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  1. During the month of June, it's a great time to remind ourselves that we are all unique in the ways we think, we act, and behave. Just because someone may have different preferences, appearance, or lifestyle, doesn't mean that it is incorrect or wrong. We should be rather supporting these differences, because those differences are what makes us, us. I also want to say I appreciate the LGBTQ+ community as a whole for their strides and efforts, and you for making this post, Hex. Happy Pride Month errybody!
  2. Hello DnChops! After reading this appeal, I believe the best course of action would be to educate you so that you do not make these mistakes like this in the future. Punching someone and running away has no roleplay value whatsoever. This is textbook minging, and is against our rules. The issue I have with this entire situation is if the probationary period didn't exist, there is no doubt in my mind nothing would come out of this, at most a verbal warning, so you know for the future not to do this. You were 100% in the wrong for doing this, and I don't want this to come off as what you did was within the rules. With this in mind, this is my decision. You appeal has been accepted, and you will have your ban removed. You will receive a verbal for minging, and your probation will resume as normal. The probation ends June 7th. ACCEPTED
  3. From that footage, it looks clear enough that they were loitering for longer than 5 seconds outside of your base. I'm going to remove the ban and accept your appeal. ACCEPTED
  4. The kills with Rebel depend on if you did them during a revolt or not. If you started a revolt with !revolt and killed officers participating, that would be okay. However, I don't agree with the 3 kills on the officers. Why would the mayor make a law that allows players to kill cops? There is a rule specifically about this. Make your laws something that your officers can enforce, you cannot make rules that allow players/CP to kill each other If the mayor made that law so players could KOS cops, he would be breaking said rule. So why would you follow it? You also do not have any evidence included in your appeal. I personally would like to see (if possible) the revolt in progress (as rebel), or any video footage you may have captured.
  5. CANiiS has decided to wait the ban out. I will deny this post. DENIED
  6. Ello! You forgot about two of my favorites! -What's the point? -What's the use?
  7. I believe that this post has been up too long with no evidence provided and no further information given. I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal. My decision on the appeal, however, is that if you should not be chaining multiple wishes together. Just that alone is breaking raid timer. You cannot teleport someone to statue, then train, or vice versa. DECLINED
  8. Welcome back Dan! Good to have you back. If you need any help with anything, absolutely feel free to hit me up!
  9. Hello Rennooc. I understand you may have been frustrated with the way things were being handled, but acting the way you did was not going to help the situation in any way. You should know this, being at 41 bans, four of them being player toxicity related. The way you talked to Luci definitely demanded a sit, we don't allow that word on the server. Besides how you acted and what you said, you did not include any video or evidence whatsoever. Not only do I believe Spektor did well in the sit, but she was also kind enough to supply the video of the sit. I don't believe any action should be taken towards Spektor, as she dealt with it very maturely, and no proof or evidence was supplied. -1 on Spektor being removed from staff +1 on maintaining the ban, given his past history and attitude.
  10. I do agree that Ruui should have informed you on your ban. However, the ban seems very valid. Player toxicity to that scale is definitely ban worthy. If you did say those things, I am definitely -1. Player toxicity is a no no, Maybe take this day ban to look at some of our rules so this doesn't happen again in the future.
  11. To further Hobo Dad's point, if a player has logged into another player's account in the past, most likely their account will show up as an alt in this system and tell them not to play. Plus, Geforce Now is a program that allows you to remotely play games through their cloud service. It has been reported that using this program lumps anyone who uses Geforce Now into the same account. Just don't alt! It's that easy.
  12. Hey my man! You shouldn't have forum access, given your community removal. I'll go ahead and fix that for you. DENIED.
  13. I would be totally down with your third suggestion. Crafting multiple sprinklers per would attract people into using them. The cost of crafting one is too expensive for how little it waters. +1 for increasing the amount of sprinklers crafted. What would be totally cool would be that you could flip a water barrel upside down, and it would water your sprinkler, filling it back up with uses. Like 10 uses per splash. Might be difficult to add into the server correctly however.
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