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  1. my favorite thing is to go to the skybox
  2. im pretty sure its intentional that you do the 4 zones then get 4 new zones....
  3. Tass


    where is that one video of just the titsrp printer sounds just put that on there
  4. ur a mod of a gmod server what work
  5. just make one of your own in the mod only section...
  6. Nah rubik tell the truth, you are seething and crying at your computer rn just hovering the ban button on everyone who ever exploited
  7. How do you not know if you are exploiting... Why do you say what if these bans were emotionally charged with frustration? You really think Rubik is gonna get angry at his computer because someone exploited in gmod when he can just ban them?
  8. Like I said before players who didn't sell the duped leges from dropping the stack of weapons on the enchantment token really didn't get punished other than the inventory being wiped (which is understandable they were duped weapons and could still be sold so them being wiped is reasonable imo) and the players who actually did profit from the exploit got banned for however long they did. So yeah this checks out pretty much. Y'all have to realize that its entirely the players fault IF THEY DO NOT BRING THE EXPLOIT TO THE SUPER ADMINS. Players will get punished for that if they ABUSE an exploit and don't report it. ESPECIALLY if its to gain a profit from selling shit.
  9. I mean when the exploit was found and abused where you could drop a stack of guns on a token to get like 500 lege guns MOST of the punishments were like a week to maybe a month ban and a wipe of like inventory/darkrp/suga whatever. The people who DIDN'T sell the leges and kinda just had them didn't even get banned they were just wiped. The only perma ban I think was OG Bot (who was pretty much just unbanned and I believe he was on an alt) and I think Green's brother because they thought it was Green's alt or some shit (I could be wrong it has been a little bit since that happened). A perma ban is fine if its a repeat offender and bunbun might not have any other bans for exploiting but Rubik stated "There are logs that prove you took part in this exploit twice on an alt account." in the bunbun appeal. As well as bunbun lied in the appeal stating he had no idea how he got the arm but then admitted to trying the exploit out on an alt. TLDR: I don't think the bans should be completely removed but maybe not perma. Maybe a month ban and an inventory/darkrp/suga wipe or as Glarry said maybe a year if the exploit was like really bad.
  10. Tass

    re-nerf bank

    All tho it was kinda cool to see like 80mil in the bank I think it being 100% is fine. Maybe give people a more incentive to play bank manager and guard bank so people dont raid it as much. Or add like a minimum amount (nothing too big but like 1-5mil maybe so it doesn't take years on years to grow that large, possibly lower than how much bank c4 is to make it so it isnt raided on cd for profit).
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