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  1. There's nothing in that video, besides you getting train naded. I'm confused.
  2. Who said I was going to abuse this on you? I more of meant when this happens, I'm going to bring sits to people who rdm me in party in kingdom. It's happened to me before, and I had no idea that regardless of king laws, you can not kill party members. Also it was more of a meme too, I have never been rdm'ed by party member from when I made that post in my discord, nor have made any sits (if I did). Where's the rule break here? We did the same shit with Kio and trained him twice within an hour/two hour span and he was fine with it. He can respond to this if he likes. You have made no attempts to resolve any issues between any of the players in this report. This is a blatant lie. You have been acting like you have done nothing wrong, yet you have been equally, if not more toxic to players. Telling a player to kill themselves and expecting for everything to breeze over without an apology at the very least, is a laughable joke. The fact you still think that what Terrry is doing is WORSE than telling a MINOR to kill themselves... I understand that you believe it's irrelevent, but you never even talked to terrry about it. If we are stating things without proof. I have had MULTIPLE players come to me and tell me that you are toxic towards them because of their association with Terrry. Momma Moofin, My Vape Blew Up, and Little Birdy, are players who have come to me with this. Where's the video? From my understanding, proof is required for punishing a player. If you are talking about when I trained you after an hour or two, read my response about the train above. If we are posting discord stuff, here is Gilgamesh defending the fact that Terrry's "bullying" is worse than him telling someone to kill themselves. https://ibb.co/xD3gkB5
  3. Fix is coming tomorrow! Can a staff member remove this post? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am here on behave of a lot of people asking me to make this post. In the CC editor, "The Rock" is a swep that is a brick reskin! It behaves just like a brick, being able to be thrown once, and doing the same amount of damage. However, unlike the regular brick which you can add, "The Rock" can NOT be picked up by other players! I suggest that this should be changed. If the rock is valued at $0, just like the brick, I see no problem in being able to inventory them just like you can with the regular brick. The fact that it could be duped and made infinite is irrelevant, because it would be worth nothing and there would be no monetary gain to doing so. This would also benefit the rock by being able to throw it multiple times, and not having to kill bind in order to receive the rock back. Any suggestions on how this should be done in the comments is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello! I come with a suggestion. You ever base up, and got a bunch of people knocking at your door? Personally, I hate when that happens. Especially when I'm trying to play music inside the base, hearing a bunch of knocking outside my door really stinks. I suggest the following: Disable door sounds! This would be located in the help menu, and would be toggleable. This would only be client-side for the user that toggles it. It would mute only door knocking/locking sounds that the player would normally hear. Other players with the door sound mute inactive would still continue to hear the sounds. Thank you for reading!
  6. +1 Making this sniper shoot slower in my opinion would fix it. 90 damage is great on a sniper rifle, but the fact that you can shoot it so quick and so accurate at such a high mag capacity is the problem. Plus, for some reason, crouching with the Scavenger (svu reskin) without aiming in hits dead center every time. This is the only sniper rifle that does this.
  7. Mold (STEAM_0:1:95534300) wanted me to craft him four jackhammers, because I had the blueprint, and he did not. I crafted him the jackhammers, and dropped them on the ground. They stacked up, and he picked them up. He instantly noticed that he did not have four jackhammers, but only one. I tested this myself with two of my own. Only one went into my inventory. Afterwards, I made a ticket and demonstrated the glitch to Sir0 (STEAM_0:1:80008500) and Tyz (STEAM_0:1:42745682). They could not refund, and Tyz referred me to this forum. I could see players replicating this bug more as time progresses, and more jackhammer blueprints are obtained by players.
  8. A breakdown of what happened: ShardMario brought up a sit request for RDM. He stated that there were no laws in Kingdom, and he was RDMed. I claimed the sit, and brought him. I looked into the logs and found the kill, alongside typing !Kinglaws and finding no laws there. I brought Sticks and brought up the claim. His defense generally stated that ShardMario was doing it for other reasons, and didn't quite defend himself. ShardMario started going on about getting money (I believe 10m) instead of "wasting my time in a sit". Seeing this was basically blackmail, I shut that down immediately. I gave ShardMario the choice seeing he was the victim, of either a verbal or written for Sticks, in which he wanted a written. There should be logs in the chat of all this. The one thing I can admit to not looking into further enough, was this. -Report someone within 2 weeks, or we will not take action, even if they Mass RDMed 99999999999 players. Reports will still be accepted for extremely serious offenses, such as things which break the law, on a case by case basis, but if we determine you held this information from the staff team for the purposes of blackmail, threats, or other similar reasons, you will receive a punishment equal to whatever we decide to do with the player you reported. I know the forums is not a place for opinion, but the blackmail should definitely be noted.
  9. If you can set him as co-owner or to still have access, that would be dope. Thanks.
  10. https://prnt.sc/xhfgt5 This screen shot should solve everything aha. Yes, he was my co-owner.
  11. Darn, that command claims I do not have a custom class. However, I have plenty of screen shots uploaded on steam of my class and the various guns it had equipped. I wish I had one of the class shop/editor, but the best I could do is this image. It was me getting the rights to the Bianchi on my custom class. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948527259 EDIT: Also, when you type /wickett , it says "This job is for Coconut Overflow!" ...if that isn't enough lol
  12. Hey! I have no idea if anyone will remember me here, but I thought I'd try anyways. My name is Coconut Overflow, or Wickett Tickett as some knew. I used to be a moderator here about 3 years ago, and I enjoyed playing here! I recently bought a PC after not having one for more than 2 years, and I wanted to get back into gmod again. However, I have noticed my custom class was gone. A very helpful moderator by the name of Yike mentioned that I should make a post here, where higher staff are very active. I have included some screenshots of the class. I was the original owner of the class (one of the only screenshots I could find, me doing mod things). My steamID is STEAM_0:0:40538905. Thanks!
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