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  1. Any logs/clips from either side? Typically when it comes to finding out what range is acceptable to start attacking we tend to go by /y distance. Do you have any evidence proving the thiefs were far away from you when you got killed? What about the other two times whats your defense there?
  3. Accepted since the staff member in question has decided to change his punishment.
  4. I think its great that you might have changed but you still did too much to come back. Im gonna have to hold the same stance I did each appeal before. A lot of people in ooc saw that man and it was pretty gnarly .
  5. You are still able to view original profiles whilst using server profiles. You have to fully change your name - app wide. Lets not gloss over that this keeps happening - and you were told what you needed to do last time.
  6. you cant advertise your site in any form, that means your full actual discord name is not allowed - you were even told this last time. You had multiple issues arise from this before and tbh you really should have known joining off the bat with your name still being viewable via clicking your profile still wouldnt jive. I don't really think you should be unbanned from the discord as this has been a reoccurring issue and just...nobody needs to see that.
  7. If you are going to make an appeal do it properly. This has absolutely no effort and you are not winning any favors by disrespecting the staff team. DENIED
  8. DENIED - please include details of your ban if possible - as well as put in a little more effort and show us you're serious.
  9. Yea man idk if you did it just to be able to raid thats quite literally performing an action that assists in a raid - by you teleporting him he can no longer defend that base and therefore gives an advantage to the raiders - I think trying to justify it by saying it was before you raided is just a form of loopholing
  10. I'm all for the return of dault you were a cool dude even if the FBI are after you for multiple crimes against humanity. chill dude - would like to see you back and shitposting. (outside of appeals of course) +1
  11. if ur gonna appeal death threats at least put some effort into your app and some effort into figuring out what you actually said.
  12. You do stuff like this all the time bro...you gotta stop. You have 4 punishments for racism alone lol. -1 absolutely not. Don't care about if it was reported by gilga out of spite who cares you still try and be as racist as you can without being in trouble for it. DENIED
  13. Denied - just try to be this "changed man" and youll be fine
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