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  1. Blue.

    Report on fuel

    Im denying this. This is a joke, stop shit posting.
  2. Blue.

    Report on fuel

    Medium tier shitpost
  3. Report ACCEPTED, user has resigned for other reasons.
  4. Blue.

    Ban Appeal

    Regardless if you were toxic in this specific scenario, you have a huge problem you need to work at. I have seen/heard nothing but problems from you, and if you seriously ever expect to get staff, or to be a solid community member here, straight up dude you need to cut the shit out and start behaving. -1 unless you can provide some information to aid your claims.
  5. Personally I think that he should have been told not to be derogatory in OOC regardless if its a consensual joke. I honestly don't see a warn being very valid here, especially if he wasn't told to stop first.
  6. well shit, guess im an exploiter
  7. Huh, I knew people like to argue and complain, but arguing about a simple post of somebody trying to help new players? really? you can consider this post stupid and useless, you are welcome to that opinion, but, straight up man, there is nothing wrong with someone making a post on how people can do better in a sit, like the amount of times I wished during sits that players could have avoided a harsher punishment by using some of these pointers given, is actually uncountable. Sure it's common sense, but you are giving too much credit to people if you think everyone knows this. It is helpful advice to new players, sure most of them won't read it, as they don't even read the rules when they are new, but still man, somebody could read this and it can provide them with knowledge they didn't possess before. That is a good thing.
  8. @Zek whats the thumb down for? explaining what its for might help abstergo better this post
  9. Moved this to gen discussion since it has no place in suggestions.
  10. Ah, thanks for letting us know, didn't know that was a thing, never seen it happen
  11. Blue.

    Being mod lol

    https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/13-moderator-applications/ Everything you need is there, but make sure you aren't skipping reading something.
  12. Honestly I like this suggestion, I really do. The whole point of that item is that its for propflying, and I personally don't see anything wrong with letting them propfly with that. It simply just is not the same prop flying in kingdom, you can't really go anywhere. It gets boring after 30 seconds. +1 Honestly, also, if you can pull out a gamer hoverboard, and propfly away while being stunned, then kudos to you lmao.
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