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  1. new exploit holding ctrl and then pressing alt on any props/floor and stop holding ctrl and pressing alt should make your viewmodel to go into a bugged state and it will be down at your feet and you can shoot from there your bullets will go from your legs to fix this you need the gang perk /size if you have it this is the fix : go as any sizeable class and type /size .5 and hit anyone in spawn it should fix your viewmodel 😄
  2. also i found out that you can fish people inside the cc editor and sit on top of them and their only way to get out is to use a keypad or kill in console but i only find it working with the steve head bobber
  3. here idk wat to put but if ya need demos i can put it later here, just tell me.
  4. vbov


    hi there, it is i vbov. yall probably known me for just being active in ooc and thats it ig there's aint alot to know about me but ye im just here to enjoy my free time and thaz it bye.
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