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  1. yk the server was a lot more fun when Sal was perma banned for crashing the server with his friends and you and your brother Kiwi didn't cry 24/7 over rules
  2. as for someone who thinks highly of themselves for reporting literally every tiny inconvenience you just randomly shot him when he didn't attack you. you just snitched on yourself.... congrats bozo!
  3. I think he looks rather cute....
  4. this why u a furry
  5. This is different than just mic spamming as a hobo, I'm suggesting a literal radio station on the boombox that people can tune into like in their bases or even just fucking around
  6. We should actually get a Radio Host job and have it able to have their own radio station on the boomboxes which people can basically play the same song as the Radio Host's boombox plays. You should be able to set the name of the station you wanna add and there can be like a separate tab for like "Player Radios" It could show the actual owners name underneath the title so if players play some bad shit on their radio station staff can yell at them for it and all that.
  7. Tass

    Ban Appeal

    https://medal.tv/clips/3B9HuUsbFj615/2w9FSQhPIru5 Thats some spicy AA you got there To clarify about the spectate part: I spectated you when "Mexican Kyle" made the sit he pmed me saying if i needed evidence he would send the clip over so I pmed him back saying I'm spectating you or something. I then watched you for a good minute just staring at the floor walking around the streets and through PD perfectly fine... like cmonbruh. The "snapping" was the view point of you looking at the ground and then looking straight at a player which maybe wasn't aimbot but was definitely some sort of anti aim/fake angles shit. I thought I recorded me spectating you but my instant replay for shadowplay was turned off for some fucking reason but that video is good enough lol.
  8. when like 6 people are spamming mf that has a loud ass beep and cant find it in the f4 sound menu its hella annoying
  9. If you can find a ragdoll of him you could just rig it up to another model's skeleton there are a ton of youtube tutorials just search them up. If there are no ragdolls you might have to find someone to like 3d model one for you and then get textures (which can be pretty expensive plus might be hard to find you gotta do some digging yourself). You would then have to import the model to the server depending on the size of the model (30$ paypal per 7mb, contact rubik to import a model thats on the workshop). edit: To clarify the prices for custom models/sweps to be added, IF the swep/model was added to the workshop before January 2020 it is 30$ per 2mb. IF it was added after January 2020 it is 30$ per 7mb. This is due to steam changing how the file size on the workshop is or some shit.
  10. I'd fully agree with b3nz's statement. I don't think Undying should be punished or demoted cause overall he is just a tmod. Tmod's mess up sometimes and that's fine its a learning experience and can be grown upon it. Homie even apologizes and states he will work harder to become a better staff member. -1 for punishment or demotion
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