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  1. Or if you are on a custom model there are food recipes that can increase or decrease model size for a specific amount of time
  2. The hidden context can matter but in the end Fuel did use a staff tool for his own amusement. Whether that amusement was harmful to others or not it was for his own amusement. Even with the words of Kilobyte the admin from a screenshot that Koda posted, "if its a one of thing i don't see a problem with it" so this would be Fuel's "one of" thing and there wouldn't be a problem with it but future uses of staffing tools for his own or others amusement could, again by the words of an admin, "give a bad image to players". I am simply just stating that Fuel should be told not to do it again that is all.
  3. It was not exactly stated it was "allowed" if I'm correct the screenshot stated that it was fine for a "one off thing"... this was his one of thing and if he continues then it could as the higher up said himself "a bad image for players." This could have been easily dealt with ingame with him just being told not to do it again but an admin told me to make a report on the forums so I did just that. The staff guidelines are put in place to give the staff team a basis on how to actually staff. Your opinion on this being "very petty" could also be someone who reports for ARDM for someone shooting them once and running away, petty in a way but still against the rules.
  4. "if you do it as a one off thing" This was his one off thing and if continues it could give a bad image to players. I feel like you are simply glossing over what I am asking, all I am asking is for a "slap on fuel's bald head" worded by Abstergo and a talking to no longer use staff tools for his own amusement. I am not asking for fuel to be removed from community, demoted, nor warned.
  5. Like I have said also that a talking to and as the great moderator Abstergo McStubbins said "a slap on fuel's bald head" for him nor any staff to use staff tools for their own amusement is exactly what I would like. There have been many bans where people have not even reported them. If you wanted to make a sit on his abuse of power go ahead... BUT I am simply reporting that he is not following the staff guidelines as every staff agrees to follow when they sign up to be a staff member of this server.
  6. I would like you to reread the staff guidelines and to know that staff should be following those guidelines. No staff should be using any sort of staff ability for their own or anyone elses amusement. Doesn't matter if I was affected. Staff are supposed to uphold these guidelines set for them.
  7. That is all I ask for kind sir smod
  8. It's just the matter of fact that it is to use staff tools for your own amusement is specifically against staff guidelines. Whether or not Boolin cared or not is out of the question as he would make a report on abuse of staff tools. I am simply asking for Fuel to be told not to use staff tools for his or anyone else's amusement and for a "slap on fuel's bald help" as Abstergo the friendly moderator has put it.
  9. Staff are supposed to follow the staff guidelines, testing a command like jail lets say for training is not for your own amusement and is a completely different topic. If a senior moderator does this you should make a report like I did as it is against staff guidelines.
  10. +1 for a slap and a big hit with the no no stick for staff commands
  11. Idk not much to say, in the staff guidelines it clearly says DO NOT use staff tools for your own amusement. This includes /forcerpname for yourself or your friends on the Server or Discord. In the screenshot Fuel jailed one of his friends for his own amusement. I like me to have a clean server of no bad boys
  12. Tass

    SBC Cannon

    You just keep posting dumb stuff so we rep you accordingly to your post you made. I mean, you can bring up my bans i couldn't care any less. :) you could bring up me being a retired admin i also couldn't care any less. :) My ban for pedophilia in ooc like i said wasnt even me saying i diddled or wanted to so have fun. :) No one actually told anyone to -1 you we just thought your posts were dumb and still are :)
  13. Tass

    SBC Cannon

    Before the monkey with 2 brain cells can further tunnel vision his head up his ass. I'm gonna go to bed. Even trying to have a actual conversation with mr ex staff who starts crying he doesnt get his way or that no one agrees with his views is like arguing with a brick wall. Dan, Sbcs are still op even though you cant inventory them because the amount of sbcs that are in peoples inventories. You dont need to worry about inventorying or dying when you have 30+ ready. :)
  14. Tass

    SBC Cannon

    I love how you completely skipped over on why i said that wouldnt work good on you buddy for being so tunnel visioned Maybe actually look into the pedo ban mr ex staff, i never said anything like i was a pedo or wanted to diddle :) and its not just my common sense literally every with a normal brain can see why these are a problem ;) Oh noooo we got rid of a gun that could one shot a whole party, what are the bases who use broken pre nerf legendaries gonna dooooo. SBCs literally basing have a huge and i mean huge advantage over raiding. Basing shouldn't have that big of an advantage but still some advantage which is where q good base is.
  15. Tass

    SBC Cannon

    Leave it to the players who left and join the same staff team multiple times because they are a "joke" and permaed 3 times for cc scamming to argue against common sense!!! lolololol
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