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  1. You may NOT force a player to change their in game name - is currently under bad laws in the motd. under good laws is also - You must change your Job Name to "__________" in order to serve on the police force The idea behind this was that everyone agreed being forced to change your actual name aka your identity to be a cop was ridiculous, but deemed that asking your cops to change their job name to something for rp purposes that it was fine. There is a difference though and people shouldn't be dicks about it other wise I'd say it falls under minging
  2. I think posting a dude drilling a hole in his dick on a website with a bunch of weird dead fetuses in jars is just something you cant really come back from. -1
  3. Blue.

    Combat Sliding

    but does that even matter when everything messes up player model hitboxes
  4. Pretty simple but combat sliding/dolphin diving should totally be a thing on the server.
  5. The MOTD is fucking massive already, there is no need to specify every single situation. However, if you have a certain rule you want the higher ups to discuss adding, let me know. As for specifying everything and making it more complicated than it is? Nah.
  6. Seems pretty clear cut that you broke the rules, and from the video there is no lag showing on your side, and whenever someone crashes in a sit, it almost always causes a lagging effect when you move the user with a physgun. -1
  7. What rule are we talking about? I might be able to clarify for you
  8. Blue.

    Report on Toosi

    He may not have seen it, but he most definitely could have seen the kill feed and heard the chaos/stun gun being fired. Not to mention in the video itself, you shoot close enough to him that I could see it as justified as that alone is grounds to KoS someone, intentional or not if you are shooting literally right next to a player, expect retaliation regardless whether or not you damage them. From misc rules: If you're shot at, you're allowed to fire back even if they miss, you shot at him, whether or not you meant to do so. Either way there are multiple ways that what he did was justified as mentioned by several staff members in this report. denied however toosi will be reminded that he should not shoot someone defending their base, and to be more careful in the future.
  9. lol was this all in one session?
  10. Blue.

    I got banned

    It's a perma ban, there is no unban time or exact date, just go ahead and appeal later on give it some time to settle and if you think it's been long enough, shoot your shot.
  11. I would have just about no issues with you, if you would just stop reporting every little thing someone does, there are some things that should just be handled in game, without staff involvement. I dont know how many sits I've taken of yours where I ended up giving a verbal after 5 minutes of confirming everything and hearing you out. If you'd just even at least be proper towards the people you are reporting I could respect that, but you're out here talking shit to people telling them to get ready to lose their vip. All I really want to see is someone who is respectable and avoids causing drama or shit talking. I do know you sometimes try to handle things in game, but I've seen many reports that could have been handled in game. I don't know if you think im one of these "power hungry bias retard staff" but I can assure you, every situation I have ever been in with you, I've treated you the exact same. I hold no contempt torwards you, even when you try to claim I am breaking the rules when I am absolutely not doing so. Sure sometimes your sits/reports bug the ever living shit out of me, but I still take them, corps or whatever your name is the next day. As long as a staff member is treating you fairly, expressing their discontent in a private chat should not be an issue. I complain about certain customers at my job over the radio, that still doesn't mean I don't treat them the exact same and give them a smile and a goodbye on their way out. I would hope most of this shit talking going on before staff takes your sits, is just venting. I would hate for you to receive actual bias because of you being you.
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