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  1. This is one of the dumbest suggestions in a while. If someone has a fail base after you raid make a sit and have them brought to a sit and dealt with. If someone has a building sign and printers you shouldn't be raiding it but should make a sit and the staff member can tell them to remove the building sign or printers if they don't they will just get punished. You are just making staff's job more shitty and tedious.
  2. +1 gimmie more banks pl0x oh overlord kevin
  3. Tass

    Poop Thrower

    SUGGESTION TIME How about we add the functionality of using the poop thrower into the food stove again but to stop the people who craft and then leave the food on the stove to drop everyone's frames... how about we make it so when you hit craft all it goes directly back into the inventory? It gives people another way of leveling up their gang or personal levels with food xp that isnt the worst grind in the server.
  4. By basing rules it means any rules like head glitches, foot glitches, bases with prop block or no possible way in without using c4/makeshifts/blowtorches. I've never heard of any unspoken rules about king. If someone is basing in kingdom and king does not want them there he can ask them to leave if they don't staff can get involved and kick the player out as its like basing in someone else's base who already has owned doors and wants to use it. The simplest way to fix this problem might be just make; The King cannot override any of the following rules: NLR, Basing Rules, FailRP, Prop Block, anything not listed as allowed into The King cannot override anything not listed as allowed Other than that I see no reason to change king rules because it literally states in motd what king can change. -1
  5. If you are micspamming as a cc inside your private base away from other players like in the street then who cares. The but when you have at least 15+ people on at a given time able to micspam even with the fact that you can mute people within the tab menu. How are newer players able to know that unless we baby them through it. If you want to micspam just go hobo and deal with the job. Most of the time people would just micspam some cringe ass shit as a cc or go raiding pd blaring the league of legends tahm kench login screen theme. -1
  6. Some people can't build very well :P and rely on no lives like me. I mean I used to build bases for money I normally do it for fun now. Just gonna give some criticism basically, I think you have the right idea on bases and how they should be made but I don't think you are using the best props or where they could be placed. But hey your bases are unique which if that matters to you, hey you hit the ball park as I haven't seen any bases like yours. Also I think your one ways could be changed to be better for basers. I don't want to like hold your hand through this and show you how to do it but you get what i mean.
  7. Just build your own dupes 4head
  8. Tass


    I guess I'll reduce the ban to 1 week for mass rdm, next time don't be stupid.
  9. Tass


    It was a public base that everyone was hanging around it. No one was messing with you or whatever. You decide to then just buy a money pot and blow it up. As soon as I bring you without even telling you what you were being brought for you admit to doing it. In my eyes you did this just to minge and kill thinking it was funny when no one else did. It was a public base which makes it way worse. As an ex senior moderator let alone staff member you should know that what you did even before doing it was not ok in the slightest bit. Your "small brain" is not an excuse to break rules. I'm not outright unbanning you nor do I really feel like I should reduce your ban. I will let other staff comment to see what they think. -1 for unban, neutral for lowered ban time to 1 and a half weeks (just to give staff members a starting point on reduction time)
  10. The waterfall base was made like that because if you had props in that entrance you could make it look like there was no base in there and it was just a normal wall on the map. Just build the base behind the garage door and it is fine any props in the front area will get you yelled at. The buddy system has be broken for years or disabled by sugar. I don't know about the precision tool but it is very different if you use it in single player so it might just be a dumb downed version for optimization.
  11. Tass

    Erston Warn Appeal

    Well since Joe didn't respond to the warn appeal I'll accept it as I also don't see why you should have been warned for RDM if you didn't kill the guy. At most I probably would have given a verbal myself. Contact Joe ingame or an admin ingame to remove the warn Accepted
  12. Tass

    Ban Appeal

    If you are a new player I understand but it is your fault for not reading the rules even if someone is angering you. If someone is constantly just harassing you in ooc you can either use the tab menu to mute them or get staff involved by making a sit. I'll reduce your ban to one day Accepted
  13. Watermelone first off a report is not somewhere to bash the other player. In the video Watermelone died in a raid and then was most likely gonna come back guessing from where he ran out of spawn and the direction he was going and while you were taking the pickup box he started shooting you. In the end of the video as a response to why he killed you was because you were raiding as cp which I sort of understand with that swat medic model being a thief model and NOT a cp model which some players might not understand. All that being said just because one person breaks a rule does NOT mean another player can break the rules. I'm gonna accept this appeal and get someone to ban Watermelone for 2 days for RRDM as there are some points which could have been a mistake but still doesn't excuse the RRDM. Accepted
  14. Edited rule in the Basing Rules section: You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please) (This includes bases where you can headshot the raider(s) but they can't headshot you) -> You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please) I'm gonna revert the change I made as the last wording I put into the rule is kind of weird and makes like all bases with tiny shoot holes not allowed.
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