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  1. That is true. This could be useful, just the title could be changed.
  2. Gent

    Hi There!

    Nearly Thanksgiving, apologize mister!
  3. Farewell pal, if you plan to come back you'll be welcome :)
  4. Bulldog is VERY bad, i +1 this
  5. Remove him. You were banned when the time came for him to pay and got to enjoy for a little extra. Remove him. -1 for any punishments
  6. Gent

    CC Weapons

    This gun has no actual place on your hotbar. Try scrolling up until you see nothing, then click You should be holding it then Whether this is a bug or not I don't know, but hopefully this helps!
  7. You can't assume he did NLR if reo did not report it. My take on this: B Money is learning. If he did mess up, so be it. He did what I would have done if the guy was apologetic as he says. If it was right outside of spawn, how does this nullify his Kidnap claim? Unless you had video evidence I think this situation is tough for anyone to handle. Being that he is new and even in the case he did mess up I have to say -1 for any punishments on B Money's behalf. The only way Darth would receive proper punishment is if the warn is removed and he is banned. The situations over now so I don't see this happening. Hopefully you understand my decision of a -1! If you wish to argue any points I made please pm me on discord. I would be willing to look into more for you if I happened to miss something.
  8. This is usually a thing. Good luck this year.
  9. Gent


    What you did was against the rules at the time. You deserve the warns. If you receive a false warn contact us when you're given it so the warning staff can help us determine the outcome. Otherwise, this won't be happening anytime soon.
  10. Good luck fam, hopefully you're able to stay but if not we all know why. Feel free to throw some names to look out for if you feel like that'll help others avoid them!
  11. Gent

    I'm Back

    You're bad at PUBG.
  12. Gent

    Report on Wilmer

    +1 for demotion for trial head admin, -1 tass nipple
  13. Gent

    2 suggestions in 1

    Which is why i put it first haha, the second one is just Quality of Life. Doesn't need to happen but it'd make things smoother :thumbs_up:
  14. i was never lying intentionally, i was trying to explain that i was 1) stalking him so he needed to die for my job to continue, i just wanted to speed up that process (which you never let me get to) 2) get a clear reason as to why noodles killed me, because he wasn't responding in ooc (which should be in the logs) 3) when you were boiling up to me i tried to start from the beginning of my story to clear up inconsistencies, which i might put right now -my stalker target died so i went to move on to my next one -i go to my target, he takes 1 tik of damage, and kills me -i got confused so i went to ask him why he killed me, seeing he was far enough away from an NLR zone in my opinion -while asking i accidentally had my mouse on him, which caused him to kill me again -i then try to ask him in ooc, but i don't get a response that i could see -i go back one more time, making sure not to look at him -he acts like an asshole and not wanting to deal with him i think "my job is going to kill him one way or another might as well get it over with" -i kill him, forget about nlr, look for my next target, que sit if there is anything else unclear i can clear it up for you I don't see much of an issue with this. The job description explains why he kills you, but you're only playing your job. You did RDM him, though, DO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE unless staring. Crowbarring them to 1 hp and then trying to do it that way is just RDM. This ruins the point of the job. I give this a +1 for shorten of the ban, as you were just doing your job. Edit: 5 days is too much for one RDM.
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