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  1. -1 for punishment reduction or unban. Do not be overly sexual or nasty in our server and you can enjoy its commodities without getting banned
  2. Maybe dont be a degenerate? Overly sexual discussion is not allowed here. Maybe dont make jokes about talking to minors? This whole situation is EXTREMELY laughable, and not in a good way.
  3. Blue.

    Follow up

    Yea based off everything here none of it seems like player targetting - thats more on the lines of harassment and toxicity and I don't really see that here.
  4. Lol dude. Just look at your own profile. Your name - the picture - your ban history and playtime is atrocious. Haha it was just a joke guys to send grabify links aha Your appeal is kinda bad too - with your history you should be writing an essay lol. -1
  5. Blue.

    b3nz's ban appeal

    The mute button isn't a get out of jail free card. Remember when you were coming to staff because bone was "harassing" you and queso? Why didn't you just mute and block then? This is a video game, it isn't real life. Asking someone in real life if they got molested would probably result in a timeout for a week...in the hospital lol. I don't see why it's so hard to just yknow....not say stupid shit like this and just mind your own. You went out of your way to be a dick for no reason and say some fucked up shit with seemingly 0 precedence leading up to it. You clearly don't care here and didn't care before - feel free to not care thats cool but don't expect leniency or to not be punished. -1 for a ban change.
  6. You're appealing because you miss the server and it's benefits - and to that I say you should have known better. Even since being beaned you haven't really been all that great. I see no reason to not make you face the consequences when literally nothing about you has changed since the last time we had a fiasco like this one. This is just a constant thing with you and I think you need to at least serve the time given to you. -1
  7. Blue.


    If this guy legit got banned for damaging 1 person outside of his group then thats gonna be a yikes - we'll wait for logs tho Embers ban was reduced because of mishandling the sit - if succ had talked with the people ember killed- he may have only gotten warned or he may have been fully banned - we will never be able to know.
  8. Blue.


    Don't try to throw me under the bus LOL that won't work Monkey didn't get banned because the people he killed didn't care and stated so - also you killed a tmod who clearly did care so.
  9. Are you just asking for the ban to removed from your record? If so thats something sugar or rubik would have to handle :] if it was just an accidental ban things happen and seems it was fixed in the moment so im +1 regardless.
  10. B3nz claimed she dared you to use cheats - I think even then that was really silly. you didn't do anything bad in reality - I'm willing to +1 since cheaters have been given chances in the past and you aren't an actual cheater as far as i actually know. If you do something this dumb again though....
  11. Accepted due to the user in question not responding
  12. I'm gonna accept both of these and discuss what should be done with the team.
  13. I'm gonna accept both of these and discuss what should be done with the team.
  14. -1 Your claims have been debunked but now at least you know what to do in the future - i believe your ban is up anyways. In the future dont leave after you just gun someone down and youll have a chance in a sit to better explain yourself
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