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  1. Bug Description: Smoke can damage Cop CC's while using the gas grenade How to reproduce: Throw a gas grenade as smoke on a Cop CC. Priority: Low
  2. Obviously a musket, stab it, shoot it, and eat it.
  3. Its been a decade since ive been on! Funny joke!
  4. For whatever reason tiny models can kidnap, so instead of banning custom classes from kidnapping, just stop like the goose and loli models
  5. Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birth day dear, mee Happy birthday to me
  6. How the fuck would I know, I wanted you, you began talking, and another cop came over and arrested you on sight
  7. If youre arrested, it makes sense to lose your inventory, but still, it is really annoying getting arrested and losing a legendary.
  8. Elder Gregory won, the number was two 14/7=2 both herb and Greg voted 3, i kept saying two
  9. I prefer being able to leave the area you raided and continuing, so you can heal up and be in cover, but at the same time infinite hp. That kingdom rule is calling fountain a seperate area, yet it's still op because I've seen people with 9 people basing and 5 land mines on each spawn area, it's just annoying.
  10. The two other numbers I chose are linked to the last one, 7, 14
  11. From now on I'll return every week or so and do cc giveaways on the forums
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