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  1. uwu

    Ban Appeal

    Okay since my no thanks wasnt enough. I personally do not think you should be unbanned for counts of catfishing multiple peoplle and lying about being mute which is pretty serious in my eyes. I wouldnt want someone like that on the server again. I was also staff when you were banned so i think my opinion is valid here too.
  2. +1 for unban because i don’t even remember having issues with you
  3. sometimes games can freeze and won’t let you out the game unless you’re kicked
  4. I dont think we can do much yet until sugar fixes the code for this
  5. Zesh it was not 4 years ago. you were banned in 2017, i specifically remember it . i didn’t start until 2016 and you were banned more than a year after that. Please stop lying, it won’t look good for you.
  6. @Zesh I did reply and personally, i used to be your best friend until you started getting overly power hungry and I know for a fact you had alt accounts because you told me. Doesn’t matter if i was close with Neko or not, and you also lied in this appeal so i’m changing mine to a -1 for unban
  7. I really do not think you should be coming back unless you've fixed your "im alpha bear" god complex. I'm neutral on this
  8. I THINK rubik said if you message him, and clear everything up, you might have a chance of being unbanned, but i'm not completely sure. I'll get him to reply to this !
  9. uwu

    Ban Appeal

    I dont think you should be unbanned, selling pornhub subscriptions is kinda inappropriate for a gmod server rip -1
  10. I personally don't think you should be unbanned, unless you really shape up your attitude. You weren't the nicest person to a lot of people and very toxic. I'll be willing for you to come back only if you show you can change the way you act towards others if you do get unbanned. For now I'm neutral on your unban
  11. I was in a voice chat with Doc at the time of when I jailed you and he heard me ask you three or four times as to why you killed them and you didn't tell me "Oh we're just friends messing around" you said "because fuck them" I unbanned you because Squank said he was okay with you killing him, the other 3 aren't on currently but I could of just kept you banned until I got the three others POV from it. but Squank said it was one sided with them and they didn't care, you might of had a RDM battle with other players, but with the other 3 , Squank said it was one sided with them, but they didn't care, which is why I unbanned you. You should of told me you guys were just messing around when I first asked you why you were killing them for sitting there , instead of giving me the "because fuck them" response.
  12. 1 = where everyone I killed sat at [the 4] 2 = where uwu stood the whole time 3 = where I was standing when I killed them 4 = where I was jailed and banned the picture doesn't work You're unbanned now, but I can promise you I did ask you twice as to why you were killing them in the first place, I have witnesses of that, so I didn't just "jail and ban you" without saying anything. Maybe you didn't hear me?
  13. The only reason i hailed you is because I asked why you were killing them on the roof and you said “because fuck them” and proceeded to kill all 3 of them. Squank came back and said “Bye Jacket” and you proceeded to laugh after i asked you again why you had done that instead of informing me they were your friends. and they didn’t say anything either, so in my eyes it had looked like you had just mass rdmed, i’ll talk to Squank later , and will possibly unban you depending on what they tell me what was actually happening So I had someone PM him ingame , since I can’t get on yet , and Squank informed me that they weren’t killing you back, it was one sided with you continuously RDMing them. And they think you were trying to get banned I’ll go ahead and unban you strictly because Squank said they were okay with it, but you still shouldn’t be rdming outside of the rdm zone :/
  14. Yeah the invis skeleton model has been a problem for a while now
  15. lying is a no go but if his power did go out instead of leaving i don’t think the ban should be 5 days
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