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  1. When I was staff this always annoyed tf out of me!!
  2. or even better, a system like in john wick where every hitman class can claim the bounty, fighting eachother for it. This should have higher payouts though, and be essentially like calling a war
  3. I agree with having a slowdown cap, that should definitely be implemented however I don't like the syringe idea, basically that would be like a better tranq gun which already is kind of annoying if you don't expect it so having a instant knockout version of that would be pretty annoying, PLUS you need a bludgeon anyways to pick up bodies so it makes more sense to give him his super powerful bludgeon. this idea literally just stems from watching dexter lmao.
  4. It's almost like this is common sense...
  5. Currently the SK job is pretty lackluster and literally just a better cultist with some negative effects applied. (slowing down) In order to make the job an actual job where you get to be a serial killer, there are some changes I think should be made. 1. Remove the normal kidnapping bludgeon and replace it with a syringe like with drugs. Have the effect be instant KO like the current bludgeon but you can hit anywhere like with cuffs. Keep the slowdown effect but have a cap so that you don't end up literally frozen, which is very stupid, 2. Remove the 2 hour cool down per person and replace it with a 10 minute cool down per kidnap. This lets lowpop servers still have plenty of options. 3. Allow users to randomly kill ANYONE they choose - essentially valid RDM, and have it count torwards the kidnap timer so you cant mess with the cooldown. 4. Add the slowdown effect for anyone looking at the SK after they kill someone for a certain amount of time to balance out the random killing. In order to commit a murder without getting caught you should do it away from prying eyes. 5. Add a chair that forces ragdoll'd kidnap victims to wake up in and cant escape from, but can suicide once they reach their timer. 6. Lower the kidnap time, it's ridiculously long. Half that shit. 7. Give increased XP and increased prison time per kill, increasing the risk and reward the more kills you get without getting caught. This allows more playstyles for the SK job, and gives it a bit more depth to what you can do. Want to be a creepy serial killer who micspams food chewing asmr while you slowly kill your victim with a spoon? Go for it. Want to go on a murder spree till you get caught in a jack the ripper-esque manner? Go for it. Choose how you want to serial kill.
  6. this is like basically sixnuts playtime consistently he doesnt actually play lol
  7. You heard it here folks. Also I think that taking it away from the job kinda kills the purpose of the job.
  8. It's dumb to waste staff time, your own time, and others time over a sit like this. Just because something is techincally against the rules, such as slapping being "ardm" doesnt mean you are going to get the outcome you want. Just because others have been given harsher punishments doesnt make this punishement any less valid. The entirety of your two videos showed nothing really worth warning for unless its out of spite, which we dont do.
  9. Dude. I'm sorry but this is absolutely petty and incredibly stupid, You literally jumped straight to a sit because he slapped you lmao. He did some fall damage, thats the biggest thing. Trying to scream RDM RDM RDM NLR! just seems silly because he slapped you after you fined him, then slapped you several minutes later, doing a maximum of 5 damage that second time. -1 Comrades attitude in the sit was not bad besides the sourpuss comment
  10. Blue.

    Secret Santa

    fuckin hell its been a whole ass year, i remember last years gifting, dont remember what you gave me though.
  11. I went ahead and fixed my mistake, my bad about that.
  12. Alright, so the mayor shouldnt be banning fines out right as that is preventing cops from doing one of their most basic functions, and you also shouldnt have been warned for only fining another cops cuff'd individual (fining + cuffing is double punishment but in this scenario it was accidental), as that is allowed.
  13. Lets keep the following responses to strictly being about the appeal.
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