait a tiny bit before shooting when pulling out a shotgun.
  8. dink

    pissed pig bug

    I've never had an issue getting through doors as max pig, but I do find myself getting stuck on random people and random walls/fences the bigger I get as the pig. Sometimes it just makes no sense how I get stuck, and it ends up in me having to suicide and lose my size because !unstuck doesn't work. Anyways, I agree there needs to be a fix for the pig model getting stuck on things. Although it's definitely not urgent
  9. I just tested it right now in the server, i'm able to join the RDM zone after dying in the revolt, but I don't have any guns. https://gyazo.com/9a8413fc05ac922ae9d846b16aa21e7c (sorry for the bad quality) as you can see, im in the RDM zone with no guns.
  10. I completely agree, talis belong in tier 1 and 2. When I see a tali pop up in a t3 crate i get salty as heck
  11. Glad to see someones on the same page as me
  12. Tier 3 lootboxes. In my opinion, the loot in them SUCKS right now. Every time I decide to open one, I get bullshit. So I just permanently sell them now. I think there should be a very high chance to get ATLEAST 2 million worth of items out of one. The reason I say that is because im able to sell them for 2 million each. Anyone else agree? also where the heck did proc tokens go? were they removed from the loot pool? if proc tokens were added into tier 3 crates, it would be soooo much better! I don't even know why they go for 2 million if the loot pool is so bad, am I missing something here?
  13. dink


    sorry im late but happy birthday OG, you're a legend
  14. Oh.. wow I didn't know. If that's the case then this post is irrelevant and im an idiot. Although i'm not sure how i was suppose to know that it worked like that. ill try and delete this post if a mod could get rid of this that'd be great, sry. and thanks Slick
  15. Every time I hack it, the person with the most votes always wins. Happened again today when I hacked it.
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