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  2. Blue.

    Ember ban appeal

    Accepted ban will be reduced to 2.5 days for a total of 5 days for IRDM / RDM in a sit after discussion and coming to a conclusion with the banning staff member.
  3. Blue.

    Ember ban appeal

    Okay so let's assume we're doing a sit, they broke a rule and you know it. -Is the rule broken a serious one? -Does the victim care? -Is the victim laughing about it or angry about it? -Did the problem affect anyone else? The point I'm trying to make with this is two-fold: If they RDM'd another player, but said RDM'd player didn't call a sit or care. Just Let It Go~ (Frozen). No point in administrating a situation that isn't a problem. Secondly: A player is intentionally breaking a rule in order to do a roleplay that has several members involved, but is not hurting anyone. It isn't a problem. The gist of what I stated? If it promotes good role-play and no one complains/has a problem with it, then let it slide unless it has the potential to cause serious problems. Common sense. (So you just became staff?) After finding time to read all this shit and actually know everything heres what I can say: Ember you were an idiot for thinking it would be a good idea and be non problematic to just start hurtling balls at people off spawn, I don't care what the fun little situation was- where you did it was just NOT wise. We have two sides to this coin it seems - those that think that because its ember he should have known better and doesn't deserve leniency - the other side - is that because its ember and he wasn't just "mass rdming like a random" and that no one actually cared minus succ and another person that he shouldnt have been punished for mass rdm. I get both sides, We frequently let friends mass rdm friends all the time - however the way ember went about it was just bad. He could have waited to ensure people outside of the rp situation would not be hit, and he should have been more aware of who was being shot, either by glancing at names or at the voice chat box. I don't think tene should be actively encouraging mass rdm - its one thing to give someone an sbc cannon its another to give them an sbc cannon and encourage them to go ham with it. Streamer or not - doesn't matter we are here to prevent rule breaks. Now i cant say for what he actually told him im just going off of what tene said himself - maybe he mentioned to be careful of who he shoots and whoever reports him for it will get him in trouble - id hope so. We had goatnuts banned and demoted for a similar reason - mind you the person goatnuts gave the sbc cannon actually did mass rdm - as to whether or not he had 3 reports I dont think that was the case. I'm a firm believer in education over punishment, get info from both sides, and confirming in the case of someone claiming the mrdm wasn't really mrdm but people having fun with eachother. However we have clearly had situations where some people have been treated with leniency and others have not. Some old some new players. Personally I dont care if you're old or new if you're shooting sbc balls off spawn you're gonna get some sort of smack. If people dont really care you might get a warn - but I do agree in this situation that ember should be punished in this situation. I really don't like that succ tried to hunt someone down just to get his mass rdm ban justified, that just doesn't look good, isn't something practiced, and just looks like a grab at straws to be honest. All in all I think both sides are being a little extreme in their views about this. I'm going to say that if no one really cared a reduction to 5 days would be better - I didn't pay to much to the original situation as ive been dealing with a lot the past couple days (just got out of the emergency room this morning) and kinda just talked the ban down to 2 weeks after going off of word of mouth. My final verdict here is that ember was really dumb for this, but all this drama over this is also dumb as well. Whether its 5 days or 14 days the punishment is still given and to be honest 5 days is a decent amount of time- its just 2 shy of the base ban for mass rdm. Im all for people having fun with eachother if they are SMART about it. Mass rdm your heart out just dont kill actual people not involved. If you're just killing randoms I dont care if one person reports, you're doing it for you and having fun for yourself - not others. This case seems to be a mixed bag of randoms and people involved. I think it should be handled better in the future by ember and if he does something so blatantly reckless then he should get banned for mass rdm. - and we should also be communicating with people when someone says no one cared during the sit not hours later and basically begging for a "yes" to justify a ban. Basic protocol here. For me its not so much the situation of sbcing these "monkey revolutionists" or whatever. but its the manner it was done in, I don't want to see it happening again. MRDM Smart. +1 for a 5 day ban after thorough investigation.
  4. Blue.

    Ember ban appeal

    Ban was edited after discussion/explaining with me and other staff - further reduction or whatever is pending majority staff opinion
  5. Blue.

    UwUchans appeal

    denied lol!!!!
  6. Blue.


    Lol you made the choice you can't put that on your dead dog dude... -1 Serve at least a sizeable chunk of your penance before bothering with an appeal
  7. the evidence really shows it all man, you did too much and kept going after being told what would happen. -1
  8. Ill go ahead and accept this out of good faith, but you hit a lot of people with that bomb lmao Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked O Bone Zone(STEAM_0:1:545197309) (Assassin) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 263. New health: -163 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Toddlas(STEAM_0:1:66710026) (SWAT) holding (AR15) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 26. New health: 2 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Nuggetz(STEAM_0:1:76620987) (Torchwood) holding (weapon_physgun) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 62. New health: 38 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Mr. Pink(STEAM_0:0:567697751) (SWAT) holding (weapon_physcannon) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 114. New health: -26 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Memorable Name(STEAM_0:1:151791830) (SWAT Enforcer) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 263. New health: -223 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Tuki(STEAM_0:0:133240428) (Fantasma) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 263. New health: -163 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked DJ Jazzy Jewish Jesus(STEAM_0:0:65828970) (Mayor) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 263. New health: -163 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Mr Bones(STEAM_0:0:71895039) (Mr Bones) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 263. New health: -228 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked YeenNico(STEAM_0:1:498230988) (Le Shark) holding (weapon_physcannon) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 142. New health: -48 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked DrDoggo(STEAM_0:0:455824376) (Farmer) holding (Unknown) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 127. New health: -50 <30-07-2022 / 22:26:07> Player SpankMyMonkey (Jigsaw) (STEAM_0:1:84173692) attacked Alpha_Flamingo(STEAM_0:0:501422491) (Under Cover Cop) holding (HK L85) with Entity [1693][env_explosion] for 139
  9. The whole blinding thing is kind of shit - this would be a better idea since players would have to get outside/other help to be able to continue a fight vs just waiting for a stupid white screen to go away and be guaranteed to fight if you dont die in the meantime + you can teabag them so i mean, win win
  10. Ok none of this matters until @Dracoshows us the logs...
  11. once you've reach 6 months ill probably be +1 since your situation differs slightly and you dont have as much shit on your shoes as say, sixnut. (You dont really have much at all, just wasnt a good choice to make on your end.) I'd be glad to have you back, just after some more time has passed -
  12. Well, if they only killed 2 people and the two cops were raiders then Id support a reduction but I'd need to see the damage logs @Draco
  13. i mean you have history of this, you should have known better dude. -1 tho hopefully if the other person also rdmd'd they recieved fair punishment as well
  14. he said he was halfway done rolling not smoking it
  15. I mean, I can understand why you would want to do that to be honest but it wasn't the greatest idea, you should have tried communicating with them first or waiting as we all have to when we die in a "raid" Would I have warned you myself if these were the exact events that took place? No I probably would have put a note in your warns to say to warn for in the future. I don't think if any harm was done then there shouldn't be a need for a warn tbh. +1 for a verbal note in their warns due to this being a relatively harmless situation.
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