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  1. You could profit from this, sell emotes for suga/darkrp, like a lot of games do
  2. I've had this problem occur often, if you'd like a list of some things that do it i can figure that out.
  3. sour patch kids, swedish fish (assorted flavors is best), starburst, skittles (preferably the sour ones) Basically any gummy/chewy candy, the more sour the better.
  4. There is no where for this report to go, and you were both arguing like a couple of children. How do you expect someone to be punished for posting a link to a youtube song that a bunch of people have played on boomboxes.
  5. Blue.


    You would not have been banned had you not said that, and most likely would still be playing even today had that not happened. I think a reduction sounds good. I'm really hoping this ban, justified or not, has taught you something. If you come back just as retarded as you were before, im going to be thoroughly, thoroughly disappointed. Thats the least of what i can think of how I would feel if that happened.
  6. Blue.

    Embers Ban Appeal

    Alright, so as fuel mentioned, had you done this now instead of before, you would not have been perma'd. I do not think you are a user who deserves to stay perma'd. You have a few bans, a good bit of warns sure, and you weren't as quiet about your appeals as you should have been, but I don't think you are a blight to the community. You haven't done anything bad since your last appeal, and one of your problems with your last app was you messaging users who -1'd. The armor pack situation was silly, but definitely not the end of the world, and definitely not the worst thing someone on the server has done. The alting was a huge forehead moment. You are still trying to interact with the community while banned, and I respect that. You've kept your act clean since your last appeal. +1 for a complete unban.
  7. Whats more tedious? Depending on the amount of printers, how quick you can be with either function, which one would be quicker in the end? With your suggestion, would the batteries go poof, or would they pop out with the % left? Would you find pressing 100 buttons vs using 20 pickup boxes less annoying? It would save a good bit of money as pickup boxes arent cheap, but at what cost?
  8. I'd argue that's the risk, if you can just drain or pause your printers, the risk involved in earning this money is reduced by a good bit. Part of the downside of defending in a raid is yea, you can't tend to your entities, but thats the price to pay when you have these ez mone making machines. I personally don't think making entity hoarding easier is a good idea. Kinda like the more you got, the more risk there should be. If you could just pause your mass money making machine and go take a smoke break and huff a fat doob, etc, then I think that would promote a mind set of farm>afk>farm>afk idk
  9. Blue.

    2 day ban?

    Closing and moving
  10. Gonna go ahead and DENY this as the user has not responded. Feel free to make another ban appeal with the steam ID you are banned on.
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